So Long, Toronto, and Thanks For The Memories

I don’t know about anybody else, but I was glad to get out of the Rogers Centre today. Just watching the games on TV made me claustrophobic.
Roof open or closed, the place gives me the creeps. Of course the Yankees’ lack of offense may have had something to do with it. I was afraid that Vazquez’s terrific performance might be wasted, just like Pettitte’s was the day before. But the Yankees actually manufactured a comeback. Who cares if our baserunners were due to walks and hit batsmen. Jeter and Cano came through big time and made a winner of Javy. Girardi got tossed for our entertainment pleasure AND Mo trotted in from the bullpen twice.
How often does that happen? What wasn’t the least bit humorous was Tex’s continuing struggle at the plate or A-Rod’s sore groin or Nick Swisher getting rung up for a checked swing that didn’t happen. Oh, well. I hope the Yankees enjoy their day off tomorrow. If they have time in Baltimore, they should go here.
Obrycki's Crabhouse and Seafood Restaurant.jpg
I had a great time when my husband and I went there for dinner. They dump your crabs on the table, give you a mallet and let you have at it.
I think Tex, in particular, might enjoy pounding a crab into oblivion. It just might lead to this.
P.S. Anybody watch the fight at Yankee Stadium last night? How cool was Arthur Mercante Jr., the referee who took charge when somebody threw the white flag into the ring and caused all that confusion?
Baseball could use a strong presence like him. Could somebody see if he wants to switch sports?



    This felt almost like a pity win. Blue Jays thoughts: First game we slammed their number 2 starter. Second we toyed with them for 14 innings, just to see if they could actually get a hit with a runner in scoring position. The third, yeah, they can have it. It was hilarious when Mo ran out and then Marte came in for him. I guess Marte needed a few more warm up throws? They won, but Teix went 0-4, so i’m 50/50 with the video. The fight was so anti-climatic! They advertised it everywhere, Cotto was obviously going to win anyway, but Foreman ends up slipping? But yeah, I was confused when the ref said they’ll fight even though someone threw in the towel. Then when they asked who it was, the guy the ref thought threw it in said he didn’t…. gotta love boxing.

  2. juliet93

    It really makes me feel much better to know I’m not the only one that feels that way about Toronto. Even just the televised games make me feel terribly, irrationally uncomfortable.
    I was glad to see we managed to walk away with at least one win – especially for Javy. Smushing crabs into the great beyond may be just the thing Tex needs right now – God knows it couldn’t hurt anything (well, except fot the crabs, but it’s time for drastic measures!)


    I was really looking forward to a sweep in Toronto but I’ll take the series-ending win, especially because the Orioles beat Boston in extra innings. I didn’t want to go into Baltimore with having lost 3 straight to The Jays and with Baltimore on a run of like 11 straight losses. Something tells me the bats will wake up big time. They’d better!

    The fight was okay – with the expected outcome. It looked to me like there were a lot of empty seats in the stadium — I mean empty in the area that were to be sold for the fight.

    I don’t recall, Jane. Did you go to Toronto on your “She-Fan” run? If its so discomforting to you on tv I can only imagine what it would be like to see a game there.


    I agree about that stadium. And it’s so quiet it’s creepy – partly because the crowd is small and quieter, but also probably because the noise gets absorbed. It’s even weird listening on the radio.

    I was happy with yesterday’s game. Sometimes, you just have to win by luck or freak plays. That’s fine. And we came from behind. And Cano continues to amaze.

    Losing would have been too disheartening.

    And yea for Javy! He pitched great!!!!


  5. ladyjane303

    Yes, very happy to get out of Toronto. I don’t know about anyone else, but the field there always looks bigger than normal to me – gives me the creeps. Glad to get the W for Javy, who is looking more like a #2 or 3 starter these days. Hope the nay-sayers are keeping quiet. Sorry Andy’s great effort on Saturday was wasted. Anyone wondering of Tex is hurt in some way? How else to explain these dreadful at-bats? At least his fielding continues in its usual stellar way. A day off is always a good thing – fresh start tomorrow. I’m going to Baltimore later in the summer with some friends – will keep that restaurant in mind.

  6. James Buxton

    I hope this is the final turn for Javy in the right direction. No win on my birthday, but Andy was magnificent (the offense was, well, like mi cat when he is sleep). I hope a sweep of the O’s will have a positive impact in the bats (Tex really needs to do something about his slump).

  7. Jane Heller

    Seindsfeld, according to Tony Pena, our acting manager after Girardi got tossed, he was planning to bring in Mo but had a feeling “in his gut” that Marte should come in instead – after Mo had already jogged in. So funny. I tried to do a Tex video for you, but it got eaten by the xtranormal site so it’s lost forever. Oh well. He’ll have to tried pounding some crabs. And yeah, boxing is the strangest “sport.”

    The TV reception from Toronto was just off, juliet93. It was dark and blurry and, as I said, claustrophobic, whether I had the regular feed from Toronto or TBS on Sunday. Very happy for Javy that he got the win and continues to head in the right direction. Now I want Tex to go to Obrycki’s and smush some crabs! LOL. He must know the place, since he grew up nearby.

