Cliff Lee Broke My Heart and I Don’t Even Know Him

broken heart.jpg
When I woke up this morning and read that the Yankees were thisclose to signing Lee, I jumped out of my chair and started cheering. The news was so unexpected. I never thought we were in the Cliff Lee hunt – at least not now. As the day went on, I walked around with a little spring in my step, knowing that instead of facing Lee tonight in Seattle, he would be pitching for us any day. He even called his friend CC and talked to him about where to live in New Jersey once he was in pinstripes. 
But oh well. The Mariners spurned the Yankees’ offer and sent Lee to Texas. If he doesn’t wilt in the Arlington heat, maybe we’ll have another shot at him in December.
Meanwhile, the Yankees continued to roll here on the west coast (I’m really trying to take good care of them). Phil Huuuuuughes was excellent over seven innings, and the offense gave him nice run support thanks to A-Rod’s sac fly, a triple by Cano and two homers by Tex (one from each side), Chan Ho Park made things interesting in the ninth, but got it done. The Yanks have now won seven straight. Would there have been a “W” if we’d faced Cliff Lee? Who knows. Who cares. Not me. Not anymore. I’m over him.



    Forget Cliff Lee, maybe we can get Felix 😀 CC isn’t a very good car salesmen either. First LeBron now Cliff lee?? All he has to do is show them his new ring! 😛


    But if we had gotten Lee, who would have come out of the rotation? I don’t want Hughes back in relief. Javy is doing great now. A.J. is heading back in the right direction. I don’t know. It would be hard to pass on someone as talented as Lee but our starting rotation is stellar right now. It seems like every game we plan is 2-1 or 5-1 or 6-1 or 7-1…get it?

    Two more in Seattle before the break…sounds good to me. GO YANKEES!!!

  3. crzblue2

    Are you experiencing problems logging on to create an entry in your blog? I’ve been trying for the last hour without any luck.
    Well, I got to get ready to go to Dodger Stadium early ’cause is Photo day, the game afterwards and then a charity softball game at Peperdine. Tomorrow I have the early shift volunteering.
    Anyone close enough to Anaheim, go to the FanFest! It started Friday and ends Tuesday at 6:p.m. It is a lot of fun. Lots to do there for all baseball fans.

  4. Jane Heller

    I’m over it, tsdmdk. I never really thought about getting him, but I got swept up in yesterday’s excitement and then when the deal didn’t happen I was disappointment. I felt as if the Yankees were used! But so be it.

    You were right, Paul. Rumors are just that. I have learned my lesson and will believe these deals when they actually happen.

    CC is a plenty good salesmen, seindsfeld. LeBron was never coming to NY and it wasn’t up to Lee to decide his fate; it was the Mariners decision to send him to the Rangers. But should he become a FA this winter, I’m sure CC (and AJ) will be driving the welcome wagon.

    From what I’ve read, Diane, Cashman would likely have dealt Vazquez before the trading deadline to make room for Lee. As well as Javy has been pitching lately, it’s hard to pass up a deal for the one of the league’s premium pitchers. There was also talk of Hughes moving to the pen – he’s admitted he was tired his last couple of times out – but I wouldn’t have liked to see that. So for now, it’s all good. I hope we can solve King Felix tonight. Our pattern has been to struggle against the starters and then tear up the bullpen.

    Nope. No trouble getting in the blog this morning, Emma. I’ve had problems in the past though. Glad things are going well at Fan Fest. Have fun at Photo Day. You’re one busy lady!


    I had trouble logging in this morning to post a comment.

    I am not too sorry about Lee. It would just add fuel to the Yankee haters fire. And after the comments about LeBron and Miami. The NY Times said “Miami in Pinstripes: the New Evil Empire”

    Our pitching staff looks good right now. I do not want Hughes in the bullpen. AND we need to have a few good pitchers on other teams that we can say “Ha! We smacked their ace around.”
    Melissa, not the one who voted 700 times for Swish – who has time for that!

  6. Jane Heller

    I read that Times article about Miami being the new evil empire, Melissa, and I didn’t connect it to Cliff Lee and the Yankees at all. Sure, we sign a lot of free agents, but Cashman was trying to get Lee in a trade. If we go after him in December, it certainly won’t quiet the haters, who won’t be quieted in any case. But so be it. You’re right about it being fun to say we smacked him around when we play the Rangers…if we do smack him around.

    The Yankees have depth when it comes to catchers, Jeff. For some reason, we’ve got quite a few on the farm. But I’m happy with the starting pitchers we have now. It’s just that when one of the best comes on the market, it’s hard not to say, “Pleeease?”

  7. bklyntrolleyblogger

    That would have been IT for me. There’s a lot less derisive things for me to say about the Yanks without BOSS around. I am still immature though and if the Yanks had landed Lee I may have unleashed a very unpleasant to read outburst of outlandish proportion containing idiocy of the highest order. Thank you Texas. But Texas? Is a 3 month rental really worth it for them with their ownership in such chaos? It’s a good thing for them they have Nolan Ryan giving them direction but even he may get shut out of the purchase of the Rangers. Lee to TX just seems a little strange to me. I’m glad a team like that can land him… just strange coming from them at this moment. But with 50 wins…why not!

  8. Jane Heller

    So nice you signed it twice, Mike. LOL. What amuses me about your comment is that the Mets have expressed interest in Lee too, haven’t they? And doesn’t your team sign free agents? I can think of a few. But whatever. Texas’s financial situation would make them unlikely to sign Lee long term, but as John Sterling says, you can’t predict baseball.

  9. raysrenegade

    Since my namesake did not get to swap dugouts, he sure will losemore than a few pounds and inches by the time he is a free agent.
    Think of what Cliff Lee will have to endure for the next few months, then he might just run towards a better team and a better climate. 115 degree heat index on game days, nightly attacks by gnats and bugs, then the age old up and downs of a Rangers team that can’t decide if they want to be a division leader.
    But you can take solace in that Lee got hammered in his first game against the Orioles last night….So the AL East gave him a rude welcome to his new team.

    Rays Renegade

  10. Jane Heller

    Was kind of surprised to see the O’s have their way with Lee like that, Renegade. But maybe it takes more than a day to get acclimated to a new team. I see your guys are back to their winning ways…

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