Today’s Game Made Me Laugh!

What is it with managers walking Tex to pitch to A-Rod with the bases loaded? Raise your hand if you knew he would hit that grand slam. 
Yeah, me too. He gets that look in his eyes when he steps to the plate in those situations and the ball is just bound to leave the park. Still, even knowing it would happen, I cracked up when he smacked that thing to center field and blew the game open.
(Yes, the laughing lady is back.)
And what a pleasure to see everybody else hitting too. I’d have preferred Gardner not getting picked off twice and I wasn’t crazy about the Cleveland pitcher plunking Jeter and A-Rod, especially since the Captain now has a sore hammy where he was hit. And I wish Girardi wouldn’t use Park for two innings, as he seems to do better for one. But how about Dandy Andy? Again? He pitched the Indians into a coma.
Just one damper for me in this one, and it was C.B. Bucknor’s horrendous call of the so-called neighborhood play. Cano clearly had his foot on the bag – not even close – and Bucknor was standing right there. Ultimately, the call didn’t matter, but it was so blatantly wrong that it irked me. And I remember he’s blown calls on other occasions involving Cano.
But whatever. The Yankees won the game and another series, and all is right with the world, baseball wise. 
Hope everyone enjoyed the holiday weekend.



    ditto yesterday. great starting pitching–andy is amazing–not much offense until we get to the bullpen and then what was a close game looks like a blow out. but are we back to an injury means we win? so jorge is coming back soon so someone else has to go because we can’t be too healthy. ok i can’t complain, we won the series and i can go to bed and wake up happy.
    plenty of time to rest up for all of us who need to work hard to send javy our best thoughts and hopes while he keeps this going tomorrow.


    That game went the way I expected all four of them to go. Excellent. “Chop” scared me at the end but you’re probably right, Jane – one inning is all he’s even moderately good to go. I loved watching A-Rod and Cano in the dugout after their “back to back” HR’s — they were like little kids. And Andy… I don’t think there are enough words to say how amazing he has been. Can’t wait to see how many wins he ends this season with.

    Looking forward now, we need to manhandle Baltimore as well. And then on to Toronto. The bats have awakened, I’m sure getting tossed out twice is going to get Gardner even more focused. And the starters should be as awesome as they were built to be. GO YANKEES!!!

  3. Jane Heller

    Andy is amazing, Barbara. He just goes out there and does it, year after year. I love watching him. Don’t know if we’re back to win=injury, because Jeter will try to be in the lineup no matter what, but hopefully it was just a bruise – a contusion, as they say – and he’ll be fine. And if he has to sit out for a day, it won’t be the worst thing. Very excited that Jorge has made such good progress. And yes, let’s do our best to send GOOD VIBES to Javy.

    I really think Park will be fine as long as he’s not overused, Diane. Maybe he’s a one inning guy at this stage of his career. Wasn’t that cool how A-Rod and Cano were kidding around after their homers? They did look like little kids, and it was great to see. Nothing like winning to put smiles on the players’ faces. I love the offense we’re getting from everybody now. Grandy’s been hitting lefties and Gardner had three hits today. Not too shabby!

  4. kamranzahid

    Michael Kay was saying that A-Rod is 5 for 5 with 3 grand slams when opposing teams intentionally walk Teixeira to load the bases. Hey, if that’s what it takes for Alex to start swinging for the fences, I won’t mind if they intentionally walk Tex to load the bases for A-Rod every other game πŸ™‚

    — Kamran

  5. Jane Heller

    Such a telling statistic, Kamran. Obviously, A-Rod gets fired up when teams choose to pitch to him over Tex and, as you say, if that’s what it takes then I hope they keep doing it!


