Now That Was My Kind of Game!

Not a blowout, but a no-doubter. I like those. They’re relaxing. And the formula was so simple:
1) Dominant starting pitching by A.J.
Tonight he gave us a taste of what life could be like if he pitched as well all the time or even most of the time.
2) Tremendous offense by….everybody!
A-Rod didn’t knock in the Big One, but he made his hits count, as did Cano, Tex, Gardner, Granderson, you name it. What happened to Fausto Carmona? He was lights out against us in the 2007 ALDS.
I should know. I was there.
(Sorry, but I only get to use this pic when we play Cleveland and it’s not that often.)
3) Sparkling defense by Swisher.
There were other nice plays, particularly one by A.J., but Swisher has been surprising me all season. I never actually expect him to catch the ball but he chased one down tonight and I have to give him props.
To sum up, the Yankees beat down the Indians 8-0 and, despite the loooong game that followed the rain delay, it was a fun evening. What wasn’t fun was my walk after dinner. The sun was just about to set here in CA and Michael and I figured we had a half hour of light left. But it got dark in a hurry and there we were, up in the hills, when a bat flew into my hair.
I never knew I was capable of running so fast.


  1. latinyankeerebel

    I saw part of the game today.. and yes, I’m as impressed by Swisher as you are through-out this season… I like!
    Hon, we’ve all had those “i never knew I could run so fast” moments… but yours, yours was an instant classic! ;0)

  2. Jane Heller

    Lillie, it was scaaaary! All of a sudden this bat kept buzzing my head and I screamed like an idiot. It went away, but I got home very quickly. Great game tonight.

  3. yankeefansarah

    Hey Jane, Sarah here! I’ve been reading your blog for a while and finally decided to make an account so I could comment.
    Today was just an all around great game. Nice to see A.J. do what we know he can do, and the same goes for our offense. By the way, did you see the Andy Pettitte Centerstage on YES? I really enjoyed it, Andy’s such a great guy!

  4. YankeeCase

    A bat flew in your hair? Well this is what happens when you wear a Carmen Miranda fruit hat outside after dark! lol… You’re able to laugh about it now, which is the important thing.

    How’d you like A-Rod ripping second base out of the ground? That was great! I’m sure he called ‘time out’ immediately after, but I wonder what the official ruling on that would be if he didn’t? Cabrera didn’t try tagging him even after he rolled to the side with the bag. Could he have walked to third, second base in hand?! lol… We’d see a whole new brand of baseball if this was a loophole to take advantage of…


    Swisher has been fabulous this season! I really think that the whole team is much more relaxed this season after the World Series win last fall. And, that translates into success – look at our record! And, what about when A-Rod “stole” 2nd and that funny grin on his face! Never would’ve seen that in seasons before this.

    Several baseball notes:
    1) I was listening to XM radio yesterday and they had an interview with Matt Garza about his no-hitter. They asked him about the AL East race, and he commented that the best thing he hoped for as a pitcher was to go into Yankee Stadium, throw a shut-out and quote, “shut up those fans.” Well!
    2) Ron Artest has made a rap song about the Mets. XM Homeplate was having fun with that. Google it and laugh! He says at the start of the rap, “we lose a lot!”

    Bats (real ones! lol): Maybe it was trying to tell you not to worry about the Cleveland midges anymore – all of its bat friends in Cleveland will take care of them! Could be a good omen?!

    Go Yankees! Kathleen

  6. Amy

    I would like to thank the Yankees offense for insuring that Fausto Carmona stays in a Tribe uniform after July 31st. Philly had scouts at the game looking at him (and Westbrook), so I’m kinda glad that he threw a crap game. The idiots in the front office in Cleveland make dumb moves around this time of the year, though the one to ditch Peralta was a rare gem.

    -Amy (Jobu’s Teepee)

    ps: Have you seen my pet bat?

