Colin! Colin! Colin! (With Sad Update)
What a time to hit your first home run in the majors….You’re sitting on the bench, not planning to get in the game today against the Angels, when Brett Gardner is tossed by the home plate ump for arguing balls and strikes in the middle of his at bat. Suddenly, you’re a pinch hitter. You walk to the plate, with two base runners aboard, and BAM! You smack one into the seats off Scot Shields, putting the Yanks up 10-6 and sealing the win and a series split. It doesn’t get much better than that.
I loved the offense in general in this one. Jeter, Swisher, Tex, Cano and Miranda really stepped up, which was nice for Vazquez, since he doesn’t usually get much run support. And congrats to him for becoming one of only three active pitchers who’ve beaten all 30 teams.
I do wish my stomach didn’t get tied up in knots when I see Joba coming in. He gave up a run and just isn’t lights out. Is not. It wasn’t a terrible outing for him, obviously, but as someone said on Twitter during the game, “He gives me the heebie jeebies.” I don’t want heebie jeebies.
Update: Just read that former Yankees manager Ralph Houk died. I’m actually old enough to remember when he managed the Bombers in the ’60s after taking over for Casey Stengel. RIP, Ralph. 


  1. Jane Heller

    Such a strange series, Mimi, since it was so short. In today’s game it looked like the Angels might have another comeback in them, but it wasn’t to be.

  2. angelsgirl012

    So it’s a 2 game series and what do we do? We beat the heck out of each other and move on to our respective cities LOL! An eye for an eye I suppose πŸ˜›

    It was 0-2.. that is what I kept telling myself after that homer.. ahhh shoot 😦

  3. beckers46

    Today’s game was great! Well, my stomach was in knots too for awhile. Matsui is on fire against us. Man, I miss him! And Joba makes me nervous as well. Just when I was complaining about the umps tossing Gardner, BAM! Over the wall shot by Colin! I loved the standing ovation and the curtain call. He wasn’t sure what to do. A-Rod was giving him directions there.

    Sadly Yankees fans, I did not win at the casino. :0( I went in telling myself I was only going to gamble a certain amount. When I got down to my last $20, I threw the towel in. I was the youngest person at Bingo. It was cute. I made some new baseball friends. My box seat offer still stands if I ever do win big. :0)


    Woohoo, I’m glad I saw this one. Okay, I missed the beginning (hangover) but still, seeing Colin hit that dinger was amazing. How rare is that for a player to be ejected and the pinch hitter hits a homer? There was some stat where this is the first time in awhile three Yanks hit homeruns off the Angels, but the Vasqueeze one is freaky and cool. I wonder if he’s lost to every team too. πŸ˜› I hate playing the Angels, but I’d love to see who could have won the series. Was great to see Jeter have a good day. But yeah, I say a lot more naughty things when I see Joba coming in. Speaking of which, did you hear Paul O’Neill when the ump ejected Gardner? Bull crap. XD


    they just showed on the mlb network how mariano is trying to help joba. they explained what joba is doing wrong–flying open, i think. i think joba just isn’t as good as folks thought he would be. i do have hope for robertson.
    anyway, lots on my mind. it goes back to sunday when i tried to watch on tbs and they did what they have done repeatedly–they put on commercials during the inning. i scream and rant and rave and then get the radio so i switch to that until tbs gets it together and then realized i had a free trial of mlb extra innings and could happily watch the yes network. i love when paul o’neill is on. just michael and kenny seems a bit dull unless it is a great game.
    ok last night i went to sleep having heard john sterling say we better come back in this game because the orioles aren’t going to. so i went to bed convinced we lost and the sox and rays won. so i was happy when i awoke to find we all lost.
    and then today. first, happy–great offense, amazing javier–then worried and then i saw gardner is ejected and i call my dad who had fallen asleep so she couldn’t tell me what happened but then colin happened.
    i bet that is a first–first homerun is a pinch hit with an 0-2 count. how cool is that? i was watching on gameday while i was typing at work and then on a phone meeting so i could see pitch by pitch and kept working. ok i did have to tell a potential employee that i stopped speaking briefly due to a homerun that just occurred. just a bit unprofessional.
    day game wins are so much fun (or was it funnest?) because there are so many hours to be happy for the rest of the day!

