Who Were These Guys?

I’m not talking about the Yankees, although I hardly recognized Vazquez, Cervelli and Granderson, who didn’t look like professional ballplayers tonight but rather some rank amateurs. I’m talking about the Red Sox. They beat us 6-3, but it felt like we lost to…just another team. What I’m trying to say is that the old intensity of the rivalry, the rage, the fury – they weren’t there. Except for Ortiz and Papelbon, the usual villains were absent and so was my hostility. Did the Yankees feel the same way? Is that why they were so lackluster? Because Pedroia, Youkilis and Varitek weren’t on that field? Because truthfully, it’s hard to get all fired up to face Buchholz…
and Lowrie…
and someone named Kalish…
whose name kept conjuring up thoughts of this.
Maybe for tomorrow’s game, the Yankees could line their lockers with images of past battles. They need something to get them going.


  1. Jane Heller

    Sarah, I know what you mean about Cervelli. We all loved him and some fans were even calling for him to replace Posada. And while I still love his energy and rapport with pitchers and teammates, his productivity has really tailed off. What we have to remember is that he was a replacement for Molina – our backup catcher. Expectations for him were just too high, I think. I agree about Jeter’s at bat in the ninth. Wow. Way to work the count – and the strike zone! Hope we’ll see a better game tomorrow.

    I was unimpressed with Javy, Mike. No question Cervelli’s error kept the inning going, but Javy could have caught that ball too. There was just too much uncertainty on that play. Of course our offense didn’t pick him up, which was frustrating. I guess the only positive was the bullpen again. They’ve been very good lately.

    I’m trying not to get impatient with Granderson, Scott. I was so happy when he started to do better after the break. I still think he’ll turn out to be a good player for us, but maybe the first year in New York wasn’t as easy as we all thought/hoped it would be. And yes, let’s think good thoughts for tomorrow.

  2. yankeefansarah

    You know what was the thing that really upset me tonight? It was how quickly so many people turned on Cervelli. After his error, which was tough to watch of course, I heard so many people bashing the kid. I understand he doesn’t hit like Posada. But how could they forget so quickly how clutch he was in the begining of the season? That really made me mad, I understand his error was costly but it happens.
    Jeter’s AB in the 9th made me happy. Hopefully it wore out Papelbon. There is nothing I would have liked to see more than Papelbon walking off the mound in defeat! But it just didn’t happen tonight, so tomorrow is a new day that I’m feeling good about with C.C. on the mound.

  3. mikeeff

    after cervelli’s grotesque gaffe it was hard to enjoy this one for sure. I have spoken on the phone tonight with john sterling to confirm that you just can’t predict baseball. he even called me suzyn..but i am wandering from my point– that miss-play caused Javy to throw at least 20 more pitches in that inning- maybe more. even though he managed to get it together and realize he could fool those young hitters with his breaking stuff I think that inning sapped too much from him. anyway i guess i’m trying to day that I don’t believe he would have given up that 2 run shot, but we’ll never know. hard luck berkman getting robbed was another sad moment. also I know robbie had three hits but not the one we really needed-the one when we had men on base. but i’m not getting on him…just sad. i have been worried about this series all week considering their good starters. i’m praying for a split… no i’m praying we take the next 3…would be satisfied with a split. sorry for the rant.

  4. mikeeff

    sarah, not to bash on cervelli, yeah the kid had a good month or so but his batting line since then has been around .160 so we need to face reality. he may call a good game, but he’s not good at throwing out runners..made a hideous throw just last week… and has no bat. so he’s become worse than an automatic out.

  5. scofid

    A very disappointing game. I am growing increasingly impatient with Curtis Granderson, and of course, Vazquez is just biding his time until he is an ex-Yankee. Hopefully, tomorrow will be more Yankee-like!

  6. lenn23

    Right about now I”m missing the 35 year old Jorge Posada. I’m even starting to miss the 50 year old Jose Molina.

  7. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    I know what you mean, Jane. It didn’t seem like a big deal and that was weird! It didn’t seem like the usual good vs. evil.

    What the heck is Paplebon’s face made out of – silly putty? He looked like He-who-shall-not-be-named at times.

    Do any of you listen to the radio broadcasts? I’ve become a little concerned about John Sterling. He gets so many details wrong. Much more than he used to. I’m not saying this in jest either. I am wondering what is going on with him.


  8. jojovanb27@hotmail.com

    I watched the game with some of those Albany Red Sox fans I’ve talked about before. The best thing I could take away from that experience was that they were still worried about losing their three-run lead when Derek was fouling off 3-2 pitches with two out in the ninth.

    Early in DJ’s at bat, the MYNine cameras showed a close-up of A-Rod in the dugout, and I ‘suggested’ to my drinking buddies, “There’s the winning run.” These guys have no faith in Papelbon and agreed “That’s what we’re afraid of.”

