Gotta Give Some Love To The Yankees Bullpen

I didn’t think the Yankees would end up winning this game. Not after Pettitte got pounded in the first inning and especially not after he came up lame and left the game after the second. If that makes me a bad fan, so be it. But considering that A.J.’s tantrum yesterday required the use of Robertson and Gaudin, I kept wondering how our much-maligned (including by me) bullpen would contain the Rays today. So how did they do it? They were really good!

Here’s a big, heartfelt shout-out to Robertson (huge game saver for him), Logan, Park, Joba and Mo. They let the hitters do their thing and kept a lid on the Rays’ scoring. And speaking of hitters, how about the bats today? David Price didn’t look sharp, but our guys took advantage. Just about everybody contributed. Loved the steals. Loved the sacs. Loved the RBIs. Loved that A-Rod is now at HR #598 and could very well get to #600 during this home stand. I was there in 2007 when he hit #500 against KC, and KC will be in the Bronx later in the week. Could we be seeing this?
Getting back to Andy, a grade 1 groin strain? Really? What are we supposed to do if he goes on the DL, which seems likely? Aceves isn’t around. Mitre and Gaudin don’t thrill me as starters. Hughes has an innings limit. All I can say is I wish Cashman hadn’t let this guy go.
Update: So Pettitte’s going on the DL and Mitre’s taking his place? For 4-5 weeks? Please wake me when somebody from the Yankees says, “Only kidding.”



    I was counting down the innings and outs in this one. Something I don’t usually do. Wondering which bullpener would blow it. To my delight…none! They were great. Though Pettitte being hurt is extremely scary. He needs to drink out of that fountain of youth some more. So now with him hurt, Burnett sucking, Hughes with the innings limit and unsure which Vasqueeze will show up, all of the pressure will be on CC? :O Was cool you saw Arod’s 500th. Was funny he stood there unsure if it was going foul or not. XD

  2. Jane Heller

    I was counting down too, seindsfeld. But everybody came through. Girardi said that Mitre, Gaudin and Moseley were the candidates to replace Andy, and none of them inspire confidence. Very scary. Yes, it was cool being there for A-Rod’s 500th!

  3. peggy3

    Hi Jane & Fellow Baseball Fans…

    That was a nice win after the disappointing loss that I was at yesterday. OTD was fun as usual …sad about Yogi not being there but fortunately he was only hurt and nothing worse..especially after this week. Lovely tributes to Mr. Sheppard and such a nice surprise seeing Mrs. Sheppard there to celebrate her husband’s life with everyone else. I was fortunate to be in a nice shaded area in the upper deck which had a wonderful breeze. I had no problem with the heat all day …thankfully !!!

    As far as today’s game I was the opposite of you Jane…I KNEW we were going to win for Andy. Robertson coming in so early in the game was a surprise but it really was a good move by Joe. Had to keep it right there to give our guys a chance to take the lead. He’s been pitching so well since his rocky start. I’m happy about that because I really like Robertson. All the bp guys did a great job. The hitters came through too. Boston lost ..which always makes me happy …haha. I think it’s time the Yankees start running away with this thing …(fingers crossed).

    i was also at Alex’x 500th game. We got the tickets 1 1/2
    hours before the game started. We had to rush like crazy, got stuck in traffic but we walked in just in time for the Star Spangled Banner. All the way in the car I kept saying we better not miss it because my daughter went a different route than I usually take to the Stadium. She kept saying ..”he’s not going to hit it in the lst inning”. Well …he did and she’s just lucky we made it in time especially when I paid more than I normally would for tickets. We saw it
    go right by us into the left field seats. I have tickets for Thursday so I’m hoping he gets 599 out of the way either
    Tues or Wed. It would be cool to see 600 after being there for 500.

    Oops ..sorry …I always write such LONG posts. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a better week
    coming up …stay cool…

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  4. Jane Heller

    Sorry you didn’t get to see a win at OTD yesterday, Peggy. But the tributes must have been great as was seeing all the old timers (minus poor Yogi). Robertson did a fantastic job today and really saved the game. So good to see him pitching well again. Yes, Boston lost, but they’ll be getting healthy soon. I’m also worried about Tampa, since we play them again and again over the coming weeks and they’re always tough. Lots of competition ahead. I hope you get to see A-Rod’s 600th HR!

