Everything But The Kitchen Sink

Sometimes, even the best laid plans go awry. Tonight’s plan at my house was for the Yankees to beat the Phillies in time for us to switch over to the Lakers, who would beat the Celtics while Michael and I ate the steak he had cooked on the grill. 
A relaxing evening. That’s what I was hoping for. Unfortunately, the Yankees didn’t cooperate. They wasted Andy Pettitte’s valiant effort and looked sluggish and flat yet again. Ever since they hit Roy Halladay, their bats have been made of swiss cheese (not counting Cano, who is exempt from every criticism this season). No point in dragging out the gory details, including the umpiring, although special mention must go to Joba. What’s his deal anyway? Can he pitch in relief or can’t he? Okay, so the Yankees lost. We switched over to the Lakers, who didn’t disappoint. Neither did the steak. But just as I was about to wash the dishes, a torrent of water started pouring out from underneath the kitchen sink, and I went running for towels.
UNDER SINKphoto.jpg
Something was leaking, which wouldn’t be a big deal except that the plumber spent hours here yesterday fixing the same leak. Trying not to panic, I called him while I watched the water gush and Kobe Bryant hold the championship trophy high in the air. No answer. Why should he pick up the phone? Everybody in SoCal was watching the Lakers!
“What should we do?” I asked Michael.
A man of few words, he grunted and went outside to shut off the water to the house. So now we have no water until, hopefully, the plumber comes back tomorrow to re-fix the leak he didn’t fix yesterday. Yeah, relaxing.


  1. hisbaby

    Well, Girlfriend, when it rains, it gushes out from under your sink! You poor thing. Try to refrain from taking the plumber’s head off and drip kicking it into the next neighborhood until he actually fixes the leak. After that…have at him, da bum!! Well, at least you didn’t have to do the dishes! And stop pulling out your hair!!! LOL! BOOYAH! GO YANKEES!!!


  2. seindsfeld@aol.com

    Omg, what a great basketball game. It looked like the Celtics might pull it out with that ten point lead but there was a lot of time left! Can you believe Paul Gasol? Did he have magnets in his hands or what? He had so many rebounds. I guess Perkins being hurt made a big difference. I thought it was hilarious Doc Rivers kept blocking Jack Nicholson’s view. I thought it was funny too they said Bryant had a bad game but still had more point then anyone. Just goes to show Paul Pierce is a bum, one good game, nice job buddy lol. Oh yeah…this is a baseball site. Well, if the Yankees are going to take an off day, so will I. 😛 (Cept for Pettitte, I need to buy a shirt of his.) “A man of few words, he grunted” too funny XD

  3. ooaooa

    Want my plumber number? Royal Flush Plumbing and he is a big Oakland A’s and Raiders fan!
    Joba needs triple A time–now!

    Forcast for Maine yesterday was sunny. We hit the Maine border at about 10am and it rained until about 4 pm-poured! We went first to Freeport and stopped at L.L. Bean store. There was a limo and a big SUV parked on the cobblestone area in front of the store door which we thought was odd. Pam shopped around while I sat and talked to potential converts. My phone rang (Sterlings ball game over ring tone if you recall) Pam asked if I saw George Bush. Apparently George the First was in the store shopping with a few grandkids. He had walked out about 10 seconds after I walked in. If I turned my head ten steps into the store I would have seen him. His compound is about 45 minutes from the store. Also, Glen Close was shopping there Wednesday.

    As we were walking out, me in my Yankee jacket I didn’t think I would wear, a guy walked towards me with a Yankee dugout pull over on. I gave him the usual thumbs up and of course we had a pleasant conversation. He is from Maine and had his glorious moment as a kid. Apparently he lived near Stump Merrill up here and has visited Stump in Tampa. I annointed him and told him to go out and convert the masses. He told me there are a surprising number of Yankee fans in Maine. I told him I knew that since I have been coming there for many years and have had modest success in converting lost souls.
    Arrived at our Motel in Ogunquit mid afternoon. Owner is Sox fan who looks like Wade Boggs. We made a Celtics/Lakers bet right away. I said Lakers by 4 (check the score!). He said Celtics by 12. I took the Lakers and 8 points. I now own a beautiful Motel with 25 rooms on Route 1 and a 2004 Mustang Mach 1! I am right now looking for Luke to get all the keys!
    My xm radio wouldn’t pick up the signal in the room so I had to use the net. At least the Rays lost!

  4. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    We were out last night, but heard the final inning on the radio on the way home. What a waste of a good start by Andy! And yeah, Joba, what’s the deal? There were no midges out there last night!

    Our dinner host last night gave me a copy of “Now Pitching for the Yankees” by Marty Appel. He said it was a good read.

    ooaooa, I love Ogunquit – let me know the name of the Motel you now own and I’ll be sure to stay there next time we go!


  5. jojovanb27@hotmail.com


    If he gave you the Lakers plus points, he must have really wanted to get out of the motel business. I’d check for tax liens before taking over those keys. 🙂

    Meanwhile, let’s hope for a solid outing from Javie along with some live Yankee bats tonight.