    Jane how can I make a ridiculously long comment if you cover everything? You see me? I have my hand up. I said, “Gee Arod, now would be a good time for a home run.” The combined forces of everyone helped him do it! Teix-Rod is looking good, and I’m not going to even comment about Andy, what for? He’s so amazing I have no words. I’m glad they used Chan Ho for two, since he has to be the long man…or should be at least. I feel bad for Tom Selleck though 😐 Great moment on YES since you don’t have it was Michael Kay commented on someone’s huge sunglasses, and Paul O’Neil said they probably fit Kay (since he has a huge head) Was very funny. I wish Paully would do more games πŸ˜€

  7. lenn23

    Andy is ageless! I really hope they keep signing him to these 1-year deals till he can’t pitch anymore. If he never signed with the Astros he would be closing in on the all-time Yankee win record. I still think he could do it if he stays at least a couple more years. Javy needs the good vibes sent his way at this point. Really do not want to see him booed off the mound again at Yankee Stadium.

  8. ladyjane303

    Great game! I felt going in that it would be A-Rod’s day – Tex had his moment of glory on Sunday and A-Rod was due. Seems like for Cano every day has a moment or 2 of glory. Unlike many slug-fests (where someone is left out of the party) all the starters had hits yesterday. Andy was terrific and I hope he’s listening to the cheers and remembering them next time he thinks about (gasp!) retiring. Not thrilled about Jeter’s hammy, but it doesn’t sound too bad.


    Yesterday’s game was glorious! We had a beautiful day in upstate NY. I spent the afternoon listening to the game on the radio while lying in a hammock finishing “An Ex to Grind”! I have to admit I was so into the book that at times (gasp) I was not concentrating on the game:) I so loved the endings to both the book and the game!
    I hope Jeter will be ok. Do you think that he, and especially A-Rod, were plunked in retaliation to A-Rod hitting their pitcher? The thought crossed my mind. Luckily the ball didn’t hit A-Rod’s hip straight on.
    Enjoy your day! Go Yankees!!!

  10. raysrenegade

    You might remember a few years ago Rays Manager Joe Maddon walked Josh Hamilton and let a Rangers run score, then Rays Reliever Dan Wheller got the last needed out and might have saved that win for the Rays.
    It is a gamble everytime a Manager makes a decision that is not within the general guidelines of the game.
    If they guess right, they are brilliant…..But if they are wrong…..They are fodder for Talk Radio for about a week or so.
    Dang if you do, dang if you don’t mentality sometimes.

    Rays Renegade

  11. Jane Heller

    I do get YES for the home games, seindsfeld. It’s how my Extra Innings cable package works. Kay and Paulie always make me laugh. I loved the bit about the size of Kay’s Memorial Day cap! LOL. I wish Paulie would do more games too. He has interesting anecdotes, plus he’s a lot more fun to listen to than Flaherty, who puts me to sleep.

    I hope Andy keeps signing the one-year deals too, Len. O’Neill said yesterday there’s a strong pull to retire so he can be with his kids, but I guess the competitor in him is just as strong right now. I really don’t want to see Javy get booed at the Stadium tonight. I’m thinking he’ll pitch a very respectable six+ and the offense will take care of the rest.

    You’re so right, ladyjane. Everyone got in on the action yesterday, which was great to see. Three hits for Gardner! Cervelli with those RBI sac flies. All good. Jeter’s hammy is the only sore point – no pun intended – and it better not be serious.

    Ah, that’s a nice image, Kathleen, of you sitting in a hammock listening to the game and reading my novel. Thanks for the mental snapshot. Glad you didn’t mind that I left the ending hanging somewhat; a few readers wanted to see the actual reunion of Melanie and Evan, but I decided to leave something to the imagination. No, I don’t think A-Rod and Jeter were plunked on purpose because of the Huff thing. Cervelli was knocked down too. The Indians pitcher was just wild – annoying but benign.

    A-Rod does have a flair for the dramatic, Jeff. (Speaking of which, I miss Vanessa and her blog!) When I think of how un-clutch he used to be, it boggles the mind. Now when he comes up with bases loaded I don’t flinch.


