I Guess Tex Is All Better

No, one good game doesn’t mean he’s cured of his slump, but his swing sure looked healthy on that homer. And speaking of swings, how much does Swisher love hitting at Camden Yards? Is it the ballpark itself? Or does he eat a few pulled pork sandwiches at Boog’s before every game?
All I know is that I really like him in the #2 spot. He takes pitches, gets on base and drives in runs. So what if he isn’t fast. Granderson is just fine where he is, as was evidenced by his Granderslam (I think that’s what John Sterling called it). Huuuughes wasn’t his strike-out self (how about Stephen Strasburg’s 14 Ks in his debut????), but he pitched out of trouble and didn’t walk anybody and continued his winning ways. On the other hand…
(can you believe these are made of soap?)
…Chad Gaudin causes me to wonder what Cashman was thinking. We had Chad and sent him packing. Then the A’s DFA-ed him and we picked him up again. Why? I get if he’s supposed to come in for blowouts like tonight and eat up innings.
But not if it means giving up four runs, making the game closer than it needs to be and necessitating Mo to even move from his chair. Nuh-uh.
But hey, we won on a night when our division rivals won too. So we kept pace. It’s too early to scoreboard watch for real, but, well, let me amend that. It’s never too early.


  1. seindsfeld@aol.com

    It sure is nice playing the Orioles again (-‘.’)- -(‘.’-) |(‘.’)| (that’s my happy dance). And Teix! Wow! What I liked was even that last at-bat after striking out, when he had been on base all day, he looked upset. I like that fire. But Swisher stole the show. 😀 I think when Granderson hits a homerun Sterling should say “The Grandy Man can!” like that Candy man song. You’re right about Gaudin. Think it’s time to release him. If he was even on the team. They could have been paying him with cracker jacks. Strikesburg was insane. I kept thinking, “Well, it is only the Pirates,” but 14 k’s?? That sandwich kind of made me hungry, until I saw the creepy soap hands (hilarious). I guess we can hold off that video for now XD

  2. scofid

    Gaudin has got to go! I’ve seen enough of the sequel, and I am ready for him to try the A’s again for the third time! Hughes couldn’t quite match Stephen Strasburg but then again his competition was only a winless Kevin Millwood. Millwood must be missing those Texas bats. Cito Culver? I hope the Yankees read this one right.


  3. Jane Heller

    I did a happy dance too, seindsfeld. So great to see Tex really hit the ball. I was watching the game on TV, so I didn’t hear Sterling’s call for Grandy’s granny, but on Twitter people were saying he said, “Granderslam,” although he might have said “The Grandy man can” too. I’m sure someone will tell us. Strasburg’s 14 K’s were impressive, no matter which team he faced. I mean, it was his debut in the majors and the place was packed, and yet he showed no butterflies.

    Yes, he does, Scott. He’s just useless. I thought he’d be fine in long relief while Aceves recovers (if he ever does), but no. Not happening. I don’t know if Cito Culver will turn into a major league star, but he’s got a great baseball name! And how about those Lakers?

  4. mhugill@verizon.net

    I admit I went between the Yankee game and would flip to the Nats game to watch Strasburg. Man that kid was good. Remind me why he isn’t in pinstripes? Cool as a cucumber with the pressure and media frenzy around him too. Impressive as hell. Anyhoo….

    Jane last year you and your flip interviewed a psychic and she told you the Yanks would win the pennant. How ’bout a visit to see what this year holds?

    Flies, baby hands on a plate. You sure do find some creepy photo’s Jane. I can’t imagine walking into someone’s bathroom and seeing all those chubby little hands on a plate like that. Cracks me up.

  5. peggy3

    Hey Jane & Fellow Bloggers…

    I woke up early and can’t get back to sleep so I figured I would check out Jane’s words of wisdom for today.

    I believe that John Sterling said…”it’s a granderson slam” and he does say the Grandy Man Can, the Grandy Man Can…actually he sort of sings it which isn’t pretty …lol.

    My daughter loves Boog’s pulled pork sandwiches. Apparently everyone does by the long lines. We are going to Baltimore in September to see the Yankees play at Camden (Yankee Stadium South) and that will be the first thing she does …head to Boog’s. Camden is one of my favorite stadiums …it’s the prototype for all the new stadiums that are being built now. If you ever go you should also visit the home where Babe Ruth was born. It’s a small museum but worth the trip. It’s only a few blocks from Camden. I go to Baltimore at least once a season. I love the Inner Harbour too …lots of good eating. Great way to spend a weekend.

    Have a good day all ….here’s to the Yankees going on a
    long win streak …

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  6. diane.anziano@gmail.com

    Strasberg’s first start in the majors was something to be very proud of but I’m certain at least a part of his success was due to the fact that the hitters had never seen him before this game. Still, we’ll have to keep and eye on him and if he remains this strong he will be in pinstripes within the next 5-6 years.

    Let’s not be too quick to relax as far as Tex’s bat is concerned. He still contributes defensively in every game and I’m sure he will come around offensively, but I’m not sure he’s out of the woods yet. Swish is a joy to watch in every game, but especially when he is this productive. And Granderson – this is why we got him and he did the job this time. He now has twice as many grand slams as Jeter – lol.

    Finally – Gaudin. I think we need to let him walk — he brings nothing to the table. We let the rest of the bull pen rest, but only because we were 9 runs ahead – it got way too close for my peace of mind.

