Tonight Was All About The Squirrel

You know things aren’t going well when it takes a runaway rodent to get me into a game. But the Yankees seemed listless once again during their rain-halted five innings of play, stranding base runners and not giving A.J. any breathing room. With the score tied at 0-0 in the fourth, a squirrel scurried onto Target Field, which, unlike the Metrodome, will probably see all sorts of wildlife. 
While the crowd at the ballpark chanted “Let’s go squirrel,” I found myself wondering if the Yankees could sign the little fella to play left field and maybe bat third. He was fast, agile and didn’t seem the least bit intimidated by the big stage. I don’t have video of him, but I dug up footage of his cousin in Cleveland. Take a look.
Maybe tomorrow there will be actual hits and runs to cheer about. But right now I’m bummed about Aceves having a setback. A bulging disc doesn’t sound like something you get over in a week. If the cortisone shot didn’t work, what now? We need him. Or can the squirrel pitch too?
Oh, I’ve been meaning to post the pic sent to me by Friend of the Blog John, who was at Yankee Stadium when “Jane Heller” walked onto the field before the game to present Jeter with a very large check for his Turn 2 Foundation. Here’s the pic. Man, am I generous with my money.


  1. A.J. Martelli

    I’m serious, this offense stinks! That squirrel could probably do better than any of our 3-5 hitters right now. The fourth inning drove me nuts; both lead-off men on. Tex pops out, A-Rod whiffs, Cano kills it. You cannot justify that, there’s no reason for it. Of course they chose not to hit on a night that we actually got a good start out of AJ Burnett…sigh. Hope they can come alive soon. It’s getting more and more frustrating to watch them.

  2. raysrenegade

    Got to tell you, I am impressed with the squirrel’s moves.
    But then again, maybe those Minnesota squirrels have been bored since Winter and with the heated field, they think they are in the Southern part of the country on vacation.
    With that in mind, thought you might like to take a short musical interlude as I introduce you to another Northern squirrel, “Nutsy”, the Cincy Reds bushy tailed singing phenom.

    Rays Renegade

  3. ooaooa

    If you look close, “Jane” has a bat in her hand. Jeter presented it to her whe she gave him the check.

    Wonder what ever happened to the foul pole squirrel at the old stadium? Squirrel Heaven is my guess!


    I miss the squirrel from the old Stadium! My husband and I named him Scooter. Michael and Ken could go on about him forever. I wonder if he would be as disappointed in our team as we all are? 😦
    What IS up with Tex and A-Rod? Cano can be given some slack considering how well he has done so far this year. Maybe he is tired of carrying the middle of the order?! I feel bad for AJ – he had a good start, no runs, so he doesn’t even have a chance to earn the win. Sooo, who in the bullpen will Joe go to? I don’t have a good feeling about this. And, of course, the Red Sox have woken up finally. NUTS!, as the squirrels would say.
    On another note, I am 2/3 through “An Ex to Grind” and I am loving it! I do hope the movie deal comes through! Who do you want to play Mel and Dan? And of course, Buster?
    Go Yankees and cross your fingers! Kathleen

  5. mikeeff

    I hate to admit it, but after Tex GIDP in the first inning i slipped into a light coma. trying to emulate the team I suppose. the scary thing is that now i start a game expecting the guys not to hit. it’s sad and I really hope they get out of this team slump. today would be good. I’d hate to have to annul my civil union with the team 🙂

  6. Jane Heller

    It’s very frustrating to watch them right now, A.J. I give A-Rod a pass because he’s been getting on base during this drought, but you’re right about wasting a good outing by your namesake, who was pitching well (except for the usual wildness). I’m telling you, they should sign the squirrel – just trade him for the Yankee Stadium squirrel, which was cute but limited (all he did was run up and down the foul pole).

    You’re so right, Renegade. That Minnesota squirrel was probably so happy to see actual grass instead of turf that he went wild. As for Nutsy, OMG. People are crazy. LOL.

