Bad Pitching + Weak Offense + More Injuries = Disaster

Hindenburg explodes.jpg
So much for A.J. turning in a dazzling performance tonight. He was all over the place and the Rays capitalized. And if he’d been able to hang on a little longer, we wouldn’t have had to witness more of the mediocrity that is Boone Logan, followed by the sadly not-ready-for-prime-time Mark Melancon. Yuck. Just yuck.
Aside from A-Rod, who added to his career home run total and seems to be on base every night, and Cano, who was four-for-four and shows no signs of cooling off, the offense was as dead as my phone when the battery conks out. Jeter got a hit, but still. He’s not acting Jeterian. And Tex. Dude, you were allowed to be AWOL in April, because we all know that’s not your month, but how about turning it on already?
But the real problem tonight had to do with the fact that OUR PLAYERS ARE DISAPPEARING! It wasn’t bad enough that, going into this game, we were down
Nick Johnson
Curtis Granderson
Alfredo Aceves
Jorge Posada
Nick Swisher
and were, therefore, forced to continue using Thames and Winn in the outfield and at the bottom of the order – players who were never intended to be more than bench jockeys? Now Thames trips over his own bat and sprains his ankle? Really?
slip and fall.jpg
And Pena – our utility infielder and only remaining bench guy – has to play right field in place of Thames? Scary. But scarier still was the news that Posada’s “sore foot” is actually BROKEN. Well, okay, so it’s a hairline fracture, not a complete break, but it sounds bad to me. I mean, here’s what I’d look like if my hairline were fractured.
The point is we need bodies. Healthy bodies. If I were Brian Cashman, I’d raid other teams or start trolling for talent in the farm system – the younger the better.


  1. raysrenegade

    Tonight was even hard for a fan of the opposition to watch at times. And I am not talking about in the bottom of the ninth with two outs either.
    For some weird reason there was a lull of emotion, a bit of a extended lax of motion and a definitely deflation of the chest via the injury bug.
    But as the Baseball Gods decreeded once upon the pitcher’s mound before: “one game won does not a season make!”
    And with that piece of logic and wisdom hopefully both teams could dissolve this game’s moments in 30 minutes and arrange their thoughts for another skirmish tomorrow night.
    But we Rays are not going to be cocky. For we know after we won 3 fast and furious in 2009, the curtain quickly came down and we lost the next 6 in Yankee Stadium.
    Right now I do not know if I should be wary or anxious for 7 pm EST…..But you can be sure the intensity level will reach the red zone again tomorrow night.

    Rays Renegade

  2. Jane Heller

    It was a nice win for your boys, Renegade. They did everything well and deserved the W. They should be cocky, since they’re in first place and don’t seem to lose ever! But the injuries have taken their toll on the Yanks, who also suffered from post Red Sox syndrome as they always do after a series with Boston. Hopefully we’ll see a more competitive contest tomorrow night.


    Whatever kind of voodoo magic happened against the Mets last year, it’s happening to us. Except, the Mets still suck, so who knows? I guess my injury = win theory didn’t work out today. Hopefully May will turn into June fast. It’s always nice having a fresh month. Speaking of the Mets, if they play like this against them, my whole family will be depressed for quite awhile. So you know you have those video chats with the players, how about a rally with the whole team? ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Beeeebzy

    This game made me ill.
    It didn’t make me angry.
    It made me sick.
    I guess the rally in the 9th made the score less pathetic.
    10-6 isn’t as embarrassing as 10-2.
    I don’t think there’s a bigger idiot than Marcus Thames right now.
    Randy Winn… OY.
    Jorge Posada’s out for a month… there must be a 4th Molina brother hidden somewhere. We need a backup for Cervelli, and I’d hate to see us rush Montero into the majors.
    Andy Pettitte is on the mound tomorrow, so if there’s any hope to put an end to this insanity, it lies in his left hand.

    – Hiba
    “Pretty In Pinstripes”

  5. cheshirecat9

    I didn’t watch this game last night (thank god) but followed it on my phone. I did not know that Thames hurt himself. Really? He tripped on his bat and sprained his ankle? Oy. We do seem to have the Mets syndrome this year.

    I’m still mad about the Nick Johnson situation. We let Matsui go so we could get this guy?!?!?!

    I am a little upset this morning…


    I got home in the 2nd inning.
    Then I became quite ill so I went to bed before I got any worse.
    This morning that wave of nausea came over me again when I saw the final score and read that Thames hurt HIMSELF.
    I’m not feeling well, this is worse than PMS.
    Must lie down.



    Renegade, your Rays are a very good team! They are exciting to watch.

    Now on to the Yankees. Thank god for Cervelli! And puh-lease, they send guys for MRIs for every little thing, but it took them 2 days to realize Jorge has a break?

    I had to find something to put this in perspective. So, of course, I did some research.

    The Yankees are 25-15. Last year on this date they were 23-17.

    And there were plenty of players down at this time in 2009, though it never seemed as ridiculous as these last few weeks.

