1. grammyg53

    Am I a bad luck charm or what? Maybe I should go back to that “other” team. Was gonna offer to slip into the clubhouse and put something in the water cooler before the next series but it’s back in the Bronx in July, not here in St Pete. All I can say is that I’m really sorry. How rude to come into another team’s home and act so disrespectful. LOL
    Hurry back! The little beach asked about you yesterday!

  2. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    Even Little Miss Sunshine felt subdued during this game. It’s hard to watch such a talented team go through a rough patch. They all do it, but it still stinks. I sort of wonder if the injuries aren’t impacting the other players – they’re trying too hard to make up for them.

    So the scales of fandom were tipping towards despondency. Miranda’s big bat tipped them a little back towards hope. Then Robertson had a great outing (against a great team!), and then Captain Clutch reappeared. So the scales tipped slightly in the direction of hope by the end of the night.

    It is only May, 1/4 way through the season. If they are going to have a bad stretch, let it be now, not in August or September. At least with the Rays, I feel like we lost to a very good team. BUT . . . we need to get back on track. Maybe Girardi needs to get thrown out of a game.


  3. peggy3

    Hi Jane & Fellow Baseball Fans….

    Another bummer for me …TWO STRAIGHT LOSSES !!! I’m not use to this when I go to games…at least not this year. I keep thinking it will be another pie moment and then the guys just let us down unlike last year when it was pie in the eye almost every home series.

    I looked up some stats and found out that last year on this date we were in 3rd behind Boston and FIRST PLACE Toronto. At the end of the year Toronto finished 27 1/2 games out while the Yankees won it ALL !!!! The moral of the story is the fact that it is way too early to panic although I will concede Tampa isn’t Toronto and we don’t want to get too far behind. Tampa is hot but they will cool down and when they do hopefully we have heated up. I don’t even
    begin to panic till after the All Star Break. Of course …if I was a Baltimore fan I’d be jumping off the bridge now because they are already 17.5 out of first.

    I’m trying my best to get my win streak going again …I’ll be at Citi Field tonight trying to will a win out of the guys. I’m pulling big time for Javy too. If Tex could find his sweet swing again it would REALLY help matters. DJ had a decent night so I’m hoping he’s starting to get back on track. No more derailments for the Yankees …it’s now full steam ahead ..choo choo. No matter what tho’…win or lose I’ll always LOVE My Yanks !!!

    Have a great weekend all …

    Peggy “Yankees 2010”

  4. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Yeeoww. Painful week. Kinda knew it would be…can’t keep playing hi-quality opponents with two-thirds of the team, esp. with depleted pitching too.
    She-Fan…your Big Hands character was bulls-eye. It felt like getting a(nother) lecture from my wife after you were done (doesn’t matter for what…”sorry, my fault”…hope it works for them)! But at least they showed signs of life in the 9th every nite…
    Peggy’s got a great perspective. Compare to last year at this point. Even the Bosox ain’t dead (as if we thought they REALLY were)…however, whoever thought that ’08 was the fluke year for Tampa was way wrong…looks like ’09 was…some wag has already compared them to the 1998 Yankees…yikes…nevermind…let’s go get some Mets…

  5. raysrenegade

    You know the team was not look over the Rays and thinking about the New York Mets series and the NYC bragging rights just by the way they tried both nights to finally get those last runs to cross the plate.
    But on Twitter, the NYY faithful kept throwing up injuries at catcher and inconsistencies at Designated Hitter and a key glitch in their late inning roles.
    Funny, the Rays suffered through that same three levels of frustration recently when catcher Kelly Shoppach, Pat Burrell, then J P Howell all took their own paths. One is mending, one is unemployed and the other got to visit the Steel City in Alabama and see Dr Andrews.
    Just like the Rays, the Yankees just need some time to regroup and get their ducks in a row.
    But you got multi-talented Met man Angel Pagan and his motley crew starting tonight.
    Just go back to Baltic Avenue and play the game tonight with passion, commitment and a level of confidence missing lately, then you will land on Park Place soon enough.

    Rays Renegade


  6. seindsfeld@aol.com

    Aw, that’s cool you made the video! thanks, but it’s still depressing. 😛 I think from now on Chan Ho should be called Oh No. I just keep thinking, “well, at least we won last year.” But peggy is right, it’s early. A beat up team verses a last place team, should be interesting. But since the Mets pitcher is out of the bullpen and I don’t think has started this year or ever, you know he’ll probably throw a 3 hit shut out 😐 Could be worse though, we could be Mets fans. 😀

  7. peggy3

    Interesting tidbit from a poster on another blog …credit to poster sab:

    Heres something to ponder about the amazing Rays..

