Torre Story 3

The third and final game in the Yankees’ series against the Dodgers was one of the most exciting contests of the season, in my opinion. Gone was the nonstop chatter about Torre leaving New York and A-Rod not talking to him and blah-blah-blah past history. Well, ESPN couldn’t resist bringing up “the soap opera,” as they called it, but once the game turned into a nail-biter, it was all baseball. After stinking up the early innings – how many bunts could Pettitte not handle? – the offense and relief pitching got serious. Robertson and Marte did their jobs (Joba, not so much) so that A-Rod could pop one into the seats and put the Yanks on the board. We were down 6-3 in the ninth when Torre brought in Broxton.
Yeah, he’s large, but he’s not Mo. A parade of hits greeted him, including a huge at bat by Chad Huffman. I know, I wasn’t thrilled to have Huffman up in that situation either. He’s just a kid we got off San Diego’s scrap heap.
But he came through big time to pull us to 6-5. Clap Clap Clap, Chad. I take back what I said about you on Twitter.
My boy Colin Curtis was up next, and his ground out after about 1,000 pitches (I exaggerate, but he really worked that at bat, didn’t he?) sent Granderson scurrying home (thank you, Loney, for not making the play at home). Wow. All tied up. My stomach was in one big knot.
Why was I so nervous? I mean, Mo was on the hill. What drama could possibly take place? Especially when the normally placid Garret Anderson was batting.
Oh. G.A. didn’t like Chris Guccione’s strike zone and got tossed. Torre came out to have his say, and he and the Guccione went at it – for like ever. Was Joe really that upset or was it a bit of gamesmanship to disrupt Mo’s rhythm? No matter. Mo took care of business. On to the 10th and George Sherrill.
Maybe his beard distracted him, or maybe Robinson Cano is just that good. All I know is that Cano’s homer put the Yanks up 8-6, capping an improbable six-run rally. Mo was a hammer again in the 10th – and again the Dodger hitters weren’t happy. This time Russell Martin slammed down his bat in anger, nearly hitting Posada with it, and there was more arguing with Guccione.
I’ve watched Mo fan batters over the years. I get the frustration. But the Yankees won fair and square to finish off a very entertaining series. Bravo.



    Wow. What a weekend. Thanks so much for all those great videos yesterday, and all the stories, too…fabulous!
    As for Sunday? Back east, it was horribly oppressive. I had to umpire a doubleheader in the morning and damn near died…95 degrees by noon, about a bazillion humidity. We went to a nice BBQ in the aft (but huddled inside), and after getting home, well, it was already 5-0, Dodgers. Why bother, said Me of Little Faith, so I watched “Field Of Dreams” instead (fave baseball/movie ever). Like you, Jane, it always restores my faith & love of the game, win or lose. Then, to get up early this AM and only expecting to read your great postings…and getting a GREAT surprise… Thanks, Yanks! What a finish — Hollywood style…

  2. YankeeCase

    What a great game… It looked like a lost game, but you never give up on the Yanks! The kids are coming up big, just like last year. It looks like the Baby Bombers are back at it. It’s really great that the young’uns show they know how to grind out at bats and come up with clutch hits like their more established brethren. And it’s really something that I didn’t bat an eye with Chad Huffman and Colin Curtis in the ninth. I felt like they’d come through, and they did. And these are guys who have three weeks big league experience total!
    The whole team showed a lot of grit and character last night. We’re starting to see this team’s identity, and it includes big time starting pitching (just an anomaly on Andy’s solid season), solid defense (except for yesterday…), and plenty of youth.
    Sounds weird to say, but hope you had fun at the game on Saturday… looks like you did!

  3. cheshirecat9

    I went to bed after the 8th! I am glad they are coming back to the east coast, these west coast games are too tiring.

  4. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Looks like your trip was a smash! Nice vids…Nice to see the faces and voices behinds the blogs. Last night’s game was a fun watch. What a melt down by Broxton..but the Yanks did more to earn it. Huffman and Curtis? Is that going to be two more plaques in Monument Park? I thought ARod was being very real when he was still “no Commenting” Joe Torre. Oh well.


    School’s out which meant I stayed up to watch the whole game…good thing too since it was so exciting by the end there! What a great job by some of our new guys and of course Cano! I was so frustrated in the beginning, I mean shouldn’t they practice fielding bunts (especially before interleauge games)? But… all’s well that ends well I guess.


