All Alone At The Top

I know. It’s only one day…in June. But first place is first place, and given all the injuries on this team it’s pretty satisfying for the Yankees to be where they are right now. What a game today, right? It had a little of everything – superb pitching by CC, a granny by Tex for his second homer in two days, a bunt by Swisher, an amazing catch by Gardner, a near-ejection by Posada (loved how Girardi had to clap his hand over JoPo’s mouth), another save by Mo, etc etc. What does it all mean as the Yanks head west?
It means that with the Rays, Red Sox and Jays all playing well, we’re in for a real dogfight.
(I decided to show kissing instead of fighting, but you get the idea.)
If A-Rod’s hip is OK and Tex gets hot and stays hot and Aceves comes back to help us out of the pen, I think we’ll be just fine. In the meantime, we’ve got Gardner. Seriously, I knew he was fast (duh) and could slap the ball around Damon style, but I never figured him to be this good. He’s hitting .312, for God’s sake. It seems as if he’s always on base and scoring a run. What a bargain he’s turned out to be.
Right now I’m in countdown mode. It’s only six days until I’ll be at Dodger Stadium watching the Yankees in person. Michael and I will be sitting with Twitter buddy @SunnySoCal, and lots of other friendly faces will be there too, including this blog’s Yankee she-fans, Peggy and Ladyjane, and our Dodger counterparts, Cat and Emma. And, of course, it’ll be a reunion for the players with Torre and Mattingly. I’ve gotten used to seeing Joe in Dodger blue, but not Donnie. Never Donnie.


  1. southernbelle

    Jane: OMG you are going to see Andre Ethier….I’m jealous. He’s cute – but don’t worry. Cervelli is cuter 🙂 I’m thrilled about the first place thing, too. I know it’s just 1 game, but we haven’t been there in so long.
    Also, those kissing dogs are adorable

  2. Jane Heller

    Lucky me, Virginia. Ethier’s cute, no doubt about it, but I’m going hunting for pinstripes. The first place thing feels good for just the reason you said – it’s taken awhile to get there. So I’m enjoying it for however long it lasts.

  3. Jane Heller

    So you were there yesterday, yankeecase. Thanks for bringing our guys luck. I’m sure your screaming and shouting down Mets fans did the trick. Lol. You’re right – now the chase begins. The first challenge of getting to first place has been met. Now it’s about staying there.

  4. YankeeCase

    Too bad you missed yesterday’s game. I was there so I personally brought them all my OCD tics and superstitions and helped them along to the victory. I screamed, I shouted, and I think I started a counter to the “Jose, Jose, Jose!” chants. Probably not the proudest moment of my life… But I did shut those Mets fans up from making all that noise in our house.
    But good game today. We’re in first place now with the best record in the majors, for two days at least anyway. And it’s all about the chase, isn’t it? Enjoy the LA games…

  5. Jane Heller

    I thought of you today, wirishrose, knowing you were there to see such a great game. Your description of the young fan counting runs on his fingers is adorable! I can totally picture that. They showed a brief clip of the Extreme Makeover host with the family and some Yankees, but I didn’t know their whole story until I read your comment. Must have been very inspirational. What a day for you!

    CC was fun to watch today, Diane – much more like the pitcher from last season. We’ll have to see if Tex is really heating up, but the last two days have been heartening. And, as much as I miss Damon at times, he wouldn’t have made that catch. Gardner has made me a believer. It’s weird that the Yanks don’t have a travel day, but it’ll still be early PT when they get here. And they’ll have Thursday to hang out in LA. I hope they behave!


    What a great game Jane! So many good things happened and I had an awesome view of Tex’s granny (made even better by the little Yankee fan behind me sitting on his dad’s lap and counting on his fingers how many runs the Yanks had after that).
    As for the tv show my sister totally called it on the train ride down…It was “Extreme Makeover Home Edition” who was there to give a house to a NY family. Totally incredible store…This woman gave up her job took in her 6 siblings who had Down Syndrome after her parents passed away (they had adopted 18 children!) and then she fell ill. Her brother then moved home to help. The whole thing was so moving and my sister and I (and lots of other Yankee fans) were in tears. Really awesome to see that though.


    That was a very satisfying game, Jane. C.C. really looks like he has hit his stride — I’m still not sure about Tex yet, but I have full confidence in him as we go forward. Everyone is stepping up that needs to do so. Gardner is amazing, and not just the bat. As you said, he made an incredible catch in left field, something our dear old Damon never could be counted on to do.

    I hope that not having Monday off won’t throw the guys off as they head out west. I’m glad you are going to get to a game and that you will have the chance to catch up with some of your blogging pals. Hopy you are all good luck. GO YANKEES!!!


