This game gave me acid reflux


Actually, it’s Brett Gardner who has it and was, therefore, unavailable today. Reports say he went to the hospital to have his gut checked. I sure hope everything is OK because this lineup missed him – and Swisher. But the real problem was Mitre. I know it was his first start coming off the DL, but isn’t he supposed to be a sinker ball pitcher? Did anyone see a ball that sunk? The only bright spot in the game was Moseley. Well, and Tex’s two homers. Otherwise, the Yankees looked wilted from the heat, including Mr. #599.
I really hope Cashman will step up his talks with the Diamondbacks about Dan Haren. Wouldn’t he look good in pinstripes?
Yeah, he’d have to get a haircut and lose the beard, but he’s kind of adorable. And more importantly, he strikes guys out.
Oh, before I forget, have people heard about the new sports site for fans, It’s this really cool site where you can keep track of the games you watched and the corresponding stats for how your team did on those days. Check out their press release about it, and you’ll get the drift. It’s perfect for us superstitious fans. You’ll see.



    Not to mention the blown call at the end of the game….Oh wait, I guess I did mention it. I guess also they WERE trying to save some fire power (cept Teix), but it didn’t work out quite well. Gardner was in the dug out so I guess tertiarily (word?) he was okay. It was nice to see Swisher take an at bat. Kay mentioned how Pettitte all ready wants to go out there and pitch, which was a huge sigh of relief. I wasn’t mad at Mitre at all. But I did read the Yanks are trying hard to get Haren too, and if he slips away like Lee I’m gonna wonder what Steinbrenner (The Boss) thinks about all this.

  2. Jane Heller

    Oooh, that blown call at the end was nasty, seindsfeld. What a storybook ending it would have been if A-Rod had come up to bat and hit a walkoff #600. Oh well. Yeah, Pettitte sounds raring to get back out there, but we still need reinforcements, especially if Hughes continues to have problems. I guess the sticking point with the Diamondbacks is Joba now; Cashman wants to hang onto him. I think the Boss would too.

  3. Jane Heller

    I’m hoping that’s exactly what the Diamondbacks will do, Paul – pay some of the bill for him AND let us keep Joba.

  4. Jane Heller

    None of the names out there are as good as Cliff Lee, Peter, but at least Haren strikes people out, according to his stats. It just depends on which players the Yankees would have to give up, I guess. Well, and $$$.


    Jane & Emma,

    Following up on my question from Friday, Emma was right. MLB does have a rule that would call for ejection of the manager when he makes two visits to a pitcher during one player’s at bat. Interestingly, Rule 8:06 says the manager will be ejected if he continues to that second visit, after being warned by the umpire.

    From what I heard on that Mattingly incident, it all unfolded so quickly that the umpire didn’t have time to let Mattingly know he couldn’t stop back at the mound. So with no warning, the umpires enforced the two visits in an inning rule and the pitcher had to be replaced. Donny was allowed to keep managing.

    If Mattingly had been warned and ignored the warning, he would have been ejected and the pitcher would have had to continue pitching to that batter and immediately replaced before the next opponent came to the plate.

    That’s kind of a strange rule, but strange rules are part of the fun of baseball. What they’re really trying to do is avoid managers using two visits as a delaying tactic while a reliever gets in his necessary bullpen warm-up.

  6. Jane Heller

    Wow. What an arcane rule, jojovanb. Thanks for researching it and setting me straight. You’re so right about these odd rules being part of what makes baseball fun, even as they make us tear our hair out!

    You can puke all you want, Jeff, but the Cardinals drafted Haren and if they wanted him so much they should have kept him. Not the Yankees’ fault that they let him go.

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