That’s More Like It

Good starting pitching + timely hitting + a Hall of Fame closer = Victory.
What a job by A.J. today. Throwing to Chad Moeller for the first time, he was his usual wild self – hitting a batter here, a batter there – but he was mostly terrific and pitched into the eighth, which was huge. No middle relief necessary. Of course, I was momentarily panicked when Moeller’s hand got stepped on. I mean, seriously. Even our backup backup catcher gets injured?
I didn’t love that the Yankees’ bats looked as if they were being put to sleep by Justin Masterson, a guy who was about to shipped to another planet because he’s been so awful as a starter. I guess he’ll be hanging around Cleveland a little longer, since we turned him into Cy Young for awhile there. But once the offense got going, it got going. Tex is back! Sure, we’ve said that before, but his three-run shot was no cheapie. And Jeter was a hit machine. Kudos to Cano, Swisher and Miranda too. A-Rod had an 0-fer day, and I wonder if he wasn’t a little snake bit after hitting Huff in the head yesterday.
And Mo….Could we talk about that play to end the game? The guy jumps over the broken bat, then fields the ball with ease – after having struck out the first two batters – then acts like it’s no big deal. Amazing.



    I know that there was clutch hitting tonight from the Yankees, but I have to say Rivera’s play at the end was one of my top favorite moments of the game, if not my favorite. That guy is amazing!

    Oh and I was happy to see that Burnett was able to get thru 8 entire innings. No Joba or Park [or anyone else] needed to screw things up. 🙂


  2. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Yea, but they’re usually in someone’s fish tank or wrapped around some Guido’s neck, showing-off during the 18th Avenue festival!! This is the Concrete jungle. R’member? ; )

  3. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Yea, but they’re usually in someone’s fish tank or wrapped around some Guido’s neck, showing-off during the 18th Avenue festival!! This is the Concrete jungle. R’member? ; )

  4. Jane Heller

    I was thrilled that A.J. was able to go eight innings, Leah. What a gift, especially after yesterday’s bullpen blowup. And Mo’s play was like watching a graceful dancer. One of the Yankees (can’t remember who) said after the game that Mo was the best athlete on the team and could have been an All Star center fielder.

    Hope the snake pic doesn’t give you nightmares, Mike. Don’t they have snakes in Brooklyn?


    After the game, I was thinking if I did this blog, I’d have today’s entry be “Just What the Doctor Ordered.” A come from behind win, with Teixiera hitting a homer, and the bullpen getting an off day? Just what the team, and the fans, needed.

    I listened on the radio, but has video of Mo’s amazing play.

    Perhaps our bad luck has moved to Anaheim. Tori Hunter is injured and Kendry Morales broke his ankle jumping on home plate to celebrate a walk off home run.


  6. devilabrit

    The is just 2 pitchers on the Yankees staff that I really do like and if i did that fantasy thing would want them… Phil Hughes and Mo… it seems with some pitchers the older they get the classier they get and the more they show up the younger guys with their amazing plays… Mo has so much more to give….

    Phillies Outside

  7. leafiz

    That snake picture is great! The guy doesn’t look alarmed at at.

    As usual I got hassled by airport security yesterday at Logan.. not because I had a suspicious item.. I was wearing my Yankee hat! so I was glad we won! Unfortunately so did the sox.



    Hate to keep apologizing for my absences recently, Jane, but I will never leave you!

    Only caught most of the game on the radio but happy with the results. Obviously Granderson is 100% and Jeter, what can you say? I hat the term, “clutch” but there really isn’t any better player to whom you could assign that word. I know we have a list of truly historic players that have worn pinstripes, but I think history will bear out that there has never been one better than Derek. Okay, I’m not old enough to have seen Ruth and Gehrig — and clearly there are many players that are higher up on the lists of achievements in Yankees history — but man, he’s passing some big name almost weekly and I don’t see him slowing down any time soon.

    I’m a bit concerned about Swisher as he nursed the sore arm running the bases yesterday – we don’t need another injured player and especially not him. Tex was great, and he quickly became one of my favorites last season, but I need to see more consistent offensive outings to be certain he’s back on track.

    Let’s hope the rest on Sunday – and hopefully again today as Andy takes the mound – will give us back the bullpen we need to succeed.


  9. Jane Heller

    Seindsfeld, I don’t pay a lot of attention to what Matsui’s up to in Anaheim. (The Angels are having their own problems.) I’m focusing on the good things our Yanks are doing and there were plenty yesterday.

    Mike, what was brutal about the pic? Man up!

    Yup, it was just what the doctor ordered, Melissa. The only hiccup was the offense looking mystified by Masterson, which was odd, but they waited him out, got him out of the game and torpedoed the Indians’ pen. Sweet. The Morales injury will certainly force managers and players to take another look at the “celebrations” at home plate. Pie seems the safest way to go!

    Mo’s been classy since he came up as a rookie, Peter, but I know what you mean. It’s nice to see guys mature as their careers move along and continue to contribute.

    The guy doesn’t look alarmed, Courtney. Not sure why a couple of people thought it was so scary. Funny story about you at Logan! HAHAHA. Can you imagine getting taken out of the security line and grilled about your Yankee hat? I would have come to your rescue, I promise.

  10. Jane Heller

    Happy Memorial Day to you too, Diane. Always great to see you whenever you pay us a visit! Jeter just keeps chugging along with those hits, doesn’t he? He went through a dry spell and I was waiting for him to come out of it. Obviously, he has and will now go back to breaking records left and right. Swisher seemed to have the wind knocked out of him making that catch, and Girardi said he’s “a little banged up.” But we need him in the lineup. He’s been great this year. So you’re still in a wait-and-see mode on Tex? Probably wise. I thought the homer was a good sign of things to come.

  11. mikeeff

    we missed you during the rally Jane- i honestly thought of you during Tex’s AB– I thought of sterling and how he might have gotten you so excited you might have gone of the road. A much needed W- i Mariano– wow. hitting 92, 93- swings and misses. and that last play. great day. gotta finish them off and try not to dwell on the meltdown saturday. ( i still can’t let it go )

  12. Jane Heller

    Sorry I’ve been AWOL on Twitter, Mike. It’s been a busy weekend. I know what you mean about trying not to dwell on the meltdown. I have the game on now and every time they show Joba I get the shakes. LOL.

    He does take his time, Paul. Never looks panicked.

    Same to you, Emma. You bet I’d go to Cooperstown for Mo’s induction. What a fun trip that would be.

  13. crzblue2

    Happy Memorial Day Jane! I would have passed out just looking at the snake, let alone getting that close to me. I am so afraid of snakes.
    You think you would go to Cooperstown when Mo makes it?

  14. raysrenegade

    I am beginning to think being the Yankees back-up catcher is a deadlier job than Alaskan crab fishing.
    But that is why most of the guys behind the plate can be seen out in public with nicks, scratches and big bruises that most guys only get in the hip or side the arm from an errant pitch.
    Take a lot of moxy to play that position, and for a contender, it must be murder.
    But you got you “Mo”-jo back, so all is good in Pinstripe paradise.

    Rays Renegade

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