Another Game, Another Casualty

Here’s the setup….Javy Vazquez pitches like the ace of the staff against the Mets and lays down two perfect bunts. He gives up one hit through six innings and his pitch count is low enough for a complete game. Here’s the punch line….Vazquez shakes his arm, is led into the dugout by the trainer, is said to have injured a finger on that last bunt and is headed for x-rays. Talk about a sick joke. HAHAHAHAHA.
The x-rays turned out to be negative, but still. Will he miss a start? Will he pitch but have his mechanics thrown off again? Will we have to call up, oh, say, someone like him?
Who knows. The good news is that the first installment of this year’s Subway Series went to the Yanks, but not without drama – naturally. After Joba did his job and preserved the Yankees’ slim 2-0 lead, the stage was set for Mo. Why were my hands so clammy?
I guess they have a mind of their own (my hands, I mean). They remembered Mo’s last two outings and got nervous – with good reason, as it turned out. Did he have to give up that run, which could easily have led to more? Mo, Mo, Mo. I’d really like him to default back to his shut-them-down self – and at his earliest convenience. In the meantime, I’d like to compliment both the Yankees and Mets for making this game a quickie. I probably sound like Joe West, but it wasn’t the worst thing in the world to spend less than four hours watching baseball.



    I think Ho’s been spending too much time with Mo…hmm, I think I just said a dirty word. What’s his problem though? His wife left him? His restaurant is having money troubles? I told you the video would help! And guess what shirt I had on?! 😀 Great game, I can’t believe how well Vasqueeze (if he starts pitching better what do I call him?) pitched. Of course, the baseball gods have it in for the Yankees, and he just had to get injured. But they have it in even more for the Mets. Celebrating the 2000 season? Getting to the World Series? On the day the Yankees are there? The team that BEAT them? Who thinks of this stuff and believes its a good idea? Good news about Grandy though, he’ll play in some Triple A games. Swish looked better too. Plus, the Rays lost to the worst team in the NL. A good day all around.

  2. James Buxton

    I miss the Mo of the previous weeks. How easy we forget he is 40. No matter what we think, Father Time will catch up with him. Don’t get me wrong, he is the best closer of all time (Trevor Hoffman is fading quickly) and hopefully he will be in shape in the post season. I’m sure Mo will retire as the all time leader in saves; it’s just hard to see him struggle.
    Javy, well, Javy was great. Pitching like that he can be the ace of any team. I’ll be doing a chant for his finger and his mechanics, but especially for his confidence; he had a big boost against the Sox, and a superb outing tonight. Remember Javy, we have your back.


    Are we just seeing Mo being a mere mortal?
    Is that why this is so painful for us?
    How are we prepared to fill in the spot because we must realize that he is 40 and he is not going to be what we have come to expect forever. I know, I know Jane those are dirty words and they sting. But are we watching the beginning of it all? Still good but more mere mortal now.
    I think I need to adjust to this. The whole team right now is playing like they are merer mortals as opposed to playing like our Yankees.


    Javy had a great night and if he can pitch like that, we’ll be in great shape. It made me realize why they wanted him.
    And what a sweet night for Kevin Russo. I was so happy to see him do well. But, it was very funny because the announcers kept going on about how he was born in West Babylon (Long Island), so he probably had tons of family there. In the post game interview, Kim Jones asked him about it. He was born on Long Island but grew up in Colorado and it sounded like only his brother and niece were at the game.

    So, are the “Mo isn’t Mo, he’s past it” naysayers going to start now? We’ve had to listen to them at some point during the last five seasons.

    Once again, the bottom of the order got us the runs. (The middle of the order might just give me the runs!) I see good things happening when the big boys wake up. BUT THE BIG NEWS IS: I know how to make that happen!!!!!! Girardi just needs to hold a team meeting and show this video.



    so glad we won. so glad the others both lost. so happy for russo. however, i would really like to win without injuries. i would really like to be able to have a team that can bring the runner in from third with less than two outs (or from second with no outs). really we should have had a 5-0 lead and it would have been more fun, less relaxing and no clammy hands. do we need to thank the mets defense again with cora playing the role of castillo? hopefully phil is huge tonight.
    the sox game on mlb was blacked out last in boston so i got to watch until i gave up the tv and nervously listened on the radio.

