Off-Day Entertainment: Doc Ellis Goes Tripping

When Dave, friend of the blog, sent me the link to this video, I figured today’s off-day would be the perfect time to post it. It has nothing to do with anything Yankees (well, except that Doc Ellis was briefly in pinstripes). Mostly, I was in the mood for a break. Last night’s win against the Dodgers was exhausting. Plus I’m not interested in trying to guess how swollen Brett Gardner’s arm/wrist is or whether he or Nick Swisher will make the All Star team. So here’s the blog – a tribute to the Pirates pitcher who claimed he threw a no-hitter while he was high on LSD. As I said, it’s apropos of nothing, but makes me laugh nevertheless. For those who’ve never seen it, enjoy and back to business tomorrow.



    That was hilarious! Thanks Dave and Jane 😀 I’ll look for more of that guys work. Great music too! XD

  2. Jane Heller

    I laughed when Dave sent it to me, seindsfeld. They should make a video about David Wells, since he claimed he pitched his perfect game while being hungover/drunk.

  3. beckers46

    Oh my gosh, that was so funny! Yes, I would love to see a Boomer one. They could make one about him wearing Babe Ruth’s cap too.


    Oh, WOW. This is, like, totally far out…!
    Thanx & yer welcome, She-Fan. Folks out there, poor Jane gets lotsa goofy e-mails from me thru the year, but like spaghetti thrown against the wall, sometimes one sticks…!
    After enjoying this episode yet again, I did a little more research on the Late Great (?) Dock. Here’s what I learned:
    (1) First, of course, you were right, Jane, when you told me that he was traded to the Yanks WITH WILLIE RANDOLPH, and Ken Brett too (George’s brother!)…all three were traded for…Doc Medich! A Doc for Dock trade, and THEN some…this led to the fact that…
    (2) Dock was a Yankee for a season & change, but “it was a very good year,” 1976. He won 17 games, got voted as AL Comeback Player of the Year, and won Game #2 of the ALCS for us against K.C. That was the season when we won our first pennant in 12 years thanx to a certain HR by Chris Chambliss…we lost the WS, however, to…
    (3) The Big Red Machine…surely annoying Dock further. How much? Well, the Pirates & Reds were big rivals back then…during a game in ’74, Dock began the game by hitting Rose — hitting Morgan(!!) — hitting Driessen(!!!) — and tried to hit Perez twice before walking him. Only THEN…did the manager take him out of the game! Were the umps on LSD too???
    (4) When Dock came up with a sore arm in ’77 (he was a prima-donna pain often), the Yanks traded him to Oakland for…Mike Torrez! The pitcher who nailed down the WS for us that year against the Dodgers!! With a little help from Reggie, of course…
    So Dear Ol’ Dock actually contributed to Yankee history in MANY fascinating ways…who knew?!?

  5. Jane Heller

    A Boomer one would be hilarious, beckers46. It could be about his drunken perfecto, his Babe Ruth obsession and the little tiff he had with Jeter.

    Yeah, Jeff. Even if he made it up it’s good material. I wonder how many of the baseball stories we’ve heard over the years are baloney.

  6. Jane Heller

    Dave, that is fascinating stuff! Who knew is right. What a tangled history with so many colorful Yankees who came and went and contributed in some way. Thanks again!

  7. raysrenegade

    Got to love it.
    Now is that considered a mood or a performance enhancing drug?
    But then in that span of time there was a bit of a rampant drug situation, just ask ex-Yankee/Dodger Steve Howe. Still boggles my mid that Doc Ellis even decided to use before playing, but sometimes the mind makes your body do things you regret.
    Best thing is nothing tragic happened to Doc Ellis that day, and some call it an Urban Legend, but back in those days, not just disco dancing went on in the clubhouses.

    Rays Renegade

  8. Jane Heller

    Ah, poor Steve Howe, Renegade. He was such a mess. And you’re right about Doc in that nothing tragic happened to him that day (quiite the opposite) and he didn’t hurt anyone else. Crazy days.

  9. crzblue2

    Yeah Jane, poor Steve Howe. When he got killed in a car accident, he was headed to LA to watch his son play.
    I just got the email that I have been selected to the 2010 MLB All-Star FanFest volunteer team!

  10. crzblue2

    The volunteering is for the All-Star Fanfest, not the game. Wish I could volunteer at the game but I am happy to do it at the FanFest. To quote the LA Times blog:
    “Fanfest is an indoor baseball theme park that features more than 40 attractions, including interactive exhibits, clinics, seminars and free autograph sessions that this year will include Angels legends along with members of the baseball Hall of Fame. ”

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