  6. peggy3

    Hi Jane and fellow bloggers …

    Oh my Jane …I hope the water is free and flowing again at your home. What a way to end a day ..ugh !!!

    I didn’t have time to post yesterday …last night I was at the game (as well as the night before). I don’t like back to back losses one bit ..especially when I’m at the game. My record so far is 11-5 which isn’t too bad tho’. The worst part about the loss on Tuesday was the fact that my lucky charm Met fan cousin was with me. They ALWAYS win when he goes to the game with me …(the previious 8 he’s attended in the last two years including three walk offs). He will be with us at the Sunday Met/Yanks game so hopefully he will get back on the “winning” track for the Yankees AGAINST HIS METS !!! Last year we lost 2 of 3 to the Phillies during the regular season but we beat them when it really counted …THE WORLD SERIES !! I’ll take that again this year with pleasure.

    Thanks Jane for sharing the pic of my daughter and Robbie. Also thanks for all the nice responses. As far as the height thing ..he’s 6’0, my daughter is 5’8 so I think it was just a matter of how they were leaning into each other. She REALLY wanted to take a pic with Alex but that was just impossible with the mob scene around him.

    If anyone lives in the NYC area there are lots of fun things going on all weekend at Madison Square Park in relation to the Subway Series including watching all three games there with other fans. I have so much happening this weekend I won’t be able to attend any of it but at least I’ll be at the game on Sunday. It’s time to bring the Mets back to reality…. :o)

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  7. ladyjane303

    Oh, Jane – I feel your pain. About the Yankees, definitely. We were there last night and kept thinking something would turn around. The guys were hitting the ball very well – but always seemed to be right into a Phillies glove (some very good defense on both sides, except Pena’s E). We thought Cisco had a homer – but nooooooo. Can’t figure Joba out – I’m temporarily taking his t-shirt out of my rotation (no pun intended). Mets are very hot right now, and what I thought would be a cakewalk this weekend is looking to be a tough match-up. Like Peggy, I’ll be there on Sunday to cheer the guys on. I also feel your pain about the plumbing situation. When we had the big blackout in NYC a few years ago, I was without water for a day (not so bad compared to what people in the gulf have had to deal with), and it wasn’t fun.
    Some running water and a big W for Javy should make you feel a lot better. Fingers crossed for both.
    Counting the days to Yanks-Dodgers.

  8. Jane Heller

    Marci, you’re right about not having to do the dishes. LOL. The plumber is here right now replacing everything under the sink. I feel like Diane Keaton in “Baby Boom” where the plumber kept telling her how much more everything would cost. *pulling out hair*

    Gasol had a great game, seindsfeld. I loved after the game when Kobe called him “The Spaniard.” LOL. Very exciting comeback win. If only I could be saying the same thing about the Yanks.

    Congrats on winning the motel – and the Mustang, John! HAHAHA. Glad you got there safe and sound and have started making “friends.” I’m surprised to hear there are so many Yankee fans in Maine. I always figured they were all diehard Sox fans that far north in New England.

    Nope, no midges, Melissa. So I don’t know what Joba’s latest excuse is. But you make a good point: he hasn’t been the same since the midges. Maybe they did bite him and take away his superhuman powers. Sure hope the bats reappear tonight.

    A solid outing from Javy would be awfully welcome, jojovanb. He’s pitched well against the Mets so we have reason to be optimistic. On the other hand, the Mets are hot and feeling confident. We must prevail!

    The water is not yet flowing at my house, Peggy. The plumber is “working on things” as I type this. Sorry your luck ran out regarding your attendance record at the Stadium. Maybe it’s your Mets fan cousin who “went bad.” LOL. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the game on Sunday and can find a way to give our boys inspiration.

    Except for Pena’s error, the defense on both sides was very good, ladyjane. Polanco’s catch over the tarp was amazing, although I kept wondering why the fans didn’t at least try to interfere. (Joking, sort of) I hope you, like Peggy, will see a really good game on Sunday and I can’t wait to say hi in Dodgerland next weekend!

  9. Jane Heller

    That was the good news, Jeff. Pettitte was his durable, professional self. As for the leak, it seems to be fixed….for now. Maybe the Yankees are too.

    Is duct tape waterproof, Paul????

  10. dschaub@gpo.gov

    My my…SUCH an evenful night! First up, congrats to your Lakers…missed most of it, due to old mens’ softball, but it ended up just right (happy for all you SoCal peeps)!!
    Second up — yeah, wha’ happen again? No bats at home? Gotta have a bunch for Javy Krishna…glad he’s facing the NL again, but PLEEZ help the Javy out…
    Third up — great story, oooaaa! Nice to know ’bout Maine. My only experience was shopping in a general store in the woods that was run by Carlton Willey’s family (a former Met from looong ago)…more on da Metz…
    Clean up — DO hope your plumbing has been fixed and is humming along okay now. Hey, how were the steaks??
    Last up…as promised, a story about the Mets to fire you up. Remember months ago, when I yakked about a place in Surf City, NC called Long Island Pizza, and how the owners were big Yankee fans…couldn’t wait to go visit??
    Well…I got the tip from a New England friend, who follows sports like I follow fashion shows…so, we tumble into the place, me in my Yankee gear, tell ’em how we looked forward to coming…and meet the owner. A crusty old bugger…he announces proudly, “There’s NO Yankee things here!!” And sure enough, there wasn’t. Everything on the walls was METS…or Islanders…Long Island, remember?? Obviously, we didn’t hang around…or buy even a bread stick…so c’mon Bombers, kick some Met booty for me, and make it hurt all the way to Surf City…!

