Maybe the Yankees missed me?

I couldn’t watch the game today, but the Yankees won….So maybe they needed a break from all my moaning? I had a Cinema Society screening of the new movie “Cyrus” and a party afterwards for the directors. I really liked the movie, by the way. Ten fingers up.
“Cyrus” is an indie comedy with Jonah Hill like you’ve never seen him before. He’s not playing a goofy slacker kid this time; he’s the seriously creepy son of Marisa Tomei. John C. Reilly is fantastic – funny and so likable. Anyhow, here’s the trailer for anyone who’s interested.
None of the stars came up from LA for the gathering, but Michael saw Oprah at the supermarket the other day (in the produce section, to be specific). Does that count?
The second I got out of the theater, I checked the Yankees’ score on my phone and screamed when I saw Huuuuuughes had won #10 – and that Tex and Grandy had big homers. Just watched the replay of the game now. It’s a good thing I knew how it ended, because when I saw Reyes smack his two into the seats I was not happy. But it did end happily, thanks to the Joba/Mo combo. And now, onto the rubber match tomorrow. Should be a good contest.
There’s just one thing….Jeter hurt his heel the day before? Enough with the injuries. Seriously. 


  1. ooaooa

    Yankee victory today gave me new spirit. Wife and I went to Stutsey’s in Wells Maine for dinner after John Sterling’s pronouncment that the game was Over and the Yankees had won! Stutsey’s is the ultimate Red Sox sports bar with about 10 high def TV’s that were all tuned to the Sox on Fox. Walls in this place are covered with every Sox beer company advertisement lighted sign or mirror ever made. My friend the bar tender (a big Yankee fan) recognized me (the Yankee shirt and hat helped) and came over to greet us. He asked if we were in Tampa in March for spring training. I asked him how it was working there during the playoffs and series last fall. His answer was “it was as good last year as it was bad in 04 and 06”, he said. Sox did win today but I had been into the den of lions and came out unscathed and I am refreshed and I look forward to my next adventure. Home to CT on Sunday.

  2. Jane Heller

    Stutsey’s! Sounds very Maine-ish, John. So the bartender there knows you too? I’m beginning to think you have Yankees-related contacts in every corner of the country. LOL. Glad you survived the den of lions!

  3. crzblue2

    Hola Jane! Como esta? Lots happening here including your sink.
    Had not heard anything about the movie “Cyrus” so thanks!
    We lost the first two games so I hope Kuroda-san gets the W tomorrow.
    We take the Fenway Park tour in the morning with the group of Dodger fans then the game is at 8:p.m. on ESPN so we’ll do some sightseeing before that.

  4. Jane Heller

    Sorry about the first two losses, Emma, but it sounds like you’re having fun in Boston. The good part about being the ESPN game is that you’ll have time to wander around the city and explore. But don’t get lost. You need to be back in time for Yankees-Dodgers next weekend!

  5. angelsgirl012

    that sounds like a nice movie! I would love to go to a Sundance festival one day that sounds like so much fun. I love indie films πŸ˜‰ I’ll be sure to check it out. Marisa Tomei is a favorite of mine.

    Oprah at the Produce aisle? What?! :O i LOVE oprah! ahahaha. I would think someone else does her grocery shopping for her. Was it at a Ralphs at least? lol


    I did as you asked Jane, I brought us a win! Well okay, Grandy, Hughes, and Teix helped, but a fun game to watch. We were actually there for my mom’s b-day (she’s a huge she-fan) so it was their present for her. It was great hearing the roar of the crowd again, hadn’t been to the stadium in a while….until Reyes hit that lead off homerun…But when Teix tied it up (the first and second times) and Grandy hit that monster shot (I was getting hot dogs when it happened though lol) Hughes and co. shut it down. I think the crowd was louder for his double play then the homeruns. Can’t tell you how thrilled we were when we learned Jeter was hurt and Russo, Pena and Gardner were playing the field. They actually showed some energy today, so the “virus” I hope, has been cured. Or, Girardi maybe threw some tables πŸ˜‰ Are you worried about Arod at all, he looked pretty flat 😐


    Oh yeah, also, I want to see Cyrus too. I don’t usually like Jonah Hill cause he plays the same character all the time, but this one looks very good. Plus…I like Marisa Tomei πŸ˜€


    Hey Jane! Glad to be back on here after a hectic few months (end of the school year craziness and to add to it I moved to a new place). Great game yesterday! Let’s hope they keep it up today as my sister and I will be at the game. There’s also some mystery tv event going on for the pregame activities but the Yanks aren’t saying what it is…I’ll have to let you all know when I get back. Oh and Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads all there!