    Jane! I didn’t watch most of the game. I couldn’t stand seeing the Dodgers keep bunting. What is this, little league? It made me annoyed, especially since Andy ain’t as spry as he used to be I guess. But who expects 10 bunts in a row? I could never be a National League fan. So I watched Hung, great show on HBO. Then decided to see the damage and it was, “who is this guy?” two run single! “Who is this guy??” tie game! Come on Robbie….Monster shot!! Cano the Conqueror strikes again. With Broxton giving up the four runs, and Mo being Mo, I bet Torre was missing him even more. 😀 I understand the frustration too, but whining in two games of the series? That’s ridiculous. Speaking of arguing…did you see BJ Upton and Longoria? Whats going on with the Rays? Btw, it seems Arod and Torre did talk to each other before the game…so its just ESPN causing more drama if they did talk about the “soap opera.” very classy… 😛

  7. kaiserthegreat

    My Giants peeps and I switched to the Yankees/Dodgers game after the Giants got trounced for the second time in hopes that at least the Dodgers would lose too. Didn’t look good at first, but man was that rally awesome! First and last time we were all screaming “GO YANKEES!”

  8. Jane Heller

    95 degrees at noon, Dave? Sizzzzzling. Yes, the game did end in Hollywood style with a splashy finish and a happy ending. I was tempted to turn it off at one point, but then I always hang in, masochist that I am. This time I was rewarded.

    The Baby Bombers were terrific, YankeeCase. When Huffman came up in that situation I admit I was wishing for, I don’t know, somebody with experience maybe? Wrong. He may have been scared to death, but he looked very cool and collected out there. And Curtis? Wow. Talk about cool. Even with two strikes, he just kept fouling them off and hanging in. Very impressive. As A-Rod said later, they acted like veterans by working the pitcher.

    HAHA, cheshirecat. You should have stayed up just a little longer. But now you’ll have the team back on your coast. I remember how much I hated west coast games when I lived in NY.

    I did have fun on Saturday, Mike. So nice to see everybody in the flesh (except for Peggy – hope you’re having fun in Vegas, Peg!). Broxton did have a meltdown but the kids made him work. And then Cano – he had such a bad record against Sherrill! – brought us the win. So much for stats.

    I’m sure they do practice fielding bunts, wirishrose, but in the AL they don’t see as much bunting so I guess Andy was rusty. He sure looked it. Frustrated too. Oh well. It all turned out OK. Glad you were able to see the whole game!

    I don’t consider bunting “little league,” seindsfeld. It’s smart, small-ball baseball, especially in the NL where there’s no DH and the pitcher bats, and it was the Yankees’ job to field those balls cleanly. Cano is just amazing this season. I was really glad when the official scorer reversed that call that would have given him an error. Mo reminds us every day how lucky we’ve been to have him as our closer. Were some of those pitches close? Sure. But for the Dodgers players to go off like that was pure frustration, I guess. I’m wondering if Martin will get a fine for the bat slamming thing. And yes, A-Rod and Torre said hello for 30 seconds. Big news, right?

    LOL, kaiser. I bet you guys were screaming. Glad to help your cause.

  9. Jane Heller

    Ladyjane, thanks for pointing out my pictorial mistake about Huffman! In my haste last night, I must have grabbed some other rookie. Anyhow, Chad is up now in his rightful place. 🙂 I feel the same way about Eiland’s return. I’m sure he’s not a magician, but if having him there gives AJ peace of mind, then good. Glad you’ll be there to cheer him on. Nice story about Dodger Stadium (sorry about your sweater though). It’s heartening to know that there is still something called Customer Service!

    Emma, I know how you feel, believe me. I thought Torre was great as the Yankees manager, but sometimes he drove me nuts, especially with his bullpen moves. Poor Broxton was clearly laboring, and I kept wondering how the outcome might have been different if Manny had stayed in the game instead of Anderson, who I don’t see as a “defensive replacement!”

  10. ladyjane303

    Getting back on East Coast time and to East Coast heat – yuck! Weather much nicer in LA. Last night’s game was so exciting, and I’m glad I didn’t give up on watching when things got ugly. Someone already said it, and I agree – extra fielding practice is warranted. Cano – he’s in a league by himself. I said in Spring Training that I thought he would have a monster year, but I never expected all this. I was so excited for the Baby Bombers last night, and you would have loved seeing both Huffman and Curtis on the post-game interviews. But who’s that Yankee in the picture above? Doesn’t look like Huffman and I know it’s not Curtis.
    Glad to hear that Dave Eiland will be back tomorrow. Hopefully he can help AJ get his head straight – I’ll be there Wednesday night to check up on him.
    Have to say again how much I admire the Dodger organization and they way the run their ballpark (except for not letting us go between levels). I left my sweater behind on Saturday, and took a wild stab that someone might have turned it in to Lost and Found. I called the stadium and received a very prompt call back from a very nice young man. Unfortunately, no sweater was turned in , but many calls of that sort wouldn’t have been returned at all.

