Rookie + Bad Defense + So-So CC = Loss

Tonight’s game against the Indians felt like a replay of every other game featuring a rookie starter for the opposition. Taking nothing away from Josh Tomlin, the Yankees are incapable of hitting pitchers they’ve never faced. They stand there at the plate looking absolutely clueless.
Why is that? They can watch videotape beforehand. They can make adjustments each time through the order. They can use their experience to figure it out. So why don’t they? Boggles my mind.
woman's brain.jpg
CC wasn’t his usual dominant self, but his defense definitely let him down. Ugh. There’s nothing positive to say about tonight’s loss except that Chan Ho Park didn’t give up a run. Oh, and Brett Gardner made a great throw home. That’s about it.
After the Yankees were done, I switched over to Angels-Red Sox, curious to see how Lackey would be greeted by the fans in Anaheim. I’d heard he was hopeful that they’d give him a warm reception, seeing as he spent his entire career there before going to Boston. Here’s what happened: people booed him. A lot. And there were signs like this:
“LACKey of Loyalty”
“Traitor John.”
I can’t stand Lackey, but I felt sorry for him. I guess I should have remembered the way they always boo Tex when the Yankees play the Angels. Do their fans not realize that management decided not to retain the services of Lackey and Tex, not the other way around? Sure, the players became free agents, but that’s baseball. Why not applaud your former heroes for the great work they did when they helped you win ball games? Easy for me to say, you’re thinking. I haven’t lost Jeter or Mo to free agency. But even if I did, I’d like to think I’d always cheer for them. When Pettite went to play for the Astros I didn’t boo him or call him a traitor. I don’t get the sense of betrayal, I really don’t. Someone needs to explain it to me.


  1. Amy

    the only betrayal that I believe in is when a player leads the former team and fans on to believe that he’s staying and then kicks them in the teeth. Most notable for doing this is LeQuit James.

    -Amy (Jobu’s Teepee)

  2. beckers46

    Yeah, today’s game was very so-so. We need to keep our lead in the AL East! The Rays are on our heels.

    No one booed Matsui at Yankee Stadium recently. Heck, I was wishing he was still on our bench. He would have still made a great DH for us. Andy chose Houston to be close to his family. How could any fan boo a man for making a decision like that?

    Jane, I’m still laughing over Kathy Griffin. Looks like Grandy has an active Myspace page. There’s more pics of their date on his page.

  3. Jane Heller

    I can understand the antagonism toward LeBron, Amy, because he made such a show of his “decision” and didn’t have the decency to tell the Cleveland owner what he was going to do before he did it. I don’t blame you for being upset in that case. But sports are a business, and baseball players who decide to take a better offer aren’t necessarily traitors in my opinion.

    The Rays are on our heels for sure, Becky, so tomorrow night is a must-win before we go to the Trop over the weekend. I thought of Matsui as I was writing the post. He was applauded even after he hit a homer against us that first time! As for Kathy Griffin and her “romance” with Granderson, I’m still laughing about that too!

  4. The Rambler

    It made me a bit upset being a Red Sox fan to see them boo Lackey like that. Do they not remember 2002 when he won game 7 for them? He loved the team and performed well for the team, so why not just reminisce about the days when he did win for them? It’s been a while…time to forget about it…


  5. The Rambler

    It made me a bit upset being a Red Sox fan to see them boo Lackey like that. Do they not remember 2002 when he won game 7 for them? He loved the team and performed well for the team, so why not just reminisce about the days when he did win for them? I think a lot of fans just think that Lackey left them, and that he was heartless, but he wasn’t. Applaud him and thank him for everything he gave you, including that big ring he happened to get.


  6. Jane Heller

    No problem about the double post, Katherine. Happens to me all the time. You expressed my feelings exactly. Lackey, although not my favorite player, deserved respect tonight. He did help the Angels win a championship. Why not celebrate that? But then Red Sox fans boo Damon and he helped you guys win in 2004. I get that part of the issue with him is that he went to the rival Yankees after saying he wanted to stay in Boston. That must have been tough to swallow.


    I didn’t see Haren got hit by Youkilis, Jane, ouch! Not a good start at all. I think its just easier to boo the person in person rather then people people don’t usually see at all…if that makes sense. Lackey even said the Angels didn’t really seem to want him back. If I was an Angels’ fan I’d be furious at management. Not only Lackey, but Chone Figgins and Vlad Guerrero too? Sure only the latter is having a good season, but that’s like giving away the whole core four in my eyes. And after a year of almost getting to the World Series? As for the game…at least we always seem to give first time starters in the Majors a story to tell their kids when they’re old… πŸ˜› “See that son, that’s me getting out a whole bunch of hall of famer’s in my first start ever.”