  6. Jane Heller

    See that, seindsfeld? You wear the shirt and we win! Keep it on for tonight. I’m really excited that Granderson is almost back with us. I know he must be dying to contribute and I think we’ll see the impact of him in the lineup immediately. Also good news about the Rays. So funny how the team with the best record can lose to the team with the worst. That’s baseball for ya.

    I’m not ready to concede that it’s Mo’s age catching up with him, James. He always has a somewhat rocky April, so maybe given his injury and time off, his rocky patch is coming in May. I think he’ll straighten out soon, I really do. And yeah, how about Javy? He seemed so comfortable out there, knowing he’s dominated the Mets in the past and throwing all his pitches. Great to see. Which was why the injury was all the more cruel.

    Peg, see above. But yeah, the team is playing a little flat. They took advantage offensively when they needed to, but they weren’t exactly taking charge of the game. We need Tex to start hitting! I’m beginning to wonder if he’s the one who might be injured.

    Thank you for bringing up Kevin Russo, Melissa. So nice to see him get his first major league hit and then continue to play well. I’m more comfortable with him in the outfield than I was with Thames and Russo isn’t even a full time outfielder. He just seems to have all the tools. Good call up on the Yankees’ part. Love the video. I’ve seen it before and it always entertains. Of course it also made me want to see the little boy who does the Kurt Russell speech. He’s the best.

    Barbara, you’re so right about the team not hitting with runners on base. So frustrating. I kept thinking, You’re not gonna get away with this forever. But they did, managed to scratch out a couple of runs with the Mets’ help, and won the game. Whew. It felt weird to root for the Phillies in that Boston game, but the division is the priority right now. Really want to see Hughes bounce back from his last outing and BE EFFICIENT with his pitch count.

  7. Jane Heller

    Takahaski pitched great, Paul. I was very impressed with him. He didn’t seem the least bit awed by the occasion and showed a lot of poise. Igawa, on the other hand, is the king of Triple A.

  8. James Buxton

    I wasn’t saying, “Mo isn’t Mo, he’s past it” Melissa, I was just pointing out that we forget some day he will have to retire (I’m not ready to accept that either Jane) and I’ll have him instead of any other closer in the game.
    So nice about the Rays and the Sox, but as Melissa and Peg says, they are not hitting… I hope this is just a slump and no more injuries to come.

  9. Jane Heller

    Yes, we do forget Mo’s 40, James. He makes it easy for us to do that. Except for the receding hairline, he looks so young. LOL. As for the hitting, I’ll say it again: Tex. He’s so important to this lineup. I really hope he gets it going.

    Just read about Rollins, Jenn. I feel your pain. And I too feel sorry for the players who work so hard to get in shape for the season, only to go on the DL. I have particular sympathy for Granderson, who came to the Yankees with all that good will and hasn’t been able to show what he can do….yet.


    James, sorry, our posts crossed as we posted them. I was referring to you personally, more the media, who like to hype up any story about the Yankees. (Remember Mo’s “spitball”?) You are right, we need to remember that not only is he 40, but he really is human! (But some days, I do wonder about that. . .)

    I’m looking forward to Granderson getting back and all these injuries getting behind us.



    Yikes, these Yankees are making me lose my mind! James, I was NOT referring to you personally. My brain got ahead of my typing!


  12. James Buxton

    I know Melissa, It’s just that Mo is such a “sacred” topic that we can get pulled in a discussion so easily. The media can be terrible with his 40 and his receding hairline. I know it’s not personal, we’re Yankee fans and united we Stand! (wow, I just made a rhyme).

  13. Jane Heller

    Mo’s “spit ball.” lol, Melissa. That made me so mad during the ALCS. Very exciting that Granderson will be back with us soon. I know he’ll be a big help.

    Sounds like Javy will be okay, Virginia. He still doesn’t know how he could have injured his finger on that second bunt since he’s bunted a million times before, but freaky things have been happening to our boys.

    Getting injured during batting practice is truly frustrating, Cat. I bet Andre is cursing himself!

  14. bklyntrolleyblogger

    It seems if Javy didn’t have bad luck,
    he’d have no luck at all.
    how bizarre.

  15. Jane Heller

    It was bizarre, Mike. He was great as you saw. And then gone. Apparently, the injury isn’t serious but he could miss a start – just when he got his confidence back. Life isn’t fair.

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