Bob Sheppard: Rest In Peace (With A Special New Pic)

A sad, sad day in Yankeeville. That is all.
P.S. Diane, our Friend of the Blog, sent me this photo of Bob Sheppard. She and her daughter, Marisa, were lucky enough to meet him. Thanks, Diane.



    Any memories of Bob Sheppard invariably go back to one’s first experience at Yankee Stadium – in my case a night game with the Indians in 1971. I remember saying to my Dad – “Who is THAT voice?”. I am now 50, and almost literally grew up with Bob Sheppard – we used to imitate him when we played as 10 and 11 year olds; I remember taking dates to the Stadium and saying “You have to hear the PA announcer”; and then later taking my children and saying the same. Having just informed my 17-y/o son, he is so sad. I know that we all feel as if we’ve lost a dear friend today and a big part of our Yankee lives. Indeed, rest in peace, Mr. Sheppard.

  2. Jane Heller

    My friends and I used to imitate him too – or try to. I think we all feel as if we’ve lost a friend or family member today. His voice turned those trips to the Stadium into something grand and timeless.

  3. nutballgazette

    I have heard that Jeter wants his voice to continue to have it done, I wonder if the Mariners will pay tribute to Bob Sheppard today by having Bob Sheppard recording done for Jeter,
    You know that Jon Miller will spend considerable time tonight talking about him.
    My first time to Yankee Stadium was old timers day 1965, I was 9 and did not realize how special he was, I went many times up yo 1983, but then I was not back till 2000 and that is when I realized how special he was and I always made an effort to plan my trips to New York to see Yankee Games after that through 2007


    I wonder if Jeter will still want him to announce his name before an at-bat. He’ll be very missed. At least they gave him one more championship. RIP Bob.

  5. raysfanboy

    I didn’t know much about Bob Sheppard, but I did know that a classy guy like Derek Jeter thought enough of him to record his voice so that he could walk out to Sheppard’s introduction for the rest of his career. That is quite a testament. I’m sure that Yankees and Giants games will never be the same.

  6. Jane Heller

    I’m sure Jeter will continue to use the recording,nutballgazette (and seindsfeld). It’s tradition now. And I’m sure many broadcasters will pay tribute. Bob Sheppard made the Stadium experience so magical. His voice drifting over the loud speaker with the names of players was one of the best parts of going to games.

    He was quite a legend in the Bronx, raysfanboy. For so many years, Yankee fans got to hear his voice and there was no one like him.


    Rest in peace, Bob Sheppard. You will be greatly missed.

    I just saw an interview with Jeter on the pre-game show. He said that as long as he plays baseball, Bob Sheppard will continue to announce his name. Thank you Derek for keeping him alive for all Yankee fans.

  8. Brian Chaires


    It’s a very sad day for all Yankee fans. I’m glad that I had the opportunity to hear Mr. Sheppard’s voice. He will be missed, but his legacy will live on forever. RIP BS.

  9. scofid

    It is a sad day for the Yankees Universe and all of major league baseball. It was very fitting for the Yankees to win on this day because Sheppard and winning Yankees baseball seemed to go hand in hand.

  10. beckers46

    I’m so saddened by the loss of Bob Sheppard. I’ve kept his family in my thoughts all day. Did you read his obituary? He lived a wonderful life! Jeter is so classy. You know he will have that recording played until his last game in pinstripes.

  11. Jane Heller

    Kathleen, I loved what Jeter said. Such a fitting tribute. And how lovely that the Mariners paid their respects today during the game.

    Right you are, Brian. He will be missed. Actually, I’ve missed him ever since he stopped coming to the Stadium in 07.

    I agree, Scott. Today’s win was special. I hope Mr. Sheppard was watching.

  12. Jane Heller

    I did read it, Becky, and I’m amazed at what a full life he led with his wife by his side for all of it. And yeah, Jeter knew exactly how to handle the situation. Smart guy.

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