Tonight’s Game: Weird But Entertaining

Q: How often does CC get pounded with singles?
A: Hardly ever.

Q: How many times has Jeter hit an inside-the-parker?
A: Only once before.

Q: Did I expect to see Wilson Betemit be a candidate for “Player of the Game?”
A: Not in my lifetime.

Q: Did Posada make two bonehead throws tonight?
A: Uh-huh.

Q: Did Dave Robertson perform another Houdini act?
A: He did.

Q: Did Joba load the bases and give fans another heart attack?
A: He did.

Q: Did the Yankees score 10 runs for the second day in a row?
A: They did.

Q: Did A-Rod inch closer to #600?
A: He did.


Q: Did the umpires make some bizarre calls?
A: What else is new.
I could go on, but the main thing is the Yankees won the series opener against the Royals. And speaking of the umpiring, did anyone see clips from the O’s-Twins game? The hapless O’s got a raw deal on a call at first, and Ty Wigginton went so nuts his manager had to choke him.
And could someone explain how Carl Pavano and his porn star mustache have 12 wins? And is there any way the Yankees could ask for their money back?


  1. Jane Heller

    He wasn’t really choking him, kaiser! He was just trying to get him away from the ump, which was a good move since it was getting a little tense.

  2. lenn23

    That was one weirdazz game! The one time Jorge made the right play at third then the ump blew the call. What’s going on with his catching? He’s starting to look a little punch-drunk back there. When was Joba’s last 1, 2, 3 inning? I can’t seem to remember it. At least the bats are picking up big time now.

  3. ooaooa

    A win is a win is a win I guess. Stevie Wonder could guess better MLB umpires. Joba must be demoted NOW!
    Saw the piece about Jon Weber last week. Do you think we should have the DNA tested on the bat he gave my wife in Tampa? If I recall correctly, he was a strapping young man.

  4. peggy3

    Good Morning Jane & Fellow Baseball Fans..

    Well…I was at that wild and crazy game last night. I witnessed DJ’s inside-the-parker and EVERYONE was going
    crazy when Alex came to bat in the 8th (couldn’t believe he actually got up again since there were six batters before him…the guys certainly tried to get him that 600th). This is definitely the new Alex and I’m liking him (although …I’ve always liked him). When he was going for his 500th I went to every home game that week leading up to the one he hit it in…he was so tense and making outs one after the other that whole week. This time ..he went with the pitch a double to drive in yet another run. He gave it a nice shot just not far enough. It was exciting tho’ …the flashes were popping and probably will be even more so tonight. Everyone was chanting “Let’s Go Arod” too. I just got a ticket and I’ll be there tonight. I hope he does it because tomorrow is suppose to be near a 100 degrees and I’m not sure I want to sit in that heat although it would be amazing seeing him hit it off Kyle Davies. Let’s Go ALEX !!!!!!

    As for Posada …he missed the tag at home but got the call which I guess evened out when he didn’t get the call on the play at third which should have been an out. It was a strange night all around for Sado. CC didn’t have much but the thing I love about CC is even when he doesn’t he still battles till the very last pitch. I didn’t see the replay of the balk but he sure wasn’t happy with that call. DRob has certainly turned it around…I’m happy for him. I’m not faulting Joba too much for last night …he wasn’t hit hard and he did get out of the jam. Oh yeah …Wilson Betemit ….I guess he’s a “better man” now that he left the Yankees …just like Pavano …who would have thunk it 7 wins in a row and I think 4 complete games. We were lucky if he even made it out to the mound to start a game without tripping on something …haha.

    Diane …I wish I would have gone to the show. I loved The
    Association when I was young gal …many moons ago. I’m glad you had a good time. Hope to catch up with you for another show.

    I REALLY hope Alex hits 600 tonight ….GOOOOOO ALEX !!!

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!!


    That was a weird game but a great outcome, Jane. Gardner’s throw home was one for the books — even though Posada didn’t come close to tagging the runner out at home the ball was in way before the runner. I’ve seen the umpires call outs like that even in cases where the runner wasn’t actually tagged simply because of how far ahead of the runner the ball was. The umps did call a terrible game but most of the bad calls went our way so how bad could they have been? Posada almost threw the game away along with all those balls that didn’t go where they were supposed to go. Thank god for Tex.

    Bad weather predicted for today – hope they get the game in and hope that A-Rod hits 600. And speaking of homers, how weird is it that Jeter now has more inside-the-park home runs than he has grand slams?

    Let’s get behind A.J. like we did Javy and hope it makes a difference. Dave, do you have any krishna-like cosmic stuff we can do for Burnett??? GO YANKEES!!!


