I Don’t Mean to Sound Crabby…

…but I’m just not a fan of the Home Run Derby. I enjoyed seeing Swisher for the 10 seconds he was in the batter’s box…and Cano laughing and cheering for him…and Pettitte holding his adorable kid on his lap…and A-Rod doing a mini-interview. It’s just that having to watch hitters essentially take batting practice and listening to Chris Berman say “Back back back” over and over isn’t my idea of a great time. I’ll be looking forward to the actual game tomorrow night, and that’ll be enough for me until we get back to the pennant race.
In the meantime, speaking of blue crabs, I wanted to pass along info about a fun new book called “What the Great Ate: A Curious History of Food and Fame” by Matthew Jacob and Mark Jacob. Did you know that Ken Griffey Jr. was allergic to the candy bar named after him? That Ted Williams used to time his hotel room service with a stopwatch? That Roberto Clemente was nearly killed by robbers but ended up with a box of takeout chicken? Take a look at the authors’ web site for more anecdotes.


  1. seindsfeld@aol.com

    Wade Boggs ate chicken before every game. XD Yeah I’ve ALWAYS hated that Back Back Back call. It’s jumped the shark…in fact, maybe a shark should eat him. Berman is much better with his football “It could go all the way!” highlights. Plus, only eight players were in the home run derby? I never watch it really (at all usually), but that still seems like a low number. Why even have it? The home runs are the lowest they’ve been since 1990, why have an event that highlights an era we want to forget? AL lineup looks insanely killer. It’s gonna be a great All star game I think. You’re close Jane! Why didn’t you go? :O

  2. Jane Heller

    I don’t know why they have the home run derby either, seindsfeld. Home runs are great fun to watch during a game when a pitcher is dealing and there’s a lot at stake. But to just watch guys stand there and hit balls? Yawn. Looking forward to tomorrow night. I didn’t go to Anaheim because it’s 4 hours of driving and a lot of traffic!

  3. Amy

    Chris Berman kept shouting out “it’s going to torrance” or “it’s going to san juan capistrano” & I kept yelling “someone needs to take a lesson in SoCal geography”

    Left field faces NE there. Torrance is to the SW and San Juan Capo is to the direct South.

    And Erin Andrews, while I became quite fond of her during DWTS, needs to stick to what she knows best: college football and basketball.

    Next time, ESPN need to just hire you & me to get the job done correctly.


  4. bgalaxy@verizon.net

    i am in total baseball withdrawal. a week of west coast baseball that i missed almost entirely and now the silly all star game. i need live yankee baseball. i will plan my weekend, much to my husband’s chagrin, around national telecasts saturday and sunday. hopefully our winning ways will continue. if the withdrawal gets too bad, i guess i’ll have to pull out a world series video to ward off the shakes and the rocking. the only thing good about the west coast baseball is you all did a great job taking care of the games!

  5. thefreak

    Old timers day next week is going to be awful. Bob Shephard and George Steinbrenner gone in one week.

    Thanks George for giving me a team that everyone on the outside hates. We all know that if you were the owner of their team, they would love you for making them competitors every year.

    And a special thanks to Cleveland for denying him the sale of the Indians in 1973 thus forcing his hand in aquiring the New York Yankees

    rest peacefully George.

  6. peggy3

    Reports are coming in that George S has died from a massive heart attack …if it’s true …RIP George…thanks for bringing the Yankees back to glory. I’m sure Bob Sheppard is announcing your arrival …

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  7. peggy3

    Mr. Steinbrenner wasn’t just the owner ..he was the biggest Yankee fan of all. Thank you so much for always trying to give the fans a winning team. He wasn’t always right but whatever he did he did it trying to make the Yankees better and making the fans happy…

    This will be tough on the players tonight but you know Mr. Steinbrenner would want them to play and make him proud …

    Rest in Peace Mr. Steinbrenner…

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  8. arthur.kathleen@gmail.com

    Here’s to the Greatest Yankee Fan of all – Mr. Steinbrenner! Rest in Peace knowing Your team is the reigning World Champions!

  9. southernbelle

    Jane: Chris Berman sounds like a retarded duck with his “back back back.” I was annoyed that that steroid monster Ortiz had to win. He thinks everyone likes him and was impressed that he won, but just no – you cheat!
    RIP George Steinbrenner. My Mom told me the news this morning. Not a nice way to start the day.

