Should I Ask My Mother To Change Her Name?

I’m thinking about it. Why? Because her name is Joyce. As in this guy.
He broke my heart with his home run off Huuuuughes last night, and he nearly broke it again tonight when he took Vazquez deep. But the Yankees prevailed. Here’s what I learned from our win at the Trop. The running game is fun if you’re the Rays.
But the Yankees can mash.
The Rays kept taking the lead, and these guys kept taking it back.
Nice performance by Javy to give the boys a chance to come back. Really nice outings by Robertson, Logan and, of course, Mo. All of a sudden, our pen doesn’t look so bad. Which brings me to today’s official comings and goings.
We’ll see Juan Miranda and Colin Curtis later in the season, so I’m not crying over them. But Chan Ho? He’s gone. I felt sorry for him when I read that he asked A-Rod for a signed #13 jersey on his way out the door.
Well, two out of the three are in Tampa already and one played in today’s game (going 0-for-4 but who’s counting). Lance Berkman was actually quite entertaining from the quotes I’ve read. In his session with the media, he said the magic words: His favorite player growing up was Donnie Baseball and his dad’s favorite was The Mick. Good enough for me. He also said that in addition to “Big Puma,” his other nickname is “Fat Elvis.” I’m going with that one.
Austin Kearns was described as a quiet guy who was just happy to have been shipped to a contender and will play wherever and whenever he’s asked. I like the team spirit. That leaves the impending arrival of Kerry Wood, who probably spent today shaving off his beard.
I admit I wasn’t wild about this deal. Yeah, he didn’t cost much, but isn’t he on the DL all the time?
On the other hand, if he can stay healthy he could be a terrific pickup for the pen. I just hope he realizes we already have a closer.
Anyhow, looking forward to the rubber game of this series tomorrow. So far the match-up has really lived up to its billing.


  1. Amy

    Wood won’t stay healthy, he’ll blow games before you can get to Mariano. If you think Joba is bad, Wood drove us Tribe fans to valium & vodka when he pitched. it goes like this: he’ll walk the first batter, the next batter will get a base hit and then the doubles and homers begin. At least he won’t be pitching in the 9th so you won’t have to worry about all the walkoffs he liked to allow on the road for Cleveland. I don’t know what possessed your front office to take that washed-up piece of garbage, but good luck! Let me know if you want to know the correct v&v dosage so you don’t accidentally od.

    -Amy (Jobu’s Teepee)

  2. theheirloom

    I’m still trying to wrap my head around the Berkman trade, Jane. He did go 0-4 in tonight’s Robinson Cano game winner. I wonder what was going through Drayton’s head as he rid himself of two veteran franchise icons elsewhere. He’s all yours now…

    Oh, and wasn’t tonight a nail-biter in St. Pete?

  3. YankeeCase

    …wow Amy. lol, so you’re not a Kerry Wood fan, I get it! Sounds almost like how I feel about Chan Ho Choke.

    Speaking of which! Jane! He’s gone! And I can’t believe it! Finally! How much longer could they have possibly kept him?!

    It really is sad though, for all my ranting and raving and hair pulling… I really did want him to do well. And I still want him to do well. Just not against the Yankees. This is the man’s livelihood, so I hope all goes well for him. He just never seemed to know how to pitch AL hitters anymore. Hopefully for him that’s not the case against NL batters.

    Oh, and Big Puma needs to show a little more enthusiasm for a late go ahead home run. He’s gonna see quite a bit of that with the folks from the big city… You’re in a pennant race now, pal! Crack a smile!

  4. raysrenegade

    Matt Joyce is a homegrown guy who got a chance to play in front of friend and family all the time, not just when the Tigers came to town. It was a trade that some say the Rays are still searcxhing for their upside. Well, over the last several weeks, Joyce has provided 2 Grand Slams, countless timely hits and has amassed 5 HR and 18 RBI in his 26 games since rejoining the Rays.
    I think we need to send a Thank You card to the Detroit front office after this weekend.
    Just be glad the next wave of Rays pitchers, Jeremy Hellickson get to face the Twins and not the Yankees on Monday. You might hate the name Jeremy on Tuesday morning too.

    Rays Renegade

  5. lenn23

    If these two teams meet in the playoffs it would be a classic like the series against the Sox in ’03 and ’04. Also, Amy tell us how you really feel about Kerry Wood!

  6. ooaooa

    A real “character” win yesterday. It’s real nice when 73.2% of the fans in the away building cheer a Yanke win.

    Johnathan Abs, 35th save, .88 era yesterday. What do we need (dead) Wood for?

