A Little Luck Never Hurts

Javy Vazquez pitched like an ace tonight, throwing one bad pitch and getting into (and out of) one jam. But with the Yankees offense stymied, not counting Grandy’s homer (are we convinced he can hit lefties now?), we needed a break and got it thanks to Tejada.
If it weren’t for his error, I guess we could be in extra innings as I type this. But Joba came in and threw gas the way he’s supposed to and Mo took care of business the way he always does, and the series against the O’s started off with a W.
Naturally, there was another injury. Tex has a bruised foot. X-rays were negative, but isn’t that what they said about Jorge, who wound up with a fracture when the pain didn’t go away? What is it with all this fouling balls off feet?
(No, that’s not Tex’s foot. I doubt he has pedicures.) Maybe it’s time the players wore protective batting shoes, the way they wear protective batting helmets.
Sure, it would make running the bases a little cumbersome, but something’s gotta give.


  1. seindsfeld@aol.com

    I’m sure Teix has pedicures, just not nail polish lol, but you never know…there was that thing with the golden thong. But man oh man, Vasqueeze was dealin! Of course no one could get a run in to save their life, but yeah, Tejada moving to third worked like a charm today. I like Flaherty btw, though he does have a monotone voice. I just wish Al Leiter would be fired… I was thinking about the ball to the foot thing too. What happened to fouling it back and it hitting the catcher or ump? Maybe instead of cleats they should wear these:
    http://home.messiah.edu/~gdaub/armor/pictures/fletcher/sabaton.jpg XD

  2. enternight

    So many good things about this game … Javy pitching like we know he can pitch. I think he’s going to go on a roll one of these days and turn back into the #3-#4 guy we all thought he could be.Mo getting back on his feet and returning to Godlike status. Shattered bats are cool.Granderson being back in the lineup and successful (against lefties, no less!). He’s so freakin’ cute I can’t even deal with it. I missed seeing that on the field every day :)I think the Yankees are going to steamroll right through June and will be in first place by the ASB. Posada’s almost back, the circular lineup will return, and we’re playing a bunch of sub-.500 teams, if memory serves. Time to do some damage!

  3. lenn23

    I’m happy for Javy. If he keeps it up maybe he can win over the Stadium crowd. I dunno, stranger things have happened.

  4. diane.anziano@gmail.com

    I don’t know, Jane. After the ridiculously high scoring games we just experienced it was kind of nice to watch a true pitching duel. I usually like a more guaranteed win for the Yankees early in the games, but this was truly something to watch. I couldn’t believe how low Javy kept his pitch count through the first six innings. Pretty impressive. And although his bat has gotten a little quiet, Cervelli is doing a stellar job as catcher. His drive, his enthusiasm; fantastic! And if Javy hadn’t kept shaking him off this could easily have been a shut out. I think (and obviously, I hope) Tex is okay – it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to give him a day or two off either way. I assume Jorge will be joining the line up soon, even if its just as a D.H. so we should have enough production. We shall see. GO YANKEES!!!

  5. seindsfeld@aol.com

    Oh Jane, I could tell you the reasons Leiter annoys me and my family, but there’s not enough space. Maybe cause I miss Jim Kaat and Bobby Murcer. Maybe cause when he’s there with Kay, Singleton never gets to say anything. Maybe cause he talks about a pitch for 20 minutes, and only explains it the way he used to throw it. His hyper annoying flirty talk with Kay also gets annoying. How he constantly mentions the Yanks picked him in the draft when he really only played with them for half a year. His repeating of what others say, but making it longer and nonsensical sometimes. He could be the anti-Paul O’Neil. Ah see, it’s getting long. But I’m glad you like him 😀

  6. scofid

    It was a great win, and I was glad to see Javier Vazquez get the win for his efforts. It was also nice to see the good Joba as opposed to the version we’ve seen recently. I am tired of seeing these pesky little injuries. It’s always someone, but hopefully, the Yankees don’t encounter any Kendry Morales-like situations.


  7. rrrt

    I kind of like the pointy-toed armor shoes in seindsfeld’s link. Maybe the Phils could use those – since their bats seem to be mired in some sort of malaise, they could kick their opponents into submission! 🙂 Anyway, glad to see your guys got the W.
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  8. Jane Heller

    I’m totally with you on Granderson, Ana. Every time he comes up to bat, I say, “Ooh, he’s so adorable.” LOL. I really like having him back and I’m glad he’s hitting lefties so well. It shows me that his hard work with Kevin Long is paying off. It would be great to do damage against the sub-.500 teams, but as I always say, anybody can lose to anybody on any given night. I take nothing for granted after those losses to the Nats last season.