    I did see the bat, John. I have it in a special space here at home, with the rest of my Yankees memorabilia – and, of course, with copies of all the checks I give away to players. 🙂 Yes, I think the Yankee Stadium squirrel is probably in squirrel heaven, but he may have spawned some heirs who will show up in the Bronx on a warm summer night.

    If not a squirrel, Jenn, then maybe a seagull? Citi Field isn’t that far from water (OK, it’s not close, but I’m trying to think positively for you). Distracting animals help when your team isn’t playing well. Even a streaker running onto the field could be amusing.

    I guess Joe will go to Mitre to finish up the game, Kathleen. Can’t think of any other options, unless he just mixes and matches through the remaining four innings (Park, Robertson, Joba, Mo)? So glad you’re enjoying “Ex!” The studio has attached Cameron Diaz (I wonder if she’ll still be seeing A-Rod by the time they make this movie) and Benecio Del Toro to play Melanie and Dan, although Benecio asked if Dan could be a baseball player instead of a football player and I said of course! They’ll find a cute Pug for Buster, unless they change him to a cat!

    No problem, Jeff. I’ll send a check out priority mail. Plenty to go around. I don’t remember the black cat at Citi Field. Did it bring bad luck?


    NATASHA, dahlink! Is so GOOD to talk to you!!
    Am so impressed that you put Moose And Squirrel on your blog today…is sad that other young bloggers not know them, or that they from Frostbite Falls, Minnesota…we may see them much this week, dahlink.
    Fearless Leader say we need better bats…what he mean…bring bats from Old Country…if they good enough for Badanov, they good enough for Yankee…yes…?
    Maybe we go with Sherman and Peabody into Way-Bak Machine, capture Mickey and Babe and Joe D…bring them into Doug-Out place, they help beat Twins into Twinkies…
    Just not let Rocky and Bullwinkle get started…keep entertained with Fractured Fairy-Tales, Natasha, and you and Yankee men will rule!
    Yorrs trooly,


    Hey, Renegade…
    Wanted to say hiya, and thanx for Nutsy Redleg Squirrel’s entertainment…too funny! And after a bellyful of Hudepohl and bratwurst (the preferred libation and snack in Cincy, of course, other than 5-way chili), I think I’d be on the floor, laffin’, belchin’, and singin’ along!
    Now, about YOUR Rays…whaddya doing down there…turning them into the ORIOLES?? Howcum they beat our Bombers like a cheap tin drum, then lay down flat like pancakes against the Hoseheads? Sometimes beisbol, like life, just ain’t fair…
    And on that note…let’s keep it “unfair” with Moose & Squirrel’s team today, shall we?

  9. Jane Heller

    I understand the light coma, Mike. I slipped into one myself – only to be awakened by the squirrel. And it’s interesting how I, too, approach the games differently when I sit down to watch. Instead of saying, “Oh, can’t wait to see what happens,” I’m going, “Please don’t let them screw up again.” Not good. We must have a more positive attitude or we’ll infect the team. And no, you can’t have an annulment. I won’t allow it.

    Who can forget Rocky and Bullwinkle, Dave? Actually, I did – until I read your comment. LOL.

    I thought about searching for a midges video, Paul, but then I realized I’d give myself and other Yankee fans nightmares. Not good.

  10. Brian Chaires

    I don’t want to take anything away from these guys, but it’s pretty sad when Gardner, Cervelli, and Miranda are your star hitters. Their salaries combined wouldn’t even put a dent in what Alex, Tex, or Jeter make, yet they are putting up better numbers. At this rate we should just put Posada at third and Granderson at first when they return. Why take out the guys who are producing? The worst part about last night was that A.J was spot on and the bats did nothing. Terrible.

  11. Jane Heller

    Dave, you should hop over to Renegade’s blog and leave him your comment. He’d love that. Not sure he’ll be back over here today.

    Actually, Brian, Gardner’s been one of the problems lately. He’s not hitting in the #2 spot and I keep waiting for Girardi to move him back to #9 and put Swisher in the 2 spot – until Granderson’s back on Friday. And while A-Rod’s power numbers are down, he’s been one of our more consistent on-base guys. Posada won’t be back for awhile and maybe he’ll DH. I think we’ll see Cervelli getting a break and Moeller will catch.

