All Sorts of Things

1) A-Rod didn’t get drilled as badly as I feared.
That said, his eighth inning at bat with the bases loaded sure didn’t go the way Yankee fans hoped it would. I mean, a grand slam for your 600th after a two-hour-plus rain delay? Now that would have been amazing. But at least he’s OK. Or so we’re told.

2) Congrats to Cano for hit #1000.

Robinson Cano.jpg
He’s not even 30. Think how many hits are in his future if he stays healthy and continues to work hard. Somewhere, Melky is either happy or really, really jealous.
3) What’s up with Huuuughes and all the homers he’s giving up in the Bronx?
Maybe he should go back to wearing those glasses? Sure, the Stadium has a short porch, but two dingers to Posednik? Really?
4) Nice to see the bats working for Jeter, Tex and especially Granderson.
Wouldn’t it be great if he finished up the season with offense like he demonstrated today? I want so much for him to succeed in pinstripes.
5) Joba. Oy.
It’s kind of ironic that he and Alex Gordon were both college phenoms in Nebraska. Both were rushed to the majors. And both have kind of flopped with their respective teams. Today they were on the field together, and neither was distinguishing himself. I felt sorry for them.
6) The Yankees didn’t get Dan Haren.
It doesn’t sound like we were even close to making that trade, but I got swept up in the rumors just the same. Such a gullible fool. I vow NEVER to believe what I read until a deal is done. (OK, I say that every time, but this time I mean it!) At least Haren won’t have to change colors, seeing as he can wear red as an Angel. But what about me? Last night I posted a video about how much I wanted him in pinstripes on YouTube. Such a fool to jump the gun, as I said. Oh well. Never again. Never!
Update: Well, I see my video was blocked by YouTube during the night while I was sleeping, blissfully unaware that the gremlins were at work. Interesting. Was it copyright infringement to use my own voice in the narration? Or iMovie’s sound effects? Ah, must be those photos of Haren because, after all, they shouldn’t be subject to “fair use,” because that would be, like, fair. And yes, I’m mad. Excerpts of my books get plastered all over the internet and I don’t say a word. I’m flattered, actually. I would think photographers would be flattered too, but then I’m a gullible fool, as I’ve already said. Bleh. Anyhow, sorry for the big blank in this post.


  1. mikeeff

    it’s a shame this great film will never be released in theaters across the tri-state area. i do think you have a shot for a best documentary short come Oscar time though. the 15 minute span in which we found out the trade was a bust, that joba is as bad or worse than ever and then Alex getting plunked were among the worst 15 minutes on the 2010 season. the worst of course was brought to you by Joba on that lovely saturday implosion against the Tribe.

    hey I realized you sound a lot like Joni .

  2. lenn23

    It’s funny to me that there were so many people who wanted to send Joba to the pen last year. Now I just want to send him to the minors. It’s not going to work out for him in the majors this year. He needs to be completely re-trained.

  3. raysrenegade

    Hate to say, but that first photo of A-Rod with his eyes closed as the pitch is coming in reminds me of a 9-year old at the plate in Little League.
    Inside pitching sets up the a plate appearance for the opposing pitcher. Everyone knows there is a chance for a brush-back, or even a pitch to land firmly on some fleshy part of the body.
    New York fans better get used to it. With Barry Bonds out of the game, A-Rod will have to assume the position of “offical MLB” whipping boy.
    It is not his fault, or his decision. It is just the weird nuances of the game that deictate who is like, and hated….Could be worse…..He could be Manny.

    Rays Renegade

  4. ooaooa

    At 6:45 pm eastern time today I would like everyone in the fandom everywhere to yell at the top of their lungs “JOBA MUST GO” (and Park) so Cashman and Girardi get the message. Johnathan Abs belongs in his spot–NOW. A-Rod did a nice audition for Hollywood.
    Wife and daughter were at the game yesterday. Said it was more humid than a sauna. Ate at NYY Steak and really enjoyed it (air conditioned).They left after an hour of the delay. Umbrella give away came in handy getting to the garage. Stormy hot weekend but the ground didn’t shake!


    Another crazy, busy Summer weekend, Jane. Saturday night’s free concert was Felix Cavelliere’s Rascals. Wow! It was even better than we had hoped. This week we’re going to see Linda Eder on Tuesday night and The Bacon Brothers (Yes, Kevn Bacon) on Wednesday night. Both should be fun.

    Glad we took the series – I feel bad for the fans and for A-Rod that he couldn’t hit #600 at home. Who knows now when it will happen. I don’t think he’s hurt but we’ll have to see for sure. Granderson did wake the bat up – hopefully it will stay awake now.