    Taking away the common opponents that the Rays and Yankees have played (Orioles, RedSox, White Sox, A’s, Angels – and they have played the A’s 3 more times than the Yankees and the Angels 3 less times). The Rays have then played the BlueJays (3 games), Royals (4 games), Seattle (6 games) and Cleveland (2 games) – the Yankees opponents were the Rangers (3 games), Detroit (4 games) and Minnesota (3 games) – plus they’ve played Boston 4 more times than the Rays have.

    What am i saying – The Rays with a team that is 100% healthy, AND firing on all pistons AND having played the sewage of the AL teams are only 5 games better than the yankees (Oh and they play the Astros this weekend and won’t face Roy Oswalt while the yankees face the Mets’ 2 best pitchers)


    I guess the poster has some good points …

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  8. Jane Heller

    Hey, Gloria. I love your water cooler idea. Too bad you couldn’t fly up to the Bronx to make mischief. Oh well. You’re right – it was very rude of the Rays to come into the Yankees’ house and act like upstarts. They must be spanked!

    Little Miss Sunshine felt despondent? Oh no, Melissa! Not you! Seriously, there were a few bright spots. Derek got his swing back. Miranda can really hit. D-Rob looked like the D-Rob of last year. But that was about it. I agree that Girardi needs to get thrown out of a game. The protest the other night against the Red Sox was too weak and administrative. We need an outright meltdown on the field.

    The Yankees are big on ninth inning nail biters, Peter. Last year we won most of them. This year, they haven’t gone our way that much.

    I look forward to another match up with the Rays, Jeff. They’re a good team but the Yankees have handled them in the past, so we’re bound to do it again….hopefully.

    Cisco, it’s a funny thing about the Subway Series. I’ve never been interested in it that much. I know some fans really gear up for it, but interleague play isn’t my thing. That said, I want to beat the Mets if only to get the Yankees back on track.

    So sorry your magic is working right now, Peggy. I was sure with you in attendance we’d get the W. You have to start eating Wheaties or something before games. LOL. You’re right about it being May, and as I think I wrote yesterday, we were in way worse shape this time last year. The Yankees have always been a second-half team, which is why the fast start was somewhat of a surprise this year. That said, we can’t keep saying, “It’s only May.” At some point, it will be June! Have fun at Citi Field and root root root for the away team!

    My big hands seem to take over those videos, don’t they, Dave? LOL. I’m really laughing that you compare them to a lecture from your wife. The Rays were no fluke and they’re playing like they’ll never lose another game right now. But they will hit a rough patch just like we have. We just have to be ready when they do.

    HAHA, Paul. I wonder if that Zimmer moment is on YouTube.

    The Yankees don’t look ahead to the next team, Renegade, especially the series with the Mets, which seems to mean more to the fans than the players. They’re more concerned with their own division, and right now the Rays own that division. So you’re using a Monopoly analogy today. I haven’t played that in years but I remember Baltic Avenue vs Park Place! Now could you do me a favor and get your guys to lose a few games? Just a few?

    Yup, I made the video just for you, seindsfeld. Let’s see if it works tonight. Chan Ho=Chan No. That’s my name for him right now. I do think he can help us and we need him to, especially with Aceves out, but he’s got to get straightened out and stop giving up the home run ball.

    Truthfully, Peggy, I don’t pay a lot of attention to those comparisons. Yes, the Yanks have had a tougher schedule on the face of it, but any team is a threat on any given day and the Rays have been playing great – period. They’re doing everything well and we’re not at the moment.

  9. bgalaxy@verizon.net

    this blog is comforting to not feel alone when we are down and to celebrate together when we are up.
    i thought the problem was the hitting, too many injured. this makes those who are mostly healthy too tired since they can’t take a day off. but it’s pitching. i guess it’s just the bullpen i’m worried about. when the bullpen is shaky not only do we lose but we lose in demoralizing fashion.
    hopefully we can beat the mets and the phillies can take care of the sox. i have no hope for the astros beating the rays so i won’t even think about that.
    let’s beam love at javier.

  10. peggy3

    Actually ..we weren’t way worse last year.

