Last Night? Euphoria. Tonight? Not So Much.

How many Yankees does it take to screw up a ball game? (No, this isn’t a joke.) Can’t guess? OK, here’s the answer: seven. Actually, there were probably more than seven who contributed to the Yanks’ 7-6 defeat at the hands of the Red Sox, but the following seven stood out for me in what was a truly torturous game to watch. So what if Girardi played it “under protest” because Beckett was taken out for an injury, not a….Oh, never mind. It’s irrelevant. What matters is we let the Sox back into a game for the second night in a row. Herewith are my screw-up seven…
1) Thames
Last night’s hero was tonight’s clown. His “basket catch” of Scutero’s fly ball in the ninth inning was brutal.
2) Joba
After CC went seven heroic innings on a cold, rainy, windy night, Joba was supposed to preserve our 5-1 lead. End of story. Instead? Four runs (three earned) and a chorus of boos. Suddenly, it’s 5-5. Not nice.
3) A-Rod
His throwing error kicked off Joba’s shoddy inning. He was on base several times and made a terrific play earlier in the game, but I have to include him if I’m naming names.
4) Tex
With Jeter and Gardner on base in the bottom of the eighth, the Yanks had a chance to come roaring back with some runs of their own. Nope. Bard K’d Tex and that was that. Poor at bat.
5) Winn
He can’t hit except for the occasional surprise ground ball that finds a hole. There. I said it. When he stepped in with two outs in the ninth, our last hope, I kept saying, “Why isn’t Swisher or Posada pinch hitting?” Winn struck out to end the game. Boo.
6) Cervelli
We need runs and you’re bunting? Why give up an out?
7) Mo
This one hurts. I hate putting his name on this list. But fair is fair. He was victimized by Thames’ error in the ninth, as well as a ridiculous strike zone, plus a trio of outfielders who were playing so shallow they could all have been catchers, but he allowed Hermida’s tie-breaking double. He did. And he got the loss.
But here’s what really worries me. The game was delayed by rain and lasted over four hours – the longest nine-inning game in the majors this season (Joe West must be furious). And now the boys have to bounce back against the Rays tomorrow. I hope they sleep well, I really do. I’m not sure I will.



    Well, Jane. This one did hurt. I’m glad you put the blame right where it belonged with one exception–Girardi. Why in the name of all that is good and holy do you leave Juan Miranda and Randy Winn in the lineup in the bottom of the 9th? Why? Was there no one available to pinch hit? Swisher’s “sore bicep” couldn’t withstand one swing of the bat? Jorge’s
    day to day foot couldn’t get up there once?
    As for Cervelli, I am reluctant to assign blame for the bunt to the kid. I am pretty sure (unless Girardi has stated otherwise) that he was told to bunt. I do not understand why a kid with a ridiculous +.700 BA with RISP would not be given the go ahead to swing the bat. Why give up an out? Were we counting on a wild pitch to score Robbie from third? Granted, I am not the best baseball mind out there but none of it made any sense.
    Sometimes Girardi makes moves just to make moves. Tonight we needed him to make some moves but he didn’t.

    And is it me? Am I the only one who hates seeing Mo brought in for a tie game? For some reason, he doesn’t pitch the same when he’s not trying to save the game.

    Ughhhh! Just ugly.

  2. yanksfan123ny

    I’m surprised at you. You win as a team, you lose as a team. No finger pointing allowed!

  3. lenn23

    That bunt was really a stupid move. Papelbon was really on the ropes again and they just go and give up an out like that. Cano was already in scoring position at second and they had the bottom of the order coming up after Cervelli. I think they have too many guys in that bullpen. Too much quantity and not enough quality. Thames should not play the outfield anymore. Also, I’m kinda starting to have my doubts about Joba. Even with all of this nonsense we almost won again. CC did pitch good. He’s had some bad luck in some of his starts this year. I’m afraid all these little injuries are starting to catch up with us.


    so the night before i went to sleep unhappy, woke up unhappy and the boston globe delivered good news and reading the comments on this blog all day and watching highlights filled me with joy. last night i went to sleep happy, woke up happy that we won and then the globe delivered the news that not only did we lose but we totally blew it, gave it away. not so happy especially now that it’s on to the rays with us tired, beat up, injured, depleted. this is serious bullpen problems. just longing for stanton, nelson, rivera equals lights out of old.

