Moyer Oldest Pitcher To Beat Yankees

You bet he’s celebrating. Drink one for me, J-Mo.
Somehow, he managed to stymie the Yankees and make them look utterly inept at the plate – on a night when our own starter was struggling in every possible way.
Don’t you love the New York papers? This headline from the Daily News cracked me up. Anyhow, A.J. was wild (not unusual) but he was also throwing fat pitch after fat pitch…
…and the Phillies, who’d been slumping, suddenly unslumped. The last straw was when A.J. failed to cover first on a grounder to Tex. He left to a chorus of boos, as if he had just walked off the mound in Philadelphia, not the Bronx.
As a matter of principle, I’m against booing any Yankee for any reason (except when I’m on Twitter and have no problem typing the word “boooo”), but A.J.’s lack of hustle – particularly after CC failed to cover first the night before – made me mad. On a positive note, the pen was terrific. Boone Logan and Chad Gaudin (yes, Chad Gaudin) came through for multiple innings, giving the Yankees a chance to get back in the game. It didn’t happen. Sadly. But tomorrow night we’ll have Andy on the hill. He’s bound to be our stopper.
P.S. Super she-fan Peggy, friend of the blog, sent me pics from her daughter Kristyn’s trip to the Yankees’ meet and great on Tuesday with Cano and A-Rod. Here’s Kristyn cheek to cheek with Robbie.
peg's daughter.jpg
Are we jealous or what?!


  1. YankeeCase

    Ha! I love the headlines of the Daily News. I’ve been picking it up since high school.
    Maybe Gaudin starts sending good shivers down your spine? (sorry, that sounded weird! i mean as opposed to the bad kind you mentioned the other day…) Maybe he’s starting to get back to what he was last year. I didn’t like Logan going to the minors, but now that he’s back, we have two solid lefties in the ‘pen. So at least there’s that from tonight’s game.

  2. ooaooa

    Heading to Maine in an hour on a sour note from last nights game.
    This is my weekend training camp into Sox country. I will get a good workout in preparation for my 2 weeks in Rhode Island in August.
    My Yankee duffle bag is packed with all the necessary armor. I have my Yankee jacket (probably won’t need), Yankee sox, shirts,Yankee cell phone, XM radio and hats.My SRX has the interlocking NY posted clearly on the back window.
    Wish me luck!

  3. scofid

    Maybe the Yankees activate and start Whitey Ford against the Phillies today! 😉 Yes, hopefully, Andy will be the stopper today. I like A.J. Burnett but I do get frustrated with these types of performances that he seems to frequently mix in. I expected more against the defending NL Champions. At least the Rays lost too…


  4. juliet93

    Of course I hate that the Yanks lost, but if we *have* to lose, I’m glad it was to Moyer. It broke my heart to see how badly he got beaten up in his game against the Sox.
    Last night’s game was just ugly all the way around – AJ’s misplay at first, Posada dropping the ball on a pitch-out, etc. Was I the only one wondering about the wisdom of having Posada catch AJ, of all people, his first game back behind the plate? At least the Phils made enough stupid mistakes themselves to keep it from being a true rout.
    I was awfully impressed with both Logan and Gaudin – I wasn’t sure what to expect after AJ. And, of course, Robbie’s 14-mile homer was just amazing. Hopefully, we’ll get back on track tonight when Andy takes the mound.

  5. ladyjane303

    If I had to miss seeing one of the games vs. Phillies, glad it was last night. I was better occupied at the wonderful James Taylor-Carole King reunion tour. While they were both great, Carole really stole the evening. Back to The Bronx tonight to cheer Andy on to Yankee win #201 (or is it #202 already?). And in the spirit of activating Whitey Ford, what’s Gator doing these days?

  6. Jane Heller

    I’m glad you didn’t go to that game too, A.J. Your namesake didn’t make us proud. He’s had a little bad streak going, so he does need to straighten out.

    HAHA, YankeeCase. Gaudin did send shivers down my spine – in a good way this time. He was much sharper than in previous outings, and Logan looks like a different pitcher this time around. Those were the positives, and at least there were some.

