What A Great Game!

If you’re a fan of the Diamondbacks.

Diamond Back Rattle Snake close up.JPG
With A.J. doing his best impersonation of a batting practice pitcher, there really wasn’t much for Yankee fans to do except marvel at his ineptitude. I mean, seriously. The Diamondbacks? That powerhouse lineup? What a joke. That last homer by Upton against Chan Ho Park to give Arizona ten runs was the last straw.
As for the offense, stranding runners is not the way to win ball games. Was it jet lag or just bad luck that kept the scoring to a minimum? Brett Gardner had a pulse, going 4-for-4. Swisher looked alive. And A-Rod hit a gapper. But whatever. It was just one of those nights, and I’m sorry for East Coasters who stayed up late to watch. What I really want to know is this:
How can a pitcher with A.J.’s talent be so inconsistent? How?


  1. beckers46

    He’s been inconsistent all month. He needs to stop missing his mark and communicate better. Do you think he’d benefit with a personal catcher? Last game Cervelli caught for him and this game it was Jorge. Both games were bad though. A.J. needs to focus and pull out of this slump!

  2. ooaooa

    Listened to the 1st inning on the radio and said “See Ya”. Woke up this morning hoping it was a nightmare. AJ gives me heartburn. Glad to see Colin Curtis called up. He was hot this spring. We got to talk to him a few times the past two years. A real nice kid.
    My next journey into Sox territory comes up 2nd and 3rd week of August. Two weeks in Rhode Island. I have already begun to train. I have taken out my Yankee beach umbrella and Yankee towels already. Preperation is important in these ventures into Sox homelands.

  3. diane.anziano@gmail.com

    A.J. hasn’t been inconsistent, Jane. He has been consistently awful. He always seems to manage 2 outs and then the bombs hit. As soon as he gives up a homerun or two, they get in his head and there’s nothing he can do. The should have pulled him after the first inning.

    The bats were terrible, except for Gardy, Swish and one good shot by A-Rod, as you said. And obviously you and I were right to hold back our faith that the worst is over for Tex. I’m certain it will happen but when???!!

    And the bench — its all rookies. I know we have a lot of people on the DL but its strange to not see one big name on in the dugout.

    Obviously, we can still pull out this series with the next two wins and then head on to L.A. I’m not thrilled for Hughes to miss his next start but they are trying to prepare him for the rest of the season so I’ll have to deal with it. GO YANKEES!!!

  4. seindsfeld@aol.com

    I’m so glad I hung out with a friend instead of seeing this game. Getting home and seeing the score, I seriously am not surprised anymore. This guy has been bad for a month. 0-4 10.25 ERA. He’s not so much inconsistent, but god awful. I want him sent down…but I guess that won’t happen. He’s the huge monkey in the room. I guess he can be as awful as he wants for July, August and September, but in October, he better get his yokel tattooed brain right. Speaking of straws….I have a feeling Javier has been drinking some of AJ’s blood. What else can explain his sudden ability to pitch and Aj’s inability to not being able to throw a ball that isn’t squarely down the middle? I’m not sure what happened to the offense though. I’ll leave that for the people who saw the game. (I don’t watch encores, I think its bad luck to me :P)

  5. juliet93

    Well, my thinking is that that’s not the real AJ. The *real* AJ was abducted by aliens who needed to learn how to pitch. What we’re stuck with right now is the aliens’ best, top-of- the-line AJ clone (which also explains why they had to kidnap the *real* one!!)

    A terrible theory, to be sure, but not as terrible as AJ has been pitching lately!!!

  6. James Buxton

    Hello Jane and fellow bloggers friends: Again my boss was doing his best to see the world cup and that is not entirely compatible with a decent hour to watch the Yankees (grrrrrr). AJ has been terrible while Javi is pitching as all of us expected him to pith. Is necessary to have one bad pitcher and four good pitchers? I just hope AJ can turn the page; I’d hate to hear the fans boo him. Joe Torre said recently that he is not against the interleague games, but he expects all the teams play against the same amount of contender and non-contender teams. The Diamondbacks are not a contender team, but it’s not the best approach to let runners stranded even against them and expect win the game. Andy pitches today and if he has with him his supply of the Fountain of Youth, he’ll be great.