  11. Jane Heller

    Very eventful, Dave. And now people are rioting after the Lakers’ win? So stupid! The leak has been fixed for now. (Fingers crossed.) The steaks, at least, were delish. Love your story about Long Island Pizza. HAHAHA. No Yankees anything? Their loss!

    It was a weird series, wasn’t it, Jenn? I had it figured backwards too, but then that’s what we love about baseball. Kind of. LOL.

  12. phillies_phollowers

    That was a very weird series altogether. Halladay gets hammered then the old man Moyer and usually sucky Kendrick pull out wins? Go figure. Had that totally figured backwards.
    I was happy for the Lakers too…I do not like Boston! :O)

  13. diane.anziano@gmail.com

    Hope the plumber fixes everything today, Jane. That’s a real bummer, added to the disgraceful loss. I remember several years ago that Andy said that if a pitcher gives up 3 runs or less, the offense should be able to get the win. I agree with him. Our bats have to wake up against The Mets, for real.

    The last out when the ball hit the runner was so strange. I knew of the rule but I can’t remember the last time I actually saw it called and this one took way too long as far as the umps were concerned. Very strange.

    Okay — I want 3 out of 3 this weekend – I’ll take 2 out of 3 but I really want all 3. The Mets have been on such a tear lately its probably time for them to drop a few games. We are just fortunate to still be tied for first place but we have to get back on track. GO YANKEES!!!

  14. jojovanb27@hotmail.com


    I’m glad you mentioned that play where the runner was hit by the batted ball. I’m pretty much convinced that none of the umpires saw the ball hit the runner. If they had, they would have made the interference call immediately.

    Derek SOLD the call to them by just jogging toward the dugout instead of chasing after the live ball. In their little conference, I expect the umpires concluded that Jeter was down waiting for the ball and then it went nowhere near him, so it must have deflected off the runner. In watching the replay, it’s not clear that the runner was hit, but it is clear that the ball’s path was changed.

    They got the call right thanks to DJ’s heads-up reaction and I think Charlie Manuel just made a token argument.

  15. Jane Heller

    I agree about that call, Diane. The umps took forever to make a decision on what should have been obvious, but as we’ve said many times the umpiring this season hasn’t been very good – or so it seems. And you’re right – with the way the offense has been going we’re lucky to be up there in the standings right now. We need the bats to wake up for this series!!!!

    That’s what I saw, jojovanb – that the ball’s path was changed on that play after deflecting off the runner. And since Jeter never lies, of course they should have believed him right away!

  16. seindsfeld@aol.com

    5’8”….that’s still pretty tall Peggy :O 😛
    I’m going to the game Saturday, hopefully our combined forces will help them win this weekend. If they don’t win today…I suggest some chanting, or maybe some intervention Jane (video). They finally got to first place (well for about a day), I don’t want to see them lose now 😦

  17. seindsfeld@aol.com

    Oh I guess they are still in first place… but did you hear Artest after the game Jane? He was really funny too. lol 😀

  18. devilabrit

    Still trying to figure out if Jeff was being sarcastic about Pettitte, oh well, was shocked to say the least, cause i think Pettitte is the Yankees best pitcher, I’m just glad we didn’t face Hughes, cause he’s my favorite Yankee pitcher…. the big question is did the plumber get the leak fixed and will he be on 24 hr call over the weekend in case there is another calamity…Jane… – did you see that…LOL like you haven’t heard that before i bet…:-)

    Phillies Outside

  19. Jane Heller

    Lucky you going to the game on Saturday, seindsfeld. Please bring back a win. And yes, I did see Artest. That was one of the funniest, most over-the-top interviews I’ve ever seen!

    Yes, the plumber did fix everything, Peter, but only after having to replace everything under the sink. I still don’t know what it will cost. I’m afraid to hear. I sure hope nothing goes wrong over the weekend, because what’s the likelihood he’ll pick up the phone?! Calamity Jane. That’s my name all right.

  20. raysrenegade

    Not sure why right now eother of our teams are letting the Red Sox fans get their vocal cords ready to produce some smack talk. Thought after a few days the cobwebs and the mental brainfarts would disappear and the race would get back to normal.
    Guess the Baseball Gods are looking at our division like a horse race right now and we have to have a Win,Place and Show team just like the Preakness or Belmont Stakes.
    Hopefuly the Dodgers on their cross-countryjourney will dig the Boston faithful back into a hole, and silence their smugness for a little longer….Maybe.
    We have a few fish (Marlins) to fry, and your team has another chance to grace the Empire State Building in pinstripes.

    Rays Renegade


  21. Jane Heller

    The baseball gods have not been cooperating, Renegade. I think the Red Sox are beating up on the Dodgers as we speak and my team is down a run at the moment. Grrrr.

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