We Lost to the NL?

Oh, well. All streaks come to an end eventually. Congrats to that other league; they pitched really well and got the big hits. I just hope Huuuuughes wasn’t traumatized by the loss, given that it was his first ASG and his friends and family were there watching. I’m also wondering why A-Rod was the only AL position player who didn’t get into the game. Not to play third. Not to pinch run. And, especially, not to come to the plate. I’m sure I’ll wake up tomorrow morning and Girardi will have given the media an explanation. It’ll sound like:
“Beltre’s batting .330. Had to let him hit there in the 9th.”
“I couldn’t substitute Alex unless we went to extra innings.”
“He felt a twinge in his hip/groin before the game, so we decided to be cautious.”
Obviously, I’m hoping it’s not Answer #3. The FOX camera did catch A-Rod talking animatedly to Cano. Was he upset? Or just jawing about the game?
I loved when Jeter came up in the first with Bob Sheppard’s introduction. Very classy move by the Angels to make that happen. And baseball took a moment to honor The Boss, which was appropriate and appreciated.
OK, can we get back to the regular season now? Please?


  1. cheshirecat9

    Another West Coast game! I didn’t see the end. Too bad we lost home field advantage for the World Series, but it won’t make too much difference.

    And speaking of the regular season, Courtney and I have two extra tickets to see the game this Saturday July 17th vs the Rays at 4:05pm. That also happens to be Old Timer’s Day. If anyone is interested in buying these tickets from us please email me at cheshirecat9@gmail.com. I promise that Court and I are fun people.

  2. diane.anziano@gmail.com

    Sad for the loss since it will affect us directly come October. 😉 — we kept switching back and forth from the A.S.G. to YES — they did an amazing tribute to The Boss that went on and on but was never dull. All of the local newspapers did a beautiful job as well. I also heard on the radio today that Fenway is going to have a moment of silence for The Boss before their next scheduled game. I’m pretty amazed and impressed at such an honor – I only hope the fans don’t make it a horrible memory.

  3. bgalaxy@verizon.net

    the game started and i thought hughes is going to get the loss for this game. so when i saw the paper this morning it was pretty weird. i hope he was just saving his wins for when it matters.
    i need baseball. ok to be more specific i need winning yankee games that i can watch or listen to.
    my only yankee fan friend in boston has a son who is a red sox fan–she’s great mom but clearly did something wrong. he got his first pack of baseball cards and said here mom, this one’s for you. it was mark texiera. it said on the back that mark’s dad played high school ball with bucky dent. i didn’t know that.

  4. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Bummer, man. Like, totally. Fer sure.
    That’s the only Californy-talk I sorta know, gratefully…the game was kinda like (acid?) flashback to the ’60s & ’70s, where all our AL starters & stars could barely muster a hit, none of our boys had a real impact (okay, a Cano sac fly after an error, but REALLY), and the NL wins it late. But after 13 years, guess it’s okay occasionally…
    Yes, and let’s hope there’s NO omens emanating out of this week. Hughes losin’ — and The End Of An Era (what era? Don’t know; don’t think I wanna know) — having to “tampa” with Tampa, and right outa the gate (well, we had to open the season in Fenway, so it could be worse)… but right now my sense of foreboding is humming like a tuning fork…so please, She-Fan, put me down and calm me down with your usual Well-Chosen Words of Wisdom, say that all will be well, and I’ll pretend that these last few days were just like a bad dream (or an unpleasant nap)…zzz…
    P.S. Thanx to jojovanb for that great little story on Slate!

  5. jojovanb27@hotmail.com


    Here’s a link to a George Steinbrenner story posted at Slate: http://www.slate.com/id/2260364?wpisrc=xs_wp_0001

    The only George story I have is once being mistaken for him. I guess there may be a resemblance if you’re only seeing my face from the bridge of my nose up. I was at Stan’s Bar across from The Stadium, drinking beer from a plastic cup and a guy thought I was George until I brought the cup down.

    Now, why anyone thought George would be drinking from a plastic cup at Stan’s I can’t answer, but that’s the closest I’ve ever come to being a billionaire.

  6. thomasox

    Hi Jane,
    I didn’t get to see much of the game (reasons implied in my latest entry, in which there is a photo you might really love); I did want to say that I am really happy I got to see Jeter coming up with Sheppard’s voice. Truly memorable. What is it about great baseball voices that is so essential to the game?
    Cheers to you. Seeing you on the field soon!

