Cleaning Up

That’s what Cano did tonight, batting in the #4 spot, and it paid off for the Yankees big time. I LOVE that he stepped up and filled A-Rod’s shoes.
And how about the game’s other heroes, including Swisher and Granderson (welcome back!). And then, of course, there was Phil Huuuuuughes, who handled the Indians with ease and – even during those innings when the game was close – made me feel as if this one would be a no-doubter. The defense was great too (hello, Tex), and Mitre did a nice job to nail it down. To sum this one up, I’ll quote Dorothy.
“There’s no place like home.”
Hope everyone’s enjoying the holiday weekend, and GO YANKS!


  1. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Have a great Holiday Weekend Jane. I need Hank back in the picture or an ARod contoversy or midges or something! Please! This addition gives me nothing to work with. At least Giambi had his golden thong and there was always Pavano to kick around. This group is too professional. *sigh*
    Where’s the chaos? Boooooo! I need some Yankee Folly in my life.


    Jane! You forgot Chan Ho, who actually managed to release a baseball without it going 400 feet the other way! Great day. Plus Paul O’Neal was in the booth and was making fun of Michael Kay, which is always entertaining. 🙂

  3. leafiz

    great game! i was so excited we were actually hitting the ball for once that i couldn’t wait for your blog in the morning to comment and had to leave one on your facebook wall last night! haha.



    All around it was a good night! I loved watching Curtis out in center. And I have a real fondness for Chad Moeller – a guy who obviously loves baseball and has done what each team asks of him.

    I could fill a whole page with good points from last night!

    I just listened to Randy Winn speaking to the press. He did not do a good job with the Yankees, but he is handling this with a lot of class and grace and I wish him all the best.


  5. Jane Heller

    I know what you mean, Mike. No Yankee Folly as of yet, although I’m sure it’s coming. A-Rod still hasn’t talked to the feds about Dr. Galea so that’s probably due. And Girardi could get tossed or protest another game, and there’s always the possibility of a brawl (a couple of our guys were hit by Cleveland pitchers last night). Otherwise, you’re right – it’s a professional bunch.

    Yes, Chan Ho managed to escape an inning unscathed, seindsfeld. Very good job by him. Missed the banter between the YES crew as I was listening to the game via John and Suzyn.

    LOL, Courtney. I saw your Facebook comment and could feel your excitement. Sorry for the short post last night, but it’s a busy weekend for me. Just know that I’m as jazzed as you are. I’ve been waiting for the Yanks to break out of their offensive coma and they did! Loved it.

    Yeah, Chad Moeller is one of those baseball lifers who does whatever his team of the moment asks of him, Melissa – a very good solider. He’ll never be a star and he understands that, and I’m glad he got the call when Jorge went down. The kids on the farm weren’t ready. I felt bad for Winn, but I also thought it was a cool move on the part of the Yankees to go with Russo instead of a veteran.

  6. scofid

    Ha! It’s too bad that A-Rod can’t fill A-Rod’s shoes! 😉 Robby is coming up huge this season. It’s good to see Grandy back on the field. Hopefully, he can “balance” the trade with Detroit which has appeared skewed in the Tigers’ favor. I was sorry to see Randy Winn DFA’d, but it was the right decision for the reasons you’ve indicated. We’ll see today if CC Sabathia has corrected that flaw in his delivery! Go Yanks!


  7. Jane Heller

    The Indians do look weak, Paul. Having said that, we know that any team can beat any other team any day of the week. So I take nothing for granted.

    Isn’t it way more fun to win than to lose, Virginia? And especially when we win by more than a run in the ninth inning? This one was actually relaxing.

    Phil Huuuughes is one of your faves, Jeff? That’s high praise indeed.

    Very good to see Grandy back, Scott. And I’m glad he’s getting today off, since yesterday was his first time off the DL, testing his groin. Yes, I hope CC will show us his dominant self, not the one with the flawed delivery!

  8. thomasox

    Sister Jane,
    Happy Memorial Day Weekend. The only thing comforting about my morning after Wakefield kept me awake all night with bad dreams was the Cooperstown Cookie I soaked in my black coffee. Again I thank you for the link. And to suspicious readers, I do not work for Cooperstown Cookie Company. As far as follies go, Mike, we have plenty of it in Boston, as you know. I don’t wish it on any team:)
    On the brighter side. Baseball in America. Period.

  9. Jane Heller

    Thomasox, I read about the Wakefield meltdown. No wonder you had nightmares. Glad the cookies continue to deliver though!

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