  6. YankeeCase

    I have a 42 inch HD TV literally six feet away from me at work, and when Colin hit that home run I got up for a “better look” because I was happy for this kid! That was pretty cool, hitting his first home run pinch hitting with an 0-2 count to seal the win. Which is exactly what I said at work… People gave me those ?O_o? faces. (there aren’t really too many hardcore baseball fans there, and the two that are happen to be Met fans…)
    Then I remembered I just shot up from a desk full of Nassau County cable outages that needed to be dispatched… Outages be damned! This is our Boy Wonder, Colin Curtis! I get the feeling he’ll be real clutch if he sticks in the bigs. This is already his second ‘game-sealing’ hit. His first was the first hit of his career, that two run double in Arizona. And he had that rbi ground out that brought Granderson in from third to cap off a four run ninth against the Dodgers… And the walkoff homer in Spring Training… Whoa! Give this kid more playing time, Joe!!

  7. Jane Heller

    What? Becky, you didn’t win at the casino and you’re not taking us all to a game and putting us in a luxury box? Waaaah. Well, OK. Thanks anyway. Yes, Matsui sure did love being back at the Stadium with that short porch in right. I still can’t get used to seeing him in red. Very sweet how Colin didn’t know what a curtain call was or how to do it. I’m sure today was a very special day in his life.

    I didn’t hear O’Neill say bull crap, seindsfeld, because I only got the Angels TV feed. But everybody on Twitter was laughing about it so I knew he said it. It must be very rare for a player to pinch hit a homer after an ejection like that. Freaky but great!

    I would love it if Mo could help Joba, Barbara, but I agree that Robertson seems to have more upside at the moment and I don’t get as nervous when I see him coming in. Showing commercials in the middle of an inning is just wrong! TBS and other networks need to stop doing it! I’m laughing picturing you at work and trying to follow the game today. Very funnest, to quote A.J.

  8. scofid

    Who needs to trade for bench players???? πŸ™‚ It was a great win by the Yankees today. Joel Pineiro had been on a roll, and of course, we allowed Hideki Matsui to start hitting again. Nevertheless, Colin Curtis, with the two strikes down, came up huge! I wish the O’s could have performed another comeback today against the Rays but it was not meant to be. Nevertheless, the A’s were victorious over the Red Sox so we did gain ground on one foe.

  9. YankeeCase

    Always sad to hear another Yankee legend (or any person for that matter…) passing away. But we had a feeling another one was coming, didn’t we? Death always comes in threes, or so I hear.

  10. Michael David

    It’s always fun to see the rookies do well. As far as Houk goes, he was managing the Tigers when I was very little, so I don’t remember much about him other than him managing Mark ‘The Bird’ Firdrych during the magical 1976 season. He was also portrayed well in the movie ‘*61’.
    ‘Minoring In Baseball’

  11. Jane Heller

    I love stories of fans at work trying to watch the day games, YankeeCase. Always funny to me. I agree about Colin Curtis. I had my eye on him in spring training and he just seems to be a gritty, clutch, talented kid. He works the count and is very poised, even in pressure spots. I hope he sticks around.

    Pineiro didn’t really have it today, Scott, judging by the way our offense went after him. And it was sweet to see them getting to Shields too. Great game for Colin Curtis, the latest hero.

  12. lenn23

    Man, these umpires are really touchy this year. They have no leash at all anymore. Wonder how a Billy Martin or Earl Weaver could manage with these umps.

  13. ooaooa

    What makes Colin Curtis’s HR even more amazing is I don’t think he has had an at bat in about 2 weeks. I remember commenting on Curtis when he got called up. I have followed him since spring training 2009 and loved both him and Gardner. That ump crew has issues and MLB needs to keep an eye on them. They may have an effect on a pennant race. Again, Joba to Trenton or anywhere someone will take him–now!


    Only caught the game on manual play-by-play on but happy for the win. My husband and daughter were in the car listening to the last couple of innings and when Colin Curtis hit the homer, John Sterling said ” C C you later!” — where does he come up with these things? As we said just a few days ago, the bats have to come to life to support the starting pitching, which was basically stellar the first half of the season. And if anyone can help Joba, it would obviously be Mariano. If not, then I don’t see Joba being in pinstripes much longer.

    I missed the whole thing with O’Neill – what did he say? And I also missed what’s been going on with The Dodgers. I read about Mattingly getting called for going out to the mound twice in the same inning, but where is Torre?

