CC + A-Rod = Victory

Once again, the Yankees beat the A’s in the most basic way: dominant pitching, excellent defense and timely hitting. CC amazes me. Even when he looks like he’s laboring, he manages to strike out ten, go seven-plus innings and get the “W.” A-Rod called him a horse in his post-game interview with Jack Curry, and he’s certainly durable. But I think of him as solid, as in this.
A-Rod’s grand slam was the big offensive story, and his solo shot later pulled him to within three homers of 600. Will he hit the milestone in Seattle, the Yankees’ next stop? And if so, how awkward would that be, since the fans there haven’t forgiven him for leaving? My suggestion would be to stick to base hits and doubles until the team is back in New York, where he’ll get a better reception.
yankee fans.jpg
OK, so we won the game and, except for Tex getting plunked and writhing in pain and Posada taking yet another ball off his hand, nobody went on the DL. That’s something. However – and this is a huge however – Mo isn’t going to the All Star game because he’s hurt! Don’t ask me why he didn’t tell anybody and how he kept pitching as well as he did. Apparently, his oblique injury that happened in May didn’t fully heal, and he screwed up his knee during warm ups at Dodger Stadium. This news freaked me out, I must admit.
Supposedly, he just feels banged up and needs the rest. But still. He’s our jewel.
Get well, Mo. The show in Anaheim will go on without you. It just won’t be the same.
P.S. Here’s a pic sent in by Friend of the Blog, cheshirecat. He and his Yankee fan sister Courtney were at the game over the weekend and had to buy a T-shirt in honor of their new favorite player. Courtney is modeling…
Court2 in Gardner t-shirt.jpg



    I actually stayed up for the whole game, Jane. A-Rod’s 21st grand slam!!! Does the rest of the current starting Yankee team have that many combined??? C.C. is incredible. Nothing gets to him.

    Last night’s free concert in our town was Disco Night – a great show. Tonight is a tribute band for The Eagles — should be fun. And then I can come home and watch our boys again. GO YANKEES!!!!

  2. Fenway Bleacher Creature

    CC is the most confusing pitcher to me, for the exact reasons you mentioned. Despite not having any sort of knee-bending curve or a 100 mph fastball, he gets wins, strikeouts, and goes for 7-8 innings every game. He is a really valuable pitcher, really a workhorse.

    -Fenway Bleacher Creature


    Nice game. Courtney and cheshirecat, you have company. My youngest son is a Gardner fan. He’s a casual Yankee viewer but has decided he loves Brett.

    I’m not too worried about Mo. He has lasted this long because he really knows how to take care of himself. He is smart enough to take the time off now so he’ll be stronger at the end of the season.

    And the first photo of this blog entry was perfect Jane. This makes me feel old, but today is Ringo Starr’s 70th birthday. And he says “I want to spread the word that at noon, wherever you are — in New York, in L.A., in Paris, in London — I just pray that you’ll put your fingers up and say, “Peace and love.” ” And just like that, you have someone giving a peace sign on your blog! Clever girl! (I almost typed “Cleaver girl” Now what would that mean? That you are a violent woman or that you want to be married to Wally?)


  4. ooaooa

    You’re doing a good job taking care of the boys while they are “cooling off” on the west coast. (104 degrees in my town in CT yesterday but the ground never moved!) My sources tell me Mo will be fine. Jonathan Abs is ready in Scranton if needed.

  5. cheshirecat9

    I love the way the sun shows in that picture. 🙂

    As I suspected I did not make it through the whole game but I did see A-Rod’s second home run. What else can you say about CC? I was bummed for Mariano, but I am glad he is doing the right thing and resting up over the All-Star break.

    Going to give Swish a few more votes now…

  6. leafiz

    That’s fun to see you posted the picture, Jane!

    I hope Gardner knows that I’m true to my word. I couldn’t believe that just about a pitch after I said I’d buy his tee-shirt if he got a homerun that he hit some crazy in-the-parker!

    He is officially my new favorite player.

    now i’m off to SEND SWISH.


  7. Jane Heller

    That was cruel, Paul. LOL! I guess Mo will be fine, just not able to pitch two innings for the foreseeable future. Just hope the knee situation doesn’t turn into a Matsui thing.

    You stayed up, Diane? Clap clap clap for you. I’m always impressed when east coasters watch west coast games, because I get tired watching them and I’m out here! I would have loved Disco Night. My husband despises that music, but I luuuv to dance.

    CC is confusing in that sense, FBC. He doesn’t always look dominant in the usual way that power pitchers do. But somehow he’s still out there for 8 innings or so, shutting the opposition down.

    Mo does know how to take care of himself, Melissa. You’re right about that. And I’m glad he’ll be resting up for the second half. He just makes me nervous the way he doesn’t discuss injuries or “feeling banged up” or whatever it is. Last year he pitched in the WS with a sore rib, remember? (I think that was it.) I want to encase him in bubble wrap! I did read about Ringo’s birthday and the peace thing. HAHA. I wish I’d been that clever with the pic…or should I say cleaver? (I loved the Beav!)