  5. YankeeCase

    Yeah, it really didn’t look good after Andy left, did it ? But Girardi made a smart move and brought ‘Houdini’ Robertson in to stop the Rays where they were. That was big!
    I thought things might go downhill once more when he brought in Park for that second inning. I thought, “Well Joe definitely hasn’t learned his lesson…” And then he took him out after that first out! You’re learning Joe!! lol… I think the Yankees missed out on solving most of their problems by not pulling the trigger on Lee. He would’ve taken over Andy’s spot as the real number two in the rotation, but even if he didn’t get hurt, that’s a solid rotation! Maybe Hughes goes to the bullpen after a few more starts to reach his innings limit safely? But we’ll see if we can get him in the offseason.
    And yeah, maybe we’ll see A-Rod stand in awe of his own home run again against KC, hoping it goes fair instead of starting the trot!

  6. crzblue2

    Oh I wish I could give some loving to our bullpen but they let one get away. They let a 4 to 0 get away to lose it 5-4. Got swept out of St Louis and on their way home. OH and it was Joe Torre’s birthday today.
    Sorry about Andy going on DL.

  7. Jane Heller

    Girardi made a very smart move bringing in Houdini, YankeeCase. Huge. Ditto about limiting Park, although at that point there really weren’t any options. If we’d gotten Lee, we would still have been upset about Andy but what a luxury it would have been to say, “Oh, well. We’ll just let Cliff slide into the #2 spot.” lol. I predict A-Rod’s big HR will be to dead center this time.

    Sorry about the sweep, Emma, and especially today’s close one. Ouch. Not a good birthday for Joe.

  8. lenn23

    Jane, we’ve been pretty lucky with the health of the pitching staff to this point. I guess you have to overcome some obstacles over the course of a long year. Robertson was definitely the best move by Girardi. Maybe he’s got a good shot at the eighth? The bats need to carry the team now for a little bit. There also needs to be a little more Jekyll coming from A.J. and a little less Hyde.


    Oh my. Just when Andy was doing so well . . .

    I was a little confused about the reports on the Lee deal. I thought that he was sort of stolen out from under the Yankees by Texas. But I could be wrong.

    You probably won’t be hearing from me for a while. We’re off on a two week vacation to Hawaii. We’ll be stopping over at LAX this afternoon, so I’ll wave at you Jane!



    It was such a wonderful, busy weekend for us that we hardly saw any of the Yankees games although we were able to see repeats of the important stuff, Jane. So crazy with A.J. — now that Andy is going to be out for at least a month he has got to get hold of himself. I think the grade “1” is the least damaged; right? And knowing Andy, I don’t think he’s going to stay out as long as they predict.

    I won’t go into the great details of our weekend but the highlight was The Jones Beach Theatre last night — we saw Steve Winwood and Santana – OMG!!! Both acts were amazing but Santana was incredible. The whole band is just fantastic but Santana’s guitar playing…just indescribably good. We had amazing seats, courtesy of my best friend, and all the fans were just so into the performances. A Great Time!!!

    Peggy, its not my place to say it, but I for one have no problem with your comments being long – they are always great!!! Also, The Association is at our free concerts on Wednesday – hope to see you there!

    Boys are off tonight (probably why Girardi didn’t mind using Mariano yesterday). Good because they need the break. And hopefully A-Rod hits 599 and 600 at home. GO YANKEES!!!

  11. yankeesfan27

    this is too funny. not only is a-rod likely going to hit his 600 th against KC, but Kyle Davies (gave up the 500 th) will be pitching Saturday 🙂

    too bad i have to leave sat. mornin and miss a wk and a half :/

  12. yankeesfan27

    according to lohud, pettitte is out 4 weeks and mitre will start. pett has a grade i strain, and granderson had a grade ii. yet grandy got back by 4 weeks… hmmmm….

  13. yankeesfan27

    girardi could skip pettitte’s spot bc of the off day today. he could then call up John Albaladejo while Mitre stretches out in AAA. Mitre would be good for 90 or so pitches if he starts Saturday, while if they skipped him, he would be good for 105+.

  14. peggy3

    Yankeefan…that is wild. He hit 500 on a Saturday too. Imagine if he hit 600 on Sat, lst inning off the same pitcher…how’s that for coincidence??? Maybe I should replicate buying a ticket an hour and half before the game too… lol.

    Diane…where is the Association free concert this Wednesday? I might try to make it. I would “cherish” it…haha. I have the game on Thursday but right now Wednesday is free. If I go maybe we can meet somewhere and say hi.

    I hope Andy takes his time getting better to make sure he’s there for us in the stretch run and I hope he comes back even stronger. I’ll miss him till his return ..sob sob.

