Sorry, Doc, But Even You Can Have A Bad Day

I was just glad the Yankees were the lucky recipients. After Gardner’s triple, I thought, Wow. Maybe Roy won’t be “on” tonight. Then came the blasts from Grandy and Swisher and even Ramiro Pena hit a ball that looked like it might go out. By the way, whoever said Pena resembles a young Ray Romano nailed it.
OK, so they’re not that identical. Never mind.
Getting back to the game, everybody figured it would be a classic pitcher’s duel and it wasn’t. It was only a matter of time before Roy was out of there, and CC had a rough couple of innings before settling down and throwing a five-hitter. Tex’s homer was sweet, but it was Cervelli’s single that shut the door on the Phillies.
Plus it was great to see Chan Ho doing well against his former comrades, and Dave Robertson isn’t scaring me as much as he was earlier in the season. But, naturally, with the win came news of yet another injury.
Sergio Mitre.jpg
You strained an oblique during batting practice, Sergio? Really? Do you not realize that we’re already without Aceves, our best long man? Seriously, thanks a lot for leaving us with Gaudin for that role now. Shivers.
I guess I just have to hope that A.J. will go at least seven tomorrow night. I also hope that both Paul O’Neill and Al Leiter will be back in the YES booth with Michael Kay. I still miss Coney, but O’Neill and Leiter were funny together.



    All I got to say is: Welcome back to the AL East Roy! ;D okay that’s not all, but it didn’t help Roy Boy that the phillies are having such a bad offensive season. Just cause Jimmy Rollins is hurt? I can’t see the Mets in 1st!!! What an explosive game. And CC only had two bad innings. If memory serves right Utley was his daddy in the WS. Maybe Arod should get injured more often? 😛 How did Sergio hurt himself during BP? Did he tripped on bats too? I don’t expect much from AJ, but it’ll be nice seeing Pettitte close them out again >:D

  2. YankeeCase

    Ha! I’ve been thinking for a year and a half now who Pena reminded me of… Now the case is closed, great job!
    You know Chan Ho Choke has been doing a lot better his last half dozen outings or so. That nasty little slider is starting to show up. And Robertson was starting to shine again until he played a little Aztec Death Ball and bounced one off his hip. He might be coming around again, so at least the bullpen may finally look like it can be a strength. In the meantime, I think we can survive a week or two without the Surge Meter.

  3. lenn23

    Why would Sergio need batting practice anyway? He would always be pinch-hit for in the NL. Really expected a 2-1 score in this game. Can’t predict baseball.


    The Yanks keep rolling along!

    I find it a little weird that Mitre all of a sudden gets a strained oblique, when he hasn’t pitched in what, 2 weeks?


  5. ladyjane303

    Very satisfying game. But you nailed it with your comments about O’Neill and Leiter – they’re my favorites when it’s just one of them in the booth, but having them together was a hoot. That clip of Leiter striking out Paulie was priceless.


    We were sitting around last night singing, “Happy Halladay”, Jane. What a pleasure to be able to take the lead and keep it. I know C.C. had one bad inning but otherwise he was fine. I don’t see why he got player of the game. I guess it was because there were too many productive bats so they couldn’t pick just one.

    I agree with all who enjoy Paulie and Al — they are a wonderful addition to the game. I don’t hate Michael Kay but I feel like he is a bit full of himself – he used to hate broadcasting with O’Niell but he seems to genuinely like him now.

    Not good news about Mitre but what can you do. CHOP was quite solid so maybe he’s gotten over whatever his problem was before the last couple of games. I agree though, Gaudin gives me the shivers, and not in a good way.

    Not sure if they are going to get the game in today — weather reports are calling for steady rain from about 8 pm on. From Thursday through the weekend its supposed to be sunny and warm so we can get all the rest of the games in. GO YANKEES!!!

  7. yankeesfan27

    Speaking of commentators, where has Coney been??? I miss him on Yankees on Deck. Now Leiter is the host and Flash is the assistant, where last year Leiter was the assistant with COney as the host. I like Leiter in the booth, I love when Paul O is up there, Singy is OK, Flash is horrible, as is Bob Lorenz. So I would keep Mike Kay, Leiter/Coney and Paul O….. Anyone know where Coney is though?