  10. ooaooa

    I can hear Bob Sheppard making the announcement. “Attention please ladies and gentlemen and God, now entering the pearley gates, No. 1, George Steinbrenner, No. 1.”
    He always did it his way and us Yankee fans are glad he did.

  11. Jane Heller

    Amy, that SoCal stuff drove me nuts too. I’m totally on board when ESPN hiring us instead. We could come up with much more entertaining ways to say somebody hit a ball out.

    The mallet! Oh, Paul. That’s funny.

    I can’t stand this week or the withdrawal either, Barbara. But at least the players get a rest – even those participating in the ASG. I think some of them really needed a break, so I’m all for it. As for what to do with our free time? I already saw one movie (“Winter’s Bone,” which is an incredible indie film that won the big prize at Sundance) and plan on going to others.

    It’s just awful, isn’t it, Jeff? Like some odd mix of a commercial for State Farm and a gaudy exhibition with people cheering for what exactly? Not my thing at all.

    Mike, I just woke up to the news about George here in CA. I’m kind of in shock. Sure, I knew he will ill, but a heart attack at 80? Such a larger than life character in the world of sports, not to mention the Yankees.

    Peggy, I can’t imagine how Jeter and the other members of the core four are feeling right now. Bob Sheppard was tough, but now George? I’m just stunned. Truly the end of an era. But I’m so glad the family had a succession plan in place and we don’t have to go through an upheaval in ownership.

    So true, Kathleen. George can rest easy knowing his team won the Championship last year. I know they’ll make him proud the rest of the way this year.

    No, not a nice way to start the day, Virginia. I woke up, turned on my computer to my Yahoo page, and the first thing I saw was a picture of George with the headline.

    I guess it was destined that Bob Sheppard would go first so he could announce the introduction of George, John. Can you imagine the tribute at the Stadium on Friday night when the Yanks get home? Wish you had tickets for that game so you could report from the scene.

  12. phillies_phollowers

    I think the worst part of the HR Derby is listening to Chris Berman fake excitement with his “Back, back, back!” I just find his voice annoying. Maybe that is just me.
    And what a week for Yankees fans…oh my. Sheppard and now Steinbrenner. So sad. My condolences to all in Yankees-land.

  13. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Hoo boy…lots to talk about today…
    First of all, of course, a deep bow and tip of the cap to George. He was a complicated man…full of bluff and bluster, and downright scary-mean at times, but also so so generous…he made our boys into Winners within 4 years, then got carried away with himself as we wandered thru the ’80s with barely a clue…but it all worked out so well in the end…sleep well, Boss…
    Now to more fun subjects. Second of all, Miz Crabby, oh don’t be so high-n-mighty over the Derby!! You know what — the players seem to love it — you can tell they’re having fun watching each other & giving each other grief — and you can tell who’s tense & tight about doing it, too. Sadly, Swish was in that category, other than the way he reacted right after his first swing (and Cano cracked up — LOVED it!!) — and when he relaxed, the next pitch was outa here! As a softball player for many decades who loved to take it deep, I can tell ya that it never gets old…not even in BP…
    But I couldn’t watch all of it last night…’cause I could tell halfway into the second round that Big Sloppy was gonna win, and just didn’t need to see that (like watching the 2007 WS — what’s the point?). Maybe someday a Yankee will win it, and it’ll be a LOT more fun for us…
    Ya know, I’m SO old that I remember the Original TV Show — back in the early ’60s — they’d feature two star sluggers of the day, like, say, Hank Aaron vs. Harmon Killebrew — they’d compete for nine “innings” with three outs per inning — the more HRs they hit, the more $$ was paid to each pitcher! — and boyoboy, it was fun to watch. Trouble is, living in Canada, it was tuff to get that TV station on our old b&w set — had to keep playing with the antenna — OMG, this has to be 48+ years ago…back when Sheppard & Steinbrenner were dashing young men…!!

  14. Jane Heller

    It’s not just you, Jenn, because I wrote about it and so did others. LOL. Chris Berman needs to stop saying that, period! Not a good week in Yankeeville. Still can’t believe the news.

    George did make our boys into winners, for all his bluster and meanness, Dave. He also had a big heart and was very generous to those in his inner circle – and to Tampa and the charities he supported. Such a complicated man. I have a heavy heart today. As for the Derby, I’m glad the players enjoy it. I’m just saying I don’t. Watching a bunch of home run hitting hopefuls getting together and slapping each other on the back doesn’t do it for me!

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