  7. ooaooa

    A very enjoyable game last night. Even Joba didn’t tick me off. FYI Johnathan Abs continues to excell.
    Had a Bat experience of my own 11 years ago next week. After having 5 by pass heart surgery on July 13, 1999, we were at the cottage we rent in Misquamicut Beach Rhode Island. During the night I heard a strange noise in the living room of the cottage and I discovered a Bat flying back and forth across the room banging into the walls. I never saw one in real life before and it tested the performance of my newly repaired heart. Not wanting to call the volunteer Fire Dept. (the call signal is loud enough to wake the dead) I used a beach towel to swat the Bat to the floor and then I picked it up with the towel and threw it out the front door. I believed the Bat was a Red Sox fan out to get me. That’s why I always work so hard in Rhode Island to slay the drageons. Next conquest a week from this Saturday.

  8. cheshirecat9

    I wish I could have seen this game. I was yukking it up with the Mets fans in Queens. Citifield is a nice stadium, but it is so weird to me that it is just plopped in the middle of nowhere. When you go to Yankee Stadium there are bars and buildings and there is an energetic vibe. At Citifield there is just a big parking lot. Santana gave up 6 runs in the first but the Mets actually battled back to tie it in the 9th! Of course they lost in extra innings but it was a fun game. It’s true what they say, they have good food over there. Wish the product on the field was better though…


    The free concert in our town last night was The Bacon Brothers, who were amazing by the way, so we only caught the game from the bottom of the 7th on. I guess there was a rain delay of some sort for us to get to see that much of the game but when I heard it was 8-0 on the radio on the ride home I almost drove off the road in sheer happiness. I know that the rule is that pitching wins over hitting, but when our bats come alive it doesn’t seem like there is any way we can be beaten. Fabulous! Not that I want it to happen, but maybe A-Rod will wait until they return home to hit #600 – his bat is certainly productive and his attitude seems extremely positive. I don’t really see any damage that could be done by waiting for a few more days. And the hometown fans deserve it! Looking for a great outing from our baby pitcher tonight – GO YANKEES!!!

  10. beckers46

    Great game last night! I hope A.J. can pitch like that all the time. Swisher is awesome! Did you see him haul over to foul territory to catch the ball? He took his role seriously in the offseason, and came to spring training fit and ready for the season. Did anyone on this board win the meet and greet with him on Ebay? All the money went to his charity. The winner will be treated to a game and Swish is taking the person out to dinner afterwards. He’s got a lot of heart, as well as a handful of other Yankees. I wish I had the YES network! I’ve been searching for clips all morning of Andy’s CenterStage episode. I love what I’ve seen on If anyone can find the whole episode online, please let us know! I did find Joe Girardi’s Dove commercial. I didn’t realize he was part of the campaign too. COOL! Check it out:
    On a side note, did anyone read Andre Dawson’s speech from the Hall of Fame induction ceremony? He made a lot of great points. I loved when he mentioned, “The game will love you back.” Have a great day fans!!!
    – Becky :0)

  11. cheshirecat9

    Oh I almost forgot. While my friend and I were walking around Citifield we happened upon some people getting filmed and wound up on the Jumbotron. Counting the old Yankee Stadium and the new Yankee Stadium as different venues I have now been on three Jumbotrons in my life. And my ex-girlfriend thought I would never amount to anything…


    “DOO-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo, doo-doo
    DOO-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo, doo-doo…BAT GIRL!!”
    (that’s BAT Girl — not BAD Girl — unless you were “vamping” at the time…yuk yuk…)
    Well, then. Much better now. Nice to get those Compleat Team Victories now & then, esp. after a loss. Can’t shake those Rays…but let’s not think ahead even a day, eh?
    Now, please to tell me, She-Fan — Who is Moseley? Gotta admit, I wouldn’t know him from Mark Moseley (the only other known Moseley in sports, a Redskins kicker from loong ago)…but then again, I’ve only met a few Hellers, counting some guy I knew in HS…and Schaub ain’t too common at all…Jersey Bob told me that we picked up Young Moseley from the Angels, and we gotta use him or lose him (to the minors, or some such thing)…? Don’t know. But I bet YOU do…!
    Hey, that Dove soap commercial thingy with Andy was very neat, beckers46! And yes, Diane, the Bros Bacon ARE pretty good…picked up one of their CDs in a budget bin some years ago and was very impressed…glad u liked ’em!!