    Hi Jane,
    My husband and I were in Philly country for the weekend to attend a wedding. I was missing our Yankees, but I was able to keep up with the internet. On our way home today we listened to the awesome game on XM radio. I think Tex is back! When I got home, I turned on the TV. Tex’s swing and front foot seems to be where it needs to be. He also seems much more relaxed. Let’s hope A-Rod’s hip is better. I think we have had our quota of injuries for this season! I saw a clip of Joe’s hand over JoPo’s mouth! How funny!!
    I am now watching the Bosox-Dodgers game on ESPN. Lets cheer for the Dodgers so we can put the Bosox behind us another game. It is getting TOO close at the top of the AL! I really like large leads in the standings.
    Go Yankees! Kathleen

  9. Jane Heller

    I’m watching Dodgers-Red Sox too, Kathleen. Wouldn’t it be nice if the Dodgers won? Glad you were able to follow the game. I sure hope Tex is back, but I’m with Diane – still cautious. If he tears it up this week, I’ll be convinced!

  10. raysfanboy

    Was it too much to ask that we could run away with the AL EAst and let you and the Sox duke it out for second place? Sheesh. We deserve 2nd right now. We have played horribly the last two weeks. You won’t have to worry about the Rays if the next two weeks go the same as the past two. Congrats on first!


    Well…looks like that knockin’ on wood did some good!…So glad to be done with da Metz, take the series, and make that Long Island Pizza dough a little more sour…
    And now, the Western Swing. An anecdote. Yesterday being Fathers Day, and today being Son #1’s b’day, it was a pleasant respite. Son #1 (the O’s fan) asked me: Dad, what teams in baseball do you hate the most? Fascinating question — it’s been fluid over time, of course, depending on our rivalry intensities, but as of 2010, I answered:
    #1. the Hoseheads (no question)
    #2. the Cardinals (sorry Jeff, but there’s much history here…the Dodgers were at least in Brooklyn…and Son #1 chuckled to think how much I must have HATED the 2004 World Series…yes, it WAS awful!)
    #3. the Marlins (for 2003, and for breaking Cleveland hearts in 1997…poor Indians…)
    #4. the D’BACKS — yes, tonite’s opponent — and those damn Snakes now wear RED, just to aggravate me even more…2001 still burns…time for a little payback, boyz…!
    As for you, gentle lady She-Fan, does this question apply? And if so, how?

  12. ooaooa

    Breakfast in Maine yesterday on Father’s Day was fun. I had my Yankee gear on and got a high five right away from a guy with a Cape Cod shirt on. He is a Yankee fan from near Boston. He told me how repressed he always feels. I blessed him and told him to be proud and strong, the Empire is with you. A family with 2 little boys was sitting right next to Pam and I. The youngest was in a high chair and he kept knocking his Red Sox hat off and onto the floor. I said to the father I wouldn’t pick it up because it looked good where it was (on the floor). After 4 times down I suggested to the Dad that perhaps the little one was trying to tell him something and he might want to try a hat with the interlocking NY on the boy. He grunted and frowned. Listened to a great game driving home. CC is back now AJ has to wake up.

    Back home in CT and back on active duty. Take good care of the boys while they are in you domain!

  13. ooaooa

    Breakfast in Maine yesterday on Father’s Day was fun. I had my Yankee gear on and got a high five right away from a guy with a Cape Cod shirt on. He is a Yankee fan from near Boston. He told me how repressed he always feels. I blessed him and told him to be proud and strong, the Empire is with you. A family with 2 little boys was sitting right next to Pam and I. The youngest was in a high chair and he kept knocking his Red Sox hat off and onto the floor. I said to the father I wouldn’t pick it up because it looked good where it was (on the floor). After 4 times down I suggested to the Dad that perhaps the little one was trying to tell him something and he might want to try a hat with the interlocking NY on the boy. He grunted and frowned. Listened to a great game driving home. CC is back now AJ has to wake up.

    Back home in CT and back on active duty. Take good care of the boys while they are in your domain!

  14. ladyjane303

    Great day in The Bronx yesterday, for all the reasons everyone said. To top it off, the Cervelli t-shirts have arrived, and about time, too. Did you catch any of the Sox-Dodgers games on tv this weekend? The sight of Donnie with a little grey soul-patch was a bit unnerving. Then I realized one of the many good things about being in LA this weekend is that I won’t have to listen to Buck and McCarver for Saturday’s game – oh joy! On to Arizona first, and I’ll try hard to not have traumatic flashbacks to game 7.

  15. hisbaby

    BOOYAH!!! YANKEES ARE #1!!! This is turning out to be an exciting first half for the Yankees, despite the injuries to some of our key players. YANKEES FAN AND PROUD OF IT!!! JAI-YO! WE BAD!!! KINGS OF THE HILL!! TOP JOCKS DAT ROCK!!!

