So The Yankees Were “Meatloafed?”

Or maybe the proper way to say it is that the Rays “meatloafed” the Yankees. In any case, “meatloafed” is Joe Maddon’s adorable expression for winning two out of three, and that’s what the Rays did. Shields was great, CC was so-so and our offense was anemic.
We got out of Dodge clinging to first place. That’s the good news. Now let’s talk about a couple of our newcomers.
Fat Elvis is not Tex.
Why Girardi decided to use him at first today made me scratch my head, but whatever. More curious was why Berkman looked as if he’d never played the position. Was it stage fright, getting out there in front of his new team in a game that mattered? Or does Fat Elvis need to work out a little and get more agile? Either way, I don’t want to see him play first, the way I don’t want to see Thames play left.
Kerry Wood is going to try my patience.

I can tell. Yeah, he was probably pumped for his Yankees debut, and I did love his velocity. In fact, on that strikeout of Longoria I was pretty pumped myself. But then he came back out for his second inning of work, and I started to worry. He looked wild – the kind of “wild” that made me yearn for Joba. Maybe that was Cashman’s plan all along: trade for Wood so the fans would appreciate Joba more. My reaction to his performance today, strikeouts notwithstanding, was to have a bit of a panic attack.


  1. angelsgirl012

    Uh oh Kerry Wood? Well let’s hope for the best for the Yankees bullpen lol

    Maybe it was good for Arod to rest tonight… he’s a bit off and 600 is a pretty big milestone that everyone is putting pressure on 😛 Sheesh! I do wonder what might happen to Tex since Lance Berkman is now in the picture. Platoon? DH? Maybe the Big Puma (such an interesting nickname LOL) was nervous in pinstripes 😀

  2. Jane Heller

    I was fine with A-Rod resting today, Mimi. The turf is tough to play on when you’ve got a bad hip, so it wasn’t a bad idea for him not to be in the lineup. Tex isn’t platooning. He was just getting a day off from playing first today. Supposedly, Berkman will DH unless the Yankees need to rotate a position player into that spot.

  3. scofid

    Yesterday was disappointing, but hopefully, the new guys will flourish in the Bronx once they don the pinstripes. I do think that once Berkman gets comfortable, he’ll start hitting like he did the past 30 days with Houston. Of course, he’d better get comfortable in a hurry! I thought it was interesting about Ken Rosenthal’s report that the Yankees tried to engage the Rangers and Red Sox in a deal that would have brought Mike Lowell to the Bronx. I doubt they go down that path this month, and I’d still like to see someone who can spell A-Rod at third and provide some occasional pop with the bat. It really shows that the Yankees should have done more to keep Jerry Hairston, Jr. after last season.


    Wood didn’t scare me that much, Jane. Like you said, his velocity was astounding. And even Berkman didn’t freak me out too much. Girardi has to try out the new guys right away and better in the visitors’ park than at home for the first time. Granted, Tex would have made those plays without question, but he is outstanding defensively and anyone else that plays first is not going to look good because of what we have become used to seeing (remember back to Jason Giambi???!!) I’m worried about how much it looks like Posada is going to be playing. His bat has not been that hot of late and his defensive play has been lackluster. I’m a bit concerned on that mark — anyway, we still have sole possession of first place and coming home so that’s all good. I’m not saying that Tampa doesn’t worry me, but we have to trust in our crew and know that all is well.

    Hey Dave S., our free concert on Saturday night was a DooWop Extravaganza with The Chiffons, The Crests and Joey Dee & the Startliters. We didn’t go to the concert (glad we stayed home to see the Yankees win) but I thought you’d like to see those names. We have tributes bands tonight and tomorrow night and then Friday night is the next one we will attend. The Grass Roots – a wonderful group from our youth that we enjoyed tremendously last year and should be just as good this year.

    The Yankees schedule looks packing this month but I know they can do it. GO YANKEES!!!


    I look at the Tampa Bay visit as a working vacation. We got to see our new players, vets “rested”, and we are still in first, albeit by 1 game. These guys must tire sometime, and to do as well against the second best team in baseball should encourage us.
    On to playing Toronto, then the Bosox come to town. It will be the one year anniversary of the 15 inning pitching dual this weekend. Let’s hope for a huge lead for us each game this time!
    Go Yankees!