  7. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Hi again…
    Well, here we are, stuck in the desert once more, with pitching woes encore…but here’s my BIG question…
    Remember how I listed my Most Un-Fave Ballclubs on my posting yesterday? And you said, oh the D’backs…yeah, but your animosity has faded…well, consider this…
    Now, I don’t know — just idle speculation — but have the Bombers EVER played out in ‘Zona since the ’01 Series? My feeble brain can’t recall, but I hope the answer is yes. Because…if not…then that means…THEY HAVE NEVER WON A GAME IN ARIZONA. Could that be true? Dunno.
    But I’ll play dumb and assume the worst. So…let’s remind our boyz that Randy Johnson and Old Bloody Sock do NOT pitch for them anymore…and that Aura & Mystique DO perform road shows…and that Mo Owes Them BIG-time…
    There now…does that getcha fired up? Oooh, do I hate snakes…especially now that they wear RED…!!

  8. Jane Heller

    No, beckers46, I don’t think A.J. would benefit from a personal catcher. Posada was setting up the pitches last night with a perfectly reasonable target and A.J. wasn’t hitting his spots. Simple as that. I think what he needs is Dave Eiland. They seem to have a good rapport and Eiland’s specialty is fixing mechanical flaws. I hope he’s back soon.

    I was really happy to see Colin Curtis, John. He was one of my spring training faves too. It was very sweet when he came up to bat for the first time and his family was there. They got all excited when he made contact with the ball….only to see it caught. Oh well. I love how you prepare for your adventures. I think you should write a book about them.

    Diane, I hate to disagree but A.J. had a terrific April. Didn’t he go 4-0? And he wasn’t awful in May. So I stand by my “inconsistent” description. Now he’s just lost and nobody seems to know why, although they did mention Eiland last night after the game. Even so, he’s a big boy who has to pitch on his own, and all the coaching in the world shouldn’t matter at this stage of his career. His confidence must be shot too. I also disagree about pulling him after the first inning. Why wreck the bullpen in the first game of a series? I was OK with him giving us at least a few innings. The Yankees offense is just weird. They always have trouble with “soft tossers” like Moyer and now this guy. Thank God for Gardner is all I can say.

    Seindsfeld, see the above comment. A.J. has had an awful June. Granted. But he was great early in the season when we were all worrying about Vazquez. The offense was the way it always seems to be against pitchers like this. They can hit hard throwers like Beckett but do nothing against the more “finesse” pitchers. Very puzzling.

    Swisher has been a truly bright light this season, Jeff. I know you’re not his biggest fan, but he’s really turned it around.

    It’s as good a theory as any, juliet93. LOL. So here’s my plea to whomever kidnapped A.J. on June 1st: PLEASE RETURN HIM!

    Maybe you’re right, James, and we’re only allowed to have four good pitchers in the rotation at the same time. That would explain the Javy/A.J. switch up. But now with Hughes being skipped, we need all of them to pitch well. Kind of scary. And I think you meant Joe Girardi???? The Diamondbacks aren’t a good hitting team except they do hit homers, which was the problem for us last night. One bomb after another. Painful. Sure hope Andy has it tonight.

    Ooooh, interesting question, Dave. Where’s Melissa when we need her? Have we played in AZ since then? My brain is too addled to remember. I think so, but I can’t swear to it and I’m too lazy to look it up.

  9. James Buxton

    Jane, as much as I’d love to have Joe Torre as the Manager, I admit that Joe Girardi is doing an excellent job fulfilling the expectations, and is not my place to start a debate of who is the best manager. But I was referring to Joe Torre after the sweep the Dodgers suffer at the hands of the Bosox, because now they play the Angels, and we all know the Bosox and the Angels are contender teams. He said that because other teams in his division were playing non-contender teams and is not fair.