    Finally, we got to the concert last night but Peggy couldn’t join us due to the inclement weather. It did pour about 30 minutes before the show was to start but it stopped after about 15 minutes and it was a beautiful night from then on and the show was fun. We had fun but Peggy was certainly missed. Lots more shows to come.


    My oh my…
    First up, congrats to The New CC, Young Mr. Curtis, for such an amazing feat! (makes me think of Little Feat — “Let It Roll” — oh shut up, Dave…). Does he even SHAVE yet??
    Second up — glad we hung in there & hit for Javy Krishna. This appears to be the Slo-Pitch Softball part of our schedule, where No Lead Is Safe and we need lots and lots o’ run support (thanks, Tex…nice time to stay hot…!)
    Third up — ah, the Major — the 2nd Yank manager that I grew up with — those golden M&M years, then later, not so gold — wish he hadn’t left the dugout when he did, maybe those old Yanks wouldn’t have collapsed (but then again, maybe not…they WERE old…). By all accounts I’ve heard, he was a salty dog in that dugout (like Hank Bauer, the ex-Marine), but everyone loved him — even Bosox and Tiggers and bears, oh my…!
    And now, as seindsfeld aptly points out, we have a trio to go to Valhalla together…time to go gently into that good night…Mickey & Roger got their skipper back…

  16. ladyjane303

    Was (kind of) listening to the game at work, and missed Colin’s exciting moment. Of course, when I heard about it I thought of you, Jane, and how you must be kvelling. Watched the game replay at home last night, and it was so cute to see him take the curtain call, and in the post-game with Kim. Good game all around. Nice to see the bats waking up. So now we have something like 35 games over the next 37 days – brutal!
    I also am old enough to remember Ralph Houk, a member of the Yankee family for a long time and one who I think tends to be forgotten too often. RIP.

  17. beckers46

    I heard Paul O’Neill say bull crap too. HAHA! Highlarious! Him and Michael Kay were talking about ejections the night before after Girardi got ejected. Paul mentioned that one time he was sitting on the bench and all of a sudden he got tossed out of a game for no reason. He didn’t even realize he had been tossed. Now, Paul O’Neill used to be very animated himself. I’ve seen games where he’s screamed Fu** after being thrown out at first. When my family and I took the stadium tour of the House that Ruth Built, the tour guide mentioned that the Yankees have replaced the lights going into the clubhouse many times. When Paul got mad, he went underground and smashed some light bulbs with his bat.


    I took a late lunch yesterday and was lucky enough to be home when Gardner got tossed and C. C. came to the plate. O’Neil’s “bullcrap” quip sounded so natural, I assume that’s how he usually says it.

    What I liked about Curtis’s curtain call was that even though his teammates were telling him to get out there, he paused just long enough to wait for the first pitch to Jeter to hit the catcher’s glove. (As a rookie, he knows it would have been bad form to have the crowd cheering him while “The Captain” was trying to beat out a groundball.)

    God bless The Major. An obit on reminded me that he had gone to the front office in the early ’60s and then returned to be the field manager. He resigned in 1973 after one year as the manager under George Steinbrenner. That “wise” decision probably helped both George and Ralph survive until 2010.

  19. Jane Heller

    These things do seem to come in 3’s, YankeeCase. I’m just glad Yogi is hanging in. I don’t even want to contemplate something happening to him.

    I liked the movie *61, Mike, and Houk was certainly an important figure in that season. Imagine stepping into the job after Stengel was forced out. Big shoes to fill.

    Yup, seindsfeld, but as I said above, at least Yogi’s still with us. Whitey too.

    Len, I was thinking the same thing yesterday. The umps have a quicker hook these days – or so it seems sometimes. They do have an automatic toss for arguing balls and strikes, and I think in Gardner’s case they felt he’d been questioning the zone for the entire game.

    The Yankees have had trouble with that particular umpiring crew, John. Didn’t they get into it in Toronto too? Yay for our boy Colin. I really hope he hangs around. Sad story about Weber though. Did you read about it?

    That was Sterling’s home run call for Curtis, Diane? “CC you later?” I was wondering what he would come up with or if he had anything planned, since Curtis hardly ever comes to bat! What if we get Carl Crawford and have three CC’s!!! You didn’t miss much with O’Neill. It was just funny when he said the words “bull crap” (actually it was one word). As for Torre, he’d been ejected during that game so that’s why Mattingly was managing and made the gaffe that cost him a pitcher. Sorry you couldn’t meet up with Peggy but glad the show was fun.

