CC Keeps Rolling

The Mariners had their aces for the first two games in this series. Today we had ours out there for the finale. CC didn’t pitch a completo (who needs that – we have Mo), but he went eight innings and looked dominant for most of them. Not sure where Posada’s head was during that passed ball.
But A-Rod picked his teammates up with the homer. What a difference between the un-clutchy Al and the Al who’s emerged in the last year to come up in big situations and either tie the game or put the team ahead. Whatever it was that turned things around for him, I hope it continues. Nice win, boys.


  1. redsoxmelissa

    It seems as if the Red Sox can never get a win-win situation, but the Yankees can. When the Sox win a game, so do the Yankees. But when we lose a game, you win. That needs to change if the Sox want to take the AL East lead. The Sox are going to need to pull some serious weight with Pedroia out though.

    Congrats on your win.


  2. Jane Heller

    We still have another half of the season to go, Melissa, and anything can happen. It’s bound to be a tight race all the way. Pedroia’s injury must have been a blow, but it sounds like he’ll be back sooner than later, given how he was taking practice even with the boot on.

  3. raysrenegade

    This was an important series for the Yankees.
    They knew that the first two games were featuring premier starters who could take the game into their own hands, and did.
    But this third match-up was more to their liking, and it was still a tightknit game until…Boom!
    M’s closer David Aardsma served up a spicy meatball and sent the home fans happy today.
    Guess it goes to show if the starters on Seattle do not go 9 innings, they have a chance to lose if it gets to their Bullpen.

    Rays Renegade

  4. Jane Heller

    Cano keeps rolling too, seindsfeld. What a season he’s having.

    So true, Renegade. Their bullpen was vulnerable and the Yanks took advantage. The funny thing is that A-Rod thought it was the ninth inning, not the eighth, when he hit the homer, so he assumed it was a walkoff. LOL.


    i arranged to work at home today so that i could watch the game on the mlb network. yes i really did work but that was before and after the game. it was fun to feel confident with cc on the mound. it was great to see a game with yankee announcers. i usually only get espn, tbs, etc with announcers who don’t tell me anything i don’t know about the team and often say things i don’t think are true. it was quick to go from down–the tie score–to up–arod coming through. and happy that cc got the win and so thankful that we have mariano. i called my dad off and on through the game and now i have a weekend of watching/listening with him!
    i hope eiland has aj all fixed and we get back in the hitting grove.

  6. hisbaby

    I’m so happy the Yankees won this afternoon. I was beginning to get a serious case of the blues along with my summer cold. C.C. did well and Mo was, well, he was Mo! A-Rod did his Mr. Clutch thing and the world is back in balance.

    I was elated to hear that Eiland has returned. The MLB commentators were saying how well he and A.J. work together. I hope he takes care of the hitch in A.J.’s git-along!



  7. raysfanboy

    I know that the Rays were only 3 back yesterday, but after beating the Sox and seeing you guys go down, to find the team only 2 back (for now) has rejuvenated me! This is the best division in baseball because even games in June mean alot. I don’t know that every division has such drama with every pitch, every win, every loss. Good stuff.

  8. Jane Heller

    I always forget that you don’t get to hear the Yankees announcers that often, Barbara. Glad today worked out and you could see the game. Very happy that CC looked so strong and that Mo is always there to come to the rescue. I, too, hope Eiland had some magic words for A.J. and that we’ll see an improvement tomorrow. Please say hi to Harold for me and wish him a happy July 4th holiday.

    Sorry about your summer cold, Marci. I hate those! What luck that the Yankees were able to cheer you up today. A-Rod really has been clutch, hasn’t he? And yes, as I said to Barbara, let’s hope Eiland “fixed” A.J.

  9. Jane Heller

    It’s such a tough division, raysfanboy. They’re pretty tight in the AL Central with the Tigers and Twins vying for first place, but ours has a three-way race going.

  10. Jane Heller

    Really, kamranzahid? My memory (as opposed to looking up stats) is that he used to come up in big situations and under-perform, especially in the postseason but not exclusively. But maybe someone reading this can check on your numbers, which are impressive. Thanks for the input.

  11. kamranzahid

    Jane, I don’t think A-Rod has ever been un-clutch for an extended period (except for the postseason, which he rectified last year). In fact, I was wondering if you could tap your sources and find someone to confirm the following information about A-Rod. I read about this last year and have been updating the numbers to keep it up-to-date:

    42% (250 homers) of A-Rod’s 595 home runs either tied the game or gave his team the lead. This, of course, does not include base hits, sac flies or walks that tied the game or gave his team the lead.

  12. Jane Heller

    I bet I could hypnotize you, Paul….You’re getting sleepy. Very sleepy. By the time I count to three, you’ll be in a deep and restful sleep….One….two….three. See?

    That’s dedication, Jeff, knowing how much you love Suzyn’s dulcet tones. You could always watch on MLB.TV???


    Okaay…to the tune of “Proud Mary,” by whoever you like”
    “Left a good job up in Cleveland…
    Pumped a lotta fastballs out in Mil-wau-kee
    But he never saw
    The good side of our city
    ‘Til he signed up big-time for our proud Yankees!
    Big man keep on churnin’
    Proud Yankees keep on burnin’
    Rollin’ through the A.L….”
    Quit while I’m (or while they’re) ahead. Take every one you can as the Raysfanboy says…got a long long way to go, but at least we know the way!
    As far as A-Rod goes…espn had some mini-stat about how yesterday’s tater gave him 10 such HRs in the 8th inning or later (I think) that has him tied for second with somebody in recent years for the most of those. I’d tell you who has the most (with 13), but his nickname rhymes with Sloppy…oh, wait, isn’t that his REAL nickname?

  14. Jane Heller

    Love the song, Dave. You’ve got me humming it. LOL about the record holder for taters in the 8th inning or later….He whose name shall not be mentioned!

  15. raysrenegade

    Again congrats on being the top blog poster on for the month of June.
    Forget the Yankees being a dynasty, you are one yourself.
    So great that other have embraced and fallen for your tales of the pinstripes and your ease of writing the exciting and tales of a true She-Fan following the 2009 World Champions.

    Rays Renegade

  16. Jane Heller

    Thanks, Renegade. I appreciate your being the bearer of good tidings. I’ll go and check the list. As for the dynasty, I’m not sure about that one. LOL.

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