    I do wish you luck, John. Wear your Yankees gear with pride but be careful! I don’t want you provoking anybody and getting yourself in trouble. On the other hand, if you wind up in Red Sox jail and need bail, send an SOS to this blog.

    LOL about Whitey, Scott. Moyer really had the Yankees fooled. Amazing how he bounced back from that outing against the Red Sox. A.J. has always been inconsistent, so we knew what we were getting. That said, it doesn’t make it any easier to watch him when he’s not pitching well.

    You’re right, juliet93. Posada’s dropped ball on the pitch-out wasn’t cool either. But it wasn’t his first game behind the plate. He caught during the Astros series, I’m fairly sure. I do think he and A.J. had trouble “getting on the same page” last night, but the problem was more about A.J. not being able to execute his pitches. Grrr. Robbie’s homer did make me smile.

  7. yankeesfan27

    Anyone know what channel I can get Yankees games on in Cooperstown? I am going there for the weekend to see the HOF….

  8. Jane Heller

    Maybe they get YES up there, yankeesfan27? Anyone else know the answer? Hope you have a great time though. I’ve never been to Cooperstown and intend to get there one of these days.

  9. raysrenegade

    All of us Twitter people know how passionate you get while watching the game and Tweeting at the same time. But that is what is cool about that social media. You can be on the West Coast sipiing a nice Chardonnay or Zinfindel, and a fan in the stands at Yankee Stadium and you can communicate like you are right next to each other.
    Shows just how close we really are to those “Dick Tracey” and “Batman” gadgets we all wanted as kids.
    But then again, on Twitter, they can not hear your screams.

    Rays Renegade

  10. Jane Heller

    So you must have been at the concert with Gayle, ladyjane. She was tweeting about it last night. Just read the Post’s review and it wasn’t good (or maybe it was the Daily News – can’t remember). King and Taylor were at the Santa Barbara Bowl a month ago and I didn’t go. I guess I prefer to remember them when they were at their peak, but so glad you enjoyed and didn’t have to watch our Yanks go down. Have fun tonight and here’s to Andy’s 201st victory. (Didn’t he just get 200?)

    Twitter has proven a really fun way to watch games with fellow fans, Renegade. It’s like having a living room full of people and you can yell out whatever’s on your mind. I did laugh last night when the guys on YES kept trying to figure out what Twitter was and how it worked. It was like they’d never heard of a computer.


    I was depressed about the loss – you could see from the second inning that A.J. didn’t have it. I can’t believe he could not find the ball that came back to him and that he didn’t cover first on the other ground ball. Ugh! The fans let him know how they felt!!!

    On the bright side, Gaudin and Logan looked very good. I was worried from earlier experiences with both of them this season, but like CHOP, the issues seem to be gone. We haven’t heard anything new about Eiland — I wonder when he will be back.

    I’m very jealous, Peggy — adorable picture of your daughter and Robbie.

    We need a real strong victory tonight before the Mets hit town. They have been extraordinarily successful over the last couple of weeks and we don’t want that to continue. GO YANKEES!!!

  12. Jane Heller

    Oh, yeah. I forgot about that ball A.J. couldn’t find, Diane. Ugh is right. I keep wondering about Eiland too. Girardi will want him as a coach on the All-Star team, won’t he? I hope whatever’s going on with him is working itself out and he’s back soon. The Mets have been successful beating the same teams we beat, but I’m sure they’re playing with confidence right now.

  13. Jane Heller

    It’s okay that you’re late today, Dave. (I feel like the headmistress at a private school. LOL.) Our boys do have trouble with the old and slow type pitchers, so I hope they can get their swings back tonight. And yes, I’ll be watching Game 7 hoping for a Lakers victory. Such a busy night! So there was a nursing student….Hm. Will leave that one alone!