    Oh, sorry, that was Marci, da crumb cake, in your face, hard core Yankees fan. That’s what I have been called on my Facebook page by some of the Yankees-haters. Never mind though, because those haters are history as friends.

    When Tex sent his message yesterday, I was woo-hooing and jumping up and down. All my husband could do was sigh because he knows I don’t care about the people who live in the apartment below us when I’m watching the Yankees. I will have to try and curb my enthusiasm tonight though. I’m on CDT and the game starts at nine-something tonight. Gary wouldn’t be too happy if I was cheering and doing my Yankee Happy Dance while he is trying to sleep and I doubt my downstairs neighbors would be either.

    Have a happy day, Jane!!

    Marci xo


    Not much to say about this game except…all hail King CC. He was outstanding. Was cool when Singleton said when star pitchers see someone in the bullpen they step it up and that’s what CC did. The Yankees numbers with bases loaded is insane. I think .410 avg, 7 homers, 103 rbis???? On a less happy note, I’m beginning to hate Manuel more than ever. He complained about something Saturday, then whined about Teix’s slammy, but more atrociously, when a reporter asked when Maine would pitch next, he said, “Maybe on an off day.” Then did his annoying laugh. How much of a scumbag is this guy? Anyway, great weekend, hopefully we can dig up some diamonds 😉


    Also….if AJ has one of his games again, I think it’s video time with Animated Jane, Jane. 😛


    Also, yes, I hope you all have a great time! (I should really think of everything I want to say before submitting…)

  19. peggy3

    Hey Jane & Fellow Bloggers..

    What a great day at the Stadium yesterday. I lucked out with seats too …we were under cover and had a terrific breeze so I didn’t feel the heat & humidity at all. Best of all lucky charm cousin is back on track with a Yankee win against his beloved Mets !!! Needless to say he wasn’t a happy camper when Tex hit that Granny but I sure was … :o). Fantastic game by CC too. He got even for his performance at Cit Field that’s for sure (I was at that game too and it wasn’t fun). Santana must hate pitching at YS. I was at the game last year when he gave up nine runs…most he had ever given up in a game. Jerry Manual was actually whining about the Stadium homers. Hey Jerry …Mets were hitting in the same place …can’t help it if they couldn’t hit one out against CC. No NYC bragging rights this year since it was a tied series but that’s ok …I’d rather have full bragging rights over all baseball …a World Series

    Looking forward to meeting up with Jane and the gang at
    the game on Saturday. Are we all going to meet up before the game somewhere? Game doesn’t start till 4:10 so we would have plenty of time. I’ll be sitting in the Infield Reserve 4 section for the game. Anybody near me??

    Boston just swept LA …hope we can too …

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!!

  20. Jane Heller

    Raysfanboy, I don’t think any team is running away with it in our division this year. You guys got off to an amazing start and the Red Sox got off to a terrible start, and look at us all now – bunched up together. I expect a lot of seesawing the rest of the way.

    It must have been a great game to be at, A.J. You’re getting to see some good ones this season. The Yankees versus Joe Torre. Should be interesting.

    Which teams do I hate, Dave? I’m with you in the sense that my emotions depend on the intensity of the rivalries. The Red Sox are natural enemies, but I’d also add the Angels, since they have a history of beating us over and over. My animosity toward the Diamondbacks have faded, and I don’t pay them much attention. Ditto: the Marlins and Cardinals. And I don’t hate the Mets, much like a lot of Yankee fans.

    Oh, John. You’re so baaaad. You just had to goad that father with the kid in the high chair. HAHAHA. I’m sure he was thrilled with you. Glad you made it out of there in one piece. When’s your next trip into enemy territory?

    I didn’t realize you guys were coming for the whole west coast trip, ladyjane. Cool! So I take it you’ll be wearing a Cervelli jersey on Saturday? Can’t wait to see you! Bring us luck tonight in AZ.

    Cat tried to get me really good seats, Jeff. She’s been so helpful and it would have been fun to sit with her. But I hope to see her at some point during the game. Emma too.

    Marci, I love your spirit! I just don’t want you to get evicted from your apartment. LOL. So let’s hope the Yankees win tonight, but do your happy dance quietly! I’ll be doing it with you, hopefully. You have a great day too.

    I heard Singleton say that too, seindsfeld, and I thought it was interesting – almost as if pitchers can sense they’re about to get the hook and turn it up a notch as a result. I pay no attention to the whining about home runs at the stadium. If it’s such a big deal then opposing teams should love to come to the Bronx and play there. I have a feeling A.J. will have a good game. No reason. Just instinct. He was probably watching CC yesterday and going, “I want to do that!” Not sure I’ll be doing the animated videos anymore since xtranormal started charging for them. Takes the fun away. Boo.