    Here are some excerpts from The Chuck Knoblog of the last week of May, 2009

    “The Yankees pulled off another win tonight scoring 7 vs the O’s and only giving up 4. They lost Joba in the 1st inning due to a knee injury.

    Damon didnโ€™t take BP today. Girardi said he is day to day also. Theyโ€™ll make a determination about whether or not he plays tomorrow afternoon before the game.

    Chien-Ming Wang (hips) is slated to make his third rehab start for Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre on Friday night at Pawtucket.

    Melky Cabrera had an MRI today and he likely will not need to go on the DL, as he should only be out 5-7 days after running into the wall and injuring his shoulder yesterday

    Brian Bruney visited Dr. James Andrews, who examined his elbow and found no structural damage. He has a flexor muscle strain, and apparently it was not fully healed when he came back. He’ll likely be out 2-3 weeks, but it could be a lot worse, as many of us thought he may need TJ

    Jorge Posada is playing in extended spring training games and should be activated in Cleveland on Friday. That should be a boost for the offense”

    So hang in there oh Yankee faithful. Girardi and Cash might be able to find us someone. Or, as I said to my husband after Thames slipped on his bat “One of the pitchers must have played outfield at some time in his career.”



    i always can handle blow outs easier because i just detach and don’t freak out but it is hard with all the injuries, the inept bullpen, the punchless offense. i thought for sure jeter would come through with the bases loaded and we still had a chance to be in the game. i want to learn to root like you, melissa, always looking on the bright side. i was told by my red sox husband that i am not allowed to complain at all this year since we won it all last year. good luck with that i say.

  9. Jane Heller

    A video chat. Hm, seindsfeld. You might be right and I should do one. We’ll see what happens tonight. I guess we should consider ourselves lucky that Gardner didn’t break his back on that great catch – the one where the Rays scored while he was still getting up off the ground!

    The Yankees have crossed that line, A.J.! If we can just hold the injuries down right here and hang on until Granderson and Aceves come back, with Swisher due to start any time now, I think we’ll be OK.

    A perfect summary for how I felt, Hiba. And what an interesting idea to try to suss out another Molina brother. Maybe he’s hiding in Puerto Rico? I’d hate to rush Montero too, but if he gets enough playing time it could be fun to see him try to compete at the major league level. I’d be all for that.

    I thought about Matsui/Johnson last night too, cheshirecat. I was having a Cashman bashing moment and kept fixating on the irony that Matsui and Nady were considered too gimpy and Damon too defensively challenged for the money, so we ended up with Nick Johnson, who’s always hurt, and Thames/Winn, who aren’t everyday players. I’d still make the Granderson trade. Curtis will be a great Yankee and his injury was just bad luck.

    Worse than PMS, Peg? LOL. The game made me sick too, but things will get better. Maybe not right away, but soon. The Yankees got off to a terrific start, but they’re usually a second half team. I guess they hate cold weather or something.

    Melissa, that was a great way to put things in perspective. I remembered being very bummed when Wang first went on the DL because the injury was so mysterious and we counted on him to be in the starting rotation, but I didn’t remember the others. Even so, in 2009 we had better backup. Gardner filled in for Melky, which wasn’t a hardship, and Molina was a solid, if offensively challenged, backup for Posada. Damon always had something and Bruney I didn’t miss. This time feels different – like we really need more bodies. Talented bodies.

    I agree on the blowouts, Barbara. It’s easier to detach and just say, “Not our night.” Much tougher when the games are close. Tell your husband complaining is just part of being a fan!

    Cogs, Jeff? Granderson, Johnson, Aceves, Swisher and Posada are cogs? Not so sure about that. Thames, yeah, but without Swisher we’ve needed him. A nice hitting streak by Tex would sure help. Jeter too.

    Thank God is right, Cisco. Amen!

    Welcome, juliet93. Glad you found us. I started to wonder about Jeter last night when I remembered he got hit on the hand recently. He’s so stoic when it comes to injuries and always wants to play through them. Maybe it’s hurting more than he’s letting on? Supposedly Swisher is still day to day. He thought he was improving, then had a setback. I guess it’s possible he could be in the lineup tonight. Hard to tell at this point. Crossing my fingers for tonight too.

  10. juliet93

    Hi Jane! I just stumbled across your site while looking around other Yankees blogs. It’s really wonderful to be able to see another she-fan’s perspective on my favorite team!

    Last night was a nightmare. So far I had been fairly impressed with Thames, Winn, et al. but last night … wow. I’m also starting to worry about Jeter. He’s definitely not playing up to his usual standard – I just hope he’s not hurt somehow and trying to “carry on for the team’. Has there been any word on when Swish might be back? He really seems to bring an electricity to the team that they’re missing right now.
    Like Cisco said, thank god Andy’s on tonight. Maybe we’ll be able to get straightened back out and manage to hang on until we get everyone healed up again! *crossing my fingers*


    The Yankees have so much talent and ownership that wants to win, so it’s easy to look at the good side.