  13. Jane Heller

    Hey, Sarah. Glad you signed on so we can “chat.” It was a really good game and I was so glad to see AJ do what we know he’s capable of. I don’t get the YES network’s programming here in CA, just the games, but I watched clips of Andy’s CenterStage interview on the YES web site and loved them – and him. So cute. So funny. So big! My fave was the story he told about meeting his wife-to-be when she was 13!

    A Carmen Miranda fruit basket on my head. LOL, YankeeCase. All I had on my head was a comb that was holding my hair in place. I don’t think the bat was attracted to that, but you never know. That moment when A-Rod grabbed second base was pretty funny. Maybe if Dallas Braden had been there, he would have yelled, “Don’t steal my base!”

    Kathleen, Swisher came into camp this spring in much better shape and determined to play better – and he’s succeeded. Just shows you can be a lighthearted and a little crazy but still focus on the game. Good for him. Matt Garza said that? Oooh, now I really want to beat him. And yes, bats eat bugs, so if there had been bats in Cleveland in ’07, maybe…..No. Can’t look back.

    Maybe Fausto sabotaged the game so he wouldn’t get traded, Amy. Interesting strategy! I’ve heard the rumors about him and Westbrook, but I’m sure you don’t want to lose either. So you have a pet bat????

    Joba started to tick me off with the balk, John, but he was fine after that so maybe his new role is mop up man. That’s some story with the bat. They’re really harmless, I’m told, and only want to eat bugs, but it must have been pretty scary to be recovering from heart surgery only to see one flying around the room! And yeah, it must have been a Red Sox fan. πŸ™‚

    Glad you had fun at Citifield, cheshirecat, and that the food lived up to its reputation. As for the game, you saw an exciting one. Hardly a pitcher’s duel but a lot of scoring. You’ve been on three Jumbotrons? LOL. I’ve never been on any. Can I have your autograph?

    So Kevin Bacon’s band is actually good, Diane? I’ve never heard them. Yeah, the rain delay made a long game even longer. With all the early offense, it seemed to take forever to get through the third inning! I have a feeling A-Rod will hit 600 at the Trop this weekend, which wouldn’t be terrible since they always have a lot of Yankee fans there. In any case, I just wish he’d get it over with, so they’d stop with the “special balls” for every at bat. That’s driving me nuts.

    I agree with everything you said about Swisher, Becky. He’s made a believer out of me and I was really skeptical at first. Didn’t know about his ebay thing. What fun for the winner. I wish I got the YES stuff too, but the clips of Andy were hilarious. So Joe is doing Dove commercials too? Just watched outtakes of him and Posada during the shooting of a Direct TV commercial and I’ve never seen him laugh like that. Wish I could grab the link but will look later.

    I never thought the Tribe would play such a big role in my life, Jeff, but I still have flashbacks of that midges game. Maybe it’s because we ended up spending so much time in Cleveland during the writing of the book, but it felt like my second home for awhile there.

    They’re much better than their record suggests, Mike. Travis Hafner, in particular, always scares me when he comes up to hit. And Shoo just kills the Yankees.

  14. Jane Heller

    Dave, Moseley was indeed a pitcher we picked up from the Angels. He came in for long relief immediately after he was called up from Scranton and pitched well. Then he wasn’t so hot in the next outing. But he pitched well again the other night. And since he’s more stretched out than Mitre, he’s getting the nod for tonight. Can’t say I’m enthusiastic, but maybe hopeful? Just don’t understand why Joe used Mitre last night in case Moseley gets knocked out early. We have Gaudin, but why not have both available? Oh well. Too late now.

