Long Drive Home…

So I didn’t have time to post pics, video and thoughts about my day/night at Dodger Stadium. We all know what happened in the game – ugh – but lots more tomorrow after I’ve had a little sleep. 



  1. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Poor Ms. Sleepy-Jane…slumber on while we east coasters throw out a few thoughts (it’s about 2:30AM PST as I type this…got a BUSY day today…).
    Okay, so yesterday’s game stunk. Bad day in sports…the USA is “Ghana” from the World Cup, too. These things happen. It IS worrisome about “Bad AJ” — for some reason, even Tex’s tater in the 1st felt like a bad omen…and sure enough, it was. But I’m no optimist…
    Mostly, hope you had reasonably great fun with all your company. I recall going to the Super Bowl once…in Tampa…
    everything about the weekend was great, except the game. And my team lost to the LA Raiders. Ah, c’est la vie.
    We look oh so forward to your videos and such, whenever they are ready to show. Friday HAD to be great — I was SO happy for all y’all. I have two theories about why the Dodger fans are being so obnoxious…
    (1) they’ve studied up on Yankee-Dodger history, having little else to do for decades, and they don’t like it (UNLIKELY)
    (2) there are thousands of New England transplants posing as agents provocateurs in the crowd. Hey, Bahston is in a lousy sports mood these days (boo-hoo, B’s and C’s), and they wanna vent their toxins somewhere…!
    Who cares if they boo Mo…take it from me, the Dookie fan, the team that everyone loves to hate…they’re all so jealous, they can’t stand it! Now go get ’em today, girlz!!

  2. yankeesfan27

    Sorry that you had to be there for that Jane. I was happy to see Tex hit that 3 run homer, thought we were all set and you would get to see a win, but I guess it wasn’t to be.

    Speaking of AJ, would it harm anything if we skip his next start? There is an off day on Monday….

  3. beckers46

    Anytime you go to an actual game you hope your team will win. Sorry you had to witness what happened. I’m annoyed with A.J. I think we all are. I hope Andy continues to cruise tonight!

  4. seindsfeld@aol.com

    Remember when you predicted Mo striking out Manny? I wish I hadn’t predicted this…but AJ makes it way too easy. Hope you had a good hot dog and some laughs. 🙂

  5. Jane Heller

    I’m awake! Post will be up as soon as my videos finish uploading….Waiting….waiting….

    The Dodger fans were mostly very nice yesterday, Dave. Maybe the Friday night crowd imbibes a little more.

    Yankeefan27, I was so happy after that first half inning, thinking I was about to see a great game. And then came the bottom half and the rest….Girardi said he’s not skipping A.J.

    It’s so true, beckers46. I thought my tickets came with a guarantee that the Yankees would win. LOL. Very disappointing result and troubling in terms of our pitching…and offense….

    My husband really enjoyed his Dodger dog, seindsfeld. Will have it on video shortly!

    HAHA, Mike. You missed me. I’m shaving cream-less.

    Oddly enough, I’m not as hysterical about AJ as some, Paul. I know AJ’s been awful but I still have faith that he can turn it around. The question is when.

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