Maybe it’s the Blue Jays who should be called the Bombers, since they were the ones doing the bombing tonight. Every time I turned around, Wells or Bautista or one of those guys was hitting the ball out. Clearly, Moseley isn’t CC and Wood isn’t Mo. And Mitre? Why even bother. Just DFA him already and call up one of the kids.
Offense is still AWOL. Third loss in a row. No longer in first place. What’s a Yankee fan to do? I’ll tell you what this Yankee fan did: watched the clip of the Red Sox and Indians going at it tonight.
Josh Beckett looks really, really mad at Shelley Duncan, doesn’t he? All I can say is that their game must have been way more entertaining than ours.


  1. Amy

    If Beckett didn’t want his butt kicked then he shouldn’t have hit Duncan AND Choo! He’s lucky because Duncan looks like he has a temper (something Beckett is well familiar with)

    What is it with the Red Sux having so many players who are hotheads?

    -Amy (Jobu’s Teepee)

  2. YankeeCase

    Beckett better be careful. Shelley Duncan is half ox! He will break his back over his knee without a second thought. Does he not know that Shelley was breaking people’s hands with his ferocious high fives?! The Yankees prayed Shelley didn’t hit home runs for fear of losing half the team in dugout injuries. Shelley Duncan’s high fives kill adult water buffalo! Barry Bonds tested positive for Shelley Duncan! Waldo is in hiding because of Shelley Duncan! In fact, I’m convinced now that Beckett really wasn’t mad there. He was crying. Crying for mercy. Crying for mercy Shelley Duncan doesn’t have the capability of feeling. And this is the story of how Josh Beckett disappeared from our social consciousness. Beckett who? Exactly…

    (oh yeah, the yankees need to get a-rod going again… maybe someone needs to remind him that he already has 600 home runs. he had one taken away from him a few year ago in old yankee stadium. he hit the ball so hard it bounced against the yellow concrete staircase on the other side of the wall and back onto the field. the umps never saw it because it was hit so hard. they just called it a double. this was of course before instant replay. but in reality… you’ve already got 600 hr’s alex!!)

  3. angelsgirl012

    Leave it to Beckett to go off like that lol… He let Duncan HAVE it!

    Lackey and Beckett are a scary duo, I’d never fight a team with those two guys on it! I want to see Duncan’s reaction to Beckett’s outrage…… he looks flabbergasted! Well the back of his head does anyway 😛

    p.s. Bautista has been killing it! My goodness! What a hot bat he has!

  4. lenn23

    I hope age isn’t starting to catch up with these guys. What’s happened to Jeter this year? That’s going to be an interesting off-season contract negotiation. Hope they can get their act together for Boston.

  5. scofid

    And the Yankees aren’t the Yankees right now! ;( They definitely picked a bad time to go into a funk with the Rays and Red Sox playing so well. I’ve seen as much of Mitre as I care to so he’s definitely my choice for DFA player of the month! It is hard to place any blame with Dustin Moseley…he got absolutely no support. A-Rod’s slump must have been contagious for the entire team. Well, today is a new day so let’s hope for better results. Times like this define Joe Girardi as a manager so I am optimistic that he’ll rise to the challenge.

  6. beckers46

    Last night’s game was awful. I had to minimize it on my computer screen and just listen. Auggghh! SO FRUSTRATING! Yeah, I don’t want to hear terms like slump either. We need to turn this around. I wish I had watched that game too. I don’t see why Beckett got so heated. It was between the Indians pitcher and the Sox batter. Then Terry Francona went at it with the Cleveland coach. Drama! For some reason, I started remembering an old Yankees bench clearer. Remember when Armando Benitez hit Tino in the back? It wasn’t the first time he klunked Tino. The benches cleared, and Graeme Lloyd came running from the bullpen ready to fight. I was glued to the tv for that drama. Yeah, brawls are never good. But you can’t help watching them. Have a great day fans! – Becky :0)

  7. crzblue2

    That is an ugly picture of Beckett. What ever happened to the nice guy when he pitched for the Marlins? So I see your offense is also AWOL. Dodgers finally decided to start a winning streak. I met Ken Burns at the stadium last night!


    Hello again, fellow she (and he) fans. Back from vacation.

    YankeeCase, I love the idea of letting ARod know he has 600 home runs. These big moments come hard to him. I just want him to hit it and put him out of his misery.

    Okay, yes, the game got a little ugly last night. I think the turning point was when Moseley hit Aaron Hill. When it happened, I thought “Eiland should go out there and talk to him. He’s a kid, he’s trying to get outs and that’s going to mess with his head.” Sure enough, the next ball was hit out. Though really, that was one of the more pathetic home runs I’ve seen. Did any of you think it was headed out?

    Overall, I didn’t think Moseley looked bad. Much better than Javvy was at the beginning of the season! He only had a few spots where he seemed to lose it.

    It seemed like there was a jinx on last night. Every ball the Yankees hit hard went right into someone’s glove. Sigh.

    Oh well, as she fan says, there is still a lot of baseball to play. Let’s hope everyone gets hot now.


  9. ooaooa

    Beckett is, has been and always be a PUNK!

    Yankees need to stop reading and listening to how good they are.