  11. crzblue2

    Still bummed after that loss. Torre should not had brought in Broxton after he had to get 4 outs the night before. I think Torre should retire. Was he asleep on the rail? He needed to get Brox out but he had noone warming up. I aged during that inning. Brox was not topping his fastballs in the top 90’s so obviously the guy is tired. Now Broxton cannot be used for a few days since between Saturday and Sunday’s pitches, it was like a complete game.
    On to the hated Jints for my Bums.
    Did I say Torre needs to retire? What was up with doing a double switch? I looked at my scorebook, and it should have been
    Manny. Instead of Manny with a .311 avg, we get Anderson with a .190 avg.
    Casey Blake.
    OK, end of rant.
    Serenity now!

  12. heartruss

    Your Yankees are the champs. They played well. I’m happy that the Dodgers were able to win one game of the series. My personal opinion is that Broxton should not have stayed in as long as he did when it was obvious he did not have his stuff. Then when I saw Sherrill come in, I thought it was time for me to pack up and leave. Sure enough a 2 run game winning homerun was next.
    It was heartbreaking but I keep telling myself that it is only a game. In the scheme of things, I am ready to go on to the next game. If only McCourt would get a pitcher and maybe trade Sherrill for a better reliever.

  13. Jane Heller

    I think Broxton was just over-worked, Sun-Ui. He’s still a good closer but even the best ones don’t have it from time to time.

    I’m sure last night was disappointing, Cat. The Yankees didn’t play well until Kershaw was out of the game. He pitched great. But you’re right. It was only one game. We’ve got more than a half a season to go! I can’t say I’m sorry to be done with inter-league, but I did enjoy Yankees-Dodgers, thanks in part to you!

  14. hisbaby

    I’m lovin’ today’s blog, Jane! What can I say that you haven’t already? Oh yeah…BOOYAH! DA YANKEES ROCKED DA DODGERS’ HOUSE BIG TIME! Torre? pfft!


  15. Jane Heller

    I think we’re all feeling high from that one, Marci. It started out being such a drag and I wanted to turn it off over and over. But I’m glad I hung in there!

  16. YankeeCase

    Hey Jane, did it bother you that those ESPN guys kept saying the Dodgers’ three runs in the third was a result of AL teams not knowing how to defend against the bunt? That all they rely on is the home run?
    True there were some bad throws and some miss communication, but to say the Yankees don’t know how to play a bunt situation because of the DH is the dumbest thing I’ve heard from those guys ever! And I’ve heard some dumb things from them! As if the Yankees had only heard about this ‘bunt’ thing until yesterday and oohed and ahhed over its results. Come on, it’s only a fundamental part of the game is all!

  17. Jane Heller

    Everything they do on ESPN bothers me, YankeeCase! But yeah, the bunting thing was a little over the top. Even worse for me was the yammering about A-Rod and Torre. Who cares if they like each other or don’t. It’s such old news. Can’t wait to watch games on YES again.

  18. travelingbballbabes

    I think that first mishandled bunt by Andy was partially Alex’s fault. He was getting back to the bag, giving Andy a moving target, but once he saw that Alex wasn’t covering the bag, Andy probably should’ve nixed that idea and gone 1 for the guaranteed out. Actually, now that I am thinking about it, Alex should’ve been covering third on that second bunt where Andy got turned around and then made a shoddy throw. Okay, so going forward, Alex needs to let Andy field his position and cover third. We’ve seen Andy handle that kind of play before, so we know he’s capable. Let him do his thing. Joe Morgan kills me. I don’t know if it’s just me, but everytime I watch a game on ESPN (I’m a weirdo. I watch every Sunday night baseball game, even when it’s not the Yankees), his voice grates on me. AND HE DOESN’T SHUT THE HELL UP EVER! He just keeps going, and going, and going! He’s like the energizer bunny of broadcasting. The end of that game went for me like this: grumpy -> hyperventilating -> exhilirated! : ) Okay, I’m sorry I’ve just blown up your comments section.

  19. Jane Heller

    Vent away, Serena. You have lots of company when it comes to ESPN. I actually remember the days when I adored their network and thought Morgan was charming. I liked his I’ve-been-there contributions. Now? He talks everything to death. Great ballplayer. Not a great broadcaster. Same with Jim Palmer when I get the O’s feed. Masterful pitcher. Doesn’t know when to stop talking. The good news is the Yankees won the game last night!

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