    At this exact period of time we were 24-17 .585 PCT and 1.5 games out of lst.
    Today ..25-16 .610 PCT and 5 games out of lst.

    One win-loss difference…
    To this point …2010 better April
    2009 better May

    I find that interesting because I thought we were much worse last year too.

    I do think scheduling, injuries do tend to come into play …but…no excuse for the guys who should be getting it done
    Jeter (starting to come around), Tex (thought he was starting to come around), Alex (he has come around). I’m hoping it was just one of those weeks where bad starting pitching was contagious and they all get back on the right track starting tonight. I’m hoping the BP will follow up on Robertson’s work last night. It will certainly be nice to get Grandy back in the lineup. Hopefully only a few weeks till Georgie and dare I even think about Nick Johnson.
    They just have to dig in and do the best till the team is healthy once again… starting against the Mets …

    Go Yankees 2010 !!

  11. Jane Heller

    Nope. No excuses, Peggy. That’s what Jeter always says – “Nobody feels sorry for the Yankees.” We’ll just have to ride through this patch until everybody gets healthy. Or, as you say, “dig in and do the best.” You’re right about the pitching. Sometimes the starters just have a bad outing and it’s contagious.

  12. Beeeebzy

    I’ve found that jokingly ripping on the team helps. I feel much better now that I’ve lightheartedly roasted them in a blog post.
    Your videos always make me laugh when I need to, since they normally come after a huge screw-up.
    A part of me wants to see more of these videos, but another part of me doesn’t want to, because you only make them after something goes wrong.
    Either way, yet another awesome animation!

    – Hiba
    “Pretty In Pinstripes”

  13. thomasox

    We really needed you guys to pull the Rays out of the water. We need this to be a concerted effort, please?? 😉 Next time, ok? I won’t tolerate the sound of cowbells in October.
    All good wishes,

  14. Jane Heller

    Barbara, I think you raise a good point about the healthy guys feeling extra pressure to step up because of all the injuries – including the pitchers – and maybe they’re pressing. But one good game and a little luck and we’ll be right back in it. I’m glad we have each other to commiserate with/celebrate with!

    Jokingly ripping the team always helps, Hiba. It doesn’t make us bad fans and has nothing to do with how much we love and support our guys. Humor is just how we deal! Glad the videos are entertaining but you’re right – let’s hope I don’t need to have any “chats” after a loss.

  15. Jane Heller

    Haha, Michael. (So I guess I should stop calling you thomasox?) Interesting idea that we should gang up on those pesky Rays. If they’re not going to lose on their own, we might have to take action!

  16. thomasox

    We can talk strategy, and soon, since the Sox take them on next. (No reason to stop calling me thomasox. I prefer it but was offering the first name in deference to calling you Jane:))
    Also, I am disappointed about the Cooperstown Cookies, not in the cookies themselves but rather in myself for eating ten of them in one sitting!

  17. unclemikenj

    Halibut and goat cheese? Jane, Jane, Jane! I realize you’re in California (Southern Cal, no less), but come on. Eat like a Yankee Fan! Have a hot dog! Or a slice of pizza. At least a hamburger! Make us proud of YOU! No wonder they’re losing.

    Now I have to punish you for this with a truly horrible pun: Why did I read your blog today? Just for the halibut!

    And you know what we in New Jersey call someone who eats 10 cookies in one sitting? An amateur.

    So far, so good: 4 innings, no score. Considering our bullpen and the Other Team’s bullpen, I’ll take it.

  18. diane.anziano@gmail.com

    Obviously you are a professional and a life-long Yankees fan and you always impress me, Jane. But all those who join in on your blog are amazing — both in terms of their knowledge of the sport and their humor. This is always so entertaining.

    We are having a very good game against the Mets right now – it was an exciting pitchers duel until the top of the 7th and now we are ahead 2-0. Let’s hope we hold on to win it and please let us sweep this series.

    Peggy – don’t forget Tommy James at Borders Books Saturday at 2 pm. Hope you can still make it.


  19. Jane Heller

    I got to tell you, unclemikenj, the halibut was really good. Nothing like fresh fish. And I did my time with the pizza – like every single night during the playoffs – so my arteries need a break. LOL. The game was great tonight, except for yet another injury. Will write my post now.

    Don’t we have a good group here, Diane? That includes you. I always look forward to your comments. We did hold on tonight, but naturally there were complications. I’m spent!

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