Why Didn’t The Yankees Win The ESPY?

They were nominated for “Favorite Team,” along with the Chicago Blackhawks, New Orleans Saints, LA Lakers and I forget who else. The Saints won, so congrats to N’awlins and all that. But why not the Bronx Bombers? Winning their 27th World Championship wasn’t good enough? Outlasting other teams in a sport that grinds on from March to October wasn’t a big enough endurance test? Boasting high-wattage athletes along side promising rookies didn’t get people’s attention? Carrying over the aura and mystique from the old stadium to the new one wasn’t a compelling enough story? 
OK, I guess the bigger question is why was I watching the ESPY Awards in the first place? Simple. There was no Yankee game on TV tonight. The show was cheesy and boring except for this skit featuring Steve Carrell and Paul Rudd doing their take on LeBron’s “The Decision” special. I grabbed a video off YouTube, and for all I know it’ll be taken down from the site by the time I get up in the morning, but here’s the contraband. I thought it was hilarious.


  1. angelsgirl012

    Ahh Steve Carell was hilarious. The spoof had me laughing a lot!

    I don’t know why I watch the ESPYS every year but I do. I guess I like watching some of my fav athletes if they just happened to be there. They don’t showcase baseball as much as football and basketball. In fact they so rarely do it that when I saw Ubaldo Jimenez in the audience I freaked out and screamed “That’s Ubaldo Jimenez!” ..uhm this also may be because I’m a pretty big fan as well haha. I saw Evan Longoria and Mark Buerhle too 🙂

    I like watching the Perseverence award and the Courage award recipients. Those are usually my favorite parts of the ESPYS.


  2. seindsfeld@aol.com

    The ESPY’s was on? It might be morbid but um, the Saints won cause of Hurricane Katrina. Plus, how cute was it when Brees held up his baby? BUT…maybe not. At least the evil empire was a nominee. 😀 Thanks for showing the Carrell/Rudd skit, hope Lebron realizes what a dumb move it was XD

  3. Amy

    I can tell you exactly why Saints over Yankees.

    Saints: Katrina and the fact that it was the city’s first MAJOR pro sports championship of any kind. playing in a stadium that was used as a makeshift refugee camp of sorts at one point.

    Yankees: while impressive to win #27. They’ve won before.

    I think it’s the fact that it was more than a Super Bowl to the residents of their city and their fans. It was a victory for a city that had seen so much pain and destruction & the hope that winning gave the city. There was actually a wonderful article in SI right after they won about how it was so much more than a trophy to them.

  4. ooaooa

    That was the ESPY’s? I thought it was Dancing With the Stars! Erin and Max got plenty of air time. FYI, AAA All Star game was on MLB. Jonathan Abs got the save. Threw 11 pitches, 10 for strikes. I still say Joba to minors and Abs to the 8th inning.

  5. Jane Heller

    I got excited when I saw a few baseball players too, Mimi. It was like, “Wait! I actually recognize those guys!”

    I loved the skit, seindsfeld. Paul Rudd was dead on as whatshisname who did the actual interview, and Steve Carrell always makes me laugh.

    It was bad for my brain, Paul. I kept thinking there had to be better things to do but I blew it.

    Amy and everybody else, I wasn’t being literal about the Yankees winning. They’d never win something like that. Too many people hate them. Plus, of course the Saints would win for New Orleans, and it was wonderful to see the city find some measure of joy and celebration.

    It was a big shammy show, Jeff. Well said! As I just wrote to Paul, I kept wondering why I was watching it and what it had to do with baseball!

    I’m kicking myself that I forgot to watch the AAA game, John. And since I keep reading about how great Jonathan Abs is, I’m perfectly willing to give him another try in the Bronx. What are they waiting for?

    Dave, see above about the Saints and New Orleans. I agree with you. I was just lamenting that the Yankees don’t get more love from ESPN.

    So glad you’re going to the game on Saturday, Peggy. It should be very emotional. But I hope the boys don’t lose sight of the task at hand, which is to beat the Rays. So cheer them on for those of us who won’t be there!

