Off-Day Entertainment

I’m watching Rays-Red Sox right now – God forbid I should actually take a real day off from baseball – but since the Yankees aren’t playing and there’s nothing particularly Yankee-ish to write about, I thought I’d post a couple of videos that were sent to me by Scott from the baseball comedy troupe, “Nine More Outs.” Some of you may have already seen their vids as they’ve been posted elsewhere, but they’re fun – the perfect antidote to obsessing about Tex’s batting average. These guys pose as fans of other teams and….Well, just take a look.
Here’s their first “Stadium Shmadium” adventure, which took them to Blue Jays country.
Their most recent excursion was to Piratesville.
Where should they go next? Any suggestions?



    Thanks for posting this Jane! It was very funny. I’d never seen them before. Are there others? btw, I read your article. Also funny (best part was with Sturtze imo). It reminds me all the times I yelled and threw stuff. Like you I’ve been trying not to throw things, bang, and yell too. Last time, with CC, against the red soax, and Joba, blowing the lead, completely, I hurt my throat. I think I pulled something. Anyway, thanks for the laugh. That sign “Get a double” was too hilarious. Also the mascot XD

  2. Jane Heller

    Nope. No other videos, seindsfeld. I think they go to a different ballpark every year, so I’m sure they’re planning a trip for 2010. Yeah, their “Get a double” sign cracked me up too. Glad you liked the article yesterday. It was the Mets series that put me over the edge in 2007, so it was very deja vu after this latest series; I felt almost as frustrated. Hoping for better things tonight in Minny.


    OMG…Jane, in my humbly warped opinion, this is one of the FUNNIEST things you’ve put on your blog!! At least, of the things not composed by you, of course. Makes we lucky Bomber fanz appreciate all the more what we got…
    Having been to many a ballpark all over the east & midwest (and one or two in SoCal), let me humbly suggest, in ascending order:\
    #5 KANSAS CITY — never been there, unlike you, so it’s the combo of bad beisbol and faithful fans of the unknown…
    #4 MILWAUKEE — ol’ college buddy Don sez it’s a great park, way better than old County Stadium — gotta have good beer & bratz — and goofy fanz, like Don…
    #3 HOUSTON — so bad. Does CF still go uphill? Love to see ’em have fun with bad ballclubs. So on we go to…
    #2 BALTIMORE — a great park, but with a team that should be so much better…I’ll meet ’em up there with my son, and we’ll go wacko on those crazy Greek owners…and finally,
    #1 CLEVELAND — hey, those poor SOBs need a laugh. They need something…ANYTHING…the Jake is better than the Mistake By The Lake, but really…and all the “Major League” take-offs would be priceless! “Is very bad to drink Jobu’s rum…very bad…!” But after all, it IS Cleveland…

  4. Jane Heller

    I figured you’d like the Pirates video, Matt. I do have to say that the ballpark in Pittsburgh looks really nice and I’d love to see it one of these days.

    Dave, they’ve renovated the park in Kansas City and it’s supposed to be pretty snazzy now…for KC. I think they should go to Baltimore so you could chime in on their video there – sort of a cameo appearance (or should I say “guest starring appearance”). Btw, the Cleveland stadium isn’t called The Jake anymore. It’s Progressive Field, isn’t it?

    Very pithy, Paul!

  5. Brian Chaires

    Good videos, Jane. I’m like you, too; I can’t go a day without some kind of baseball. The MLB Network was the greatest creation of all time. Here’s to hoping we win tonight!

    – Brian

  6. Cisco

    These guys are pretty good. So much for a quiet off day you say? Hideki Irabu say whaaat?

    Here’s hoping to a good start in Minnesota. Let’s hope Javy can continue his good pitching this series. I really like the guy, but it’s hard to like him when he is driving your team crazy >


  7. Jane Heller

    You’re right about the MLB Network, Brian. I just wish they showed more games. Fingers crossed for tonight.

    Javy’s teammates seem to like him too, Rob, and the beat reporters are always saying what a good guy he is. So I’m rooting for him to succeed – and for the Yankees to have their hitting shoes on!

    I know the feeling, Peter….all too well.

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