This Was a Game Even Yankee Haters Could Love (Maybe)

I mean, seriously. Talk about a happy ending. After memorable tributes to Steinbrenner and Sheppard (such a nice touch dispensing with the player introductions), the Yankees somehow found a way to win one for The Boss. It just took awhile. The Rays had the lead. Then the Yankees tied it up. Then the Rays got the lead back. Then the Yankees tied it up. The script was practically written for Jeter to send the winning run home in the bottom of the ninth, but it was Swisher who played the hero and it was Granderson’s nifty slide at the plate that made a winner of Mo and took CC off the hook for the loss. What more could George ask for – his boys snuffed out the Rays at home in a tight contest.
There were some funky moments though – from A-Rod’s error and subsequent near decapitation by that splintered bat, to Swisher’s adventure in right field after Upton and Kapler had made incredible catches. And CC wasn’t at his sharpest. But high points included the back-to-back homers by Cano and Posada when it finally looked like Shields was tiring, and an outstanding relief performance by Robertson. Oh, and there was Mo’s pickoff of Upton; he made it look effortless. Somewhere, George is smiling.


  1. scofid

    I definitely thought the setting was perfect for DJ to be the hero, but unfortunately his bat didn’t cooperate! Good for Swish! He definitely deserved it after his great performance. For as much heat as Grandy has taken so far this year, it was good to see him in the mix for the win. There was no doubt the Boss was watching this one, and the game was tailored made for him. A great night to two men who will be missed!

  2. mikeeff

    it was truly one of those astonishing games that really make you believe in “mystique and aura” . Yankee Stadium at it’s finest.
    i’m glad you mentioned the Mariano pick-off. what a moment that might be forgotten amidst the walkoff hoopla. one of the best wins for so many reasons.

  3. YankeeCase

    I definitely expected Jeter to be the one to come up big in that spot. All day I just knew it was gonna come down to a Jeter walkoff. But like all Yankee fans know, he either comes up real big, or comes up with a weak routine out. Nothing in between, no close calls at first, a diving catch into the seats or anything like that. So of course a strikeout…

    But can you ever remember a game you watched where you were more confident that the Yankees would come through in the end?! I had no doubts they were winning this game! (and I would’ve been at the game had someone not taken vacation at work this week…) This game was all around great. It’s definitely going to go up there with that first game back after Thurman Munson died… I wasn’t born yet for that one, but I’ll remember this one always.

  4. ooaooa

    Wife and I went to Buttonwood Farm to see the 30 acres of sunflowers yesterday afternoon in Griswold CT. WOW! At about 6:45 I asked the caretaker of the refreshment stand at Mohegan Sun to put the YES network on the TV above the various libations. The Sun is a noisy place but when Mariano walked to home plate with the roses the refreshment area was silent. Well Done. I watched the 9th inning and did my John Sterling thing when Swisher got the hit. I got some stares and several high fives. I evangilize everywhere. I deserved a pie when we left the establishment, I left a winner!


    i didn’t find most of the game very enjoyable. watching cc struggle and the offense as well i wasn’t having fun. but somehow i felt hopeful, not my usual fearful throughout the game. i just kept thinking there is no way we will lose this one. this one needed to be walk off magic. so jeter still hasn’t gotten pie but swisher sure looks good in pie! i love pie

  6. Jane Heller

    Glad you mentioned Granderson, Scott. He got it started in the ninth and his speed and slide made it possible for Swisher to be the hero. So good for him too.

    Mystique and aura were definitely in attendance, Mike. The Yanks looked down and out, but managed to come back twice and give us some thrills. That pickoff was so Mo, wasn’t it? He just turned and threw the ball over to first – no sweat.

    Since you brought up Munson, YankeeCase, did you read that the game the Yanks won after he died also had a 5-4 score? Kind of eerie. As for Jeter, I don’t know what’s up with him this season. He got off to a great start, but his at bats have been looking pretty anemic lately.

    Smiling and firing, Paul. You think he and Billy are at it again?

    Good work getting to see parts of the game up there, John, and continuing to evangelize the natives. You are a true missionary.

    CC did struggle, Barbara, but I always had the sense the Yanks would come through once they got to Shields and the bullpen. The pattern this year seems to be that they make us wait until the late innings – just to torture us. So Jeter remains pie-less. One of these days….

  7. angelsgirl012

    Ahh i love nick swisher! He used to rip us apart when he was on the A’s which slowly turned to me disliking him but he’s quite a character! hahaha

    Great game last night! The Boss and Mr Sheppard would be proud! 😀

  8. Jane Heller

    I wasn’t wild about Swisher when he first came to the Yankees, Mimi. He didn’t have a good career in Chicago, so I was wary. But he’s certainly changed my mind, and I love having him as a Yankee.

    What a game is right, Virginia. So exciting!

    Yup, pure magic, seindsfeld. The comebacks were inspiring and we beat a very tough rival. Fingers crossed for today.


    This game was pure magic. CC wasn’t sharp as you said, but when Cano and Posada hit those back to backs I knew something was in the air. Sure they lost the lead, but Swisher (the big reason I think they won the World Series last year) was the hero not once, but twice. Michael Kay had to ruin the moment with Jeter, I thought, but then Swish showed why the Yanks have that magic and mystique everyone always talks about. The New Stadium is really living up to that. I hope not only Steinbrenner and Sheppard were watching, but the other Yankee greats. Pure magic.

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