    I agree about the O’s due for a breakout, Diane. Markakis is finally out of his slump, so I hope our pitchers remember that. He can be a Yankee Killer! I don’t know how many empty seats there were at the fight. My friend was there and she said the crowd was fantastic and really into it. And yes, I went to Toronto for the She-Fan book – twice. I liked the city very much, but the Rogers Centre? Not at all. It’s kind of spooky – very big, not usually full, and it plays like being stuck in a gym.

    Luck/freak plays are just fine with me too, Melissa. Whatever works. We didn’t get a break on that Swisher call, so why not take advantage of their pitcher’s wildness? Maybe the win will boost their confidence and they’ll feel like bashing the ball when we play the O’s. Still worried about Tex and possibly A-Rod, if the groin isn’t better.

    The Blue Jays were a good test for Javy, ladyjane, since they’ve been hitting so well. So nice job by him! I’ve been wondering if Tex could be hurt. He did get hit on the wrist again earlier this season, didn’t he? But if so, wouldn’t he have had plenty of treatment and told somebody? Yes, do keep Obyrcki’s in mind when you go to Baltimore. It’s an institution there and a lot of fun. They literally dump the crabs on the table, bring you the mallet and a garbage can and show you how to do it. It’s messy but fun – and delicious.

    Sorry Andy didn’t get the win on your birthday, James. (HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, btw.) But he sure pitched well enough for it. And Javy gave you a delayed present. Hope you had a good time celebrating.

  8. James Buxton

    Thanks Jane, it was really nice, some friends and a very BIG present from Javy, I have a lot of faith in him. I’m a little anxious for the entire draft thing, As far as I can recall is not a good record the Yanks have (take Joba, Austin Jackson and of course Phill). Do you know what happened to the ambidextrous pitcher?? I can’t remember his name.

  9. James Buxton

    Sorry, I meant take out Joba, Jackson and Phill as exceptions (excellent ones) , the rest, well. They are lost in the corners of my mind.

  10. Jane Heller

    Ah, but does the crab table look as good as your buffets in the dugout club, Cat? LOL.

    Melissa and Ladyjane, didn’t the Yankees send Granderson for an eye exam? Phil Hughes too? Wouldn’t they have done the same for Tex and, if not, it’s never too late.

    To be honest, Paul, I haven’t thought about you in connection with the mallet. But I guess you’d better stay away from Obyrcki’s just to be safe.

    As far as I know, James, Pat Venditte, the ambidextrous pitcher, is still in the minors. I bet Melissa will know everything about him, including how to spell his last name, which I’m not sure about and am too lazy to look up!

  11. James Buxton

    I know Jane, she always knows. He seems like a good pitcher; maybe someday we’ll see him in the mound wearing pinstripes.

  12. crzblue2

    I’ve been to Rogers Centre once and the Red Sox were in town. I was in town to attend a class! Like me the Blue Jays were in town. Isn’t nice there is auto spell here now?
    Wow! I did not know that about this pitcher Pat Venditte. I sure want to see him when he comes up to the Mayors. Maybe a Septembe callup?
    I just had a chance to post my 70’s pictures from 70’s night last Friday! That was lots of work, that is the most pics I posted in an entry!

  13. Jane Heller

    I think Venditte is a bit of a novelty act right now, James, but if he can hone his skills he could be tough on hitters at some point.

    Venditte was with the club in spring training, Emma. I think it was mostly because Girardi wanted to see him up close as a curiosity. Will hop over to your blog to check out your pics.

  14. crzblue2

    I still need a red mark Jane. I meant “lucky me” instead of “like me” Saturday when I went back to the stadium some fans and ushers were saying “I see you got a haircut.” lol (lol that lol is underline :-))

  15. Jane Heller

    I knew what you meant, Emma. I’ve gotten to the point where my fingers type faster than my brain and I’m leaving typos all over the blogosphere. lol.

  16. dorgal218

    I know I’m late to the party, but I just have to say how good I feel knowing so many of you had the same feeling about the Toronto stadium as I did!!

    We actually visited the Rogers Centre two summers ago. It’s no better in person.

    And it DOES look bigger than every other baseball field. I hate that there’s no dirt in the infield except around the bases. And in person, the turf, or whatever it is called, looks like a patchwork quilt. Ugly.

    But we did love watching the game from the restaurant above center field. That was fun.

    I’m glad the Yankees escaped with a win on Sunday. I thought once AJ and Halladay were gone from the Blue Jays, the Yankees would have an easier time. Sigh.

  17. Jane Heller

    Isn’t it funny that so many of us feel the same way about the Rogers Centre, dorgal? It’s not a bad place by any means and there are stadiums I like less. It’s just not “charming” in any way. I, too, enjoyed eating in the restaurants above center field. In fact, during one meal somebody smacked a ball right up near where we were sitting and we ducked! lol. But no, the Yanks didn’t have an easier time without Halladay. They’ve got some very good young pitchers.

  18. travelingbballbabes

    You’re making me nervous! In addition to Minnesota and Milwuakee, Lisa and I will be hitting up Toronto next year for our stadium tours! This recent trip to San Diego and Anaheim has proved that I do not like tomb-feeling ball parks! : /


  19. Jane Heller

    Toronto itself is a lot of fun, Serena. You guys will have a great time. And the restaurants overlooking center field at the Rogers Centre make you feel as if you’re right there with the players. It’s just the stadium itself I don’t love. Lucky you getting to see the new Target Field!

    Baseball is, as they say, unpredictable, Mimi. No doubt about it.

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