    Well now, what’d I say about it being the Slo-Pitch Softball part of our schedule…score tons o’runs (even for CC) or it ain’t no fun…! With CSJ (Champagne-Swilling Joba) making you reach for the antacids again, and Hor-Hay playing down to the level expected by Jersey Bob…well, it’s a 3-ring circus every nite.
    But at least there was enuf good stuff too, and PEGGY was there, so in the end it’s all good…!
    Diane…hope The Association was OK or better (used to LOOVE ’em when they had their six-part harmonies…even better than CSNY or Beach Boys, once upon a time…). As for Javy Krishna…let’s see…try 7 times around the tube, singing along to either the chorus of “My Sweet Lord”, or maybe “Island In The Sun” by Weezer (you know: EILAND in the SON? That could work), or maybe “Where Do I Go?” from ‘Hair’ (now THAT’S obscure!!) — starts out with a Javy Krishna chant — makes me recall when I had some hair myself…sigh…
    As for that porn star, Carl F. Pavano — obviously, he has Lime(Lite) disease…thrives in unnoticed, unknown outposts like Florida, Cleveland, and Twinkie-Town…but just stick him in NY or LA for a day or three, and watch him wither…

  7. Jane Heller

    Jorge looked stoned out there, Len. Don’t know where his head was last night. And no, I don’t remember the last 1-2-3 inning for Joba, but at least he only gave up a couple of infield singles along with the walk. That’s better than a grand slam, right? lol.

    Was very sad to read about Weber, John. He, along with Colin Curtis, was a “feel good” story out of spring training and I was hoping he’d get a shot in the majors at long last. But yeah, I’d have that bat checked out!

    I don’t know who that Pavano character is, Paul. The whole thing is mystifying to me. He was always a better than average pitcher, but how come he’s staying healthy these days? Was it the water in NY that made him disintegrate?

    It was surprising to see Betemit hitting like an actual major league hitter, Jeff. We’ll see tonight if it was fluke.

    First of all, Peggy, I thought it was supposed to be the dog days of August! Why has July been so hot in NY? Crazy. I hope you get to see #600 tonight. A-Rod does seem to like hitting against the Royals when it comes to milestones. I didn’t realize until they said it last night that he hit his first ever HR against the Royals too. Strange night for Sado but also for CC. He sure didn’t have it early, but managed to hang in longer than I expected. Have fun tonight and drink lots of water!

    You’re right about Gardner, Diane. He had a great game in the outfield. His offense has slacked off, but at least he’s getting assists. I don’t know what to say about the umpiring these days. That blown call in the O’s game was ridiculous and I don’t blame Wigginton for getting all riled up. They’re in last place. Give them a break! Anyhow, let’s hope A.J. has the kind of outing that doesn’t tax the bullpen. He has to be sharp and pitch seven innings at least!

    I’ll try your “My Sweet Lord” suggestion, Dave, since that’s the only one of the songs I know. Maybe Pavano’s success has something to do with being in a smaller city (i.e. anywhere outside of the glare of NY), but he pitched well even when he came back to the Stadium. Just makes me wonder about it all.


    Uh-oh, more silly ramblings…obviously, I was mixing my pitching metaphors, Javy’s with Burnetts…so here’s some extra suggestions to Diane for pumping up A.J.:
    * Go Way Back in time to Johnny Burnette, who sang “You’re Sixteen” (before Ringo)…
    Come on, like a dream / Pie ’em with cream / Pitch like strawberry wine / win sixteen [we can dream] / you’re beautiful / and you’re mine…”
    * Go with a borrowed standard, like “Wild Thing” (no need to elaborate further)
    * Get obscure again with “Blue Jay Way” by The Beatles (hey, why not ‘A.J. Way’? “Please…don’t…be…long / please don’t you be very long…or I may be a-slee-eep”)
    Oh, and a neglected comment about umps — they sure do stink these days…not only rabbit-eared, but a lot of them seem to lose their MECHANICS…yes it’s not, but they’re not getting in position to SEE the tag & make the right call…as one who has to brave the 98 to 102-degree temps tonite & tomorrow for the slo-pitch playoffs, I’ll try to practice what I preach (if it don’t kill me first)…

  9. Jane Heller

    Good point about the umps and their mechanics, Dave. That was one of the things that made me crazy last night. How do you call the play if you’re blocked out and don’t have a good view of it?


    I didn’t see any of the early controversial plays from last night’s game, but I was listening in the car when Gardner threw Butler out at home. Jon Sterling actually said, “Butler’s going to round third and score . . .” and then had total surprise in his voice when he saw the great throw by Gardner. If Jorge missed the tag, Jon and Suzyn weren’t passing that info on to the radio audience.

    In one of their in-game recaps Sterling talked about the put-out at second and the runner’s (Guillen?) lack of hustle that cost the Royals a run. When I got to my favorite Albany watering hole, a Red Sox buddy told me the call was wrong at second, so the run should have scored anyway. (He’s admittedly biased, but I assume he was telling me what he saw.)

