Sorry- No Internet Service/No Post/Leave Comments!


My stupid Internet service came back on this morning – no idea what caused Cox Cable to shut us down, but it happens all too frequently. I had a lot to write about last night too. Bummer. I was so frustrated when I started last night’s blog and couldn’t get on. So at 10:30 pm, I literally drove down from my house up in the hills – in dense fog – to the nearest town, which is called Summerland, and sat in the parking lot of a restaurant where there was wireless service and typed the post title on my iPhone – just to let everyone know I hadn’t retired in mid-season like Ken Griffey Jr. When was the last time a player did that? Mike Schmidt. Right?
Galarraga? OMG. He was robbed! I know Jim Joyce apologized, and Armando showed a lot of class with his response, but maybe Bud Selig should overturn the call, since Joyce admitted it was a mistake, and give the kid the perfecto? Sure, other teams would start clamoring for every botched decision to be overturned, but this was a special case in my humble opinion.
The Yankees? They’re beating the teams they need to beat. Simple as that. Hughes was fantastic, Cano is just on fire, Grandy is showing why Cashman went out and traded for him, and it’s great to have Posada back.
Right now, I’m just happy to be online. Me without Internet service? Not a pretty sight. It’s good to be back among the living. Will get right to the comments.



    Jane, as a British baseball fan I sincerely hope your internet connection is restored asap. I love reading your blogs and would sorely miss them were they to disappear permanently. They are passionate, full of insight and, above all, humourous. One minor criticism if I may. Yankee wins are attributed to their good play, losses to their failures. Surely there must be losses which are attributable not to Yankees poor play but to opponents better play. I hope it’s not too much to expect that those teams who win deservedly receive recognition of their achievments from you however rabid a Yankee fan you are. Not that you strike me a rabid, but a little objectivity would not go amiss.
    Thank you again for you blogs. As we say in my native land “Lang may yer lum reek”. Consult your local friendly Scotsman (or woman) for translation.
    Best wishes,
    Charlie D


    i hope no internet service isn’t stressing you out. you deserve a break from taking care of all of your loyal fans and co yankeeaholics.
    as for the game, it was so pleasant to have a stressfree, fun game. no tension, no worry only joy in watching hughes and offense click as we always hope. it often feels like we play the sox everyday but right now playing the os everyday sounds like fun. as of right now, robbie cano is the batting leader. that’s fun.
    hopefully cc will give us a lovely day.


    Oh Jane!! What a BAD day your internet service chose to go down. With good Yankees win, lots of great hitting (esp. by Cano–AGAIN!!) and of course, great pitching by HUUUUUGHES!! And most of all, THE CALL @ the Detroit Tigers game w/ 2outs in top of 9th to take away that young pitcher’s PERFECT GAME (to me HE STILL pitched a PERFECT GAME–he DID!!) Would have loved to read you witty insightful comments. Hope internet is UP AND RUNNING 2day!! Love ya, the NJ SHE -FAN, Lucille.


    It isn’t the same starting out my day without Jane!

    Yankees had a nice game. Granderson’s return may be a spark for this team.

    The Detroit call made me sick to my stomach.

    But for me, the saddest news of the day is the retirement of Ken Griffey Jr. I think he was probably the greatest player of his generation. His swing is so beautiful. He made playing baseball seem so easy and fun and never had a hint of scandal.



    Jane come back to us!! How did you type that though without internet? o.o As mentioned by the fellow commentators, the 28 out perfect game. I don’t usually say this, but this thing was jinxed. Watching on the MLB network, Al Leiter (of course, I can’t get away from him) and his associates were talking about how this was destiny. The pitcher just came back of the DL, Dontrell Willis being traded had a big part in him starting, the insanely amazing catch by Austin Jackson, the 27th batter HAD the number 27??? Of course, it’s in the stars. It’s a good thing Galarraga is such a nice guy. Anyway, Griffey retiring too wasn’t a shock, but I wish I was a little older to appreciate how great he was. How about Cano the Conqueror? I think they should give him the MVP now. ๐Ÿ˜€ What’s your take on extended instant replay Jane?

  6. Jane Heller

    Total crisis, Emma. It’s pretty sick how dependent I am on this computer. It’s like losing a best friend. LOL.

    Yes, I had TV, Mike, and saw the horror. So sorry for Tigers fans. I can’t imagine the reception Jim Joyce will get for today’s game at Comerica, but it sounded like both Galarraga and Jim Leyland want to cut the guy some slack.