  7. beckers46

    Fat Elvis, lol! Ok, I can see the resemblance. Our guys were warriors last night. I love it when we battle back. I’m a little depressed over CC Junior, but we will see him again. Robbie Cano = MVP!!! Did you see how excited he acted after that hr? He had a huge smile and even flashed a peace sign in the dugout. Jane, I think he did wave to his date when he headed to the dugout after the game. 😀 All eyes on CC today!


    i sleep so much better after a yankee win! i gave up the tv after tex hit one and then heard the rest of the game on the radio. what fun. it would have been even better is phil coke hadn’t choked against the sox but tonight was too happy to let that get to me.
    there have been some fun games recently. three days ago, 7 runs in the 7th inning reminded me of the world series game in 98 that i went to with my dad with tino’s grandslam capping 7 in the 7th.
    i didn’t understand the trades at first (since i wanted lee or a stellar bullpen guy) and thought we had hopes for melancon but i see the logic. kearns and berkman are better than miranda and curtis and woods will either equal park or with luck have a good streak with his old battery mate to guide him.
    i love robbie’s smile and he made us all smile!

  9. yankeefansarah

    Last night was such a great game. The Yankees kept battling back the whole night, and like you said, Javy kept us in it and gave us a chance to win. It was great to see Swish, Tex, and Robbie with big HR’s. Seems like the only one that’s been left out of the fun lately is A-Rod. I’m not worried though, it’ll come soon. And if he doesn’t hit it today, he’ll for sure do it at the stadium where he’s comfortable.

  10. Jane Heller

    Amy, I’ll be getting in touch for the v & v if Wood goes the way you describe. He wouldn’t have been my pick for a trade, but since the good relievers were too expensive I guess Cashman was looking for the proverbial lightning in a bottle with him. The good news about the Yankees is if a guy isn’t working out, they don’t waste time in dropping him.

    The game was definitely a nail biter, Randy, as I expect all three games in this series will be. When you put the two best teams in the majors head to head, it’s bound to be exciting. Berkman cost almost nothing and the Yankees needed a DH. Simple as that. What I don’t get is why he’s starting at first base today!

    I wish Park well too, YankeeCase. Maybe he’ll catch on with an NL team and perform better than he did for us. Seems like a nice guy and his teammates liked him. We can afford to give Berkman a break for last night’s O-for-4. It takes time to adjust to a new team. And if there are problems, Kevin Long will work his magic. I hope.

    Joyce seems to be the latest Yankee killer, Renegade. Posednik killed us when we played the Royals. Choo killed us when we played the Indians. And now Joyce is a thorn in our side. I won’t be sorry not to see him after today’s game!

    These games really do have a playoff atmosphere, Len. I hope today’s finale provides more thrills (with the same outcome as last night, obviously). What scares me about Amy’s comment is that she could be right. SHUDDER.

    I wish we had Abs, John. He deserved to stay up with the club. But there’s no room for him unless Gaudin gets DFA-ed at some point or Wood goes on the DL (not impossible).

    Cano was so much fun to watch after he hit the homer, Becky. So you saw him wave to someone on his way into the dugout too? LOL. It was after the Kim Jones interview and he sure was animated. Love him. He’s really fulfilling his promise.

    I sleep better too, Barbara! It’s really uncanny how much better. Who needs sleeping pills? As far as the trades, there were no “stellar bullpen guys,” at least none that Cashman wanted to mortgage the minors for. So he’s giving Wood a shot. I wasn’t happy about it, but everybody keeps saying, “No risk, high reward.” We’ll see.

    I have no doubt that Wood will be your muse, Paul. He might be mine too, depending.

    It was a great game, Sarah. Every time I thought we might lose, somebody would hit a homer and put us right back in it. And the pen was fantastic. I mean, Robertson and Logan were just about the best we could hope for and Mo shut the door for good. A-Rod’s getting the day off today, so he’ll have a chance to hit 600 at home – good for the fans with tickets!

    I don’t despise the Rays, Virginia. I respect them. They outplayed us on Friday night and we returned the favor last night. Pretty even match-up to me. I agree on Cano. MVP!!!!

  11. Jane Heller

    Yeah, Mike. That’s exactly how I felt about the Chan Ho story. Very humanizing indeed. I wish him well and hope he hooks up with another team.

  12. angelsgirl012

    Fat Elvis? ROFL!!!! That’s hilarious! I thought Big Puma was an amusing nickname lol

    I echo what Mike said in that the story really is humanizing… though small and irrelevant in the scope of things it was touching for me to read. I wish him well!

  13. Jane Heller

    Funny nickname is right, Mimi. In his meeting with the media, he said he’s been called Fat Elvis for a long time and doesn’t mind at all. LOL.

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