    Well, our teams split the season series, Paul. So I guess you could say they did some kissing and some fighting. 🙂

    Congrats on getting another win at the Stadium with your cousin, Peggy. I knew you’d get your streak back. I’ve written down your seat info and your cell # (and you have mine), so all that’s left is a plan to meet before the game. I know a bunch of people are getting together at Barney’s Beanery in West Hollywood after the game and you’ve got dinner with your daughter, but we’ll figure something out before the game. Looking forward to seeing you!

  21. ladyjane303

    I knew my comment about Arizona would be misleading the minute I hit submit. No, I’m not going on the whole trip, just to LA. And while I will bring the Cervelli shirt as a reserve, my Saturday shirt will be Jeter, in honor of his birthday. Thinking the Mo shirt for Friday night. My Saturday tickets are in section 10 TD, whatever that means. Hopefully near some of you (10 sounds like it’s close to 4, Peggy). Just send info on where we can all meet before the game. I’ll send you info direct on Twitter, Jane. I’m travelling with family, so I’m sure my time after the game is spoken for.
    Looking forward to seeing everyone.

  22. Jane Heller

    Thanks for clarifying, ladyjane. I’ll be wearing my Mo shirt on Saturday (I better make sure it’s clean!). We’ll be in Loge 121 but in any case let’s connect via email or DM and make a plan. I’ll give you my cell too.

  23. ladyjane303

    Just sent you an email to make sure I’m really reaching you. If it doesn’t work, will try direct Twitter.

  24. peggy3

    I’m wearing my Jeter Jersey on Saturday too …for JD’s Bday.
    I have my O’Neill away jersey for the Friday night game.

    I just looked up the weather forecast for the games and it looks to be very nice…in the 70’s …60’s at night. Of course weather forecasts are only as good as that day when you look out the window …at least that’s how it goes in NY…lol.

    Ladyjane….I think you are in 10 top deck (TD). I’m in 4 infield reserve the level below so we should be pretty close. Hopefully we will connect .. :o).

    Here’s to the Yankees taking three from the DBack’s so they
    can start their series with the Dodgers on a high note.

    Go Yankees 2010 !!

  25. Jane Heller

    No need to worry about the weather, Peggy. It hardly ever rains in LA, which is why we have fire problems. But it does get chilly in the evenings, so bring something warm for after the sun goes down.


    I heard that celebrities weren’t allowed in the clubhouse after a lose, so not sure what game she was at exactly. But who would want Lady gaga near them anyway? 😛 That sucks the videos cost money now to make… You could always draw a cartoon though 😀 Also, I think we should all buy Cervelli shirts…hopefully it’ll keep him with the Yanks!! 😀 (unless he can go where he can start all the time, which would be awesome too)


    Ooo, She-Fan…don’cha know how jealous & envious are the rest of us regular bloggin’ shlubs that we can’t all be out in L.A. joining in the fanfest! What a blast it’ll be…!
    But meanwhile…back in NY…did I miss something about Lady Gaga, boys? There was something in the news today about her being banned from the Yankee clubhouse for having a…um…rather provocative outfit on display underneath her pinstripe jersey…?!! Judging from the pictures, um…hey guys…who cares if she can sing, or you even like how it sounds…guarantee you’ll like the rest!!!
    Goo Goo for GaGa in Merry-land…!!

  28. beckers46

    Also…after the Yankees win their 28th championship, do you think Girardi’s gonna make Cervelli give up 29? We will see.

  29. Jane Heller

    The whole Gaga thing is so overblown, Dave. Cashman finally cleared it up. Apparently, she was escorted into the clubhouse after the game and celebrities aren’t allowed in there. So some employee was at fault, not her. There’s a place where the players and celebrities are allowed to meet and that’s where she was supposed to go. As for her “attire,” it was Hal who freaked out about that. Guess it wasn’t Steinbrenner-appropriate.

    I guess the shirts are available at the Yankees store, beckers46. Maybe online too? Anybody know?

  30. Jane Heller

    I love the original Kong movie too, Mike. It’s one of my favorites. “Twas beauty that killed the beast…”

    You’d like Dodger Stadium, Jenn. It’s a pretty place to watch a ballgame and, of course, the weather’s always good.

    I’d never count out the Rays, Sun-Ui. I think it’ll be a three-team race with the Jays causing problems for everybody. Those guys can hit.

  31. angelsgirl012

    awwwwwwww that’s the cutest picture ever!!! Dog kissing XD So cute!!!!!!

    I love Don mattingly. I honestly do 🙂 But that ‘stache is just weird. I can barely look at Carl Pavano these days. I’m anti-facial hair!

  32. Jane Heller

    The stache in his Yankees pic is nothing compared to the little piece of hair he’s got now, Mimi. Euwww.

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