    There was a terrible storm that hit us about 20 minutes after it put the Yankee game on rain delay — ultimately we didn’t get power back until about 10:00 last night and as we speak we still don’t have phone or Cable service. Ugh! We sat in the car and listened to the rest of the game so we heard about Joba’s bad outing (yet again). I just don’t see any hope there. The were talking about Mariano coming in – I’m glad they didn’t do that; there was no reason to do so.

    On the road against a less than stellar team and then against our current arch rivals. Its weird to see Boston so far behind but its still early and you can never count them out. GO YANKEES!!!


    Gak…just had a long posting wiped out AGAIN my my stupid worthless home PC. One o’these days, Alice…
    All I said was how at least we’re winning the slo-pitch, outslug ’em games so far, & hope that the bats stay hot…with Javy & Meat Tray scheduled, we need WOOD…
    As for other pitchers, my clever idea for Hughes, CSJ (Joba) & the rest is — take a page from SLO-pitch — why not try some knucklers, knuckle curves, or bring back the Eephus (that was a REAL high-arcing slow pitch from back in the day). Could work…something new…ya neva know…
    Then to Diane — I must be all-green with envy by now at hearing all these Grand Old Bands you’ve seen. For a certain generation of HS’ers in NY, it’s like we grew up with The Rascals. They were OURS. Blue-eyed soul WAY before Hall & Oates, and they could ROCK it too (Come On Up!!). Loved even their flip sides (that’s the reverse side of the 45, kids…oh, nevermind…). It’s a beautiful mornin’…

  7. peggy3

    Hi Jane & Fellow Baseball Fans…

    Paul …Joba wasn’t rushed to the majors?? Are you kidding?? In 2007 ..he went through Single, Double and Triple A and in August sent to the Yankees. I believe he only pitched a total of about 80 or so innings in the minors where most young pitchers go 300-400 before being called up. I do agree he was jerked around which is enough to screw up a veteran’s head not just a young player. Bullpen, Joba Rules, starter, only pitch 3 innings a game, bullpen, compete to be a starter, bullpen. I feel sorry for Joba and I hope that someday he can become the pitcher once hoped. He certainly does have the talent now he just has to start using his head with it.

    I was at the game on Thursday when Alex hit 599 so naturally I went to EVERY game this weekend hoping to see him hit #600. I sat through all kinds of weather hoping to see it but to no avail. I did get to see 3 Yankee wins so that wasn’t too bad.. :o). I was so upset when he got hit in the final at bat yesterday but thankfully he’s fine. It wasn’t a fun time for Wood as he walked off the mound ..the fans really let him have it. The thing I really like about Alex going for #600 is the fact that he is hitting and doing the job instead of just swinging at everything like he did with #500 so he’s productive even if he doesn’t get the big one. I hope for his sake (even tho’ I’d love to see it) he gets it out of the way soon…maybe even tonight.

    Diane….you are getting to see some great shows. I would have gone to Linda Eder (love her) but I already have plans to go see Inception on Tuesday…darn !! Enjoy !!!

    Here’s to Alex and his 600th and a great road trip for the
    Yankees ….

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  8. Jane Heller

    Wow, Mike. You must be the only one who saw the video before it was blocked! I guess I won’t be submitting it for Oscar contention after all, but do I really sound like Joni? Maybe I should try singing on the next one. (Don’t worry. I won’t. Maybe.) I think you’ll really like uberfan. It’s a very cool site.

    I don’t know what the Yankees should do about Joba, Len. But they have to “fix” him or else he’ll lose the 8th inning job to Robertson. Sending him to the minors just isn’t an option when we’re shorthanded in the pen as it is.

    Yankee fans are plenty used to players getting plunked, Renegade. I think we led the league in that stat last season. Or close to it. (And yes, A-Rod does look funny closing his eyes in the pic. Like “Uh-oh. Here it comes.” lol.) But the more A-Rod gets plunked, the more our pitchers will retaliate. We have guys on the mound now who don’t mind supporting their teammates.

    Jonathan Abs needs to be brought back, I agree, John. They had to make room for Mitre, but Abs could really help us. I don’t see Joba going anywhere, but if they DFA Park I wouldn’t be sorry at all. Yeah, how about the Yankees’ timing on the umbrella giveaway! lol. Glad your wife and daughter escaped the heat inside the steakhouse.

    The Rascals! Oh, Diane, you’re bringing back memories for me. I still love Felix’s voice and have some of their songs on my iPod. “Good Lovin” was always a favorite. Sorry you lost power as a result of the storm though. Let’s hope the Yanks don’t lose power in Cleveland and keep up the great offense. Will we see #600 tonight? My astrology post said it was A-Rod’s luckiest day of the month, so if he’s cleared to play it could happen.