    Javy got cheers when he walked off the mound, Len. Maybe he will win over the crowd if he keeps pitching so well. On the other hand, we know how it works – cheered when you do well, booed when you don’t. Happens to almost all of them.

    You’re so right, Diane, about Javy shaking off Cervelli and then watching that ball sail into the seats. He looked like he knew it the second it left his hand. It was his only mistake and he could have had the shutout. I’d be OK with Tex getting a couple of days off, but Miranda, while he has power, doesn’t thrill me at first. I want Jorge back so he can DH!

    It’s so interesting how subjective the issue of announcers is, seindsfeld. Some like Leiter. Some (like you) really don’t. You like Singleton. I think he’s sweet but a snooze. The Fox team of Buck and McCarver are probably the only ones who get unanimous thumbs down from fans, although Joe Morgan isn’t the most popular broadcaster around.

    I’m tired of the pesky injuries too, Scott, but you’re right – the Kendry Morales thing was the worst. It reminded me of Wang’s lisfranc after he got on base during inter-league play. Just a freak thing that will end up impacting the team. I noticed that the next night after Morales got hurt, the Angels had another walkoff win, but the celebration was VERY tame.

    What’s with the Phillies’ offense, Sue? The Yankees have been going through the same thing, but they seem to have broken out of it (well, until last night). I guess it just goes to show that even good hitting teams turn cold at times.

    Barry Bonds wore military boots, Jeff? I’d like to see that!

  9. Jane Heller

    I’m not complaining. Just wish we’d managed to score more runs for Javy, Paul. Frustrating.

  10. James Buxton

    It was a close game, a good pitching duel. Looks like Javy is turning the page, hope it lasts.
    More runs will give Javy the ultimate boost in confidence he needs. Let’s see how Phill manages the O’s tonight. Sorry for the absence, but my boss is crazy and has all of us working extra time…
    Call me a sentimentalist, but this year looks like the year of the perfectos, and since Saturday is my birthday I’d love to see a Perfect Game from old Andy.
    Difficult, but hey, nobody believed in Don Larsen throwing a perfect game against the Dodgers in the world series….

  11. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    Javy looked great. He was efficient and in the zone.

    I had to drive my son to LaGuardia this morning, so I drove past the new Yankee Stadium. It looked Be-u-tee-ful and I gave a little cheer as I drove past.


  12. southernbelle

    Jane: Javy sure was good last night. Can he put good outings back-to-back? I sure hope so. I’m looking forward to his next start. Having Granderson back in the lineup makes such a difference! And Miguel Tejada is the hero like Luis Castillo was in the popup game.

  13. Jane Heller

    Sorry things at work have been crazy, James. Just know you have been missed! Now that I know it’s your birthday on Saturday, I’ll think extra positively for a good game from Andy. Perfecto? Oh, why not. I hope it happens!

    Javy was very efficient, Melissa, and using his fast ball much better than in previous starts. Encouraging to say the least. Sweet that you drove by the Stadium and cheered. Will you be coming back for any games this summer?

    Tejada just made another dumb play in tonight’s game, Virginia. I love having him at third and making mistakes that help us!!!

  14. raysrenegade

    First things first…..Congrats on getting the Numero Uno top perch in the May Latest Leader MLBlogs list.
    Secondly, luck seems to be tossing on both sides of the clear and dirty sides tonight.
    But it is good to see breaks getting handed out via luck for unforeseen events.
    I hear Redwing makes a really fine steel-toed model boot that could possibly be underwritten by Nike and developed into a baseball cleat just for the Pinstripes.
    But alas, they have a contract with Addidas.

    Rays Renegade


  15. Jane Heller

    Thanks, Renegade. You’re always the harbinger of good news. You like the idea of steel-toed shoes? Maybe the Rays could start the trend. Your manager likes to think outside the box. lol.

  16. theheirloom

    Number One, Jane! Way to go!

    About Grandy – yes, he could hit against lefties in the past while with the Tigers. Not often, but he could – its a treat when he does, however. The Yanks could get used to that extra weapon at bat.

    As for the steel toes – not sure how well that will fly at Jimmie Lee Solomon’s office…he has enough on his plate this morning…but, it is a terrific idea!


  17. Jane Heller

    Thanks, Randy. Grandy has been working with Kevin Long, the Yankees’ hitting coach, and I think it’s made a difference in his ability to hit lefties – at least so far. We’ll see!

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