    Huff puff…sorry I’m late today…sorry about last nite, too…was just telling Office Phillie Fan yesterday not to worry ’cause our boyz can’t hit Old & Slow (like, say, Wakefield…and probably that daggone Mets knucklehead too)…damn, I hate to be right…it’s the first thing he told me this morning…

    Otherwise: Hey Peggy — thanx — what a GREAT picture of Kristyn with Cano!! And Good Luck to ooa ooa tooa…but it IS always nice to have that “World Champs” armor to protect you…of course, if the C’s (as in Celtics) lose tonight (but making She-Fan, Joann, & all the Angelenos happy)…coupled with the B’s (as in Bruins) SuperChoke, Sawx Country could be very very ugly indeed (giggle)…!

    Lastly — dear ladyjane, sounds like ’twas a great concert with James & Carole…I’m so ancient, I recall seeing them together in Raleigh, NC in the Spring of ’71…it was Local Boy Taylor (his dad a prof at UNC), and right BEFORE “Tapestry” was released to the world, too…pure magic, and I bet they still have it…oh yes, and memories of a certain nursing student named Sandy who joined me that evening…sigh…(smiling)…!


    The way they hit, Don Larson could have done the same. I somehow knew AJ would be terrible. All the signs pointed to it. Beating up Halladay, echoes of game 5, Moyer having a bad start before, the Phillies not being able to hit even beachballs….AJ being AJ. The hits batsmen, the wild pitches, and the walks were cute the first year…not so much anymore. Isn’t there a thing called improving oneself? I cringed seeing that first wild pitch get passed Posada. What’s he doing back there? And Raul Ibanez stealing a base??? Seriously?? Get Cervelli in when Burnett pitches >.

  16. southernbelle

    Jane: Woooh! Cano! I’m not really as jealous as I would be if it was CERVELLI she was cheek-to-cheek with! Speaking of Cervelli, I found something on youtube of him that made me forget all about last night’s miserable game.
    But yeah, the bullpen was good last night!

  17. Jane Heller

    Maybe Cervelli will be there for one of the meet and greets, Virginia. If so, be sure to get a picture of you two cheek to cheek!

  18. Orangebird

    Moyer is as old as my dad, and he’s still an effective pitcher. This defies common knowledge and logic about the human body. But Moyer’s still got to beat Julio Franco for the oldest guy to play in an MLB game.


    Re: Kristyn & Robbie Cano

    Of course I’m jealous, but unlike you ladies, I’m jealous of Robbie. Those young guys get to schmooz with all the pretty girls.


    My post! some of it got cut off…I guess I shouldn’t do that smiley anymore. I wrote I was insanely jealous of Peggy’s daughter. I’m a huge Cano fan. But how tall is he? He looks short in the picture, or is Peggy’s daughter just really tall? 😛
    Also…Game 7!! :O

  21. Jane Heller

    I share your frustration with A.J., seindsfeld, but if you ask fans in Toronto they’ll give you chapter and verse about his inconsistency. Nothing new there. At least he’s managed to stay healthy so far (please, no jinx!). I don’t know how tall Cano is. Maybe Peggy’s daughter is tall? Peggy, where are you????

    Moyer is an ageless wonder, Jordan. When he hits his spots, he fools people with that soft stuff. Amazing.

    HAHA, jojovanb. You should have been a professional ballplayer. No female can resist them.

  22. Jane Heller

    Mike, did you read the post? I mentioned that CC hadn’t covered first base the night before, so yeah I was equally miffed. But CC has the ability to regroup and make adjustments after a few bad innings, whereas A.J. tends to unravel.

  23. bklyntrolleyblogger

    If you were miffed with AJ not covering first base…were you equally miffed with CC the night before for the same infraction? ~ AJ is such an enigma isn’t he. But he’s really the same pitcher he’s pretty much has always been. He’s just more expensive now and expectations came with it.
    …just sayin.

  24. angelsgirl012

    that just might be the cutest photo ever 😀 Cano is such a cutie haha!

    And Jamie Moyer. What a guy. He just keeps on going it’s incredible. Amazing my dad is one year older than him. Wow. I remember when he was back in Seattle. Seems like a long time ago but he’s still playing baseball. Incredible

  25. Jane Heller

    Moyer makes it look easy, Mimi. I’m sure there are quite a few retired pitchers who watched him the other night and said, “Maybe I shouldn’t have thrown in the towel.”

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