Thinking About The Dodgers Tonight

After a day of reading about Joe Torre and how he’s glad he wasn’t in the dugout while the Yankees were winning the World Series last year (I find that hard to believe, but whatever), I had the Dodgers on my mind tonight. I was at the speaking gig of my friend, author Joe Parent, who coaches all sorts of professional golfers and wrote the bestseller Zen Golf.
Before the event, there was a cocktail hour and I struck up a conversation with some of the other guests. Since I don’t play golf, I figured I’d talk about baseball, which led to a discussion of the She-Fan book and this blog. Before I knew it, I was whipping out the She-Fan Cam. It hadn’t been used in awhile and needed the work, just like Mo does sometimes. Plus I wanted it to be sharp for Saturday, when I’ll be down at Dodger Stadium. The room was very noisy so it’s kind of hard to hear my brief chat with a Dodgers fan named Kyle, but he put me in my place after I rudely suggested that his team wasn’t doing so well.
May the best team win this weekend, Kyle.



    Fun to see the she-fan cam again. Hope you can get a video of the she-fan gathering at the dodger game.

    Watching the world cup and though I love it, it does illustrate the beauty of baseball. When Portugal was up 7-0 and there was 2 minutes left in the game, it was physically impossible for the other team to win. With baseball, a team can be down 10-0 with two outs and two strikes on the batter in the bottom of the ninth and make a comeback. Probable?Not really, but possible!

    And how about that 70-68 5th set at wimbledon? Wow! That was really amazing.

    Not looking forward to the jarring sight of Donny Baseball in Dodger blue.


  2. ooaooa

    I am shocked that guy pulled one over on you! That was Kyle Farnsworth you interviewed! Of course he likes the Dodgers.
    I hope you have a wonderful day in LA Saturday. I trust you will do something significant to further the cause of the empire. Be bold and take no guff. I look forward to reading about “incidents”.


    ooaooa, I don’t think Kyle Farnsworth would root for a team Joe Torre is on XD But I read Torre said, through friends, he never even wanted to step in the new stadium at all. Seeing Girardi win a championship was probably pretty hard on him. Not gonna be fun seeing Manny again though. I don’t usually watch the pregame, but I’ll have to, to see if the core four and Torre have a bro-hug. Was funny you mentioned how much trouble the Dodgers have had against the AL East at the end there. šŸ˜€ And cool Yankee symbol sparkle thing!!


    “Coming into Los Angeles
    Bringin’ in some wins, that’s the key
    Don’t touch our bats, if you please
    Mr. Dugout Man..”
    The play on lyrics was from Arlo Guthrie’s old tune. And now, let’s see how it plays in Hollay-wood. This is gonna be SO exciting for all y’all, as we say here in the northern south. May you meet up & greet up all the bloggers, and your collective alpha waves of good vibes outweigh that little bit of tweaking the Sports Gods you did with your li’l ol’ interview of Kyle Beefcake (I’m usually doing the reverse… putting my team down, saying they’re not that good, in hopes of not rousing those fickle deities). But, She-Fan, I/we have full trust in you and Da Ladies…have GREAT fun, keep that Cam a-rollin’, and go git ’em!!

  5. Jane Heller

    Very cute smile, Mimi. He was very sweet, even when I had the audacity to bring up the Dodgers sweep at the hands of the Red Sox. Classy guy.

    You’re right, Peter, and that worries me. Good teams always wake up from their slumps, and I hope it doesn’t happen this weekend.

    That match at Wimbeldon was truly amazing, Melissa. I understand that Isner is out now after all of his heroics, but how could he have carried on? His legs must have been shot. Seeing Dodger Donnie will be weird – almost as weird as that facial hair he’s sporting. LOL.

    Kyle Farnsworth. LOL, John. I don’t think THAT Kyle ever smiles. I plan to be on my best behavior on Saturday. I’m going early for BP and will be surrounded, I’m sure, by other Yankee fans. However, if somebody messes with me, I can’t be held accountable. šŸ™‚

    Ugh. I sort of forgot about Manny in all the excitement about going to the game, seindsfeld. He always kills Yankees pitching. Maybe we should just walk him every at bat. I think the core four and Torre have already had their bro-hug, but I’m sure there will be more of that during the weekend. And Torre had lunch yesterday with Gene Monahan and Steve Donahue – “his guys.” So there’s lots of nostalgia. I just hope the players forget about sentimentality when they take the field.

    True, Jeff, but the Yankees were just as guilty of bad base running in Arizona the other night. Yikes, talk about running yourself into outs!

    I know it’ll be fun, Dave. Really looking forward to seeing friends and making new ones. Will report, of course!

    HAHA, Kaiser. I’ll be cheering my guys to victory if that helps.