    I can’t believe your heat wave, John. Sounds awful, although I read that it’s supposed to break this weekend? Hope so for everybody’s sake. As you could see from the game last night, it’s downright chilly out here with lots of fog. The thought of Jonathan Abs getting called up doesn’t thrill me, despite how well he’s been pitching in Scranton.

    I love the sun coming through too, cheshirecat. Thanks again for sending the pic. I’m pretty fond of Gardner too. How can you not love a guy who’s showing everybody he belongs in the lineup and might even have been an All Star. Glad you stayed awake long enough for the second HR.

    You have the lucky touch, Courtney. The Yankees would have sold a lot of merchandise last night if everybody said, “I’ll buy a tee shirt if A-Rod hits a home run.” LOL. With all the votes Swisher has to be getting, I sure hope he can overtake Youkilis.

    Mo has to be fine, ladyjane. That’s all there is to it. I’m with you on Robbie and the HR Derby. Kevin Long doesn’t want him to do it. Neither does Girardi. I understand that this is his year and he’s enjoying the spotlight, but it screws up people’s swings and is a tiring exhibition. That said, he’s young and hopefully will get knocked out quickly. Useless is right.

  8. ladyjane303

    Mo will be fine. As someone said, if this is how he pitches when he’s hurting, then watch out when he feels great. I’m disappointed he won’t be there, but we need him healthy for the 2nd half and beyond. I’m more concerned about Robbie going into the HR Derby – can’t someone stop him before he ruins his swing for the 2nd half?! Did he not pay attention to what happened to previous winners? Or is he planning to just show up, swing easily, get knocked out in the first round and then enjoy the rest of the show while some other crazy man shows off for the sake of a useless trophy? And remember, everyone – SEND SWISH!


    Another great win. Once again when Teix gets on base to load them up Arod does something insane. Three grand slams all ready??? He’s only two away from Gehrig! CC is so cool! When he loaded the bases I was ready to give up, but he just throws that sneaky breaking ball…. Mo will be okay I think. He just needs to spend time in Panama and take his vitamins. What a coincidence he strikes the Dodgers out, they get upset, and he just HAPPENS to get hurt there the next day?? People should start getting scared of CC. It’s like “Omg, watch out, CC is pitching today! And he looks mad!” (Okay I know that used to be Matsui, but he’s not here anymore) 😛

  10. Jane Heller

    I’m sure fans of other teams aren’t crying over Mo like I am, Jeff. And a lot of teams have their own injured players to cry over. I read a little while ago that he intends to keep pitching, so he can’t be that banged up. We’ll see.

    Yup, three grand slams, seindsfeld. Kind of amazing when you consider the slow start A-Rod had, power wise. He’s racking up those RBIs as well as nearing the 600 mark. As for Mo, maybe he just needs to go to his restaurant and have some of that Panamanian skirt steak that’s on the menu.

  11. raysfanboy

    A-Rod really carried you guys yesterday. It is something with your team that it seems there can be one guy in each game who carries you: A-rod, Cano, CC… You win with one guy dominating, and you win with the team playing together. Very intimidating…

  12. Jane Heller

    Sure hope he gets in, dampiney! Thanks for the link.

    We’ve been lucky that way, raysfanboy. But I see your guys are on a nice roll again too. Should make for a very interesting second half, right?

  13. bethjay

    I recently found this blog and wanted to thank you for your daily dose of Yankees! As the only baseball obsessed member of my family, it’s nice to see that other people are as in love with the Yankees as I am!

  14. Jane Heller

    Yeah, Peter. I was glad to see Braden loosened up about the T-shirt thing and that A-Rod went along. Good cause signing for charity and it was silly to keep “the feud” going.

  15. Jane Heller

    Welcome, b.jarrell. I’m so glad you stumbled on the blog. I guess I’m lucky that my family is filled with Yankee fans, so I never feel as if I’m the only one. But here we have lots of other fans so you’ll be right at home. We’re all Yankee lovers!

  16. scofid

    Maybe it’s j ust me, but I’m thinking that Mark Teixeira might be over his slump! 😀 The Yankees are playing great right now, and hopefully A.J. Burnett will continue his solid pitching tonight. I’m definitely glad that Dave Eiland is back. It’s too bad that the Rays are fresh off a sweep, but on the other hand, it was nice to see the Red Sox get swept so that series was definitely a case of good news/bad news.

  17. Jane Heller

    Tex is looking great right now, Scott. That three-run dinger he just hit was a beauty. And AJ has been impressive. It can’t be a coincidence that Dave Eiland talks to him between innings and the results are good. The Rays are hot, so I hope we can finish off the A’s with a sweep of our own.

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