  7. Jane Heller

    I felt sorry for the east coasters once again, cheshirecat. FOX had so much going on before the actual game even started (isn’t that what pre-game shows are for?) that I knew it would last awhile. Thanks for offering up those tix for the Old Timers Day game. If I were back east I’d grab them in a heartbeat. Can’t wait to hear about it. Should be bittersweet.

    Congrats to your league, Jeff. But wait….you’re a White Sox fan too!

    Diane, I just got through reading all the wonderful pieces in the NYT about George this morning. So many stories. So many memories for those of us who lived in NY during those times. Didn’t know about the Fenway moment of silence. Good for them to do it. I hope it’s received well.

    I felt sorry for Hughes, Barbara. They kept saying how he was a local boy and how his family was there watching. So I kind of knew he’d screw it up. LOL. Maybe he was nervous. Interesting tidbit about Tex and Bucky.

    Of course you should calm down, Dave! Yes, we lost The Boss and The Voice of God in one week, but the Yankees are still the best team in baseball – at the moment anyway. No omens. Just life. Or the passing away of life. I have a feeling the boys will play with even more purpose and motivation – for George.

    Thanks for the Slate story, jojovanb. Really enjoyed it. As for you being mistaken for George at Stan’s, were you wearing a turtleneck and a sport jacket? LOL.

    Really did love that Jeter walked up to Sheppard’s intro, Thomas. I think baseball voices are so essential because it used to be a game we heard on the radio and those announcers were painting word pictures so we could visualize what was happening on the field. The tradition has carried over.

  8. jojovanb27@hotmail.com


    You’re site is now officially working as a Yankee ticket broker. I took Cheshirecat up on his offer and son Matt and I will be joining him for Old Timers Day.

  9. peggy3

    Hi Jane & Fellow Baseball Fans…

    Oh well ..I guess we will have to just sweep the teams in the playoffs…who needs home field advantage… lol. (How’s that for being positive ?? )

    I felt bad for Phil …I wish Joe would have left him in to get out of the mess or give it up himself. I think he yanked that chain just a bit too fast. As far as Alex …that was a headscratcher. They are saying he had a sore thumb but he was going to hit if necessary. If necessary?? Bottom of the ninth…man on …AL losing by 2….I would think it was a neccesity to get Alex in there at that point…right? It was a weird game …no one left to pinch run either. Not one of Joe’s better managed games to say the least.

    The coverage for Mr. S is unbelievable (at least here in NYC).
    The outpouring of the good works he did that no one ever knew about is truly amazing. For all his faults (he did have a few) he was a most extremely generous person to people in all walks of life. It’s nice that people are getting to see the other side of Mr. S. As everyone is saying …there will never be another like him. Joe G is lucky he isn’t still around …he might have fired him after the ASG…haha.

    I’ll be at Old Timer’s Day too. I’m sure it’s going to be very emotional but I know it will be a dignified affair as all Yankee events usually are. Both Mr. S’s will love it as they look down upon the day.

    We will miss you Mr. S….more than we ever knew.

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  10. Jane Heller

    Woohoo, jojovanb!!!!!! I love being a ticket broker. LOL. Really glad you’re going to the game with Cheshirecat and Courtney. Wish I could be with you guys!

    A-Rod had a sore thumb, Peggy? I didn’t read that one, so thanks for the news. But still. Grrr. As you said, not one of Joe’s best games and George would definitely have fired him. HAHA. I’ve been reading all the coverage and the stories about The Boss and every article is fascinating. I figured you would be at Old Timers Day. It should be emotional, but I hope it’s a good game too.

  11. peggy3

    With regard to the sore thumb thingy …seems Alex is ok …thankfully.

    From the Lohud Blog:

    In team news, Cashman said that while he had not yet spoken to Joe Girardi today, he believes that Alex Rodriguez is healthy and that there was no injury situation that would have kept him out of last night’s All-Star Game. There were reports that Rodriguez had a sore thumb, but Cashman said there was “nothing that I know of beyond the daily maintenance stuff.”

    Cashman added, “Was he available (to play)? Yes he was.”

