Break’s Over

No more home run derbies, all star games and barbecues with the family. It’s time for the Yankees to get back to work in the Bronx. Yes, the weekend will be emotional with the tributes to Steinbrenner and Sheppard, but the Rays won’t be playing the role of sympathetic friend; they’ll be looking to bring us to our knees.
We must dominate the invaders from Tampa Bay, and who better to do that than CC. He has to neutralize Longoria, Crawford and company and send a message to our division rival that we are not handing over the American League East any time soon.
That means:
* keeping the Rays from stealing.
* not letting any of them make web gem-type catches.
* saying something that will get Upton mad.
* smashing Joe Maddon’s glasses.
What else…Oh, yeah, we need to score a lot of runs so that nobody in our bullpen can screw things up.
Go Yankees.


  1. ooaooa

    AMEN! I couldn’t have put it better.

    Had a Insurance Co. rep. in my office yesterday. Young fellow who is orginally from Mass. but now lives in Stamford CT. He was very uncomfortable in my Yankee draped office. He told me he goes to same church as Brian Cashman. Reluctantly he admitted Cash is a real great person. I suggeted to him he stay a little longer after services and pray for conversion (he is a Sox fan). I offered an exorcism as well, no charge.


    Is it only me, or does it seem like forever since the Yankees played? Let’s hope they sweep for the Boss and the Voice of God.


    You are right, Jane – we do have to show The Rays what we’re made of. But I’m much more concerned about the NL after seeing what their pitchers can do. I know that we see some of them in the regular season, but obviously its the post-season that matters to us in the long run. Yes, I also know that we aren’t going to see ALL of their great pitchers, but its clear that the NL focused on pitching this season and its pitching in the long run that wins. That being said, we do have the best starting staff in the AL so what am I worried about? Let’s not go there.

    Boston did their moment of silence for The Boss last night and it sounded like the fans were gracious and honorable. Then they got shellacked (wow, how do you spell that word?)

    Anyway, tonight should be amazing and of course OTD tomorrow as well. We haven’t been to a single game this year but who knows?

    Let’s take this series from Tampa! GO YANKEES!!!


    melissa, it feels like forever for me too but i think that’s because it was a week of west coast games that i basically missed with the all star break. so it feels like opening day today. i am excited and nervous and joyous because all three games are on national tv so i can actually watch them. now let’s hope that we can beat the rays. i sure do like starting with cc!
    so we need to score lots of runs or we just need the starter to go 8 and that way we are all set too.


    “Two-three the count, nobody on
    He hit a high fly into the stands
    Roundin’ third, he was a-headed for home
    He was a brown-eyed handsome man
    That won the game
    He was a brown-eyed handsome man…”
    — Chuck Berry
    Hiya. Well, by now you know that I usually don’t quote lyrics — after all, why not taper ’em to fit our needs? — but how do you mess with this?
    And also, “you must remember this…”
    The last time I didn’t mess with happy was when Our Boyz were not playin’ so well, and I quoted some words to “That’s Life” by Ol’ Blue Eyes — and you know what happened? — we WERE “back on top in June”! A-haaa!!
    SO — even though ol’ Chuck may have gotten his ball & strike count a little skewed — the rest of his words sure work for me — so let’s cheer for ALL our brown-eyed handsome men (& even the not-so-handsome ol’ blue eyes, green eyes, and red eyes too!) to chip in and follow along with the song…even a little taste o’pie would be nice, say twice or thrice…n’est-ce pas, Madame She-Fanne?

  6. Jane Heller

    Maddon does make unconventional moves at times, Paul, but you can’t argue with the results. The Rays are knocking on the door, and the Yankees have to keep it shut.

    You offered him an exorcism, John. LOL. You’re too much. Did you invite him to a game too, so you could show him the error of his ways?

    It doesn’t seem like forever to me, Melissa. Maybe that’s because the Yanks have been out here on my side of the country for awhile. But I have missed watching games at the Stadium, no question. I do hope we can win for our two fallen legends.

    I kind of like his glasses too, Jeff. Makes him look different from all the other managers. As for the WS, I sure would be amenable to that face off. Have to get there first though.

    The NL pitching is way scary, Diane. Lincecum pitched another gem last night and he’s only one of many in that league. But as I said above to Jeff, we have to get there first. Then we’ll worry about facing them. Very classy move by the Red Sox to honor George last night at Fenway. I was impressed.

    That’s the plan for tonight, Barbara. CC goes 8, then Mo. Game over. Fingers crossed for that – or a blowout works for me too. πŸ™‚ So all the games are on national TV? I thought tonight’s was only on My9.

    I’m French today, Dave? LOL. If your songs have been lucky, then keep ’em coming!

  7. behindblueyes

    Sincere condolences from this Dodger fan to all the Yankee fans on your recent losses, especially coming so close together. In 1993 we lost two Hall of Famers within a week of each other; I know it can be really tough on the fans!


    Ohhh, Great job of getting the troops fired up Jane. Now THAT was a State of the Union Address. We gotta use the fire The Boss left us and use it to crush all our enemies. No one is safe from the Beast from the East. We gotta use The Voices’ grace and elegance to show the teams how winning should be done. But most of all, the most important thing…yes, we can’t let the bullpen pitch. Unless its the only god left…Mo the Monk. CC has to come out destroying and toppling cities like he has been. Btw, what movie is that with Jason Lee? Looks familiar XD Here’s to a great second half -(‘.’-) (-‘.’)- \(‘.’)/

  9. Jane Heller

    Thanks, behindblueeyes. This Yankee fan appreciates it and is looking forward to the tributes to both men tonight.

    That’s right, seindsfeld. No one is safe in this division. We need to take our rival down this weekend! I’m really hoping CC has it tonight and will go deep into the game. Otherwise, we’re cooked.

  10. southernbelle

    Jane: I’m glad the break is over, too. Being bored is no fun. Although on this day last year, being bored wasn’t all bad.
    I agree! Score runs cuz the bullpen is annoying. I heard the Yankees might get Joakim Soria. And maybe Adam Dunn!

  11. Jane Heller

    Haven’t heard those rumors, Virginia, but then I’ve been in a black hole for most of the day working. Will certainly poke my head out and see what’s happening!

  12. raysrenegade

    I found it quite admirable that Yankees PA Announcer Paul Olden, who used to work for the Rays did not make a single player at bat introduction tonight.
    Perfect respectful acknowledgment to Sheppard, I saw a video taken by a Yankee fan on Youtube of the tribute to both men, and this was a classic Rays/Yankee game with the type of last minute guts and heroics that both men admire about the pinstripes.
    Was a fitting trivute in the end to legends.

    Rays Renegade

  13. Jane Heller

    I really liked that there were no player intros last night, Renegade, and wrote as much in my post about the game. Very nice touch. Didn’t know that Paul Olden used to work for the Rays. Interesting. Really tight, competitive game, wasn’t it? If they’re all like that, we’ll be exhausted!

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