Maybe The Yankees Were Still Hungover?

Diaz keeps head down at Yankee bash

Last Updated: 1:17 AM, July 20, 2010

Posted: 12:13 AM, July 20, 2010

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Cameron Diaz is playing it smart with Alex Rodriguez — keeping a low profile and fitting in with the Yankee wives at CC Sabathia‘s birthday bash.

Diaz, who’s gone to great lengths to avoid being pictured with A-Rod, bonded with Yankee women, including Laura Posada and Nick Swisher‘s actress fiancée, Joanna Garcia, at Jay-Z‘s 40/40 club Sunday. Diaz even asked to be introduced to legend Reggie Jackson, now a team adviser who works closely with A-Rod.

A happy Sabathia was spotted downing shots with Jay-Z and greeting teammates Derek JeterJorge PosadaMark

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz

Teixeira, Robinson Cano, Phil Hughes and Andy Pettitte — who made it despite his groin injury.

A source told us, “Cameron doesn’t cling to A-Rod like Kate Hudson, whose front-row antics didn’t go down well with the wives. Cameron kept it low-key and hung with the girls. She and Alex stayed on opposite sides of the room but they kept glancing and smiling. He didn’t look at another girl.”

The pair — described by Sabathia’s wife, Amber, as a “cute couple” — later escaped through a back door and headed to a West Side heliport.

Amber, who’s about to give birth to their fourth child, planned the lavish $150,000 bash for 400 guests, with an open bar awash with Ace of Spades champagne, dancers with pythons and a three-foot alligator in a tank — which sparked a minor panic as it tried to escape its keeper. Spies said one snake terrified Jeter, “who jumped a mile as soon as he saw it,” while A-Rod and Giants star Brandon Jacobs refused to touch it.

Meanwhile, Beyoncé fueled pregnancy rumors by avoiding alcohol. Teixeira stuck close to his pregnant wife, Leigh, while champagne-swigging Joba Chamberlain was surrounded by admirers before leaving at 2:30 a.m. with a leggy brunette.

All I know is that they looked utterly flat tonight against the Angels. They couldn’t hit – not against anybody. They didn’t play good defense (I’m talking to you, Grandy and Swisher). And, most of all, the pitching was nothing to cheer about. Hughes? Where’d you go? And Park and Gaudin? Why aren’t you gone? The only bright spot – and I mean only – was Jorge throwing out Abreu twice. Oh, and it’s always entertaining to watch Girardi get tossed. Otherwise, what a boring game. I hope the Yanks sober up by tomorrow so that Friend of the Blog Mike and his sister-in-law Steph will see a better contest than they did tonight. Here they are before the first pitch, hoping for a win. Sorry, Mike.



  1. angelsgirl012

    What the.. Cameron Diaz? Oh the celebrity and athlete relationship.. how distracting. Although I have no right to say who should date who (or is it who should date whom….. hmmm???) because the hearts want what the hearts want I suppose.

    Anyways, I’m quite shocked myself! When the Yanks got 2 runs in the first my grandpa and I were expecting a Halos loss because of our lack of offense these past few days. And the fact that Sean O Sullivan was pitching. Though anyone is better than Scott Kazmir at this point.

    I didn’t realize it was a 2 game series… I never understood those.. always too short and it feels like it’s just thrown in there. Anyways best of luck tomorrow!

  2. Jane Heller

    It wasn’t a surprise to me that Matsui homered, A.J. He loves the Stadium and our pitching was awful – a bad combo.

    I don’t think Park will be around the Bronx much longer, yankeesfan27. I have to think Cashman will say enough. Of course that still leaves Gaudin. Ugh.

  3. scofid

    The only consolation tonight was the Baltimore Orioles coming back on the Tampa Bay Rays in extra innings. I never thought I’d be cheering for Julio Lugo! I am definitely concerned about the current state of the pitching staff. Unfortunately, there are no Cliff Lee’s out there, so I guess we’ll have to make due with what we have. There are rumors about a possible Phillies-Rays trade that would bring Jayson Werth to the Rays. I can only hope that if the trade is made, it costs the Rays some quality pitching talent.

  4. YankeeCase

    Oh boy…

    It’s gonna be a bumpy few weeks, Jane! I hear all the sports radio guys saying Yankee fans are overreacting, that one man going down isn’t going to hurt the team, but it’s not one man! It’s more like three men! The only ones we’ve been counting on for sure the last few weeks have been CC, Andy, and Javy. Now that Andy’s down, we’ve only got two solid guys. Maybe even one if you see the run support that Javy gets! You can’t trust AJ for now. Maybe once he gets the hang of the new changeup he’s got he’ll really be able to fool hitters. Complementing that curveball with a nasty change will do wonders once it all clicks for him. And Hughes hasn’t looked like the dominant pitcher he was to start the season. It’s been a few weeks of plus 5.00 ERA with him. Don’t know if he’s tired or what, but he’s gotta do something about it…! We had to rely on a late Baltimore come back to keep a measly two and a half game lead!
    Jane……… I’m scared!!

  5. Jane Heller

    I was surprised that it was a two-game series too, Mimi. But I guess your guys are on a road trip anyway, so they didn’t fly east just for the Yanks. Good luck to you!

    You’re right, Scott. I was watching Rays-O’s and wondering if we’d get lucky. Thank you, Baltimore! Meanwhile, we have problems to solve, and one of them is pitching. How I wish the Cliff Lee deal had worked out, but maybe Mitre will surprise us. (Wishful thinking.)