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  12. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Thanks, Jane. I needed that. All better now.
    Like Swish was at the HR Derby…got a little too tight, and didn’t relax & enjoy it enough…but, admittedly, there were VERY mixed emotions watching Big Sloppy batting against Matt Capps of “Our Nats.” Gotta admit, the way it worked out with Sloppy taking Strike Three and Capps getting “the curly W,” as they say around here…it was kinda nice.
    Just as long as home-field doesn’t matter any more than it usually seems to…and let’s not go near there yet…LOTS more beisbol to come! This is a time of year that most sports fans hate, but I just LOVE…nothing else out there to focus on but BASEBALL. The way it once was…the way it should be…amen, and hallelujah!!

  13. raysrenegade

    A Rays player had not experienced a loss to the Senior Circuit until last night. That can be a very visual illustration to the dominance the AL had for so long.
    The Rays were not even a team the last time the NL put it to us.
    I will take the blame for the loss. I was calling all the negative powers within me, by using the “Devilray” name to evoke some sort of evil to transpire towards my enemies. But maybe my mind did not focus on the National League, but stopped on the poor guy wearing the pinstripes in the center of the field.
    But it is okay. The Sun came up today ( 90 degrees) and the Moon is set to rise tonight. The AL will just have to win on the road in this years World Series…Something they have to do 81 games a year anyways.

    Rays Renegade


  14. Jane Heller

    McCann was the big hero, kaiser. Congrats to your league!

    Hmm, Peggy. “The daily maintenance stuff.” Sounds like a house that needs a visit from the handy man. LOL. Glad it’s nothing serious for A-Rod. I’m still a little miffed that he didn’t play.

    Glad I talked you off the ledge, Dave. HAHA. I agree about Swish. He did look tight. Big moment for him.

    You were chanting “Devil Ray,” Renegade? That’s hilarious. I guess calling up negative powers doesn’t always work. 🙂

  15. Jane Heller

    Who needs home field advantage, Virginia? If the Yankees are good enough to make it into the postseason, they’ll be good enough to win on the road.

  16. Yankee Hater Hater

    On the bright side: No homefield advantage = when we sweep the world series, we do it at home.

    The extra innings thing you said was Girardis official excuse. A good ASG rule would be, “after 10 innings, the rosters reset and the starting lineups can play again” Who wouldnt love to see that?


  17. seindsfeld@aol.com

    Yeah forget what I said about the Killers. AL was 0-10 with runner’s in scoring position…or something like that. I guess pitchers really do rule now. About Arod, I don’t know if someone else said, but on the radio they joked Girardi didn’t put in Arod so he couldn’t leave early when they took him out as he did in 2008. Was pretty funny. Not a good week at all for the Yanks. The Voice and Boss pass away. Ortiz wins the home run derby. Hughes is possibly the reason the AL lost. And now (hopefully) if the Yanks get to the WS (knocks on wood) the NL gets home field advantage? At least Arod made fun of the Angel fans when they booed and showed off a little. Was hilarious seeing Torii Hunter laugh it up next to him. Gearing up for the Rays! Oh yeah, sorry for all the tweets. XD

  18. Jane Heller

    I like your approach, YHH. We’ll just have to sweep the WS and do it at home!

    It does seem to be the year of the pitchers, seindsfeld. Too bad CC and Mo couldn’t pitch. No, not a good week in Yankeeville.

  19. devilabrit

    Maybe A-Rod was there for morale support of which he was dishing a little morale to Cano….. and we’ll never know if he’d have been the diference maker… good for the NL…I’m with you, lets get on with the other half:-)


    Phillies Outside

  20. angelsgirl012

    It was interesting to see Girardi not use Arod. I was a bit confused but nonetheless I fully enjoyed it! Despite the AL loss 😛

    I loved the pitching performances as well! Very impressive!

    Sorry for all the boos for your Yanks during player intros. I guess it’s some sort of All Star etiquette 😛 Although I have to admit your players got a kick out of it (and so did the red sox players), especially Arod! He hammed it up with Torii laughing at him ROFL!!


  21. devilabrit

    Maybe A-Rod was there for morale support of which he was dishing a little morale to Cano….. and we’ll never know if he’d have been the diference maker… good for the NL…I’m with you, lets get on with the other half:-)


    Phillies Outside
    -trouble posting no sure if it will show up twice now…doh!

  22. Jane Heller

    I don’t know why A-Rod was there, Peter. He certainly didn’t get to make a contribution!

    Yankees always get booed, Mimi. But I was surprised that the Angels fans didn’t boo their division rivals too. Plus, didn’t they want the AL to win?

    Congrats to your NL’ers, Mike. It’s been a long time, so they were definitely due.

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