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  15. Jane Heller

    Len, you’re so right about how lucky we’ve been with the starters this year, health wise. (Bullpen health, not so much.) I always had the feeling Andy expected he’d get hurt at some point, but fortunately it’s not an arm problem. As for A.J., maybe this latest incident will help him banish his demons!

    Actually, I do like Ted Lilly, Paul. I liked him when he was a Yankee years ago.

    Melissa, I’ll be waving at you too as you fly over my house en route to Hawaii! We’ll miss you but hope you have a great time. How can you not? It’s paradise! My understanding of the Lee trade was that after the Yankees and Mariners made their “deal,” the Mariners’ GM made a “last call” to other teams – a legitimate thing to do – and the Rangers sweetened their offer. Oh well.

    Steve Winwood AND Santana, Diane? I would have loved that. Santana is among my top 3 guitarists of all time. Must have been a great concert. Grade 1 is the “least bad” type strain, but Andy’s not a young pup so I really hope this doesn’t become a nagging injury. We need him and he was having such a great season. I’d hate it if he got discouraged and decided to retire after the season.

    Kyle Davis is pitching, yankeesfan27? Woohoo. Maybe lightning will strike twice, although if I’m Davis, I don’t throw A-Rod a strike! As for the pitching situation, I see Cashman trying an internal situation, like Mitre, but ultimately picking up a Ted Lilly or Dan Haren as Paul suggested.

    Joba did give up that run, John, but he was good for the first inning. I know you’re dying for Abs. He’s coming! Don’t worry! Lol.


    Peggy, the show is at Syosset-Woodbury Community Park in Woodbury. L.I.E. to exit 44N (Seaford-Oyster Bay Expressway) – Get off of at exit 14E (Woodbury, Route 25A, Jericho Turnpike east) — On Jericho Turnpike, make right at second light into park.


    No problem, Peg. We’ll probably be somewhere close to the sound table and I’ll definitely have on a Yankees shirt. And you can see a picture of me in Jane’s entry last week about Bob Sheppard. Hope to see you.

    You’re right about Andy, Jane. I’d be heartbroken if he retired now. We would ABSOLUTELY have to sign Lee in the off-season in that case. We’ll probably need to anyway. Not that its a bad thing. 😉

  18. Jane Heller

    Diane and Peggy, I hope you two can meet up! If so, send a pic of the two of you together with your Yankees shirts on!

  19. beckers46

    Big shout out to the bullpen yesterday! Yes, Robertson is Houdini!!! I’m all upset that Andy’s heading to the DL. I’m freaking out, and Andy is calm and collected.
    That’s why he’s my favorite! He wants to be healthy and is more concerned about pitching down the stretch. Jane, thanks so much for all the sweet tea suggestions. My visit to the West Coast is wrapping up. I fly home in the morning. I did settle for sweet tea at McDonald’s. I’m going to play at South Point Casino later today. Everyone wish me luck! If I win big, I’ll treat all the Yankees fans on this blog to box seats at a game sometime 😀

  20. Jane Heller

    Glad you had fun on your trip west, Becky. Fingers crossed that you win at the casino. We’ll all hold you to your promise of box seats!!!! Travel safely and try not to worry about the Andy situation. In Cashman we trust.

  21. Jane Heller

    I doubt Kyle Davies would want to be remembered that way, yankeesfan27, but it would certainly boost his visibility. For your sake I hope the HR comes before you leave. Wow, so 500 was on a Saturday? Hmm.

  22. yankeesfan27

    Most pitchers who give up special homers 400, 500, 600, etc… are forgotten. If Kyle Davies gives up the homer he will forever be remembered…. however i hope arod gets it sooner. The last game i will see is friday, then no yankees for 10 days…

    my fingers are crossed. however i think it is destiny for arod to get it saturday (both 500 and 600 were on saturdays, against KC pitcher Davies XD)

  23. raysrenegade

    I still remember when the Yankees used to take the Rays as a “vacation” series, or a time to get healthy.
    Now it is an intense series that can turn on one pitch, or one slam of a door.
    But that just goes to show that the two teams with the best records in baseball residing in the same division can be a good thing.
    Gives both teams “playoff intenisty” 17 times a year.
    Who ever get the majority of the 17 games this year will deserve a shot in the Playoffs. The loser will have to fight off the other divisional demons.
    Robertson definitely had his groove this series.

    Rays Renegade

  24. Jane Heller

    Robertson was a series saver for us, Renegade. He’s really come back from a dismal start to the season and done well lately. And yes, our teams will fight to the finish. No “vacations” any more when playing the Rays!

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