  5. scofid

    Tough loss. The Yanks still had a chance at the end, but of course, the injury situation pitting the likes of Juan Miranda and Randy Winn as your last hope is not a good thing. Joba has been absolutely horrible, and I blame Mo’s woes on Chamberlain. They need to get better in a hurry with the Rays and Mets on tap.



    Whew! I was so relieved to see this post. I thought this game really might kill you, Jane!

    It is frustrating that Girardi didn’t pinch hit some of the top guys, but I think it was good that he did not put Posada or Swisher in as a pinch hitter. The weather was nasty – cold and damp. That is perfect weather to aggravate or cause a new injury. Had it been 65 degrees, he might have considered it. It is hard as fans to watch them lose a game. We just have to keep the big picture in mind, which I think Girardi does very well. And all we need is for Jorge or Swish to be out for 6 weeks.

    When it comes to Yankees/Red Sox games, my little SheFan SheFannadanna, it just goes to show you, it’s always something!



    Methinx (but me hopes not) that the last train to Euphoria left the station on Monday…
    Once again, I am the Greek Chorus, echoing Barbara. Not a good thing to wake up to — and see those hideous replays. It looked like my 55-and-over slow-pitch team out there — especially the fly ball soaring over Winn’s head. But we play with 4 outfielders, and we EXPECT to stink…!
    Yeah, Melissa’s probably right. Have perspective; it’s STILL only May. And someday, we’ll escape this Bataan Death March of opponents (who’s next after the Mets? The early ’70s A’s? The Big Red Machine? How about the early ’90s Jays? I know…let’s have some more injuries!!) — but yes, we are spoiled. Championships do that to ya. And no more cynicism…I promise…at least for now…!

  8. llabesabrm

    I agree with pennylane, Giradi has to be included on that list. I cannot believe that Cervelli bunted of his own accord, and as he did it I kept asking why the bat was being taken out of his hands. Cervelli leads the league with a .786 batting average and .824 on-base percentage with RISP, and with the dregs of the line-up following you have to go for the run in that situation. If Girardi didn’t know that, he should spend time reading the Lohud blog because that was at the top of today’s post. And why were the outfielders playing the infield? I live in Boston, and just prior to the hit, Jerry Remy said they were playing way too shallow, and sure enough, another easy out turned into runs.

    Jane, you also forgot that Tex left the bases loaded the inning before. When he comes up now, I just ask for him not to mess up too much so that A-Rod will have a shot.

  9. Jane Heller

    Kimberly, I considered putting Girardi on the list. It’s certainly possible that Cervelli was instructed to bunt. And, as you can see from the post, I mentioned that it would have made sense to pinch hit for Winn. But I agree with Melissa. It’s May. It was cold and damp. Do you really want to risk long term injury to Swisher or Posada for a game in May? I wouldn’t. You’re not alone in not wanting to see Mo in tie games, but seriously – who would you bring in for that situation? You want your best guy to stop the bleeding, especially at home, and our best guy is Mo.

    And I’m surprised at you, yanksfan123ny. Are you telling me you didn’t think about the various reasons the Yankees lost this game? Players are singled out when they make great plays or pitch great games. They’re also called out when they don’t. That’s how this blog rolls.

    You think we have too many guys in the pen, Len? (Hey, that rhymes.) I think we don’t have enough. I really miss Aceves. And I miss the Robertson who comes in and strikes hitters out. Right now Girardi’s options aren’t many, particularly since he couldn’t use Mitre or Park. Not sure about Marte. I don’t want to see Thames in the outfield either. He’s a fine substitute DH. I’m good with that. But his defensive skills are nonexistent. CC was great. Giving up one run in seven innings on a night like that was just what we needed.

    Sorry you had to wake up to bad news this time, Barbara. Not fun. I thought I’d have bad dreams, but I slept like a baby. LOL. I guess I really am getting better at letting losses go. Maybe writing the blog after the games and venting helps.

    I agree that the injuries have caught up with us, Scott. We were due for a game like that. On the other hand, we had chances earlier in the game with men on base and couldn’t capitalize. I kept thinking, FIVE RUNS AREN’T ENOUGH. SCORE. But we let them off the hook. Is Joba hurting Mo? Certainly doesn’t help when Mo has to be his own setup guy. But I’m still wondering why the outfield was playing so shallow, allowing for the bloop over Winn’s head. Grrr.