    Boston got passed Toronto in the standings – we’re 2 games behind Tampa and Boston is 2 games behind us. We have to keep the bats alive and the pitching strong so we can stay in the race. GO YANKEES!!!

  7. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    Yes, Peggy, I’ve heard Sterling “sing” the Grandy man can. It’s pretty funny. And I visited the Babe Ruth house a few months ago. It was very nice, and they had “Confessions of a She Fan” for sale there.

    When I saw Gaudin warming up, I thought “Oh no, I’m not sure our lead is big enough to survive him.”

    I’m a little sad that the Yankees drafted a short stop. You know it’s because they are looking to the future when Jeter . . . I can’t even think about it. Cute story from Suzyn (we listened to part of the game on the radio). When the Yankees did the conference call to Cito Culver he wasn’t home. He was out getting his tux for his prom. (!) Apparently it was white with a blue tie or something like that, in Yankee colors.

    And, I hope you all note that my interpretation of Teixiera’s horoscope is coming true. He batted .750 yesterday.


  8. peggy3

    “And, I hope you all note that my interpretation of Teixiera’s horoscope is coming true. He batted .750 yesterday.”

    Melissa …

    Maybe you can be the new psychic for the She Fan blog. What do you see for the Yankees winning the WS ?? :o)

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  9. Jane Heller

    Peg, I went to see a tarot card reader last year. She’s more than willing to give me another reading about the 2010 Yankees, but I’ve been reluctant to go. As you may remember, I wrote about her and her prediction in the NY Times before posting it here on the blog. When I went back to the editor of the sports section and asked if he wanted me to talk to her again for this season, he said, “Sure, but are you really ready for it if her prediction isn’t a positive one?” That gave me pause. I wrote back, “NO!” Because I’m not ready. I don’t want to hear anything except, “Yes, they’ll win the WS again.”

    Your daughter has good taste in stadium food, Peggy. I adore Boog’s. I’d go to Baltimore just for that! lol. And yes, Babe Ruth’s birthplace is a nice place to visit and it’s just around the corner from most hotels in the inner harbor area, so it’s an easy walk. And regarding predictions about the Yankees, I’d be happy to hear Melissa’s if it’s good news (see my comment above to Peg)!

    Well, we always knew it would be a three-team race, Diane. Did anybody really think the Red Sox wouldn’t be in it? So yes, we need to keep pace, as I said in the post, and that means beating the teams we need to beat and, most of all, having a great second half. Is Tex out of the woods? Who knows, but last night was a great start. Now if only A-Rod could get out of his little deal where he keeps grounding the ball to the left side. Ugh.

    How cute was that, Melissa, that Cito was out buying his prom tux. Apparently, it was a pinstriped one, but with black pinstripes. lol. He seems so genuinely excited to have been picked by the Yanks. Is it sad to think about our future without Jeter? Of course. And there’s no telling if this kid will turn into anything. But we have time to fret about it, so no sad faces!!!

  10. Jane Heller

    That baby means no all right, Cat, as in no way! You’d love it at Boog’s. It’s so worth standing in line. My fave is the pit turkey platter with beans and slaw. Yum.

    Right you are, Jeff. Must take advantage of the O’s or else they’ll hear about it from me.

  11. James Buxton

    Tex looks menacing with that kind of blasts, sure his confidence is better and I’m sure he is getting out of his slump. Having a little fun at the plate always helps. Can’t write more, lots of work, but is nice to know all my fan friends and fellow bloggers are ok.

  12. Jane Heller

    Thanks for checking in, James. We’re all okay, but don’t you work too hard! Let the Yankees work hard in Baltimore tonight!

  13. Jane Heller

    I think you meant “post something that is not about my Yanks,” Peg, but I got it. LOL. And yes, of course you can. Any time. I enjoyed that article and the fact that the fans are getting behind the Nats in a big way now.

  14. devilabrit

    Those soap hands are cool… and all the food, damn now I’m starving… gotta go lite the grill…. it’s good to stay on a par even this early in the season…

    Phillies Outside

  15. seindsfeld@aol.com

    Ohh thanks for clearing that up Peggy. He really does sing it? That’s terrible lol. But he’s a funny old guy. My9 had a cool, but short, history on how he came up with his “The Yankees win, The-e-e-e-e-e, Yankees win!” call. Apparently in the early 90’s when the Yankees were so bad he’s say it as if surprised they won, and just extended the The as time went on. Because of Strasburg, the Nationals doing better and the Orioles’ fall to oblivion, Michael Kay keeps saying it’s ain’t too good for the O’s. Could this really be the end of the Orioles??

  16. Jane Heller

    Every time I post food pics I get hungry myself, Peter. I should stop doing it! And yes, it’s important to keep pace, even in June.

    I don’t see an end to the Orioles at all, seindsfeld. They have some good young players, but the rebuilding is taking longer than anybody there expected. They’re a proud franchise with such a great history of winning – just not in a very long time.

  17. Jane Heller

    Can’t help you with food suggestions at Fenway, Emma. My experience eating there wasn’t the greatest. But Boston itself is full of excellent restaurants, depending on your budget. If nobody here has suggestions, the concierge at your hotel will.

  18. bklyntrolleyblogger

    I found it interesting how John Kruk had absolutely nothing good to say about TEX’s swing in general. Michael Kay spent a day bashing him on the radio too. Guess he shut them all up for a day. and Gaudin? Really? really?

  19. Jane Heller

    I don’t pay much attention to anything Kruk says, Mike. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him make a positive comment about any Yankee.

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