    Derek had a great at bat, hanging tough against Papelbon, but he could easily have been called out on that last pitch. Boston’s catcher, Victor Martinez made the ‘ball’ call easy for the plate umpire, when he pulled his glove back into the strike zone like a Little Leaguer.

    One comment on Ryan Kalish. Based on the size of his neck, maybe you should have shown a picture of a quart jar of relish. The sports bar I go to is right across the street from the New York Giants training camp at SUNY Albany. There were 15 to 20 players and coaches in the place last night, and I’d guess that maybe two of them had thicker necks than young Mr. Kalish.

    Okay C.C., go get ’em.

  9. Jane Heller

    No no no, Len. You’re not missing Molina, trust me. You’re just having a case of seller’s remorse. He was very good behind the plate, but remember how we jumped on him for not hitting and for running even slower than Jorge? Yes, I miss the days when Jorge could catch every game, but those days seem to be over.

    It didn’t seem like good vs. evil at all, Melissa. Was just lacking in that certain something and made me miss the guys I love to hate, although today should be good since I’m not a Lackey fan. I don’t know what to say about Papelbon’s facial expressions, but I was watching on MLB Network and the closeups were scary. Haven’t been listening to John and Suzyn much, but I’ve been hearing from others that John is getting stuff wrong. Someone tweeted last night, “Is Sterling drunk?” What I do know is that he’s a total pro and if he’s making mistakes it’s probably due to fatigue at this time of the long season. Maybe he needs an off day or ten!

    Interesting that the fans you were with were worried about the Jeter-Papelbon contest in the ninth, jojovanb. I loved that at bat and was really hoping it would lead to a comeback. Groan. You’re so right about Martinez’s glove and the ump’s call. I wonder if Varitek would have done that. Yes, let’s go CC!!!!!!

    You’re looking for a fight to the death, Jeff, and the way things are going in this division it just might happen. I see a very tough battle the rest of the way. Lots and lots of scoreboard baseball.

    So true about the Rays losing, Virginia. They gave us a break. But we need to control our own fate and WIN ballgames starting today!

    You make a good point, Paul. They’re playing very loose and the Yankees played flat. Sometimes it’s better to be the hungry team than the one hanging on for dear life.

  10. raysrenegade

    Recently neither of our teamslook anything like the divisional foes we have gotten to know and…well either love or hate recently. Both seem to be going through a end-seasonal personality conflict where they are trying to paint themselves a different direction.
    Maybe it was the result of the stress during the Trade Deadline finally releasing its grip and the teams both were being held up on the stress and energy of the event, but now that it has passed….we are flat as cornmeal hotcakes in a rot iron country griddle.
    This is not the path either one of us want for the next 9 weeks. Maybe we all need a little cold water splashed on our faces to regain the fire, commitment and strive to dig hard and prosper before October 4th..

    Rays Renegade


  11. devilabrit

    Teams playing the spoiler can sometimes be full of unknowns with nothing but there own stats to prove… this is definitely a going to be a fun race to the finish…


    Phillies Outside

  12. e_struzik@verizon.net

    I got to tell you, the intensity was definitely AWOL until the 9th. Why didn’t Ortiz get plunked after jeter? NO old school Yankee Sox stuff! NONE! Vazquez was having a hard enough time holding it together to get involved in retaliation- he doesn’t get the rivalry, Cervelli should- he saw it last year. Joba does! Kerry Wood, no way.
    Get all the last year yankees in the lineup today and turn it up on Lackey!

  13. Jane Heller

    I hope they turn it up on Lackey too, e_struzik. I could feel the flatness and felt validated to hear Jim Kaat on the MLB Network say the same thing!

  14. Jane Heller

    Flat as cornmeal hotcakes. LOL, Renegade. You hit it right on the nose. Teams can’t sustain the same level of intensity throughout the season. We know that. There are always ebbs and flows of energy. You’d just like to think that with our teams pushing each other for the top spot, we’d show more fire.

  15. Jane Heller

    I don’t think the Red Sox see themselves as spoilers just yet, Peter, and neither do I. They’re only 5 games back with plenty of baseball to play, and their players starting to get healthy.

  16. behindblueyes

    That’s interesting. I hear what you are saying about the rivalry temporarily losing a bit of intensity! I know that there was a huge deflation of energy between the Dodgers and Giants just after “Bobby’s Son”, um, “retired”…though he didn’t make it official. The next season, it just seemed kind of, well, lifeless. Of course, the Giants were also rebuilding and not playing in contention part of that time while the Dodgers were winning. But starting late last year and this year–it’s returned. Unfortunately, the Giants are now on fire, and my Dodgers are the ones playing like they are lifeless and not in contention anymore. 😦


  17. Jane Heller

    I guess all these rivalries have ebbs and flows, behindblueeyes. But I was with a Dodger fan at dinner the other night and when a guy in a Giants cap walked by, I thought my friend would go ballistic. Clearly that rivalry is alive and well!

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