The A.J. Saga

Oh, my. The day got off to a sour start when I heard that Yogi had fallen and wouldn’t be at Old Timer’s Day. So glad he’s okay, but still. Then I learned I was blacked out by Fox and had to watch Yankees-Rays on Fox’s Spanish station, which would have been fine except that I don’t speak a word of Spanish. And then I switched to the MLB app on my phone and heard John Sterling say that A.J. was coming out of the game because of “lacerations on his hands; that he tripped up the stairs en route from the clubhouse and tried to break his fall on the concrete floor.” Well, Spanish or English, if anyone believed that, I have two words for you: Kevin Brown.
We all get frustrated. We all want to punch something at times. But you’re pitching for the New York Yankees with former Yankee greats in attendance, on a day full of tributes to Steinbrenner and Sheppard, when you’re supposed to be doing your best against the contending Rays, and you slam your hands against plexi-glass doors between innings because you’re feeling “out of whack?” And you thought we’d buy your “I fell” excuse?
I really hope A.J. learns from this experience and that his teammates express their displeasure but then move on. There’s a division to conquer and today represented a setback. It wasn’t all A.J.’s fault either. It was nice to see Jeter finally get a hit, but where’s he been? And when will we have an effective bullpen? I tip my cap to the Rays for outperforming us today, but giving up 10 runs is pretty lame.


  1. lenn23

    It doesn’t help that the middle relief for this team reached its’ expiration date about three years ago. Strange game all around. A.J. turns into Kevin Brown and Tim McCarver compares the Yankee front office to Nazis and Communists. Wow.


    I am always amazed when a player injures themselves in anger. It is such a childish, selfish response. He not only injures himself, but he puts his team in jeopardy of not getting his rotation win. Maybe we should send him to Carlos Zambrano’s anger management class! How disrespectful on the day The Boss was laid to rest! I read he will be apologizing to the team today. He should!


    Old timers day was nice, felt weird though. Was cool seeing Don Larson and Whitey Ford still looking so good. Pure magic…until AJ pitches. With Cool Hand Andy and Mo the Monk, if he did want to punch something, couldn’t he have just talked to those guys? Though he is a tattoo brained banjo playing yokel, so maybe he did trip 😛 So…is it too late to get Cliff Lee? 😮

  4. beckers46

    I’m so frustrated with A.J. He was starting to improve, and now he pulls this BS. Apparently he’s apologizing to his teammates today. Girardi is already over it. If I were his teammate, I would lay into him big time. He doesn’t hustle to cover first base, he cuts his hands, etc. AUGH! I’m happy Andy takes the mound today. Did anyone see the video tribute to Bob Sheppard? It’s awesome! Check it out:
    I had to do a double take when Bob introduced Graig Nettles. Is it just me, or does Phil Hughes look like him in a way? Jane, the search for sweet tea continues! :0)

  5. Brian Chaires


    As dumb as hurting yourself in anger is, I really don’t blame Burnett. If anyone were in his position, I’m sure they would have done the same thing; I know I would have. It’s not like he pulled a Kevin Brown and punched something. He slapped a piece of plastic in anger and unfortunately it got the best of him. The part that ticked me off is that he lied about it. Not cool. I have been outspoken about Burnett since last season, but there is something about him that makes me not give up on him completely. I think the Yanks should just put this behind them and focus on his pitching.

  6. Jane Heller

    Ann really knew what she was talking about, Mike. Great quote.

    I don’t think he did expect Girardi to buy it, Paul, which is why he fessed up so fast. Once the game was over and people had time to put things together, it just wasn’t gonna fly.

    I could have done a whole post on the middle relief, Len. Nobody could escape without giving up runs. Pathetic. And now Marte suddenly goes on the DL with shoulder problems that started in the Seattle series? We need help and it’s not Boone Logan. And that Nazi thing was outrageous! Since I had the Spanish feed, I didn’t hear it live. I read about it later. I seriously think it’s time for the Fox people to make a change.

    I’m not surprised by players’ outbursts, Kathleen. But there are ways to express frustration, and for a pitcher it’s NOT using your hands! Posada once punched a wall, I think, but he used a bat! lol. Anyhow, I’m sure they’ll put the incident behind them, because they have to. And as I wrote, I hope A.J. learned something. Who knows.

    I don’t think A.J. was in the mood for talking, seindsfeld. Old Timer’s Day is a wonderful tribute to the Yankees’ history and I’m so grateful they do it every year. Just sorry Yogi got hurt and couldn’t be there. Reports are he’s doing well, just in the hospital for observation at this point.

    It’ll be interesting to see how A.J.’s teammates react, Becky. Granderson already said he would forgive him and I’m sure the others will follow suit, although he could get a tongue lashing from Posada. lol. Thanks for the link to the video tribute to Sheppard. It was lovely, wasn’t it? And you’re right about Hughes and Nettles! Maybe it’s the nose? Or something in the mouth? I can’t believe there is no sweet tea in CA! If you have a chance, go to Lady Jane’s in West Hollywood. They have all kinds of teas, plus delicious baked goods.

    I disagree, Brian. I understand the impulse to react the way A.J. did, but not the action itself. It affected not only him but the entire team. Paul O’Neill famously kicked the water cooler or the Gatorade cooler or whatever it was on a regular basis. Pettitte has thrown his glove in the dugout. There are ways of expressing frustration and anger that don’t screw things up for the rest of the players, and A.J. needs to learn that. Giving up a homer to Brignac in the second inning of an important game and then making yourself unavailable for the rest of the game is not acceptable.

    I did stick him in the Kevin Brown category, Jeff. The difference is that this wasn’t the playoffs and he didn’t break his hand (thank God) and Brown was a horrible guy. Nobody liked him. He was a mean son of a bitch. A.J. is popular with the players and I’m sure they’ll cut him some slack.


    As someone who once threw the computer mouse in anger and ended up shattering the screen of my 2-month-old macbook, I have sympathy for AJ. Sometimes frustration can just take hold of you.

    I don’t put AJ in the same category as Brown. AJ feels frustrated at letting the team down, with Brown it was all about him.

    And let’s just see what these cuts end up being. They may be very minor and just took him out of that one game. As for the lying, AJ said he was very embarrassed (again, not like Brown!)

    I never said anything about the ceremony for George and Sheppard. I thought it was so classy and well done. Mo putting the roses on the plate was very touching. Especially considering that he is the closer.

  8. Jane Heller

    Hey, Melissa. Hope all’s good with you. I take your points about A.J. versus Brown. Nobody’s as selfish and awful as Brown was. But A.J.’s had problems with his emotions before – as in his sorry ending with the Marlins. I understand frustration, but it’s his job to control it better. The cuts seem to be minor, so I assume he’ll make his next start. And he’s apologized to his teammates, so the matter seems to be closed. Yes, the tributes/ceremonies for our fallen legends were very classy. And who better to place those roses on the plate than Mo. Just beautiful.

  9. angelsgirl012

    yeaaaaappp that’s got to be embarrassing. 😦 You just don’t do that AJ you just don’t.

    I liked Tim McCarver’s explanation.. that it was from that extreme pie throwing incident LOL I was amused especially because he used a towel 😛

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