    Later another Red Sox fan paid the Yankees a compliment. After Jorge almost threw the ball away on a dropped third strike and Teixeira barely beat the runner to the bag, the guy was picking on the Royals’ batter for not hustling down the line and just try to turn on the speed once he saw he had a chance. He said, “You see these things all the time in the majors, and there’s only one team where every player hustles every time. That’s the Yankees, and it’s because of Derek Jeter.” He expanded on that theme for a few minutes, but you get the idea. It’s nice to occasionally find some rational people among the Red Sox Nation, but there aren’t many. Of course, they feel the same way about us.



    I’m not going to be around this afternoon to see your answer, but why do you think Mattingly should have been thrown out of the game? I haven’t seen any footage of the event, but as it was described to me, Donny walked off the mound to talk to another player and when he came back, the opposing manager argued to the umpires that that constituted a second visit to his pitcher. So Broxton wasn’t thrown out of the game, he had to be removed because of “two visits” in one inning.

    I assume there is rule book support for what the umpires did, but it does sound a bit bizarre. One thing is certain. If Mattingly becomes a full-time manager, he won’t make that mistake again.

  12. travelingbballbabes

    CAAAAAAAAARL PAVANNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOO! I’m sorry. I just busted an artery. He makes me sick and his moustache offends me. Just typing this comment is making my blood pressure rise. Bah!

  13. crzblue2

    there is always something new to see in Baseball like I am sure you heard of Mattingly taking over for Torre after Torre got tossed in Tuesday’s game. So many things happened that night. A game of inches when Mattingly stepped off the mound and came back. The umpires made a mistake ’cause they should have left Broxton pitched to the hitter and Mattingly should have been tossed. Instead Broxton was tossed right away and Mattingly continued to manage. Anyway, it was beanball night that Tuesday. How are you? I’ve been busy lately, work, baseball, and anything else in between.

  14. Jane Heller

    Interesting that John and Suzyn didn’t mention that Jorge actually tagged himself and not the runner, jojovanb! Very nice to hear that your Red Sox fan friend appreciated Jeter’s leadership and the team’s overall hustle quotient. It’s rare when we see a guy not hustle lately, isn’t it. Sometimes a pitcher will have a mental lapse and not cover first base fast enough, but overall I think he’s right and the Yanks are a team that doesn’t waste opportunities.

    I saw clips of that game, Emma. What a doozy with all those beanballs and ejections and Mattingly’s mistake! I’m good, thanks. Very busy and ready to take a vacation.

  15. Jane Heller

    I agree with jojovanb, Emma. From what I understand, it was proper for the umps to leave Mattingly in the game but require a pitching change. It wasn’t an ejection in Broxton’s case.

  16. ooaooa

    I must comment on the Pavano comments. He makes me sick as well. He is from the town next to me in CT. I sold his uncles mothers house the year he signed with the Yankees (his fathers sisters husbands mother to be exact.) I was at the first spring game he pitched for the Yankees in Bradenton vs the Pirates. I called the aunt and gave her a 1st inning play by play. She called Pavano’s mother and the mother was ********** that the sister in law was getting live info. The aunt gave me an inside family name he was called and told me to call him that if I got near him in Tampa. He walked right by me twice the next day and I used the name and he didn’t even flinch. I called the aunt and her response was “hes just like his mother”, “a snob”.
    He is not highly regarded in this area of CT. I heard quite a few interesting stories about him and mamma from the aunt and uncle. I understand the mother ticked George Steinbrenner off often.

  17. Jane Heller

    Not a very flattering portrait of Pavano, John – from members of his own family! I sensed he wasn’t a likable guy from talking to the beat writers when I was writing my book. They don’t usually let their personal feelings about players show, but they had no love for Carl.

    Funny title for a book, Diane. And while we kid about Red Sox fans, there are wonderful RS fans here on MLBlogs. My brother-law lives in NH and is a diehard RS fan, as is my web designer. We just have different tastes in baseball teams. lol.


    You know, its amazing how many Yankees fans and Red Sox fans are close friends. My daughter’s best friend is a big Red Sox fan and I have a dear friend who grew up in upstate NY and his identical twin brother is a huge Red Sox fan. I hope I didn’t mention this before now (forgive me if I did) but there’s a book out called “Red Sox Fans Are From Mars and Yankees Fans Are From Uranus”. Pretty funny; no?

  19. raysrenegade

    That game just goes to prove that winning is not as systematically calculated as people sometimes thinks it is within the confines of Yankee Stadium.
    But the good teams tend to find a way to win, even in onsurbe and sometimes unique ways.
    Some players either get motivated while others fade away after a time in Pinstripes. Pavano finally found another team in pinstriped uniforms to help…problem is it was a few years too late for Yankee fans.

    Rays Renegade

  20. Jane Heller

    Much too late for Yankee fans, Renegade. Aaargh. Hard to watch him now, but I’m glad for Twins fans.

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