Round One Goes To The Yanks

It’s late so I’ll just post some quick thoughts….
* Apparently, after all the years Billy Crystal hung around the Yankees, he was only a Torre fan.
* I really don’t like Padilla. His 53 mph pitch was effective, but I’m not wild about his tendency to plunk my players, then glare at us when we plunk him back.
* CC dominated for eight innings – beastly.
* A-Rod wouldn’t talk about Torre’s book before the game. Instead, he smacked a clutch homer, putting the Yanks on top. The team’s offense was quiet again, but he seems to have revived.
* Manny is still a tough out, but that error in left wasn’t pretty.
* Mo is Mo. Three up. Three K’s. Godly.
* Dodger fans disappointed me. All those “Yankees suck” chants? And booing Mo? Really?
* I’m looking forward to tomorrow when I’ll be at the game and can cheer the Yanks on in person. A.J. might need me, given the way he’s been throwing. If anybody else is going that I don’t know about, I’ll be in 121 Loge, row H! I hope I see a good one!



    I’m sorry Jane, and to all that are going tomorrow, that you have to see AJ. I’m sure he’ll turn it around eventually, but the way this game ended, those Dodgers are gonna be fired up. He might be out by inning three, but I hope I’m wrong. XD As for the game…wow. CC is a giant monster, destroying cities. Rising up to the occasion, raising his velocity. Wish his plunk to Padilla was a little higher though, like 4 feet higher. Can you believe it though? Arod, who was shunned in the Torre era, is the hero? (too.) You can’t predict baseball. 😛 My brother said, about the “Yankee suck” chants, that the stadium was initiating it. Playing music to go along with the chants. Maybe they even had a sign instead of saying “Make Noise” it said “Boo Mo” Donnie Baseball was livid! He looked like Paul O’Neill for a second or two. Most interesting story is with the Rays. Second no-hitted, against a pitcher that was a Ray, with both Upton brothers playing in the same game?? This is a very strange game. lol

  2. ooaooa

    They booed Mo? If I were you I would take that personally. Give them heck this afternoon (night here). I am prepared to put you in for a few Empire medals if you are scared in battle.


    Donnie losing it? That never seemed to happen to him when he was a player. Maybe the emotion of the whole thing got to him.

    And Padilla glaring at CC? Ha ha. CC is not someone I’d want as an enemy. He has Padilla by 5 inches and 50 pounds. No wonder Padilla needed to keep hold of his bat. Jerk.

    And what about the Cubbies with Zambrano? Shades of Cliff Johnson.


  4. raysrenegade

    Manny has truly gone Hollywood…especially after seeing his lollygagging after that ball in Leftfield.
    The best thing A Rod can do this season is lead by example and stay out of the photogs and fishwraps for comments. Showed a new level of savvy by not commenting on Joe Torre’s book…..Because you know he want to…..Real bad.
    But at least the pinstripes are close to you right now ( well, at least California) so maybe you can inject them with a few doses of She-Fan pride before they head back to the Big Apple.

    Rays Renegade

  5. Jane Heller

    Torre and Mattingly were really upset about those calls on Mo’s pitches, A.J. It struck me as funny, because in the post-game show on the Dodgers channel out here, Torre said Mo gets the benefit of the doubt on calls because he’s Mo. Uh, yeah. Didn’t they know that by now?

    The Padilla-CC thing was hilarious, seindsfeld. Why would anyone take on CC, not to mention Mike Harkey who’s almost as huge. Oh well. On the chanting, that was on the fans. Dodger Stadium doesn’t allow signs. But that’s OK because it only served to fire up the Yanks. I just assumed it was a Fenway thing, plus doesn’t it make more sense to cheer for your own team rather than boo the other team? Weird about the Rays being no-hit again – for the 3rd time in the past 12 months: Buehrle, Braden and now Jackson.

    I do take it personally, John, and I am prepared to do battle with anyone nearby who dares to boo him again! Count on it!

    Oy, Zambrano. Can you imagine having a guy like him on your team, Melissa? What a nightmare. Bad behavior seems rampant. Did you read about the Romanian tennis player who spit at the fans at Wimbledon?

  6. mlbmom

    Booing Mo?? Seriously?
    Absurd….it’d be like booing The Babe, or Joe, or Lou, or Mickey….
    Can’t wait for AJ to bring his real stuff tonight.
    Wish I were going to the game. I’d likely get into trouble if they start booing my Hero! I’d have to protect his honor!!

    (I still have my coffee every day with you and your blog. Little liightning took out our computers, so limping along on my phone in the interim. Commenting is painfully time consuming from my phone…but booing Mo, I had to say something!!)

  7. ladyjane303

    First time at Dodger Stadium did not disappoint. Beautiful setting, beautiful field and if the stadium itself is a bit plain and has elements of a 50’s movie set so be it. Dodger dogs all they’re cracked up to be. Parking lot after the game = nightmare. Genius CC, brilliant Mo (my nephew’s friend, a big Dodger fan, kept saying “he’s amazing, he’s amazing”) and a monster blast by A-Rod. I was hoping to see the infield gang up on Padilla if he went after CC, but cooler heads prevailed. Those “Yankees suck” chants? Very unoriginal and pure jealosy. They always came out when we were doing something good. Dodger fans are NOT going to psych us out. Looking forward to meeting up with you and others today. Fingers crossed for AJ.

  8. James Buxton

    Strange game last night, but it’s over, the real party starts when all of you be at the Stadium doing what all of us love to do, Cheer the Yankees!! (One of these days I’ll be there too). AJ needs all the support he can get, and will have it from the She (and He)-fans. I’ll be doing a dance for AJ (worked very well for Javy), and again, my best wishes and good vibe for all of you. Have a Great Game!

