Taking Two From Minny

I listened to the resumption of last night’s game while I was in my car this afternoon. Jeter’s solo shot was all the scoring the Yankees managed, which worried me, and I almost drove into a tree when I heard Mauer’s liner make contact with Dave Robertson’s butt.
But the Yanks got the win and nobody ended up on the DL, and I made it home just in time for the second game – and for the news that we’ll be welcoming back our old friend Chad Go-Dan.
Actually, I’ve been wondering what Cashman had up his sleeve regarding the bullpen. Gaudin’s not a bad alternative to the ailing Aceves and he didn’t cost anything. And it’s not as if we needed him to start tonight – not with Pettitte pitching like a Cy Young candidate.
How good was Andy. Seriously. It would have been tragic if he hadn’t gotten the win after leaving the game in the ninth with the Yanks clinging to a 3-2 lead, courtesy of timely hits by Baby Bombers Russo, Gardner and Cisco, plus Swisher’s monster shot. But Mo came in and saved the game for him – despite all the hand-wringing by the ESPN duo. Memo to you, Sutcliffe: Mo is not too old or too injured or too whatever. He’s just fine, got it? I cannot stand listening to that guy. Is he really the best that sports broadcasting has to offer? I understand the desire on the part of the networks to hire former players in the booth, but Sutcliffe? He’s the reason this was invented.


  1. etoubman@yahoo.com

    The look on Minnie’s face expresses how I feel about last night. It was a nice feeling -very impressed by the younger players too! Cute post, Jane.

  2. seindsfeld@aol.com

    He looks too old and too injured in the first game, but Mo was Mo in the second. Sutcliffe can stick it where Robertson got hit! šŸ˜€ I have to admit though, the guys on YES were saying the same thing. But holy moly, can you believe Andy? Is HE human? Maybe he’s been drinking the same stuff Mo has been all these years. Hopefully today will get the ball rolling again, and by rolling I mean smashing. The pitching is back, now the hitters need to WAKE UP! If Ole Andy pumping his fist like a 20 year old after the double play, and the monster shot by Swish doesn’t wake up a few guys, not sure what will. Great day though! šŸ˜€ Maybe the Yankees should have to give a donation whenever someone gets an RBI, like when they do HRs, maybe that’ll give them more incentive šŸ˜‰

  3. juliet93

    It was SO good to see the Yankees actually playing like the Yankees again!! The Babies really have been amazing – I didn’t expect any of them to do as well as they have been. Cervelli, especially, has earned a huge amount of respect from me. The way he’s helped us out both offensively and defensively has been really impressive.
    As far as Andy … there are no words. He’s been my favorite Yankee ever since his rookie year and it makes me unbelievably happy to see him doing such an incredible job yet again. I’ll go into mourning when he really does decide to retire.

  4. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    That was very nice, very nice indeed. I wonder how many other pitchers won a game on a day they didn’t pitch, like AJ.

    Andy won with a capital W. Getting Mauer to hit into a double play was fabulous. I loved watching Andy’s antics during the play. He also did some great fielding to help himself out.

    I’ve said it before: every year when Mo goes through a rocky patch the naysayers start. He’ll be fine. On YES they said he probably wanted more work, since he went through that long stretch of none. He threw 14 pitches in the first game and 11 in the second.

    And how wonderful was Gardner’s triple?!??! And Russo is doing wonderfully.

    Forget Andy though, I should get credit for the win in the second game. When Swisher got up in the ninth, I said “Swishie, you can hit home runs. C’mon, c’mon” BOOM! He listened to me!

    I think we will see an upswing now. It’s time for us to get moving.


  5. bgalaxy@verizon.net

    what a great day of baseball! so it’s really all about the pitching. one day we will get healthy. i hope robertson is really ok. one day we will start hitting and even hit with runners in scoring position. but if we can keep pitching we’ll be ok. so yesterday it was really the core 4–andy, mo , jeter, with cervelli playing the role of jorge. what a gift cervelli has been. i too love andy. i remember when he resigned and i was so happy and my dad said he was done. i said i just like him and like rooting for him. i never would have expected 8 innings from him. so while basking in the joy it’s time to begin the javy chants and good wishes.

  6. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Natasha! Is me again, one time more, before go back to Pottsylvania…
    What me tell you yesterday…get on Way-Bak Machine and bring Mickey back to Yankee-Men…they play good, yes? Mickey take two from Minnie…he used to doing that in old days…old pitching-men play like Young Cossacks, young men run like bulls…and old hitting-men remember how to use bat…all inspired by Fearless Leader! Like Melissa say, Mister Know-it-All remember how to beat Moose and Squirrel…
    Ask Mickey-Man to stay with Yankee-Men one more day…make Peter Peachfuzz sing & dance Javy Krishna… never know what happen…better than borscht?!
    Is yours true,

  7. Jane Heller

    Doesn’t Minnie look happy, Ellen? That’s how I felt too after the second game – exuberant. It’s amazing what a couple of wins will do for us after a bunch of losses. Now if we could just start HITTING.