  15. southernbelle

    Jane: I think there are bats in my attic! That’s kind of creepy. Last night’s game was so fun! Can’t they all be that good? No 600 for Alex, but that’s alright. He was funny. And every day he doesn’t hit it, the chances only get greater that he will hit in the next day.

  16. Jane Heller

    Bats in your attic, Virginia? Creeeepy! You’re right about A-Rod’s quest for 600. Not getting it keeps the suspense going. But I’m kind of getting sick of it and the special balls, and just want to move on!

  17. bklyntrolleyblogger

    The dreaded nocturnal California pigeon. I would have paid to see you run from it.
    Can’t the rest of this country walk like normal people (like us NY’ers)…on the sidewalk? Sheesh!
    But really…it cracks me up and kind of annoys me when ever I venture outside of this city…the lack of sidewalks that exists in this country. Doesn’t anyone walk to the store anymore?
    Oh yea…baseball; I’m looking forward to the Yank/Rays series. Should be fun.

  18. Jane Heller

    Nocturnal pigeon. LOL, Mike. There are plenty of sidewalks around here, just not where I live in the boonies. We’ve got bats and coyotes and bobcats. It’s like wild kingdom. The day I see a bear (and my neighbor already has) will be the day I say, “So long!” Looking forward to the Rays series too.



    So that bats in the hair thing can really happen. I remember worrying about it as a kid, but I always half-believed that it was a made up story. Now days I don’t sweat it, because I know no self-respecting bat would want to end up in a sandtrap.

    Yes, great game except for our radio bozos. I got to my car in time to hear Alex coming to the plate with the bases loaded. Dear Mr. Sterling paints this picture of how a dramatist would love to draw this up with A-Rod at the plate hitting a grand slam for #600, and I’m thinking wow what happened to the lead we had a half hour ago. Eventually Mr. Nutcase got around to telling me the Yanks were up 7-0.

    Somehow, I’m thinking you might work up a different scenario if you got to create the game from a blank slate.

  20. Jane Heller

    Well, the bat didn’t get stuck in my hair, jojovanb. It just kind of swatted me a few times and I swatted it back as I was running home! I felt like Tippi Hedrin in “The Birds.” Poor John. I can’t criticize him because he was such a help to me when I was writing the She-Fan book. I know people get frustrated with his calls and descriptions, but he’s such a nice guy.

  21. raysrenegade

    Said last week when the Rays went into Cleveland with a 0-17 skid that if you play your game and do not fall for the trickery and mental game that C-town plays on you…You have a 50 percent chance of rain.
    Well, you guys got rain, and then decided to win the game too. But alas, poor A-Rod could not cash in his Lotto ticket for the “600” jackpot.
    The Rays series have sold out all three games, which has never happened before in Rays history.
    Hopefully it is because it is going to be a great 3-game set.
    That both offenses will be matched up well with pitchers who will surprise and delight fans of both aspects of the game.
    Or maybe it is because all New York fans want a ticket stub from the game A-Rod hits his 600th…..Guess we shall see in 24 hours.

    Rays Renegade


    Woohoo great game. Was the bat a Yankee fan at least? πŸ˜€ I remember sitting pretty high up in Yankee stadium and we all thought these three small birds were flying around us, but someone said they were bats. We had no where to run! O.o Great job by Moseley so far huh?

  23. Jane Heller

    I wish Michael had brought the Flip, Emma. Now that you mention it, I think I should bring it wherever I go, like I used to…just in case.

    The live look ins are fun, Matt!

    All I know, Renegade, is that this is a series we’re all looking forward to. It’s got the makings of a dramatic weekend!

    I don’t know if the bat was a Yankee fan, seindsfeld. I should have asked, right? Great job by Moseley tonight. The game just ended, so I’m about to write the post.

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