When Will A-Rod Hit #600?

I only started thinking about his milestone the other day. There have been too many other Yankees-related things on my mind, and I don’t keep track of players’ stats anyway. But here we are, only two dingers shy of 600. With many of our Friends of the Blog attending the games in the Bronx over the course of this home stand, I thought I’d take a look at A-Rod’s horoscope for the rest of the month and see what it has in store.
Yes, he’s a Leo, born on July 27th, so the entire month of July is lucky for him, according to Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone. But in particular:
* July 21 – “You will feel a great weight lifted off your chest.” Is this the day he’ll hit the big one? Against the Angels? From his recent interview, it doesn’t sound as if he’s felt a great weight about the home run so I wouldn’t bet on it happening on this date.
* July 25 – “The full moon will mean solidifying a very successful, profitable business alliance.” Interesting. If he hits the home run, that’ll mean he gets a bonus, as per his contract.
* July 26 – “The best day of the month for you. You will get a double dip of luck.” Very promising but do we really want A-Rod to be celebrating in Cleveland?
There’s one more tidbit from his forecast for this month: “You appear to be spending more time with medical personnel than usual.” Uh-oh. Please no.


  1. seindsfeld@aol.com

    I always seem to come to your blog after you’ve just written a post….freaky. Why did you have to write the last part Jane? All the others were so reassuring. Maybe I’ve been too happy the Boosox have had so many injuries that it’s biting me in the tookus. Why do these guys have to get injured at the same time? I won’t be at any games, but I hope I see it. I guess we were both wrong about our predictions XD

  2. Jane Heller

    You must have a camera in my house, seindsfeld. You can see when I’m at the computer hitting “new entry.” I hated to put that last prediction in, but maybe it’s just referring back to his groin/hip problem earlier in the month and his more recent thumb issue. Or maybe it’s bogus! Either way, never wish injuries on another team because it comes back to bite you, just as you said!

  3. peggy3

    I’m hoping for Thursday since I’ll be at that game …that means he has to hit 599 either Tues or Wed. Actually he could hit TWO on Thursday…that would be cool … :o)

    Go Alex !!!!

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  4. peggy3

    I’m hoping for Thursday since I’ll be at that game …that means he has to hit 599 either Tues or Wed. Actually he could hit TWO on Thursday…that would be cool … :o)

    Go Alex !!!!

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  5. Jane Heller

    Peggy, I hope he hits two on the night you’ll be there! By the way, did you go to the concert Diane was going to? If so, I want a pic of you guys.

  6. ooaooa

    My wife and daughter are bringing 2 close friends to the Sunday game using my tickets. Our seats are in Sec. 133 and if Alex hits one high and far to left it could land in their hands.
    Two weeks from Saturday I invade Sox territory in Rhode Island. If you check the schedule, that’s a Yankee-Sox weekend wrap around series. I love it! I live for this stuff!

  7. peggy3

    Good Morning Jane & Fellow Baseball Fans…

    The concert is tomorrow night. I plan on going if the weather permits but not looking good at the moment.

    Jeff…you can wait for Albert but who’s to say he’s never done anything either?? Of course he’s innocent unless proven guilty but in this day and age it’s so hard to believe anyone which is truly a shame. One thing I always found strange is that Albert looks about 10 years older than he really is..even at 20 he looked 30 …not that it has anything to do with anything ..just an observation…lol. The only two players that would really SHOCK me if I found out they used something would be DJ & Mo. That would be a truly great disappointment… :o(…

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  8. Jane Heller

    I’m open to everything, Paul. That’s just the kind of gal I am.

    Very generous of you to step aside and let your wife and daughter have a shot at history, John. But I guess you need to gather your forces for your Rhode Island jaunt. Now that should be entertaining.

    The weather’s bad, Peggy? I guess that puts the game in doubt too?

    I’m not in the market for land, Jeff, but thanks anyway. I think astrology is fun. Do I live and die by it? No. But I don’t see any harm in it either. And yes, the blue sweater did put a taint on this milestone, but I have no way of knowing when he was using and when he wasn’t. So I’m excited.

    Good luck, ladyjane. And bring your glove!

  9. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Reading the Tea Leaves…
    Gotta admit, that zodiac stuff was a surprise…but then again, we never know EXACTLY what to expect from you, She-Fan (making it all the more fun)…
    The only Zodiacs I know are the backup band to Maurice Williams back in the day (recall the original “Stay” — from 50 years ago? — oh, how it hurts to say that)…but if you ask me, I’ll bet that A-Rod will bop 2 in Cleveland. Not the most optimistic forecast you’ll get, but consider the source…!
    And speaking obliquely of music…That Concert that Diane went to…was that the Santana-Winwood thing (I’m still insanely jealous)…or The Association (still jealous)…or something else? Agree with you…pictures, please!!
    And finally, more beisbol…don’t care which brown-eyed handsome man hits ’em into the stands…just keep ’em comin’…think we’ll need a few more than average this week, given the uncertain state of our pitching these days…!