    Hi Jane,
    Great She-Fan cam interview! I thought he politely tried to defend his team. Joe Torre can’t be happy we are coming to town! How many games will you be attending at Dodger’s Stadium?
    I really don’t understand Joe’s comment about not wanting to be in the dugout or stepping foot into the new Yankee Stadium? Is he that bitter? I wouldn’t think he would be that type, although maybe I am wrong. I too am interested if there will be a group “core” hug.
    Have fun tomorrow and Go Yankees! šŸ™‚

  7. crzblue2

    I forgot to tell you that I love the interview with Kyle! Of course you already knew that!
    I am excited about tonight! I will try to sneak out of work early. The boss is in NH but he would so understand. Not because he is a baseball fan, infact my boss is not into sports. He is just a casual Red Sox fan that transferred her from NH. He just knows how crazy I am about the Dodgers and baseball.
    I sold my extra tickets at work. It did not take long, I was just talking with the lady that handles the company tickets and this guy pops in that overheard my conversation.
    See you tomorrow!
    Peggy: Look for me in aisle three last row. I might be around visiting friends but my brother will be there and other fans that know me there.
    My friend Lore who sits next to me sold her two tix for tonight’s game because today is the graduation for her kids from 8th grade. She was their kindergarden and first grade teacher. She will be there tomorrow though.
    Oh JAne! congratulations! Your post is featured in the MLB Blog front page!

  8. Jane Heller

    Kathleen, I’m just going to tomorrow’s game. Wish I could go to all three, but I’ll settle for one! I’m sure Torre is ambivalent about the Yankees at this point. He’s not fond of management/ownership, but he still loves his players and coaches. My only issue, as I wrote on Twitter earlier today, is that the Yankees are playing the Dodgers this weekend, not Joe Torre!

    Have a great time tonight, Emma. I’m taking your suggestion and going to the LF field boxes to watch BP around 2 tomorrow. If you’re there, please come say hi. And thanks for the heads up about the MLBlogs page.


    Didn’t mean to ruin the trip šŸ˜€ That’s cool he had lunch with Monahan and Donahue, some bonds are just too strong to break sometimes.

  10. jessel


    Sorry about not checking in, in a while. Like you I am really excited about this matchup. And naturally when I think of the Yankees, thoughts of you spring to mind. Win or lose this will be an exciting series. The Dodgers have been slumping lately, but finally broke out last night. Don’t know if you heard about Wednesday’s game, but the denizens of the Ravine reached their nadir, losing 2-1 as they had 2 runners picked off 2nd in the 9th inning, the second just as the tieing run was about to cross home plate.

    Hard to believe that the Yanks and Dodgers meet so infrequently, this being the greatest interleague rivalry in history. You’d think that MLB would appreciate that fact, if not from an historical perspective, than at least from a monetary and marketing angle. I mean that’s what interleague play is all about, is it not?

    The L A Times currently has a couple of articles about the All time Dodger and Yankee squads. If this is of interest to you let me share the links to them.,0,3841318.story

    The 3 game set will be broadcast on 3 different stations back in the New York area, consecutively on YES, Fox and ESPN. Wonderful to hear that you will be in attendance Saturday. I certainly envy you you’re good fortune in that respect. I’ll be watching and looking for you in the stands. Maybe you can do something to draw attention to yourself. Perhaps you could hold up a sign that says something like—-The Dodgers had Hilda Chester, but the Yanks have me, and besides I’m lots cuter.

    You could add something about being a brilliant writer, but why belabor the obvious. Whoops, not that your zinger of a smile isn’t quite discernible as well. In any case, have fun, and remember if you aren’t a little hoarse by the time the 9th inning rolls around, you really haven’t enjoyed yourself.


  11. crzblue2

    Oh and Jane and all.
    I was remembering the last time I saw CC at Dodger Stadium. He hit a homerun. If you don’t know know who he hit if off of, check my blog.

  12. Jane Heller

    I’m sure they were glad to see him too, seindsfeld. I would love to have been a fly on the wall and listened in on their conversation!

    Mike, thanks so much for the kind words – and for the links to the LA Times articles. It’s a storied rivalry all right, even though the teams rarely play each other these days. I went down to LA the last time the Yanks were in town and I’m very excited to be going there again tomorrow. I don’t think you’ll see me on TV. HAHA. I’m sitting one section above the field boxes, behind home plate to the third base side. Maybe a foul ball will come my way? I’ll wave in any case. And yes, I will be hoarse by the time it’s all over! Take care and good to “see” you again.

    I saw your blog, Emma, and enjoyed reading about CC’s homer. Maybe he’ll do it again tonight!

  13. crzblue2

    No signs are permitted at Dodger Stadium.
    I love the pictures that they showed on the LA Times today. I had my coffee and enjoyed reading the article.
    Well, let’s see if I can kick my users off the system. Don’t they know I have places to go like my favorite place Dodger Stadium!!!

  14. Jane Heller

    I think Torre was talking about being the skipper in the Yankee dugout last year, raysfanboy. I’m sure he’d be thrilled to go as the Dodgers manager. But there must be hard feelings toward the Yankees organization.

  15. raysfanboy

    I would love to go to Dodger Stadium some time. It is one of those magical places in MLB, for sure. I don’t know that I totally believe Torre when he said what he said, but it is possible he was telling the truth. The guy has so many damn rings these days maybe he just doesn’t want anymore…

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