  6. dschaub@gpo.gov

    The ESPYs were last night? We have a reliever named ABS?? (oh, won’t we have fun with THAT…). And Carell is going to Outback??!?
    Thanx for all that fun. You know, the Yanks had about as much chance of winning “Favorite Team” as DOOK would for Best-Loved College Hoops team (or Alabama for Football… you get the idea…). But hey…if our team wasn’t so GREAT, who would All of Beisbol have to root against? Well, other than the Hoseheads, of course…!
    Still happy for Da Saints. When ANY team wins it for the first time, it’s very special (even “Espana” in soccer — not that I care, but Barcelona must be bonkers…) — and there’s so much more to the story down in Nawlins, of course…
    So, we’ll just have to go home, polish up our 2009 trophy, sit back ‘n’ smile…like hittin’ a HR, it never gets old…

  7. peggy3

    Good Morning Jane & Fellow Baseball Fans…

    I watched a little of the ESPY’s when it was replayed as I was out with friends last night. It sure took them long enough t acknowledge the Yankees in the opening credits. I’m happy the N.O. Saints won it. They bought joy & hope back to a city that was hit hard. Just like the Yankees did when they won those three amazing games at Yankee Stadium right after 9/11. Losing the WS was hard that year but actually it was anti-climatic after all NYC and the country went through but I will always cherish the first “Mr. November” and those truly amazing come from behind wins. For a few nights it helped us to smile even if we couldn’t forget. Congrats to the “Who Dat” Saints and Drew Brees …well done!!

    I too would like to see Albie again. He is earning rave reviews in the minors and he is supposedly a whole different pitcher. I say ..bring him up boys …let’s see what he can do.

    It seems like an eternity since I’ve been to a game even tho’ it’s only been about three weeks since I went to Yanks/Dodgers. I’m looking forward to Old Timer’s Day and seeing the boys take on the Rays. It’s going to be one emotional day with the deaths of Mr. Steinbrenner and Mr. Sheppard but I’m so happy I will be there to celebrate their lives and say goodbye. It would seem to be fitting that George should be buried at Yankee Stadium as it is the “House that George Built”. He’d love being there with the transplanted ghosts of the Babe, the Iron Horse, the Yankee Clipper and the Mick.

    Have a good day all …

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  8. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Peggy —
    So eloquently put. You touched all the bases with that posting…
    You know, about 2-3 years ago, when a fave local music store was going under, and they had a final clearance sale (sigh), I coulda/woulda/shoulda picked up a copy of the 2001 WS DVD — it was only 99 cents. No, I’d never have had the stomach to watch the whole thing…but for 99 centimes, it woulda been well worth it to savor those 3 games all over again…that year, even MY WIFE (the Nats/Bosox fan) rooted for us…of course, that’s probably why we lost…but still…!
    And I’m so glad it’s YOU who will be there in the flesh for this year’s Old-Timers Day. Other than She-Fan Herself (or me), I can’t think of anyone else who I’d rather have (or know about) to be there at that game, this season. Have a GREAT time…and be sure to pack a few hankies, lady…!

  9. southernbelle

    Jane: Since there was no Yankee baseball on TV last night, I decided to watch the next best thing: The Triple A All-Star game! It was fun. I saw Jesus Montero, Eduardo Nunez, and Jonathan Albaladejo got the save!

  10. Brian Chaires


    Carrell made the ESPY’s. The show was boring and not very true when it came to real winners. I have always gotten the feeling that ESPN has never been baseball friendly. Not giving Burehle play of the year…come on!?? Thank god the Yanks play again tomorrow night.

    – Brian


  11. Brian Chaires


    Carrell made the ESPY’s. The show was boring and not very true when it came to real winners. I have always gotten the feeling that ESPN has never been baseball friendly. Not giving Burehle play of the year…come on!?? Thank god the Yanks play again tomorrow night.

    – Brian


  12. Jane Heller

    So sorry I missed seeing our triple A Yanks, Virginia. Sounds like it was fun to watch!

    I guess that’s why we have the MLB Network, Brian. Maybe they need to do an awards show of their own. Looking forward to this weekend’s series.

  13. raysrenegade

    People sometimes forget that just because the ESPN network has shown their transparent Yankee roots, the rest of the country voted on the “Best team”.
    The Pinstripes pulled off an amazing MLB season, and I do not degrade that.
    But did a 27th World Championship compare to the excitement and unlifting spirit that “Who Dat Nation” felt as the Saints gave that romantic city below sea level a reason for joy in the delta?
    My heart voted for the Saints and their path to greatness.
    It was nothing personal to NYY,but the emotion and the finishing touches to stamping that city “Healed” rested firmly on Drew Brees and companyhoising that Lombardi Trophy.
    There is nothing better than the first time you win….Sorry Yankees.

    Rays Renegade


  14. Jane Heller

    “The ESPN network has shown transparent Yankee roots?” Are we watching the same network, Renegade? Yankee fans routinely call them NESPN, because of their perceived Red Sox bias (they’re based in CT), so it’s interesting that you would think otherwise. But that’s what makes horse races, as my grandmother used to say. And yes, as I’ve already indicated in my comments, I was very happy for the city of New Orleans that their Saints have been such an inspiration to the people there.

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