    Jeter–It’s a contract year. Looks like you’ll have to live on 10 mill instead of 20. Poor Minka!
    Swisher–Keep doing what you are doing.
    Tex–Swing at more strikes!
    A-Rod–I really think an eye exam is needed, really, trust me.
    Cano–Yes you are good but you are starting to forget to hustle down the line every at bat. Be a leader!
    Posada–I know you’re hurtin.
    Granderson–Bunt, swing at strikes and see A-rod suggestion.
    Gardner–Swing at strikes–anytime!
    DH”s–Look up definition of DH in Baseball Dictionary.
    Cervelli–You’ve hit a wall. Stop smiling and get serious.
    Burnett–Go on DL, soon.
    Johnathan Abs–DEMAND A TRADE!
    John Flarhady–Lose your vioce

  10. Jane Heller

    Amy, I don’t know the details of what happened in the game, but I do know that Shelley Duncan doesn’t shy away from a good fight! He was a Yankee “enforcer” when he was with the team, and always gave as good as he got.

    LOL about all the Shelley Duncan-isms, YankeeCase. What an interesting point about A-Rod and the 600. If only someone would tell him that he’s already passed the milestone and is simply going for 601! HAHAHA.

    I had the opposite reaction to the clip and that pic of Beckett and Duncan, Mimi. Shelley was probably muttering some profanity to Beckett and then standing there looking like an angel. I don’t think he was flabbergasted at all. But yeah, Bautista. What is it with that guy? Suddenly, he’s Babe Ruth?

    I’ve been thinking a lot about Jeter, Len. It’s kind of amazing to me that the Yankees have been in first place, given the down years both Jeter and A-Rod (despite all his RBIs) have had. If it weren’t for Cano and Swisher, I don’t know where we’d be.

    Moseley was OK, Scott. Nothing to write home about but definitely worth another look. I’m pretty sick of Mitre though. As for the hitting drought, sometimes they go through these. We just have to ride them out and know they’ll come out of it – hopefully sooner rather than later. Romero made them look pretty pathetic.

    Becky, I sure do remember when Benitez hit Tino. I bet he still has the mark on his back! And how funny was that when Lloyd of all people came in to take care of business. He was the last guy I figured would jump into a brawl, but it’s always interesting to see who fights and who stands on the sidelines. I have never seen Jeter get into it with anybody, have you?

    Beckett was a nice guy when he pitched for the Marlins, Emma? I must have missed that. LOL. Glad the Dodgers got their mojo back.

    Welcome back, Melissa! How was Hawaii? (Stupid question. How bad could Hawaii be?) You’re right about the bad luck, offense wise. Romero was dealing, but the Yankees hit the ball hard – right at people. So frustrating, especially coming after games when they left a lot of runners on base. They need a big game today before heading into the weekend.

    Enough said, John. I don’t need to add a single word to that comment. You’ve got everybody covered!

    The Rays aren’t going away, Jeff. That’s a given. It should be a dog fight the rest of the way.

    He was definitely hot, Jenn, and not in a good way. LOL.

    It was very frustrating game all the way around, Virginia. No bright spots as far as I could see.


    Welcome back, Melissa. Ya know, when things R goin’ bad in sports, I console myself with 2 things…(1) Jane’s humor, and (2) some kinda music. On that note (here’s one that Jane may recall…)
    “I’m a-gonna raise a fuss, I’m a gonna raise a bother…
    ‘Bout a-watchin’ all summer, hopin’ we can win another…
    Welll, I try to root on A-Rod — hey, this’ll be the date!
    (The pitcher sez: “No dice, son; you’re oh-fer and it’s late)
    Sometimes I wonder what I’m a-gonna do,
    ‘Cause there ain’t no cure for the summertime blues…”
    Sigh. Well, we are truly in the Dog Daze (and it ain’t just the bullpen). You know, I said I liked HR Derby, but ONLY at the ASG! Enough.
    Jane, call the Deli and tell ’em you wanna return the Meat Tray…it’s got some spoiled things on it…
    And I TOTALLY agree with Ooa, on all counts. Hey, Emma out in L.A. — Beckett was a NICE guy? WHEN?? Of course, playing for the Hoseheads can ruin you, so maybe that’s it…

  12. Jane Heller

    I asked Emma the same question, Dave. LOL. We must have amnesia, not remembering those warm and fuzzy days with Beckett as a Marlin. I’ll call the deli right now and see if they’ll take the Meat back.

  13. ladyjane303

    I’ve been quiet – very busy at work – but have to say that (not that I blame him) once A-Rod gets #600 out of the way the flood gates will open all around. My opinion – this has become a distraction to all (except Swisher and maybe Tex) and it needs to stop before the Sox come to town. The last thing we need is to lose to them and open another trap door to fall through. Don’t know what the Rays are taking, but this team WILL NOT GO AWAY. Be afraid….. We need a win today. Game starting now…….

  14. Jane Heller

    I’m ready for the floodgates to open, ladyjane. They’ve scored two runs early today and A-Rod finally got 600 out of the way. Let’s hope they can keep pouring it on. I don’t like the sound of that trap door at all!

    He strikes me as a bully, Paul. Not my favorite player and never was.

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