    I’m with you on the big picture, Melissa, as I said to Kimberly. As much as I wanted to see Posada/Swisher pinch hit, I’d rather lose this one if it means everybody’s healthy down the stretch. SheFannadanna. LOL. I miss Gilda Radner. As for that Hanley Ramirez thing, aren’t we glad we don’t have a player like that on the Yankees? Our guys hustle!

    Jeff, it’s always funny how a player goes from hero to goat in 24 hours. I do like having Thames as a bench player and part time DH. I don’t like that he’s been pressed into service in the outfield. The ball finds guys who can’t catch it. Always.

    Sorry you too had to wake up to the bad news, Dave. But you’re right. It’s May. Not a tragedy. I think it was you, actually, who said you’d be happy with a split. Well, you got it!

    He’s still the best closer, Matt. He’s just run into a little trouble since coming back from his injury. He’ll be fine. He’s Mo!

    I’m with you on the bunt by Cervelli, llabesabrm. It made no sense to take the bat out of his hands. I haven’t read LoHud yet this morning, but it bothered me last night. And I got the NESN feed too here in California and heard them talking about the shallow outfield. It drove me nuts because I knew they were right and something bad would happen. And yes, Tex had another rally killing inning. Jeter hasn’t been his usual clutchy self either.


    I hope that my earlier response did not read as a criticism of your post–with which I completely agreed. I was livid after the game at the senseless errors and head scratching managerial decisions so I may have come across as overly harsh.
    There are few batters in our lineup right now who give me the confidence that I felt every game last year. I found myself saying, “Come on Jeter. Just get it to Gardy.” Alex is money every time. Cervelli is clutch always–which is why I was so disheartened to see him bunting in that situation. I certainly don’t want the injuries to Posada and Swish to get worse but it was painful to see Winn’s panic all over his face in the 9th.

    The problem with the bullpen is that there is no one else. I too miss Ace. So much. I know that with the Red Sox anything can happen, but five runs should be enough.
    Oh well, it is one loss. Boston is not exactly our main concern right now anyway. AJ should pitch tremendously tonight. It seems that he comes up big after heartbreaking losses (World Series Game 2 for example.)

  11. yanksfan123ny

    I don’t like players who fingerpoint so I don’t do it as a fan. Teams win and lose in baseball.

    You can play “if/and/then” to assign fault from the first batter to the last out.

    If Jeter and Gardner had gotten on base in the first inning then Tex…… if the umpires strike zone wasn’t 15 inches….. if CC hadn’t given up a HR then the final score would be tied……If Tex didn’t pop out with the bases loaded and then A-Rod got a hit…….

    It’s a game of failures and good teams pick each other up when they happen.

  12. thomasox

    Jane, I love your photos. Hysterical. There is nothing like these games to get us all crazy. I always say to my Yankee fan friends, we need each other. Baseball doesn’t get any better than this. These two games were the classic rivalry, in all its highs and lows. Check out what fans are saying in Boston, calling for the firing of Francona and everybody else! Like I said yesterday. See you in the recovery room for a beer, and wheel me out too. Michael

  13. Jane Heller

    Not at all, Kimberly. Besides, I welcome everybody’s thoughts and opinions – especially when they’re intelligent like yours. Isn’t it amazing how we look forward to Gardner and A-Rod now in clutch situations? Cervelli too. And yes, I agree about the panic on Winn’s face in that last at bat. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a player actually look scared! Very deer in the headlights, poor guy. I hope you’re right and A.J. comes up big for us tonight. We need to rebound quickly and play good baseball.

    Fair enough, yanksfan123. I’m with you on baseball being a game of ifs. But I have a blog to write, and it’s not going to interest me if the post is: “The Yankees lost as a team.” I’m not a reporter. I don’t write game summaries. I write about what I see and how I interpret what I see, and we all try to have a friendly conversation about it. No more, no less.

  14. Jane Heller

    Oh, thomasox. I think we’ll end up in the recovery room for sure if all our games are this dramatic. Just when I think the rivalry has gone stale, we have a series like this one and it’s crazy all over again. Congrats on the win and I guess we’ll see you again in August (gulp).

  15. A.J. Martelli

    Not only did Winn strike out to end the game, what in the world was he doing playing so shallow in left field?!?!?! Does he know what “no doubles defense” is? SMH. He is terrible.

    And Thames: Hero——>Goat over night.

  16. Jane Heller

    I had the NESN feed, Paul, so I didn’t hear Michael Kay. But from everyone’s tweets, it sounded like he was pretty entertaining.