    Charles D, how exciting to know a British baseball fan is reading this blog! Pip pip! (Is that even an expression anymore? LOL.) I wish I could tell you I’m objective when it comes to the Yanks, but I’m not. Do I tip my cap when the opposition pitcher dominates us? You bet. If you read the blog regularly, you know how often I’ve written about Halladay, Lee, Verlander, etc. If I’d been online last night, I would have mentioned what a good outfielder Adam Jones is; his catches have been amazing. So I’m not blind to other teams’ charms. But I am pretty Yankees-centric, I admit it.

    Stressing me out, Barbara? HAHA. You should have seen me last night. After that non-stressful game, I was blithely going to the computer to write the post and then – nothing. I was on the phone with Cox tech support for an hour and – nothing. I think my blood pressure spiked. I felt as if someone had put duck tape over my mouth, because I couldn’t write! Anyhow, very happy with Hughes and I really hope CC gets over whatever mechanical problems have been plaguing him and he pitches better today.

    Oh, Lucille. I was all set to write about the subjects you mentioned – and I was in fighting form regarding the Galarraga thing – only to be snuffed out! Waaaaah. Good to be back though.

    I know the Griffey retirement hit a lot of people hard, Melissa. He did have a sweet swing. And he was the face of the Seattle franchise for so long before he came back for an encore and didn’t do much. So he made the right decision, I think. Better to go out now and not go further downhill.

    That catch by Austin Jackson was amazing, seindsfeld. It just confirmed for me that the perfecto would happen. So shocking that Joyce made the call he did. As I wrote on Twitter right after it happened, even if the call had been close, he should have given the Tigers the call. I mean, one out away from perfection? Give the kid a break! That said, I don’t know how I feel about extended instant replay. Talk about holding up the game. How would it work? How often would it be used and in what circumstances? Can you imagine replay for every disputed call? They couldn’t use it for balls and strikes, that’s for sure.

    Smart phone, right, Jeff. I don’t know how I lived without it. But trying to post more than a title on that thing was insane.

  7. Jane Heller

    Hey, Peggy. Glad you’re doing OK at the hotel and that you’re back to your winning streak. But most of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The Yankees just have to win for you today – have to! I hope it’s a great day at the Stadium and a great dinner tonight. And yes, you do have the best bosses in the world!

  8. peggy3

    A day without Jane is like a day without sunshine … :o(
    I hope your internet woes are over soon ….

    I’ve been so busy and not had time to comment but always
    time to read everyday. I’m back on my winning streak as they won two of the games I went to so far this week ..Monday and last night. My daughter is taking me today because it’s my Bday. I’m happy about her taking me to the game and dinner …not so much the age part tho’ …haha. Bosses gave me off so I could go to the day game …I have the BEST bosses in the world. They always let me take off when it’s anything Yankee related … :o). I’m still in the hotel waiting for them to rebuild the walls and ceiling in my place. They aren’t moving along at top speed ..that’s for sure. Of course I can’t say I’m not enjoying the hotel life …it’s working out pretty well.

    As for the Yankees …I’m loving that they are doing what they are suppose to do …feast on the lower tier teams. You have to beat ALL teams to win it all. Cano is just unbelievable. Andy & Phil are pitching way beyond anyone dared to dream. DJ is back to being DJ …the other guys are slowly coming around and just seeing the regs in the lineup yesterday was a sight for sore eyes. Let’s hope they can keep it going against Toronto too.

    I’m really looking forward to going to Cali to see them play the Dodgers and hopefully getting to hook up with you too.
    The way time keeps flying…that should be in a blink of an eye.

    Everyone enjoy the day and hopefully a Yankee win !!!

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  9. James Buxton

    Dear Jane, losing the internet Is one of the worst things to happen in the modern world, but thank God for the smart phones, just this year finally apple decide to sell the app โ€œAt Batโ€ from MLB outside from the US and now I can at least hear the radio broadcast form the games on the iPhone, last night game was wonderfull . The call on Galarragaโ€™s game, ugh, I have no words. I hope Bud Sellig do something (and I was just saying about the perfectos this year).

    PS. Happy Birthday Pegg!! You deserve a Win today!!