    I’m not sure how easy it is for pitchers to learn the knuckleball, Dave. I agree that it would be nice to give Joba something else to do besides throw fastballs with no movement on them though. The knuckle curve added years to Mussina’s career, didn’t it?

    No, Paul. Joba WAS rushed to the majors. He moved up through the minors at warp speed – in one partial season. Facts are facts.

    Thanks, Peggy, for clarifying my above comment to Paul. You’re exactly right – Joba was, indeed, rushed to the majors. Enough said. I feel the way you do about A-Rod. He’s got a zillion RBIs this season, particularly during this “milestone chase,” so he’s helping us win ballgames. He’ll get #600, but in the meantime I’m liking his approach. He did pull a Reggie Jackson on that one swing though – the one that brought him to his knees because he swung so hard! Glad you survived all the deluges.

    You liked that Mel Gibson line, Virginia? HAHA. Well, now no one but you and Mike will ever see it. And yeah, at least we won the game and the series. And Curtis was very grand!

  9. mikeeff

    yeah aside from the accent difference the tenor of your voice reminds me of ( young) Joni. a shame they took down the video. i wish I had a Flip when I was at the game last wednesday- there was a guy sitting next to us that defined the term negative “fan” – he was complaining (loudly) about everything. utterly trashing Javy. Guaranteeing the Angels would win the game. i said to him- “then why don’t you leave” he ignored that…then when Joba came in he said “now i KNOW the Angels are going to win this” I said- “but you already have made that clear” -he said ‘well there is no WAY we are winning this game now” i had the last laugh. at the end of the game i just looked at him in the face with a serene smile. anyway- i’d have loved to interview him…

  10. Jane Heller

    I wish you’d had a Flip for that game too, Mike. They’re handy when you run into fans. This guy sounds like someone who needs to root for another team! You showed remarkable restraint. 🙂

  11. Jane Heller

    They took down your “Crush” video, Jeff? That’s so wrong! I guess it’s a different world now that Google bought YouTube. And yeah, Cano is something else.



    Count me among the lucky few who got to see your video while it was up. Of course, I’m so out of it I didn’t realize the “lives next door to Mel Gibson” line was a joke.

    Take another look at the A-Rod picture. Alex doesn’t look like the only one there with his eyes closed. The Royals’ catcher has his glove up, his eyes closed and his head seems to be tilted slightly downward. The one visible eye of the umpire appears to be open.

    RaysRenegade is right about Alex’s Little Leaguer look, but I also remember seeing similar grimaces when I tried to feed my kids Gerber’s strained peas.

  13. Jane Heller

    Don’t feel bad about the Mel Gibson reference, jojovanb. It’s now been deleted forever. You’re right about the pic of A-Rod. The catcher’s eyes are closed too. How funny! And I can easily picture the expression on your kids’ faces when you tried to feed them the Gerber’s. Did any babies like that stuff? I doubt it.

  14. Jane Heller

    I guess the Diamondbacks’ color is more maroon, seindsfeld. Oh well. He’s an Angel. That’s that. And now Dustin Moseley is our replacement for Mitre. Doesn’t sound like we’re in the market for another starter.


    Very funny post, wish I could see the video! I guess it’s moot now though. The Angels gave up a lot. Maybe you can find another place to post the video. It’s funny seeing Arod make that sour face in front of the McDonald’s sign. XD Also, maybe someone pointed this out but, the Angels wear red, don’t the Diamondbacks wear more maroon? 😛 Looks like they’re taking a day off today. :/

  16. scofid

    Let Haren serve up those gopher pitches for the non-play-off contending Angels! My sights are still on Cliff Lee in the off-season, so I am not in favor of any trade that would possibly prevent Baby George from pulling the trigger on a deal that would bring Lee to New York. That’s why, if we can’ have Cliff Lee or Josh Johnson, I want to see Round #2 of Ted Lilly. It was a great win by our guys in Cleveland tonight. All the big stars took the night off, yet it was still one for the W column. How sweet is that?

  17. Jane Heller

    I want Cliff Lee too, Scott. And I’ve always liked Ted Lilly. I just don’t want to pin our playoff hopes on Dustin Moseley! And yes, great game tonight. Very sweet indeed.

  18. Jane Heller

    You’re right, Chelsea. Haren’s a west coast guy so he’ll probably be happier in CA than he would have been in NY. Sorry for you that the Diamondbacks traded him, but at least he’s close by!

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