    Yankee fans always overreact, YankeeCase. That’s just what we do! But we have valid concerns about our pitching, both starting and relief. I think Hughes is tired. Hasn’t he already reached his innings from last year? If that’s the case, it’s yet another reason why we need a fresh arm. And yeah, it’s scary when we have to be bailed out by the O’s, but hang in there. It’s just the beginning of the second half and we have the best record in baseball. Remember that!

  6. YankeeCase

    Ha! I’m ever the pessimistic optimist! I know it’s just the beginning of the second half, but this is where we’re supposed to start breaking away from the pack, not trying to slap their greedy little paws away from our division title. It won’t be easy with what we’ve got. Hopefully Mitre will be solid. He was up and down last year, but he was still getting over Tommy John surgery. With a stronger arm maybe he’ll get Chien-Ming Wang type sinkers and induce ground balls left and right! He hasn’t had much work this year due to injury, so I say we work him like a rented brawny ox!
    As far as Hughes is concerned, he only had 80-somewhat innings last year in the ‘pen. And he really wasn’t the same in the playoffs. Don’t forget the year before he was injured and didn’t have a full year. And he was injured for two or three months the year before that! I think the Yankees really overestimated his innings limit for this year.
    You see what a little Cliff Lee would’ve solved? To the bullpen with Hughes and work up those innings while we destroy everything in our path to another title…
    Sigh… We sure could use someone like Brandon League for our bullpen in the meantime. Solid numbers, and wouldn’t cost us much.

  7. lenn23

    It took one game for the middle relief of this team to turn back into the middle relief of this team. I really thought that after the first inning they were going to break the pattern of sucking against pitching they never saw before. Whahappen?!


    I didn’t see the game. I was partying too. But from the sound of it, I was the lucky one. You began your paragraph with All I know is…. and I thought you’d mention how they won the World Series when Kate Hudson was Arod’s girlfriend. The wives were really so annoyed she sat in front? Sounds a little stuck up to me. But all I know is if they don’t win with Cameron, I better see Arod at some of Kurt Russel’s barbeques next year. They’re the best team in baseball, they can party and be hungover once in awhile 😛 “Hughes? Where’d you go? And Park and Gaudin? Why aren’t you gone?” That’s very funny XD


    I also didn’t see the game, fortunately. My daughter and I went to our town’s free concert and saw the cast of Beatlemania (they were not very good) and the original cast of Jersey Boys (they were amazing). They did all kinds of music, not just The 4 Seasons and they waiting until the encore to do our favorite Frankie Valle song, Oh What A Night. My husband wasn’t into going but he’ll be joining us for The Associate tonight. But enough about non-Yankee related stuff for now.

    Was Hughes that bad? It kind of scares me because he didn’t seem to let things get to him early in the season. Could he be tired? Is it the added stress of no Pettitte? Today is an afternoon game so I’ll be following along on the computer at work. GO YANKEES!!!


    Well well well…such a lot of activity ‘tween games! Who knew that The Captain hates snakes (well, Monty Python is no friend o’mine, either)…and from now on, I think the moniker of Champagne-Swigging Joba (aka CSJ) will be apt.
    Let’s hope that the old saying about blowout losses being much easier to shrug off than tight ones is still valid. O do we need Mo’ pitching (take that either way)…and may the Meat Tray be lean, lo-cal, and skimpy to opponents…
    Now to more fun stuff. Diane, you did it again — the Jersey Boyz? GOTTA see that some day…Four Seasons are truly my wheelhouse (recall my $1 concert, Central Park, ’68)…ironic that when I paid real money to see them live in ’75 in MerryLand, Frankie didn’t take the hi vocals on Oh What A Night…and then, along comes The Association… SoCal staples, produced by Bones Howe, Jane, in case you forgot…!

  11. Jane Heller

    I like your comparison of Mitre to Wang, YankeeCase. If only, right? A good sinker ball pitcher would be a gift right now, so I’m hoping Sergio works out. Brandon League? Oh. Do I really have to contemplate that? I just ate breakfast. LOL.

    It’s called Hollywood, Paul. Having your face redone is a prerequisite, although she doesn’t look to me like she’s had much work done. Maybe it’s just the pic?

    It wasn’t just a pitcher we’ve never seen before, Len. It was everybody the Angels put out there. The bats were asleep, period. As for the middle relief, it needs addressing. The championship teams always had guys that could be counted on. This team doesn’t. Let’s hope Javy can give us innings today.

    I’m not worried about A-Rod, seindsfeld. But maybe Phil Hughes should go out with Kate Hudson. It’s the pitchers who need a lucky charm!

    That party sounded way fun, Jeff. I was mad that Amber didn’t invite the fans. We would have made it even cooler.

    It’s not that Hughes was so bad, Diane. Well, yes it was. He just couldn’t locate and kept grooving the ball. Some were saying it was because he had too much rest. Others were saying it’s mechanical. Dunno. But without Pettitte, they all have to step up.

    See above, Virginia. I hope Dave Eiland has some magic formula to get Hughes back to the way he was early in the season or at least hook him up with Kate Hudson. 🙂

  12. Jane Heller

    I had the same reaction to the article as you did, Dave. I can’t get the image of champagne-swigging Joba out of my head! Yes, I remembered that Bones produced the Association and mentioned to him yesterday that they – or what’s left of them – are still performing here and there. He thought it was funny. We went to see “Inception” together.

  13. kaiserthegreat

    Cameron Diaz was the reason I first started using the internet. (What can I say, I was young and in love!) Sounds like a boring game – should have watched THE Rivalry instead!

  14. Jane Heller

    LOL, kaiser. Yeah, your Giants-Dodgers game was the opposite of boring. Lots of fireworks in that one.

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