    Apparently, Winn was playing where he was told to play, A.J. I guess it was because Mo induces a lot of bloopers and broken-bat type singles. But still. Aaaargh.

  17. peggy3

    Hi Jane & Fellow Baseball Fans….

    I’m bummed….my first loss …now I’m 7-1 (which actually isn’t bad at all I guess). It was exciting right to the very end (not so exciting that they blew a 5-0 lead tho’). I was wishing another newbie would get pie but it wasn’t meant to be …no Winn or win for us… boo hoo.

    The worst part was sitting through an hour delay …FREEZING the whole game…staying till the very end …getting home at 1:30 am….only to see them LOSE !!! It was soooooooooo cold last night whereas the night before I was in shirt sleeves because it was so nice out (and even nicer the night before because the Yanks walked it off !!).

    Oh well …as Scarlett would say …”Tomorrow is another day” and that tomorrow is today so let’s get ready to beat
    the Rays ….

    Go Yankees 2010 !!

  18. Jane Heller

    Oh that’s right, Peggy! You were there in that horrible weather. You’re a brave soul and a true fan to have stayed through it all. I wish you’d been rewarded with a walkoff win, but oh well. Sorry your streak was broken too, but that just means you’ll have to start a new one. Yup, today is a new day and I hope our boys will come out fighting.

  19. devilabrit

    Those 1 run loses really suck especially to a team you know you should have beat, there is no single explanation, your right it’s a list of names that contribute…
    Phillies Outside


    I have nothing to say. Okay I do. To Jane’s defense yanksfan123ny, she’s not on the team, she’s a fan, i.e. She-Fan lol. Anyway, I have a HUGE, EXTENDED finger pointed at Girardi. This was one of the worst managed games of his career. No stealing? Bunting? Taking out CC just because he has over 100 pitches when in the 6th and 7th in threw 20 pitches combined? Not pinch hitting? Not taking out Thames for defensive purposes? Saying the “bull pen is a mess” (yes, exact quote) but bringing them in anyway? CC was battlin, yeah, sure, 1 run, four hits in 7 innings though? He’s a monster. He’s the ace for a reason. He made one bad pitch all game. They should be scraping the bosox off their cleats, instead of mud. All I wanted to see was Melky come out of a puff of smoke and save the day like he has a hundred times, but to no avail. I bet ten bucks I yelled louder than you Jane πŸ˜‰ I think I even scared the neighbors.

  21. Jane Heller

    Lol, seindsfeld, on the yelling. Actually, I was completely quiet for the eighth and ninth – sort of stunned the way people get watching a car accident. On the issue of leaving CC in instead of going to Joba, it was a long, cold, damp game – in May. I don’t fault Girardi for relying on his setup guy and closer. Some fans complained when he took Joba out the other night, so why not use him last night? And if you take out Thames for defense, which I agree would have been the way to go, who goes out to take his place? Swisher wasn’t available. Pena hasn’t played OF that much. They sent down Golson. I think what we’re both saying is we need a decent bench!

  22. Brian Chaires

    The bullpen is what is hurting us right now. Yeah, Winn and Thames aren’t the best, but we can get by. The pen is where we need help. We have 1 guy who we can call on at any time to pick us up. Unfortunately, he isn’t on his game right now. I’m not freaking out over it yet, but we do need someone in the pen to step up. Great blog, as always. Always entertained.

    – Brian

  23. bklyntrolleyblogger

    I’ll spare you my comments about the actual game, and that goes for tonight also. I know you’re pretty steamed right about now. But this post was classic! I loved your opening! I like the tone! I like the Tude!! LOL

  24. The Game Above All

    Yeah, I feel like there were some major managing gaffs by Girardi. He had to at least send the guy on first to second on a steal in the ninth, not to mention pinch hitting. I’m not complaining, though πŸ˜‰

  25. Jane Heller

    So much for getting by with Thames, Brian. He’s got a sprained ankle. Do you believe this? But you’re right – we need help in the pen big time. I really miss Aceves and hope the cortisone shot works – like fast.

    Yes, I’m steamed, Mike. Well, wait. Check that. Right now I’m kind of numb after news of more injuries. They just won’t stop and, as a Mets fan, I know you understand.

    Congrats on the win, The Game Above All. Your guys came back and got the job done last night.

  26. Jane Heller

    HAHA, Virginia. Leave it to you to think Cervelli’s bunt was “lovely.” I do admire your devotion.

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