    Hiya, She-Fan!!
    A quick hello…my only sure chance to post for the next ten days or so…good to read happy talk from The Regulars…!
    At last…most other sports distractions are fading out, except that soccer thing (not my bag anyway), and we can focus TOTALLY on beisbol…other sports junkies bemoan this coming time of year…but don’tcha just LOVE it?!?
    What we all know about contenders is: you win the games you’re SUPPOSED to win. So that’s my only wish for the coming days — well, that and no more Injury Bugs, pleez pleez. More Petite Pettitte gems would be nice, as would a CC Rider, AJ Blowaways, and a Happy Javy Krishna, but that all may come down to How Much Mo we can get outa the pen…
    Be safe and be well, every body…don’t let D.C.’s heat come to your environs…we’re melting like wicked witches…!

  13. Jane Heller

    I hear you on the dang if you do/don’t mentality, Renegade, but a manager needs only to look at the stats on A-Rod when pitched to after Tex walks. It makes sense to go for a DP, but not if you have a guy at the plate with a tendency to hit grand slams.

    Hey, Dave. I wouldn’t say other sports are fading out exactly, as the NBA and NHL finals are (for me) the most exciting time of the year for those sports. Everybody here is Lakers crazy, of course, and the hockey game last night was pretty cool. But you’re right – pretty soon we’ll have the stage all to ourselves. We’ll try to carry on in your absence and hope the Yanks can too. πŸ™‚

  14. thefreak

    Now I don’t want to talk bad about the bombers…… I won’t. But Cano is one of the biggest culprits to use the “neighborhood” rule. But like you said, it didn’t matter.

    A-rod I think still has a better batting average with Kate Hudson then Mrs Shrek.

    Nice to see the Shell-ster in uniform.


  15. Cisco

    Was a wonderful weekend except for the Joba implosion. Do we really want this guy to take over for Mariano? I don’t think so :\



    Sports conflicts are just getting started in our house, since we try to watch at least part of every game of the World Cup tournament. Soccer IS the beautiful game, but it is hard to appreciate that watching on TV, where the focus is on the ball. The guys off the ball who are setting up runs and getting into space are what make the game.

    Yesterday’s game was great and I hope we continue. Interesting note from Suzyn on the radio: Huff told her that when ARod hit him, he hit the dirt and stayed there because that was what they told him to do in Little League. And it’s smart – if you’re hit in the head, you need to stay as still as possible until someone assess you. But it sure was scary!

    Jerry Hairston Jr. didn’t want ARod to get all the glory – he hit a grand slam in their game as well. Glad to see him doing well.


  17. Jane Heller

    The thing about the Cano play yesterday, Paul, was that it wasn’t a neighborhood play. It was a straightforward step-on-second-throw-to-first play, and Bucknor missed it. Maybe it’s Cano’s smooth style or maybe Bucknor’s just blind.

    I thought of you, Mike, when Shelley was in the game. I was glad he got to start at the Stadium and I think the crowd gave him a nice welcome back.

    Right now I wouldn’t hand Joba the bridge to Mo role, Cisco. He hasn’t earned it. On the other hand, I wouldn’t give up on him either. He’s had some good outings in that spot. It’s the inconsistency that’s so worrisome.

    Head injuries are very scary, Melissa, and Huff was smart in staying down after he got hit. So nice to hear that players listen to what they’re taught in Little League! I’m not into soccer, but I did enjoy the Blackhawks Vs. Flyers last night. And I’m loving the French Open tennis right now.

  18. devilabrit

    Girardi should look at some old Philly tape and he’d know that Park is a real good 1 inning guy, and that walk a guy when everyone in the ball park knows the next guy is gonna hit it out, thats a baseball mystery, cause all managers do it… the baseball universe is slowly righting itself, all will be normal soon….:-)

    Phillies Outside

  19. Jane Heller

    One inning. That’s what I thought, Peter. Thanks for confirming! Looking forward to all being normal, whatever “normal” is these days. πŸ™‚

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