  10. mikeeff

    all i can say is that i’d rea;;y like to be there to see it. i have 2 chances- tonight and tomorrow. i’ve never seen a player hit some sort of important milestone live and being able to see this at home would mean the world to me. ( somehow i don’t think your mother will care too much one way or the other) 🙂

  11. peggy3

    Sorry Jane if I confused you…I meant the weather not looking good for tomorrow night and could also affect the afternoon game. I must say tho’…..I never trust the weather till I stick my head out the window that day. Hopefully we get the game and the concert in.

    If anyone reads the Lohud Yankee Blog they now require registration which is wonderful. Too many loonies in there when it was an open blog especially at game time. They get a lot of traffic and much of it was not desirable. There can still be trolling but at least people won’t be able to do any more impostering of other bloggers which became rampant. It’s a great blog for Yankee news and conversation. My only two MUST read blogs are Lohud and She-Fan.

    Have a great day all …here’s to a Yankee win tonight !!!

    Go Yankees 2010 !!

  12. Jane Heller

    Well, Dave, reading the tea leaves can’t come as too much of a surprise since I engaged a tarot reader to predict the season outcome for the Yanks last year (and she was right!). But you think A-Rod’s big blasts will come in Cleveland? I hope you’re wrong for the sake of those who’ll be at the games this week. And I’m so with you on the need for offense, given the pitching question marks.

    My mother! LOL, Mike. She still doesn’t love A-Rod, but I don’t think she minds him as much as she used to. (She’s still pining for Bernie and Melky, so what can I say.) I really hope you’re there for the milestone. It’s very exciting when all the flashbulbs start popping – like a fireworks show – and the crowd gets incredibly jazzed. Have fun in NY!

  13. diane.anziano@gmail.com

    A-Rod is a Leo?! That explains so much, Jane. My daughter and I are both Leo’s as well (Marisa is 8/1 and I’m 8/18) — big ego’s all. We always say that there are two kinds of people in the world – Leo’s and people who wish they were Leo’s.

    This season A-Rod really hasn’t been focusing on hitting them out of the park – he’s really been all about moving the runners. And if it goes out of the park, that’s fine too. I still agree that it would be great if he could do it at home where he would get the true fans response and the fans would get to enjoy it.

    Peggy and I are planning on the concert if the weather cooperates. All of these concerts are outdoors and there is no secondary venue or rain date. It is or it is not. But we’ve been pretty lucky so far and hope to get this one and several other great ones in.

    GO LEO’s!!! OOPS, I mean, GO YANKEES!!! 😉

  14. Jane Heller

    Ah, you meant the weather for tomorrow, Peggy. I misunderstood. I read that LoHud is requiring registration. With all the traffic they get, it sounds like a good idea. And you’re sweet to include me in your daily blog reading. Very flattered!

    Yup, a Leo, Diane. So you and your daughter are lions too? Your hubby has his hands full. LOL. I like the way A-Rod is moving runners over and playing “small ball” (for him). But it sure gets exciting when he hits them out of the park, and the big one will have the place rocking.

  15. wirishrose81@yahoo.com

    I’m really hoping for tomorrow since I’ll be there. I mean it’s the least he could do considering I finally got my Yankee tattoo while on vacation last week. Talk about destiny…the tattoo artist was wearing a Jeter shirt, had Yanks pics all over his work area and even had a custom Yankees tattoo gun…hopefully the weather will be ok…

  16. Jane Heller

    Cool that you’re going tomorrow, wirishrose. Wave to us and flash your new Yankees tattoo! Should I ask where it is????

    I did, seindsfeld. Good work installing it here without my noticing.

  17. bklyntrolleyblogger

    (zip it Mike…the boycott…remember? Be nice you dip$hiit…you know how he gets you). What I find interesting Jane is how it really is going relatively unspoken about in the broader media. There’s little chatter about such a grand number. I sense a little apathy out there. Or is it me?

  18. Jane Heller

    It’s not you, Mike. I sense the same apathy outside Yankeeville. And thanks for restraining yourself. 🙂

  19. wirishrose81@yahoo.com

    Lol, will do Jane! No worries…the tattoo isn’t anywhere inappropriate, it’s on the left side of my lower back

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