  10. raysrenegade

    Yoiu guys just have to get A J Burnett to not sit so close to fellow pinstripe hurler Javier Vasquez on the days he doesn’t pitch. Something might be contagious, or is rubbing off on AJ….Hopefully he doesn’t have a rash.
    I seriously think that hitting is catching up to pitching quicker this season than in a long, long time.
    Even some ofthe really reliable hurler in the MLB are suffering weird losses or getting hammered.
    Not trying to downplay anything,but we got to united and keep those crimson socked allies away from our top porch…..Can we sing a collective “Kumbaya” to keeping the Red Sox in third?

    Rays Renegade


  11. Jane Heller

    Sorry to misunderstand your Torre reference, James. That was a tough sweep for the Dodgers at Fenway, particularly since it was preceded by a sweep of the Angels in LA. Should be another good series between those two teams. I think the whole “fair/not fair” argument about scheduling probably evens out in the end, so I don’t pay much attention to it. The challenge is to win games, no matter which team you play.

    Actually, Renegade, I wish A.J. would sit next to CC, who’s been pitching much better of late. Hopefully, he’ll catch that bug! Maybe you’re right and the hitting is catching up to the pitching in certain cases, but there have been more perfect games than ever, so pitching seems very healthy to me. I’m up for “Kumbaya” though. LOL.

  12. James Buxton

    Exactly, but the Yankees are supposed to feast on the weak teams, if the diamondbacks have a home run derby against our starting pitchers, well, there’s extra pressure when playing the good teams

  13. 2yankeeboy

    AJ is definitely not living up to his #2 in the rotation reputation, and now that the sox are making a push for first we need him more than ever! Please AJ go back to your April and May self again!

  14. seindsfeld@aol.com

    I’m sure this was said too, but, I think its time for Cervelli to catch AJ all the time. Kind of like how Molina did. JoPo and him just don’t get along. I remember AJ saying how much he likes how Cervelli calms him down. So, how about it?? O.o

  15. Jane Heller

    Upton was impressive, Paul. He hit with power even after getting plunked.

    Agreed, James. We need to beat those teams, but I remember losing to the Nationals last year and thinking how awful it was. And look how the season turned out!

    I hope A.J. hears you, 2yankeeboy. We do need him in that #2 spot in the rotation. He’s so important to the success of this team. They have to find a way to get him back on track.

  16. Jane Heller

    If you look at A.J.’s record in June, seindsfeld, you’ll see that he did just as poorly with Cervelli as he did with Posada. I don’t think the catcher is the problem.

    Things usually are rosy when Pettitte takes the mound after a loss, Peter. He’s been our stopper for a long time.

  17. devilabrit

    So the D’Backs may be the Yankees Achilles heel, this week anyway, or maybe it was just last night….and today all will be rosy again…isn’t that what dreams are made of….

    Phillies Outside

  18. Jane Heller

    Very annoyed, Virginia. I kept sitting there during the game going, “Why am I watching this???” Grrr.

  19. James Buxton

    Indeed, was a horrible game, and the las season, wow, it was a great season, but it just feels wrong to lose against them (the nationals or the diamondbacks). We’ll see how things go tonight.

  20. hisbaby

    It’s getting to the point where we Yankees fans hold our breath whenever A.J. starts pitching. Usually, by the time we have turned blue, we know which A.J. showed up. Once when A.J. was pitching a fan commented on my Facebook page by asking, “Did the good A.J. show up tonight?” Whenever that boy pitches I have my xanax nearby because my anxiety level…well, you get the picture. I believe that A.J. is missing the supervision of our pitching coach who is on personal leave. Or maybe aliens really DID abduct the real A.J. and replaced him with an unreasonable facsimile. What I want to know is, why the frack did Joe leave him in as long as he did? BOOYAH! LOVE DEM YANKEES NO MATTER WHAT!!!


  21. Jane Heller

    I think he is missing Eiland, Marci. I never used to put much stock in the impact of pitching coaches, but in this case it might be an issue. That said, A.J.’s been in the league a long time. He must know how to pitch! I think Joe was right to leave him in, because burning the pen in game one of a series doesn’t make sense to me. And if the Yankees were hitting, we might have had a shot at coming back.

  22. Jane Heller

    Not sure what’s up with Burnett, raysfanboy. But you’re right – we did bounce back with a nice win. Thanks!

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