    The movie looks like fun, Jane. But did I miss a few years??? How is Marisa Tomei old enough to be the mother of a son that old???

    Glad for the win of course. I was surprised that Girardi didn’t let Hughes start the 8th so he could get the crowd’s approval. I was scared to see Joba start the 8th especially since we only had a two-run lead. He was fine obviously and Mariano was Mariano.

    Lady GaGa was apparently at the game — she is a Yankees fan and calls her self something like The Mariano of Music. Obviously she didn’t feel the need to do any “one-finger” salutes like she did at CitiField.

    Anyway, we need another win today — GO YANKEES!!!

  10. Jane Heller

    Nope, Mimi. Oprah wasn’t at Ralph’s. (We don’t have a Ralph’s in Santa Barbara.) It was Von’s and she and Gayle King were browsing for produce all by themselves. She’s out and about a lot here. People see her at the drug store, wherever. I just never have.

    Good job, seindsfeld!!! You brought us a “W.” Sounds like you had fun at the game, and what a nice birthday present for your she-fan mom. Isn’t it great to hear the roar of the crowd and be part of the action after watching games on TV? Can’t wait to go when I come east later this summer. Am I worried about A-Rod? Funny you mention that. I said to my husband just yesterday, “He looks flat and kind of washed up.” The minute it was out of my mouth he hit a single, so I hope he comes to life for real. And yes, Jonah Hill is a different character in “Cyrus.” More psycho, less slacker. Marisa is always good. Never seen her give a bad performance.

    We had a screening of Toy Story this morning, Mike, and I was planning to go – it’s gotten the best reviews I’ve seen in years – but too much too do. Will have to catch it some other time. Happy Father’s Day.

    Great to have you back, wirishrose, and congrats on getting through such a hectic time. As I write this, you’re probably settling into your seats at the Stadium, so I’ll just wish you a great game and a lot of fun. I read about that TV show being shot there, so please do tell us what it was all about. They made it sound so mysterious.

    Yes, you missed a few years, Diane. LOL. Marisa is probably in her 40s and what’s great is that she isn’t all Botoxed up. She looks beautiful and plays the mother very convincingly. I thought Lady Gaga was at Friday night’s game. Did she go back again yesterday? I knew about her affinity for Mo; I actually posted the video a while back where she talks about it. Looking forward to the CC-Santana matchup today.

  11. raysrenegade

    You had me at the words Marisa Tomei.
    She is my fantasy date, because she is just one of those natural beauties.
    I am actually excited to see the movie since Jonah Hill and John C Reilly always seem to get the secondary roles, but this time they get to play off each other in this film.
    “Cyrus” just looks like one of those films that will turn out to be a hidden gem, like “Bull Durham” waswhen it first hit the big screen.
    The Yankees understand taking a day off every once in a while. Sometimes you need a day to re-energize, regroup and just rest. But they will expect the attention and the alligence again today….And I know you are fine with that…..
    By the way, loved Marisa years ago, not just because she was scantly clad in “The Wrestler” but it didn’t hurt her credibility to me….*sigh* Maybe I should send her a vuvuzela?

    Rays Renegade


    For me, my favorite Marisa Tomei movie is still “My Cousin Vinnie” — she was brilliant in it.

    Also don’t want to forget to wish all the guys out there a very Happy Father’s Day.

    CC just finished the 8th inning in today’s game with a 1-2-3 and now it raining to hard to finish it up. Ugh. Come on. Hopefully this won’t take too long.

  13. Jane Heller

    HAHA, Renegade. I met Marisa at the screening of “The Wrestler” last year, remember? I asked her how she did those scenes in the strip club without being self-conscious and she said, “A lot of tequila.” Anyhow, you’ll probably enjoy the movie. Quirky but entertaining.

    She wasn’t nekkid throughout, Paul, but I guess those are the parts you remember. LOL.

    She was great in “Vinnie,” Diane. When she won the Oscar for that role, people thought she was a flash in the pan, but she’s had a very durable career. CC pitched an absolute beauty today, and Mo finished it up – a very happy Father’s Day gift for Yankee fans.

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