Are We Happy With Grandy Now????
Three homers in two games won’t erase his mediocre first half of the season, but Curtis Granderson is finally getting people’s attention. He’s come alive since the All Star break and I couldn’t be happier about it. I know. We had to give up AJax, but I’ve been a Grandy fan for a long time and always coveted him for the Yankees. In tonight’s win over the Indians, he provided the go-ahead runs and might have scored another if not for one of the umpiring crew’s two blown calls. But it’s not just his baseball skills that get to me. It’s the man’s character. His charity work isn’t for show; it’s real. He’s real. Real enough to cry on camera. Take a look. (The tears come about 2:15 into the interview. I got choked up watching him choke up!)
So yeah, I love Grandy. Now onto the game:
Javy pitched great. 
Dave Robertson pitched great.
Boone Logan pitched great.
Mo pitched great.
Joba didn’t even warm up.
It’s weird how I still see midges when we play in Cleveland. I was there in ’07 during the ALDS, and tonight I had flashbacks.
Maybe it’s time I got professional help. 
Congrats to Matt Garza and the Rays on baseball’s latest no-no. It must really be the year of the pitcher. I wonder who will be next????


  1. angelsgirl012

    I love Curtis Granderson. He’s such a respectful person and a good player too. It’s rare to see emotion coming out of athletes these days. It’s hard because you’re so wrapped up in playing the game and the business side of things that sometimes things don’t come off as genuine. I felt the same way when I saw Joe Saunders crying during his interview when he was asked how it felt like to be going to the Diamondbacks. He’s been with the organization his whole life, being a homegrown guy it must be hard and it’s tough to see him go. Heck I got choked up when he choked up too! I never saw a player that emotional during a trade. Though the interview was right after he found out so I guess that could explain a lot.

    The Yanks are lucky to have another classy guy like Curtis Granderson in pinstripes šŸ™‚

  2. Jane Heller

    If I were an Angels fan I would have choked up watching Saunders too, Mimi. It must be tough on these guys who’ve played for one team their whole careers and then find themselves starting over with a new franchise. I do feel lucky to have Granderson though and hope he doesn’t miss Detroit too much.

    Classy guy, Emma. I liked the interviewer too. Unlike some, she wasn’t all hysteria. She seemed to be genuinely fond of Granderson. Aren’t the Mets the only team not to have a no-hitter? I thought I read that somewhere.


    omg Jane, you see this? (‘.’);;; a tear in my eye. I had no idea it was so hard for him to leave Detroit. I guess I take back all the things I said about how Andrew Jackson is having a great year and I wish they never got Curtis….I guess we all have to remember the human element in the game. (Oscar exit music) Oh well, anyway, this was a great game. And after beating up the Royals it shows the league the Yanks can win in any way. Funny how baseball works. Curtis hitting the homer, him being the hero, you showing the video of him moving from Detroit to New York. And Detroit being the team Garza no hit. It all connects O.o Btw, Lee hasn’t won a game with Texas I don’t think and Haren is about to lose his first start as an Angel…hmmm, maybe Cashman knows what he’s doing šŸ˜›

  4. raysrenegade

    Curtis Granderson is the type of spirited and enthusiastic personality the New York Yankees need on the charity front. Not knocking Derek Jeter and the rest of the Yankee crew, but Granderson has that personality that draws you to him. Something about the guy makes you want to go up and chat with him…maybe it is that NY-smile.

    Rays Renegade

  5. lenn23

    Jane, I heard that it was the Mets and Padres who have never had a no-hitter before. I’m surprised at the Mets because they’ve had some pretty good pitchers. The problem is that they pitched their no-hitters with other teams. Seaver with the Reds, Ryan with everybody else, and Gooden and Cone with the Yanks. The Yanks should be due. I know they had a bunch of them in the ’90s.

  6. Amy

    I knew there was a reason that the gnats cleared out of my kitchen. They had to head to Cleveland cuz the Yankees came into town. And I thought it was just because the heat wave here in Cali finally broke.