  6. Jane Heller

    You’re so right about Hairston, Scott. He was more valuable than I realized. Poor Lowell. They keep trying to trade him and never seem to make it happen. I’ve liked him as a player but wouldn’t want a guy with a hip problem subbing for another guy with a hip problem. As for the newcomers settling in, I guess they all can’t be like Granderson, who hit that big homer in his first series as a Yankee against the Red Sox.

    Wood’s stuff was electric, Jeff. It was just all over the place. Girardi said he was impressed with the three strikeouts, and I was too. He also said it was only natural that Wood would be rusty, not having pitched since July 11th. So maybe the wildness will go away. And maybe not.

    Berkman did freak me out, Diane, in terms of playing first base. If they want to use him at DH, fine. But I’m with you on Posada and think they need to use him at DH too. His body isn’t holding up too well, but I’d hate to lose his bat. Glad the boys are home now.

    Resting players is important, Kathleen, especially on the turf and especially since it’s only Aug and there’s still a lot of baseball left. Joe did a good job last year of keeping everybody fresh, so I’m all for that. Is it the one year anniversary of that 15 inning came this weekend? Maybe A-Rod will hit 600 and be the hero yet again!

  7. Jane Heller

    Virginia, now that I look back on the game, in terms of offense, I’m not sure that anybody would have hit Shields. He pitched really well. The defense, on the other hand…


    Lost another posting to the home PC; so what’s new?
    Well, obviously, the New Yankees are not. Fat Elvis needs to shake it off and get into shape; no more peanut butter & ‘nanner sammiches thankyou, thankyouverymuch…Wood will be up & down like the rest of our relief corps(e?), I do believe…and Austin Kearns?? Puh-leez…he SMELLED as a National, and I have no faith in him what-so-ever. Can we trade him back for, say, a stale Meat Loaf sammich (or a song)?
    Then again…even Mr. Loaf achieved paradise by the dashboard light once (featuring Scooter!!). And Diane got to hear some fine inspirational doo-woppin’ — loved those Chiffons, and all the rest. And The Roots too! Let’s live for today, Diane and She-Fan…a few home W’s sure would be nice (hear my midnight confessions…)

  9. Jane Heller

    Oh no, Dave. A bad review on Kearns? I didn’t know much about him so the fact that you say he stinks is not good! But maybe being in pinstripes will give him miraculous new powers. I hope that’s true for all three newcomers.

    It was nice to see Berkman get his first hit, Sarah. I’m sure guys feel pressure coming to a new team and Shields was pitching great. I’m looking forward to seeing the Yanks at home tonight. Toronto gives us trouble though, so let’s hope our offense comes alive.

  10. yankeefansarah

    Our offense just couldn’t get it done yesterday, which was a little dissapointing. James Shields was pitching well though, so some credit must go to him.
    I’m excited for tonights game against the Blue Jays. There should be plenty of homeruns hit, and maybe Alex will finally get his. I’d love to see him get it at home.
    If I was looking on the bright side of yesterdays game, I would say it was nice to see Berkman get his first hit as a Yankee. Hopefully they keep on coming, I want to see him do well here.

  11. mikeeff

    I had no problem with Alex being rested, but if you are planning in advance to weaken your offense, then the logical countermove would be to at least maintain, if not strengthen your defense. berkamn playing 1st base does not accomplish that. he looked like a butcher there. I know we are spoiled now by seeing tex play every day, but I might have let berk play 1st base today at yankee stadium than on the turf. bad move. i know we never scored but – you know the fallacy of the predetermined outcome…

  12. Jane Heller

    He still has good stuff, gonzo. And I’m sure he was rusty yesterday. Don’t quite know what to expect, but it should be an interesting experiment.

  13. Jane Heller

    Excellent point, Mike. Why not wait to use Berkman at first on a day you’re not resting A-Rod? But even with Fat Elvis’ lapses in defense, the way Shields was dealing it wouldn’t have mattered who was playing first. That said, I did have Giambi flashbacks. Ugh.

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