Sometimes You Just Have To Tip Your Cap

I hate it when the Yankees are shut out. I hate it when they don’t get on base. I hate it when they look anemic with every swing. I hate it when Jeter says, “Sometimes you just have to tip your cap to the pitcher,” because sometimes the pitcher is a nobody who’s simply had the good fortune to catch the Yanks on a bad day. But tonight? I’m tipping my cap to Felix Hernandez.
He made everybody look spazzy. I mean, two hits? Really? And he was so efficient about it. The guy had eleven strikeouts and three walks over nine innings. Cliff Lee pitched a completo last night, but the Yankees offense had chances. Not in this game. Not after the first inning. Of course, it’s hard to mount a comeback against anybody, let alone a pitcher of King Felix’s caliber, when your starter gives up two homers, your lefty specialist gives up one and your long reliever gives up another. Franklin Gutierrez left the game with an upset stomach, and our pitching gave me one too. 
But here’s the thing. We’re in first place – by a thread, but still – and it’s a whole lot better than being in the cellar like the Mariners.


  1. yankeesfan27

    I have heard rumblings that Dustin Moseley’s contract is going to be purchased from Triple-A and Chad Gaudin/Chan Ho Park will be DFA’d. Of course, they could also option Boone Logan. I would have to think it would be Chad Gaudin because he is only getting paid 400k by the Yanks (Oakland is picking up the other 1/2). Furthermore, Chan Ho had an excellent outing the other day and fits more as a 7th inning guy or long man. Logan has also been very good.

  2. Jane Heller

    Is that whose basement it is, Jeff? Euwwwww. Sorry, Mariners!

    I’ve read that too, yankeesfan27. I agree that it’s unlikely Chan Ho Park will depart. He’s got an expensive contract and has shown good results when pitching one inning (not the two that Girardi often subjects him to!). Logan is a lefty, which gives him an advantage. With Aceves and Mitre due back soon, I’d have to think it’s Gaudin who’ll be saying goodbye.


    Sheesh…enough with the Hitless Wonder-blowouts already!
    Yes, the pitching has been tough to handle…but hey, can we find some assortment of hurlers that can keep the Mighty M’s down below 7 RUNS A GAME?!? If not, then even this hyphenated wonder they face this afternoon (Ryan Rowland-Smith, he of the 1-7 mark and 6.18 ERA) can go out there, pitch a complete game, and WIN, 7-6. Hello?!?
    Maybe it’s Despicable (Pessimist) Me, but does it seem to you that we’ve been kinda on a tightrope lately…barely winning games, then getting whomped when we lose? Or maybe it’s just that I’ve watched too many Nationals games in-between, and am easily confused (not hard at my age). Well, maybe it’s really just that we need that All-Star break…so I’ve stopped voting for Bombers, in hopes that more of ’em won’t make the team, and go home to Nebraska or wherever for a nice long break…but that’s still 10 days away (yikes)…come on, boyz…don’t wanna be in 3rd…!

  4. James Buxton

    Dear Jane and fellow Bloggers
    I don’t know why always I got sick the Yankees have a bad streak. Maybe it’s just coincidence, but this time Lee and King Felix were superb. I’m sorry for the absence; those were lovely pictures from all of your day at dodger stadium. Javy was ok last night; I think he is mentally strong to overcome the lack of offense. I know it’s just one start, but I’m very concerned for Phill Huges, It’s starting to look like Joba when the “Joba Rules” were at its peak. I’m acting like an over concerned father, but they are like my family.

  5. Jane Heller

    They should go home to Nebraska. Dave, you’re too funny. So you don’t want our boys represented in Anaheim? Of course you do. Just remember that the Yankees are a famously good second half team, so the fact that they’ve had such a good first half – despite the injuries, uncertainty about Vazquez early on, the slumps by Tex and others – tells me everything will be FINE. We were beaten by the Nationals, remember? It happens!

    I’m not concerned about Hughes at all, James and yankeesfan27. So he got extra rest. Fifth starters are often skipped. Not that big a deal, in my opinion! Even he said he didn’t think his last start was affected by the extra days rest. Let’s see how he does the next time out.

    The Mariners can pitch, Paul. Having those two guys should enable them to win way more games than they have. And Ichiro and Branyan can hit. Gutierrez is good too.

  6. Jane Heller

    You’re right, Diane. Colin Curtis’ “hit” wasn’t exactly a crusher. CC has been more and more dominating, so we have to hope the trend continues today. I’m not interested in being swept!

  7. yankeesfan27

    I Would agree, James. Not that Hughes was totally horrible the other night, but I agree about the comparison between Joba and Phil. Before he was put back in the bullpen in 2008, he was truly lights out. I remember a start of his when he went 7IP with 0R against Boston. Then in 2009, Joba started OK, but as the season went on, he became absolutely awful. Good news is that Hughes’ limit is higher than Joba’s was (Hughes I heard was good for 170-180).

    Hopefully they don’t screw up Hughes too badly. If they want to rest him, I’d suggest starting him 4-5 days prior to the All Star break, he would pitch an inning in the ASG, then give him 4-5 more days after the AS Break ends. Similar to Rick Porcello last yr.


    Not only was it a 2-hitter, Jane, but one of those hits should have probably been an error. King Felix was really amazing – no question.

    We have to get back on track – normally C.C. would be my choice when the next game, starting in two minutes, is just about a “must win”. This season he’s been a little up and down but all in all I think he’s going to be just what we need. GO YANKEES!!!

  9. James Buxton

    I’m with you yankeesfan27, his count is higher and would be nice to pitch him as you suggest; and I agree with you Jane, I feel he is more mature than Joba, so I hope it’s was just a bad outing. And he is in my mind for a perfecto. Go Yanks!

  10. Jane Heller

    You’ve always said Hughes will pitch a perfecto, James, so I’m holding you to that! Nice win for the boys today.

  11. Jane Heller

    Very glad Halladay’s not there, Peter. Whew. But the Yanks always have a challenge when they face the Jays. I expect no different this time.

  12. James Buxton

    It is part of my stupid sentimentalism Jane, maybe I’ll sound corny, but I love perfect games. And we Yankee fans need a Perfecto, we haven’t see one since David Cone. I know, the kid has to evolve yet, but someday…

  13. Jane Heller

    Corny is good, James. I love corny. It really has been awhile since we’ve had a perfecto, but this seems to be the year of the pitcher so who knows.


    If Jeter says its okay, then it’s okay 😀 Still, its no fun making a last place team look like playoff contenders..

  15. Jane Heller

    No, not fun, seindsfeld, but fortunately we don’t face Cliff Lee and Felix Hernandez every day. Oh, wait. We’ll be facing them again next week!

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