    Plus, though born into a Yankee household, I really didn’t pay close attention until about 1968. The lean years were tough and you HAD to look for the bright side: Roy White’s class, Bobby Murcer, the photo of Horace Clarke in the yearbook turning a double play with his flip up glasses on.


  12. Jane Heller

    Sorry about the Dodgers’ winning streak coming to an end, Cat. But nine games in a row is pretty damn good! Hope Andre’s finger heals soon. I know how much the team needs him.

    Melissa, the lean years did force us to look for the bright side. But we also didn’t expect much back then. Now we’re spoiled from all the championships, plus look at the talent we have. It’s frustrating to have some of it sit on the bench. But we will prevail! As Jeter says, “No one feels sorry for the Yankees.”

  13. bostonredsoxgirl46

    I must say the series that we just finished was a typical Yankees vs Red Sox series. While I would have loved to win the first game, and I’m sure you would have loved to win the second one, it was just the kind of baseball that reminds us all why we love (and at times, hate) the sport so much.

  14. Jane Heller

    The Belligerent Reaper has been a bad boy, Paul. He needs to be put back in his cage.

    Yup, Elizabeth. Typical Yankees-Red Sox. The series drove me nuts and kept me glued.

  15. peggy3

    Hi Jane & Fellow Baseball Fans…

    I’m hoping to get my winning streak back on the right track tonight (I’m happy I didn’t go last night ..ugh). The weather is just beautiful in NYC and I’m so looking forward to a big win by the guys. I DESERVE a win after sitting through that horrible weather and loss on Tuesday.

    Here’s to a big game by Tex tonight …along with Jeter, Alex, Cano and the rest. Andy is the man and he will get the job done. Keep the faith Yankee buddies ….it’s only May with a LONG way to go …

    Let’s slay the Rays and mash the Mets to put the Yankees
    back to what they do best …..WINNING !!!!

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  16. thefreak

    Hello lady Jane,
    Sorry I’ve been M.I.A. this season. I was temporarily traded for a blogger to be named later. But I’m back. Been so busy lately I haven’t even been able to watch a game from beginning to end.

    Its a shame that not a single off season move has paid off for the bombers. Lets just leave Nick out of this because we all knew it was only a matter of time. Granderson on the DL hurt. Winn, Thames, Logan AND Vasquez shouldn’t be in pinstripes in the first place.

    And what about #30, I had high hopes for this kid. He’s got the stuff but for some reason Robertson can’t get anyone out.

    ON A MORE POSITIVE NOTE! Its only May. There is a lot of baseball left and I’m sure those damned Rays will cool off at some point.

    Three words Jane……… BRING BACK SHELLEY! No, he won’t save the team, but I miss that big galute.

    Take care Jane, I must prepare mentally for the NYM this weekend…..

  17. Jane Heller

    Peggy, I’m so glad you’ll be there to watch over our Yanks tonight. Do us all a favor and make sure no one else gets hurt, pleeeease? A win would be nice too. And yes, you do deserve a beautiful evening after sitting through that awful weather. Have fun!

    Hey, Mike. Did you see that your boy Shelley was called up by the Indians to replace the ailing Sizemore? Hope he gets a chance to shine. I would have preferred him to Thames in right field but that’s not saying much.

  18. peggy3

    Cisco …

    So true …lol …


    I’ll try to keep them safe ! Swish is in and I’m hoping
    he gives them a much needed lift …

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!


    Hi Jane,
    I’m coming in late on the discussion today because I couldn’t face talk about last night, or the last week, until now. I keep reminding myself that we pulled it out last year and we can again this year.
    Things to be thankful for: Cano, Andy, Cervelli, and A-Rod
    Things to put in perspective: ALL pitchers will have a bad game each season, so CC, AJ, and Phil have had theirs ๐Ÿ™‚
    Our record: Great
    Bullpen: Not so much ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    Let’s get behind our boys tonight and Go Yankees!!!!

  20. Jane Heller

    Don’t mention the word “stress,” Cisco! It reminds me of “stress fracture” and we don’t need any of those!

    Is Swisher in the lineup, Peggy? That’s great news. I hope he gives us a lift.

    I understand how you feel, Kathleen. It’s much easier to blog about the wins than the losses, believe me. But you’re right to keep in mind that the Yanks have been in much worse shape in May in terms of the standings. It’s the injuries that are worrying me. Let’s hope everyone gets healthy soon.

  21. crzblue2

    When I saw the word AWOL reminded me that a friend nicknamed Dodger Ronald Belisario “AWOL” he reported so late that was left in Camelback Ranch while the team started the season.
    Hopefully next month I get to see you Jane! You know that I still don’t get my Torre/Koufax ball? Jeff from Safe at Home texted me that he has it in a safe place but he and his wife are having a baby soon so I just told him that is more important.

  22. Jane Heller

    Yes, you’ll see me at the Saturday game, Emma. My seats are in the loge section a little bit to the third base side of home plate. Can’t wait. I hope you get your Torre/Koufax ball soon!

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