  10. devilabrit

    the dark ages… seem all too real sometimes…. I had the same thought as you with Galarraga at first, but then thought.. could you imaging the smoldering pot of do overs that would be wanted, okay this was last but one play, what if it had been the 1st inning or 4th inning would we still be able to turn it over, since we have no control over the actions that would have followed it… where do we draw the line is my question….

    oh and were the dark ages really really bad, what would have happened if no cell service anywhere.. and THE FOG was thick and all consuming… ๐Ÿ™‚

    Phillies Outside

  11. behindblueyes

    Wow, I have to say I really ADMIRE your dedication to the cause! ๐Ÿ™‚ Aren’t there any coffeehouses anywhere with Internet access (easier than using Smartphone)? That’s what I’ve done in a pinch.

    Don’t you just love Hughes this year? I’ve enjoyed watching him when I’ve had the chance this year.

    FYI, Phil Nevin retired in late May, 2007…that’s the last player I remember doing so a couple of months into the season.

  12. behindblueyes

    Wow, I have to say I really ADMIRE your dedication to the cause! ๐Ÿ™‚ Aren’t there any coffeehouses anywhere with Internet access (easier than using Smartphone)? That’s what I’ve done in a pinch.

    Don’t you just love Hughes this year? I’ve enjoyed watching him when I’ve had the chance this year.

    FYI, Phil Nevin retired in late May, 2007…that’s the last player I remember doing so a couple of months into the season.

  13. Jane Heller

    The world is definitely coming apart, Paul. Or least I was last night. I really did think I was losing my mind while I was on hold with Cox and forced to listen to their horrible music.

    James, I’m so glad you can listen to the games on your phone. That MLB app is great and has saved me when I’ve had to be away from the TV or computer. How did we exist without all this technology? Probably more sanely. lol.

    You raise a good point, Peter. It would be sheer chaos if calls were reversed for the very reasons you mentioned. That said, Joyce acknowledged his mistake so maybe in this case … Nah, won’t happen.

    I know how you feel, Cat. But as Peter said, it would open such a can of worms. I don’t see how it would happen. The good news is that a pitcher many of us had never heard of got a tremdous boost of confidence and will hopefully go on to a great career.

    A nearby Starbucks would have been nice, behindblueeyes, but this town folds up really early and there’s nothing open at that time of night. That’s what I get for living in paradise. Thanks for the Phil Nevin info!

  14. Jane Heller

    I don’t know about dedication, Len. It’s probably more like OCD! But thanks.:)

    It’s the two outs thing that makes Joyce’s call so egregious, Jenn. I just don’t see how it can be overturned as much as I’d love to see it happen. I do think Selig should speak to the media and address it though.

  15. theheirloom

    Welcome back to the land of the living, Jane! I hate dropped ‘net service either from my laptop or smart phone. A darned inconvenience, I say!

    Just had a thought after posting my rant on my blog: The protocol for issues and complaints against umpires., It’s as arcane as the Rule Book. For one, an Umpiring Supervisor must review the play. Eventually, the complaint comes across Mike Port’s (VP of Umpiring) desk before it actually goes to Jimmie Lee Solomon (#2 to the Commissioner). If all else fails, then Selig reviews it. Red tape!

    Since sportsmanship prevailed, who knows what continued feeling everyone will have beyond the end of today’s Tigers-Indians game at Comerica?

  16. Jane Heller

    So that’s how it works with umpire reviews, Randy? Didn’t know the process, so thanks for explaining it. As for the residual animosity toward Joyce at Comerica today, I’m sure the boos will be loud and long. But since Leyland was conciliatory after Joyce apologized, maybe he’s calmed the players down by now.



    Glad to see you were able to overcome both your crisis and the elements. I worried about driving those hills in broad daylight. I can’t imagine being out there in a fog.

    Yanks have been looking good and you’re so right about them beating the teams they HAVE TO beat. Looks good so far today.

    I just read on that Galaragga brought out the lineup today and shook hands with umpire Jim Joyce at the pre-game meeting. Kudos to him and Jim Leyland for pushing the Detroit fans (and all of baseball) in the right direction. Leyland and the Detroit players are going out of their way to give Joyce praise and support. Apparently he’s been around a long time, but I don’t ever remember even hearing his name until last night’s blown call.

  18. Jane Heller

    WAS looking good, jojovanb. Suddenly, CC seems to have lost the zone and things are a little ominous. I hope the Yanks can hold on for the win. Great job by the Tigers in a difficult situation. Now we’ll see what Bud Selig’s advisors decide to do. Sounds like it’ll be awhile before they make recommendations on replay, etc.


    Yeah, Jane, that’s why I said “so far.”

    I was home to see Joba pitch the 8th. Glad to see him throwing strikes. Now back at work and looking in on MLB Gameday hoping there are no changes in the wrong direction.

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