  8. yankeesfan27

    I don’t think Kay ever hated broadcasting with O’Neill, I just think that Kay just made an excessive amount of comments making fun of O’Neill for never getting the trivia correct, or not remembering someone’s name. It was funny at first, but after a while, he has to realize that O’Neill is a person too. Occaisionally Kay will pop a joke at O’Neill’s expense, but not as often as before.

  9. yankeesfan27

    Just looked it up, and David Cone is taking an indefinite break from broadcasting to “spend more time with family”. He was replaced by Tino Martinez on YES, but I think Tino only does Spring Training games and games against the Marlins and Rays.

  10. Jane Heller

    You’re right about Utley and CC from the World Series, seindfsfeld. Glad we didn’t see a repeat performance last night. Did you really write the words “Maybe A-Rod should get injured more often?” Bite your tongue! I’m sure Mitre hadn’t swung a bat in a long time, so he must have been awfully rusty during that BP.

    I agree about the bullpen looking better, YankeeCase. Park was coming off the DL, don’t forget, and maybe needed some time to get sharp. Also, he’s better when Girardi only uses him for one inning. Robertson seems to have recovered from that ball on the butt! But Mitre has been pretty good for us, so I do think it’s a loss, especially since we’re without Aceves.

    I guess all the pitchers took BP, Len. Dunno. I expected a low scoring game too. All these “on paper” matchups don’t always materialize, do they.

    Mitre injured the oblique during batting practice before the Astros series, Melissa. Must have been some swing!

    They were such a hoot, ladyjane. I loved when Kay asked them if they liked each other when they played. Talk about awkward.

    Noooo, not good news about the weather back east, Diane. I was really looking forward to tonight’s game. I hope they get it in. LOL that you were singing “Happy Halladay.” I was so surprised to see him get knocked around. It just doesn’t happen!

    Big time relief that Doc wasn’t on his game, Jeff. I know all too well what it’s like to be shut down by him. That said, the Yankees bats were taking advantage of every mistake – also good to see.

    Coney left YES, yankeesfan27. At the time there were rumors of a rift with management and that he was planning to take a job with the Players Association. Not sure whether he did or not, but YES didn’t renew his contract.


    Wha’ happen??
    Did Our Bombers think they were taping a revival of Home Run Derby? And Da Philz weren’t invited? Was this Doc’s first Return To the AL, where pitchers don’t bat?? No matter…keep those Philly bats sleepin’, and take whatever we can get!
    Hope that The Pen of Bulls holds up, with More Park’s Sausages Mom (aka sliders) but no Meat Tray…and speaking of food, isn’t Robertson’s a brand of English jam? then let’s implore him to keep it sweet for us…no current jams that our lads can’t handle, please…!
    And now that our Hometown Nats actually have a Real Pitcher — my wife fantasizes about them stealing the wild-card spot, after two whole starts by Strasburg — hey, it does make things more interesting ’round here this week!!

  12. Jane Heller

    It was a sweet game, Dave. And congrats to your hometown Nats. It must be exciting in the DC area – at last. But a wild card spot? Now that would be a fantasy. LOL.

  13. southernbelle

    Jane: Ramiro and Romano….Eh, I sort of see it. You inspired me to do my own Ramiro lookalike, and I did. I want your honest opinion. Mitre hurt himself in BP? I didn’t know that’s how, lol. Last night’s game was awesome! Great contributions from our outfielders 🙂


    I know what the Yankees SAID about Mitre, but I find it a little weird. He pitched 6 innings the last month. And only 2 innings in the last 18 days. I know our starters have been good, but I’m wondering if he was nursing an injury and they didn’t want to say.



    I’ll bite my fingers Jane 😀 I just meant cause the Yanks are hittin the snot out of the ball without him. But I miss his presence. A shame about Cone, I remember hearing about the rift too. Must have said something off a la David Justice. I hope he gets a job at the MLB network, those guys annoy me a lot.

  16. Jane Heller

    Not sure what the sticking point was with Coney and YES, seindsfeld. I’d love to see him on MLBN though. Great idea.

  17. Jane Heller

    I’ll take the “W” happily, Paul!

    Could be, Melissa. Anything’s possible when it comes to injuries. The Yankees aren’t always forthcoming and neither are the players at times.

  18. Orangebird

    The WSJ article was about how thw Yankees did actually have a mascot for a very brief amount of time and the mascot’s demise.

  19. Jane Heller

    Oh, interesting. Sorry I couldn’t view it, Jordan. Can’t say I’m disappointed that the mascot’s not around anymore though!

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