    I’m glad I’m working tomorrow. I don’t want to see CC pitch against the Tribe. It still to this day breaks my heart. Not as much as seeing V-Mart in a Red Sux uni, but close. (ps: you yankees fans would probably like my motto: if it ends in Sox, it Sux! I really need to make T-shirts that say that)

    -Amy (Jobu’s Teepee)


    Granderson really is so polished and articulate. I can’t remember the last MLB player I have heard interviewed that comes across that classy. Since he donned the pinstripes he’s always been a pleasure to watch in an interview and now that he’s hitting he is also a pleasure to watch on the field.

    Going to see Linda Eder in our town’s concert tonight…and I think Peggy is going to the movies??!!! When was the last time both of us did not watch a Yankees game??? Wow. If A-Rod hits #600 tonight that will tell us something. I wish him the best as always anyway. And, of course, we need a win. GO YANKEES!!!

  8. Jane Heller

    I saw that Haren got hurt in his first start as an Angel, seindsfeld. Took a liner off his arm from Youkilis. Talk about an inauspicious beginning! Hope he’s OK. Maybe Cashman does know what he’s doing but we still need pitching help! Why not get Ted Lilly to round out the rotation and add an arm for the pen. Plus a bat for the bench. That’s it for my shopping list.

    OMG, Becky. I hadn’t seen that clip of Kathy Griffin professing her love for Granderson. LOL!!! I guess she’s an official she-fan now. And yeah, I’m with you on seeing A-Rod get #600 on his birthday, but as he said, I’ll happen – this week, this month, whenever. I’m just glad if he’s driving in runs at this point.

    Curtis does have a great smile, Renegade. But don’t count Jeter out on the charity front. His Turn2 Foundation is the model for many athletes’ good works. He just doesn’t make a big deal about it in the media.

    You’re right, Len. Both the Mets and Padres are without a no-hitter. The Mets really had some incredible pitchers, as you say. And the Yanks are due. Will it be CC? Andy when he’s healthy? I would have added Hughes, but not yet. And A.J. has the stuff but not the consistency.

    I’m sure it’s hard to see CC pitch against the Tribe, Amy – just like it must be hard for Tigers fans to watch Granderson play for the Yanks. Very tough when a beloved player leaves. And yup, you need to make those T-shirts. A lot of Yankee fans would buy them!

    Grandy’s very polished, Diane, and not in a phony way. Since I don’t get to see the post-game shows on YES here in CA, I don’t often see him interviewed. So I’m always pleasantly surprised when I hear him speak so thoughtfully and honestly about things. Miraculous that you and Peggy are missing a game! Have fun at the concert.

    Hopefully the Mets will have a no-hitter soon, Mike. I have to think Santana will pitch one. He’s certainly got the stuff.

    One thing I learned from that bug game, Jenn, is that you don’t use bug spray on them! It only attracts them. After I found out, I wanted to run onto the field and yell, “Stop spraying!”


    Finish strong. That’s what he did last nite, and hopefully it’ll set a tone or be a theme for the rest of the way…!
    Hard to be tuff on Grandy. It is his first season here, his first taste, and if he was trying too hard at first, it should be very understandable. Esp. considering what a fixture he was in Motor City, such character guy, how down in the dumps they are in every way up there, and now they have major injuries…well, been there too…
    So much for slo-pitch. Can’t get 10 runs every game, esp. on the road…nice to see some solid pitching again. Also can’t look ahead to the weekend (don’t think they will, but we fans can’t either)…

  10. Jane Heller

    Dickey will be next! If Paul said it, it must be true!

    It would be great if Granderson finished strong, Dave – great for the Yankees and great for his confidence coming to NY after all those years in Detroit. Last night’s game was a nail biter with two excellent starting pitching performances. I prefer 10-run onslaughts but that’s just me. And no, we can’t look ahead to the weekend. Well, maybe just a peek.

  11. Jane Heller

    Poor Tiger fans, Jeff. All those injuries and now getting no-hit. Ouch. But I never count them out. That division is always full of surprises.

  12. Jane Heller

    Brett Gardner made a nice throw, Scott. That was the highlight, unfortunately. The rest of the game was not worth watching.

  13. scofid

    Tonight? Um, not so much! I can’t say there was any Yankee that I was proud about tonight. Maybe Colin Curtis? CC got schooled by the rookie, and A-Rod simply looked old on his birthday and missed a huge opportunity to hit a homer that mattered.

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