    Loved Andy’s fist pump after the double play, seindsfeld. And he was fired up even before that when he gave up the Twins’ second run. Did you see him pull a Paul O’Neill in the dugout and brush past Cervelli? I don’t think I’ve ever seen him like that. Hopefully, Swisher’s HR will wake them up, but who knows. They’re still leaving way too many on base.

    Don’t even think about Andy retiring, juliet93. Not yet anyway. I’m sure he’ll go through the usual should-I-or-shouldn’t-I at the end of the season, but for now he’s just a marvel. The Babies are doing great. Cervelli needs a rest though. He may be young, but catching everyday is tough stuff. I think we’ll see Moeller soon if not tonight. And how about Kevin Russo!

    Very fitting that A.J. won the first game for all the good work he did yesterday, Melissa. He must have been sweating it out with only a one-run lead. You were right about the Mo naysayers. I guess the ESPN guys weren’t the only ones. He was definitely sharper in the second game, and he does need more work. So I have no doubt that as the season goes along – and as the Yankees give him more save opportunities! – he’ll be his old self. So you were responsible for Swisher’s HR? Great. Now how about doing it again tonight. I want you to say: “Tex, you can go 4-for-4. Come on!” It will be done.

    I was thinking that about the Twins, Jeff. They must have figured they broke the curse back in the Bronx, but it looks like it’s back in place. At least I hope it is.

    I really expected Andy to throw a complete game, Barbara. He was that good and his pitch count was really low. But eight innings is plenty and I’ll take them. Cervelli has been a gift. Remember when we thought he couldn’t hit? I guess all that work with Kevin Long has paid off. I love that he’s fast too, especially for a catcher. Will be chanting for Javy today!

    I wish I knew what you were talking about, Dave, but it makes me laugh so I’ll let that be enough!

    That bruised butt backside pic was hard to find, Paul. You’d be surprised at how many R-rated images I had to go through before lighting on that one. It was bizarre!

  8. devilabrit

    Don’t you just hate it when the networks have people that might know the game but don’t know the team or it’s players, Mute is a good button….

    Phillies Outside

  9. theheirloom

    OK, OK…you got two at Target Field. Congrats! šŸ™‚

    The real winners were across the street: Gen. Colin Powell (Ret.), Rudy Giulliani, Ron Gardenhire (at least he started the morning inside the Target Center), Zig Ziglar, Brett Favre (via satellite) and Sarah Palin (via satellite). They created fear amongst motorists adding to the traffic already attracting Twins (and Yankees) fans to the Warehouse District, the North Loop and every other parking ramp (garage in Minnesotan) downtown. It was quite the day and night downtown!

    Game 3 tonight…should be interesting with Javier on the mound against Blackburn.


  10. Jane Heller

    Yes, I do hate that, Peter. I understand that the national guys have to “parachute in,” as they call it, but what I don’t understand is the misinformation and constant repetition.

    Thanks, Randy. I was glad to take those two games, believe me. Not very good scheduling on somebody’s part with all that traffic!

  11. bklyntrolleyblogger

    To use a Met phrase; Amazin’ Andy. I am one who sticks to his guns. I still say the Yanks will go as far as Andy takes them. That’s not a knock on anyone. It’s just the way it plays out. S’up with TEX? It’s almost June! He’s killing them in the three hole.
    Sutcliffe drives me bonkers too!

  12. cdriscol@twcny.rr.com

    Baseball fans everywhere share the agony of listening to ESPN or FOX whenever the games are on. May I suggest a trick I learned from my Yankee loving father. Whenever he couldn’t stand the announcer on tv (usually Red Barber in those days), he would turn down the sound and listen to either Mel Allen or Phil Rizzuto on the radio. These days, I subscribed to Yankees Universe ($19.95 a year), which allows audio coverage anywhere via your computer. So, I do hit the mute button, and turn on At Bat on my computer, and listen in peace to John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman on the radio. Much more Yankee friendly, and an added advantage, radio coverage is a few seconds ahead of tv, so I knew about Swisher’s HR before he actually hit it. That’s fun too.

    Corinne Driscoll

  13. Jane Heller

    I’d love to sweep the Twinkies, Cisco. Let’s hope Javy cooperates with our plan.

    I don’t know what’s up with Tex, Mike, but it’s really weird how he showed signs of life in early May and then went right back into his funk. You have to figure a guy like him will come out if it eventually, but when????

    Corinne, your father had the right idea. The problem for me when I mute the national broadcasts is that John and Suzyn are on a delay – the opposite of how you get the audio, I guess. They’re literally two batters behind the video at times and it’s so distracting I end up listening to the national guys after all!

  14. angelsgirl012

    ahhh Andy Pettite! I’m a fan of him and his death glare šŸ™‚ Nothing like a veteran pitcher to stop the offense in their tracks šŸ˜€

    i saw that play on dave robertson… it was interesting because Jeter and A-rod were laughing when asked about it (after the game when they found out he was okay of course). You don’t see that very much these days


  15. Jane Heller

    Yeah, Mimi. Jeter and the guys were laughing once they knew Robertson was okay. That ball literally bounced off D-Rob’s backside to the point where A-Rod had to leap up to catch it!

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