    Yup, Dave, I think Houk is up there having a drink with Mickey and Roger right now. The NYT had a nice obit about “The Major” this morning – how he felt the players knew what to do so he stayed out of their way and just let them play, but that he always had their respect.

    I was definitely kvelling, Ladyjane. It’s like I’m Colin’s mother or something. LOL. Cute story in one of the NY papers today about how his father was at the office and screamed when his boy hit the homer. People came running in to see if he was OK! Ah, Houk. Brings back memories of The Mick for me.

    A real hair raiser, Jeff. Never heard of a kid coming in on an 0-2 count to pinch hit and then smacking one out. Pretty unique. Also interesting is that if he’d struck out, the K would have gone to Gardner.

    Sounded like Houk had a very good, full life, Paul. Served our country and the sport of baseball.

    At least O’Neill was smart enough to punch things with his bat, Becky, unlike A.J.! But I can only imagine how many times he got tossed in his career. He argued all the time!

    Wow. Good observation on Colin’s pause before the curtain call, jojovanb. I hadn’t noticed that. Very respectful. Either that or he was just paralyzed with fear. LOL. Yes, Houk did time in the Yankees front office too. I guess life with George wasn’t for him – a “wise” decision, as you say.

  20. Jane Heller

    I think Houk did part on good terms with the Yankees, Marci, probably because he recognized that a new regime was in place and he and George wouldn’t have made beautiful music together. He went on to manage elsewhere but he had his glory years in pinstripes. And yay Colin!

  21. hisbaby

    I can remember when Ralph Houk replaced Casey Stengel. Was was not a happy little girl,hoewver; he lead the team well and hopefully parted as manager on good terms with the organization. Rest in peace, Mr. Houk. May God bless your family and give them peace and strength during this very sad time.

    P.S. BOOYAH COLIN CURTIS! The Yankees just may have to hang on to you!! 8)

  22. yankeesfan27

    Instead of the black armband, the Yanks should design a small patch to put on the sleeve that doesn’t have Sheppard on it, and it should be as simple as “RH”, similar to the Phillies putting “HK” on their uniforms last year for Kalas. I am not a fan of the armband thing because they sorta look bad, and many people won’t realize who the armband commemorates….

  23. Jane Heller

    The uniforms are getting loaded up with patches and armbands, yankeesfan27. It’s really sad. I’d be up for the patch for RH, but I guess they decided to go with the band. The important thing will be tonight’s moment of silence before the game.

  24. raysrenegade

    So sorry that we saw another member of the Yankee family take his game on the high road above this week. Ralph Houk was a Yankee icon in the 60’s and used to be one of it’s greatest fans after he retired from all aspects of the game.
    I feel so sorry for all the ex-Yankee manger greats in the sky above, becuase you know Geroge might end up firing all of them at least once a season now.
    As for you impromptu pinch-hitter making the show his own. Good for him. Always great to get into the mind of your Manager by stroking a ball out and giving your team a step in the right direction.
    Would not be surprised if he gets a start on Friday night as a reward for his heroics.

    Rays Renegade

  25. Jane Heller

    It’s kind of amazing that all these Yankee icons are leaving us in a bunch, Renegade. But you’re right – Houk is probably getting fired by George as we speak! I’d love to see Colin Curtis get a start.

  26. Jane Heller

    CC just didn’t have it tonight, Scott, and I was worried he wouldn’t last as long as he did. The last thing we needed was another game patched together by the pen. I think the Yanks will do much better against O’Sullivan, having faced him recently and gotten a sense of what he throws. Hope so anyway.

  27. scofid

    Houk was manager of the Yankees when I was born, but I don’t remember him in the role. I tend to think of him as manager of the Detroit Tigers, and had even forgotten about his short stint in the early 80’s with the Red Sox. It was a great win by the Yankees tonight! CC wasn’t great, but A-Rod and Gardner were so that’s all we needed. πŸ™‚ It’s rather ironic that the Yankees may be facing Sean O’Sullivan again on Sunday after losing to him last Tuesday. Hopefully, he won’t fare as well in his second start against the Bronx Bombers!

  28. bklyntrolleyblogger

    So long Ralph. You were a Titan of Baseball. His record should never be understated.
    :* (

  29. Jane Heller

    The Major played a significant role in Yankees legend, Mike. I hope he can see the players honoring him on their uniforms.

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