  8. cheshirecat9

    As soon as I saw we were facing a rookie who had never started in the majors before I knew we were in trouble. Like you Jane I cannot figure out why we can’t hit pitchers we have never seen before. Like that O’Sullivan guy. When we faced him the second time as a Royal I was confident we would beat him. It’s very strange.

    I am going across town to see the Mets play tonight. It will be my first time at Citifield. Santana is pitching and they are playing the Cardinals so I will get to see Pujols. But I will definitely be keeping my eye on the out of town scoreboard!


    Yuk. Pug-ugly. You’re so right, Jane (as usual) about the Unknown Pitcher Factor…it’s to the point where my 55-and-over slo-pitch pitchers could sign up for the O’s and be able to beat the Bombers twice…OK, maybe not with the O’s …but you get the idea…!
    It is strange how some cities/teams are so unforgiving, and others aren’t…kudos to Amy for bashing LeBron, and as for me, I could care less about Lackey, who I’ve never liked…but it’s the individual, too…as I recall, there was a BIG cheer for Vlad in Anaheim at the ASG, so who knows…?
    BTW — nobody’s said it yet — you need someone boyishly immature to point this out — but tell us, what does the MEN’S brain look like?? Let me offer a guess: 5% sports, 5% cars/vehicles, 5% food/drink, 5% other — and 80%, um, that thing in the front of your female brain that we men are supposed to be thinking of every 7 seconds?? And no, there ain’t no Emotions attached to it!!

  10. Jane Heller

    I didn’t see the game when Haren got hit either, seindsfeld, but apparently he’ll be OK for his next start. I think he was pitching pretty well too. It’s easy to boo when you’re at the stadium because there’s sort of a crowd mentality, but some of these fans brought signs, so it wasn’t a spontaneous thing. Just weird to me. As you say, Lackey wanted to stay an Angel. They decided to let him walk. Letting Vlad go probably seemed like a good idea because he was out of shape and hurt a lot. Who knew he’d turn it around in Texas? Can’t fault them on that one. Funny about the rookie pitchers. We do give them good stories to tell their grandkids. LOL.

    Yeah, it’s exactly like with O’Sullivan, cheshirecat. So weird and we all know to expect the same result, no matter who it is. Grrr. Have fun at Citifield. Maybe it’ll be Santana’s turn to throw a no-hitter. And the burgers at Shake Shack are supposed to be awesome.

    Lackey does look like a bully, Jeff, but the thing that always bothered me was how he’d get down on his defense if someone made an error behind him, throwing up his hands and acting pissy. Not cool.

  11. Jane Heller

    You’re right, Dave. There WAS a big cheer for Vlad at the ASG. So maybe it’s just about Lackey? Could be. I don’t think I want to know what a man’s brain looks like. I can probably guess. πŸ™‚

  12. Jane Heller

    Thanks for the link, kaiser. My reaction is that people have way too much time on their hands! Baseball history is important, no question, but who wants to dig up every hit, homer and RBI? Not me.

  13. Jane Heller

    I agree about the feeling of rejection, Paul. It all reminds me of the line in the movie “Fever Pitch” – that being a fan means understanding that the players will never love you back. It’s not a reciprocal relationship. Hard for people to get that at times.

  14. bklyntrolleyblogger

    I’ve always found the boo’ing varies from player to player, and how they left and on what terms dictates a lot of that. Free agency does that, not to mention money changes everything. Fans just don’t want to hear anything about money or any of that. They just want their team the way they want it; Me and you included.

  15. angelsgirl012

    I think most fans felt betrayed when he went to the Red Sox and he kind of said some stuff that rubbed people the wrong way. He said something along the lines of “I’ve always wanted to play here” and implied that Angel fans weren’t as loyal or passionate as others. I mean I understand where he’s coming from but… I’m sure that angered some people. He is a former Angel and he did a lot for us. His game 7 performance will always be remembered no matter what. And plus he has an unbelievable breaking ball.

    I know some Angel fans didn’t like him because he let his anger and frustration out on the field especially when one of his teammates made an error πŸ˜›

  16. Jane Heller

    I guess it had more to do with Lackey himself, as you say, Mimi, since Angel fans did cheer Figgins and Vlad when they came back to Anaheim. But don’t players always say, “I’ve always wanted to play here” or “I’m so happy to put on this uniform” when they get to a new team? Damon said it when he got to Detroit this year, but I’ll still cheer him when he comes to NY.

  17. Jane Heller

    Mike, I’m sure it does have to do with individual players, but I just can’t picture booing a former Yankee unless his name is Carl Pavano. πŸ™‚

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