  12. soxrocker

    I found your blog through Thomas’s Trolley. Cool stuff. Check out my SoxRocker blog. I’m new to this and am having a blast. Here’s to smashing the Rays and to a Sox/Yanks post-season. The way it should be!


    Seagull! Seagull? Don’t mention Seagulls! All we need is for a player to be arrested for killing one a la Dave Winfield in Toronto.

    Great to hear from you, Boris. Let’s hope Girardi turns into a real Mr. Know-it-all.


  14. Jane Heller

    Hey, soxrocker. Glad to have you aboard. Your guys are on quite a hot streak, which must feel great. Our division is getting tighter and tighter.

    You’ll notice that I didn’t mention or show a pic of a seagull, Melissa. I had the same thought you did – Dave Winfield!!!! I wonder if the furry critter will be back at Target Field today. Well, actually I’d rather see the REAL Yankees show up.

  15. rrrt

    The Phillies could use a few of those squirrels too. Or can I order up a flock of seagulls to poop on the Mets while they are in the field? Or maybe a Flock of Seagulls, who can assault them aurally with repetitious 80’s synth-rock, while the Phillies wear earplugs! We are also wallowing in the misery caused by a total lack of offense lately. Glad to know I can share in the misery with you.
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  16. Jane Heller

    Sorry your Phillies are going through the same kind of stretch we are, Sue. It’s not fun to watch! Ugh.


    I wonder if I dressed as a squirrel the guards wouldn’t taser me if I ran on the field? I think it’s interesting that the teams that play the yanks always seem to go on winning streaks afterwards. El Capitan is back 😀 (I hope)(Tex still needs to sit though).

  18. Jane Heller

    Doesn’t sound good for the Dodgers, Emma. Sorry. Did Randy Johnson kill a bird too? I only remember Dave Winfield doing it.

    Yeah, suddenly we’re a lucky charm for teams, seindsfeld. They play us and then go on a winning streak. But the Captain did look good in the first game tonight. Tex? Not so much.

  19. Jane Heller

    Ah, so the Johnson incident happened in the minors. Thanks for cluing me in, Melissa. Love how he got mad at the bird. Meanie.

  20. yankeesfan27

    Hey Jane,

    I was actually at the game when “Jane Heller” donated 50K to Turn 2. Seeing as I go to 1 game a yr, seemed funny that the day I go “you” donated money to Jeet.

  21. Jane Heller

    You were a witness, yankeesfan27? LOL. Wasn’t it nice of me to donate money to Jeter’s foundation? Glad you were there to see it!

  22. wetfeet

    Jane just a reminder the RANGERS are comming to town please get the Yankees to playing better. Even though the RANGERS are in first place for some reason they win against the good teams and have problem with the ones struggling.

  23. Jane Heller

    The Yanks are on a little roll, wetfeet, having won two today against the Twins. Does that make you feel better?

  24. wetfeet

    Jane please disregard previous comment, the Yankees can play as usual the RANGERS are not comming, the Yankees are comming to Texas but not until Aug. In Aug all teams comming to Texas wilt in the heat, so just carry on as usual.

  25. theheirloom

    Gee, that squirrel was quite clean looking. Many of those pests usually come a little dirty in that part of town. He must’ve cleaned up knowing he was coming to Target Field to see the Yanks Twins. Or, at least, interrupt play the way they interrupt the dog’s sleep…

    …and no one brought in that pest to the ballpark intentionally. Just making that point. 🙂

  26. Jane Heller

    As you said, Randy, the squirrel was probably all cleaned up for Target Field, which really looks like a great ballpark, btw. Are you sure no one brought it in just for Yankees-Twins?

  27. Jane Heller

    I could never forget that squirrel, Mike. I was at the “squirrel games” that year. But all he did was run up and down the foul pole, so the video wasn’t very interesting.

  28. yankeesfan27

    Jane, I am not so happy to have been there, it was the game that Mo gave up the grand slam to Kubel

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