  9. Jane Heller

    I know what you mean about having to sign in and comment using a phone, Wendy. I need to take this laptop in for service and I’m dreading being stuck with a phone for a few days. But technology has spoiled us. Hope the lightning didn’t damage your house too. I’ll be on my best behavior today, but if there’s any booing of Mo in my section, I won’t be able to contain myself unless my husband literally clamps his hand over my mouth!

    It’s a great place to watch a ball game, isn’t it, ladyjane? I really like Dodger Stadium and its view and atmosphere (booing and chanting aside). And yes, the Dodger dogs are great! So glad you had fun. Will see you later. Get ready for your She-Fan Cam closeup!

  10. Jane Heller

    I think A-Rod has finally learned to keep his mouth shut, Renegade. He just gets into trouble when left to ramble. Now he he lets his bat do the talking. I expect there to be a lot of she-fan pride at today’s game, given the number of women I know will be there. Should be fun, win or lose.

  11. scofid

    Haha! I agree about Billy Crystal. Where has he been? You are right, only for Torre! 😉 I also agree about Padilla. There aren’t many players that I have a genuine dislike for, but Padilla would be one. The CC machine is rolling now. If only A.J. could come around. Hopefully, he has ben able to correct the flaws in his delivery, but I can’t say that I am overly optimistic. Hideki Kuroda will be tough today. I am okay with A-Rod continuing to talk with his bat. Works for me! It must have been weird for Torre to watch his team’s hopes fade with Mariano Rivera on the mound….enter night, exit light…game over.

  12. Jane Heller

    Thanks, James. We’ll do our best to represent the pinstripes today. A.J. does need our support, so I’ll be cheering for him, not to worry!

    I bet his teammates don’t like him either, Jeff. He pitched well last night, especially since he only recently came off the DL, but his headhunting makes him notorious and his sweating…well, it’s just gross.

  13. Jane Heller

    He probably does hold a grudge about that too, Paul. Either way, there won’t be any hugging going on between those two.

  14. Jane Heller

    I worry about A.J. too, Scott, because I think he really clicked with Dave Eiland. But maybe he’ll surprise us today and reverse his recent trend. Yup, must have been weird for Torre to watch Mo shut his guys down, but he and Mattingly were really upset about the ump’s strike calls. I wonder if there will be any repercussions today.

  15. crzblue2

    I was actually proud of Padilla. He pitched well. He did not retaliate after getting hit and Tex was coming to bat. From what I read there is no love between Tex and Padilla from his days in Texas. CC hitting Padilla? C’mon! I watch alot of NL games and I don’t see a pitcher hitting another pitcher. That was low of CC.

    But that was a good pitching dual, my kind of games.
    Hate the “(insert team) suck” chant just like the “Beat LA” . I rather have fans emphasize their own team and I have said that on Facebook but some fans like to do that.
    Looking forward to see you Jane and Lady Jane.
    There was an auction last night. They had a signed Mattingly BBH, a stay at the Ritz in Phoenix and St. Louis among baseballs, jerseys and other items. Is a small auction. (the big one with take the jerseys off the back of players and also players basket does not come until later in the Summer.) I expect another auction today so come to the club level and check it out if you like.
    Come early, come early. I was home way before Dodger Talk was over but I am expert getting out of there.
    Loved seeing Pau Gasol throwing out the first pitch. He joined Jaime Jarrin in the booth (Vin only does the first 3 innings on the radio). Love hearing Pau speak Spanish. He sounds like such a nice guy.
    If you have any questions, for me don’t hesitate to post something in blog and I’ll get the email in my blackberry.
    Have fun everyone!
    My friend Lorena’s seats were occupied by a father and daughter who are Yankee fan. They look so cute. My friend Rene and I were talking to him after the game.

  16. Jane Heller

    Emma, I’m on my way to the game now, so I’ll be early! As for Padilla, we’ll have to agree to disagree. He did pitch well, but he would have been tossed if he’d thrown at Tex or anyone else; both benches had been warned by then. And his bad blood with Tex has a little something to do with how many times he’s hit him! Thanks for all your great info about the stadium and see you soon, I hope.

  17. phillies_phollowers

    I have heard some very unfriendly stories about Dodger stadium & some of the fans there, but I think that is the same anywhere you go. Always a few bad apples. I mean, anyone who boo’s Mo is clearly not a baseball fan. Have a great time though! Can’t wait to hear all about it :O)



    Have fun today Jane! I hope the Yanks crush them today after they booed Mo and the whole hoopla in the 9th yesterday. Fingers crossed that AJ straightens himself out today…

  19. Jane Heller

    As you say, Jenn, there are bad apples at every stadium. People today did their chanting and booing, but most were friendly and rooted for their team. An overall good experience, minus the actual game. Ugh.

    AJ didn’t straighten himself out, wirishrose. As you saw, he was awful again. More coming when I post about the game.

    Lol, Serena. You mean you aren’t a fan of “Don’t Stop Believing,” one of my all time cringe worthy songs?

    Will post some pics and video tonight or tomorrow, seindsfeld. Long drive home after the game so I may not get to it tonight.

    Bad AJ did show up, Mike. I’m starting to think tickets to games should come with a guarantee that your team will win!

  20. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Doh! Don’t Look! I’m afraid you picked a bad game to see.
    Bad AJ showed up again. Come to think of it….your next post should be quite interesting. Looking forward to it. ; )

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